Steam Room Daddy


"As you can tell son, we're gonna make a home movie. I have a few rules for you though. You have to always respond how you think I want you to respond, and generally that will be pretty obvious. I am going to fuck your little boy hole tonight, when I do, I am going to get a condom, but you will ask me to just fuck you bare, with no condom, understand?" Jim asked.

I nodded yes, I knew he was going to get what he wanted, and refusal would result in something very unpleasant delivered to my girlfriend.

"Now when I tell you I'm about to cum, I want you to beg me to shoot into your ass, and breed you. I wanna hear those words, okay Todd, my son?" He asked further.

Again I nodded and Jim smiled, he moved around the room and started turning on the cameras. Once they were all on, we got started.

"What's your name boy?" Jim asked.

"Todd," I answered.

"Cute name for a cute boy Todd, how old are you?" Jim questioned.

"I'm 20." Was my answer

"Wow, are you sure? Cause you could easily pass for 15 or 16 Todd, I don't wanna get into trouble." Jim joked, this was clearly all for the sake of his video.

"I'm 20, you wont get into trouble." I told him.

"Good, and why would I get into trouble if you were that young Todd baby?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Because you're going to fuck me just like I've always wanted Daddy." I knew this was the right answer.

Clearly Jim liked that answer too, as he moved onto the bed beside me and started kissing me deeply, his weight pressing me down flat on my back. He moved completely over top of me, his large hairy belly completely consuming me. We kissed passionately for what seemed like 10 minutes, all the while Jim removing his clothes until he was completely naked. I was hard as a rock, and so was he. For the sake of his movie I looked down and said,

"Wow Daddy! You have such a huge cock, I hope it wont hurt my little boy hole." I winked at him.

This brought a big smile to Jim's face as he clearly enjoyed my effort.

"As long as you're a good boy for Daddy, I wont hurt you son." He said reassuringly. "What do you want in your mouth son?"

"Your big Daddy cock!" I responded.

Jim slid up my body, I could feel his thick hair the whole way up, and he sat on my chest, he grabbed the back of my head and guided his cock into my mouth. I took it willingly and started to suck it as best I could. Jim eventually leaned over my face, pushing my head back, and began fucking my face and throat like that. His breathing got heavier, and his grunts louder. He pulled his cock from my mouth, told me to keep it open, and started unleashing his huge load all over my face. He wasn't really aiming for my mouth, in fact his goal seemed to be to cover as much of my face as possible in his thick juice. He told me to gather it up and eat it. I started collecting what I could with my hands, and licking them clean.

"What do you say to Daddy?" Jim asked.

"Thank you Daddy, that was delicious!" I said sounding very submissive to him.

Jim smiled and started stroking his cock more, in not long at all, he was fully hard again, I wish I had this guy's libido.

"Show me that ass boy!" Jim got off my chest.

I rolled over, and got up onto all fours, arching my back so my ass stood out as prominently as possible.

"Fuck you have such a hot little body boy! I'm gonna show you how much I like it, I just need a condom." Jim waited for my line.

"Wait, please don't use a condom Daddy, I want you to fuck me bare. I wanna feel that Daddy cock warm against my insides." I delivered.

"Mmmmmm! Yeah, what a sweet little slut boy. You wanna be a little cock whore boy? You want bare Daddy cock all the time?" He asked aggressively.

"Yes please Daddy, I want it so fucking bad!" I wasn't sure if I was acting, or this was genuine anymore.

Daddy's, I mean Jim's, cock was still set from fucking my throat, but nonetheless, he popped open a bottle of lube, and spread it liberally over his entire length, he then rubbed the excess onto my hole, and without warning shoved 3 fingers inside my ass. I yelped out in pain, but stayed right where I was, though it hurt, it also felt good, and I pushed my ass back against his fingers until they were all the way inside me. Daddy, fuck, I mean Jim, told me he'd been waiting for this for so long, since the moment he first saw me. He removed his fingers from my hole, and positioned his big hairy bare cock for entry. I felt it make contact, and it sent a shiver through my whole body, I couldn't deny it, I wanted it inside me. I wanted Jim's, fuck it, I wanted Daddy's cock, I wanted him to make me his boy, and for him to be my Daddy. He began to apply pressure, slowly I felt my hole being spread apart, forced to accommodate this massive intruder. The pain was getting extremely intense, and I couldn't help but cry out, but still I didn't want Daddy to stop, and Daddy had no intention of stopping.

Suddenly I felt my hole stretch, and then close again slightly, his giant mushroom head was now inside me, it hurt like hell, but also felt so good knowing that my Daddy was finally inside me, right where he belonged, and I was right where I belonged. He told me to breathe slowly and deeply, and relax. I started taking long deep breaths, and every time I exhaled, Daddy increased the pressure on my hole sliding it a bit further. It was slow going, and Daddy was only halfway inside me after several minutes. Even at the halfway point I felt like I couldn't take anymore, it was just too big and thick. But I knew my Daddy wouldn't stop, even if I begged him to. I was getting tired of going so slowly, and so was Daddy apparently, he told me to use my muscles like I was trying to take a shit and push his cock out. I did as he said, and the reverse of my normal experience occurred, Daddy's cock slid another 3 inches into me in one go, as he applied steady pressure. At this point the pressure on my prostate was overwhelming, it was sending shots of pleasure through my entire body, I had never felt anything like it. Out of instinct I tried to push it out again, and this time it slipped all the way down, and I felt Daddy's big hairy belly come to rest on top of my back, an his balls knock against my own.

"Good boy!! You are a perfect little cock slut! You took it all without crying, you were born to be fucked by this Daddy cock boy!" Daddy's words turned me on even more.

I was losing myself in complete ecstasy, I looked directly into the camera nearest me and said,

"Ohhhhhh god! I LOVE that Daddy cock in me! I love being your little cock whore Daddy! I've never felt anything so good in my life!" I really meant it.

My words had an effect on Daddy as well he grunted and shifted his weight onto me, this sent me crashing down onto my stomach, with Daddy's big belly holding me down. Daddy started grinding his bare cock in my ass, I could feel it rubbing up against my insides, putting pressure on my prostate, I felt on the verge of cumming the entire time. Daddy wanted to make an event of our first fuck together, we tried tons of different positions. Me flat on my back, with my ankles on his shoulders, and him pulling on my legs for leverage into my ass. Me riding him cowboy, and reverse cowboy. He even made me put me ass against the headboard of the bed, and stood over top of me pointing his cock down, driving it into my ass. In this position my own cock was pointed squarely at my face, and Daddy had a devious idea. He reached down and stroked it furiously as he pounded my hole.

"Daddy, Daddy I'm gonna cum! Please let me cum!!" I begged him.

"Open your mouth and cum for me slut!" Daddy ordered.

In just a few more short strokes my cock erupted in the most mind blowing orgasm I'd ever experienced. The amazing pressure on my prostate, combined with not having cum in a few days resulted in the largest load I'd ever shot, and it all rained down on my face and into my mouth. I loved every second of it, and wished that moment would last forever. Normally after I cum, I'm spent for some time, but the pressure of Daddy's cock in my hole kept my cock standing at full attention. Finally we settled into our last position. I was flat on my back, with my legs spread, and Daddy was in between them fucking me with as much force as he could. This position allowed him to lean down and kiss me as he fucked me, which he did almost solidly for the next 10 minutes or so. Finally he sat up.

"I'm gonna cum boy!!" He warned me, it was time for my line.

"Please Daddy, cum in my ass!! Breed me!! Make me your boy forever!" I begged him.

This may have been what I was instructed to say, but I meant every word of it!

"You want that boy? Once I breed you, you do belong to me forever! I will own you!" Daddy warned further.

"Yes Daddy I want that so fucking bad! Please cum in me, breed me, I want you to own me!" I begged more, and wrapped my legs around him holding him deep in me.

With that Jim grunted and groaned, I felt his big cock pulse, his hairy balls tighten, and then I felt a heavy high pressure shot if his cum shoot right into my bare ass.

"You're mine forever now boy!! I own that sweet little boy ass! It's all mine, every bit of you is all mine!" He grunted loudly and triumphantly.

"I'm yours Daddy, you own me forever, I will always be yours. I love you my Daddy!" I cried out.

Daddy violently shoved his tongue into my mouth, and rammed his cock against my ass as hard as he could sending another shot of cum into me. The cum exerted so much pressure on my prostate that my cock erupted between us, covering Daddy's hairy belly, and my hairless one in my cum. Again it was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. I wrapped my arms around Daddy's neck and kissed him back with all of my passion.

As we pulled into the parking lot of the Y, my car was the only one left. I must have been over at his place for longer than I thought. Daddy unlocked the glove box and passed me my clothes. I pulled my phone from my pocket, and saw that I had 8 missed calls, and 10 text messages, all from Erin, who was clearly worried about me, I instantly felt guilty. As I was scanning her text messages, the phone rang again, without thinking, I answered it.

"Hey baby..... Yeah I'm fine, just got a little carried away with my workout, went pretty hard today, my phone was in my locker...... I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you worry.."

I continued talking, and my Daddy came up with another devious idea. I had not put back on any of my clothes yet. Daddy picked me up and placed me in his lap. I felt his hard cock standing straight up at my hole, and he pushed me down onto it all the way. The sensation was incredible and I gasped.

"What, no baby, I just stubbed my toe, I'm Oooookay!" I squeaked as Daddy lifted me and slammed me back down onto his cock.

Daddy continued fucking me violently, obviously trying to make me crack while I was on the phone with Erin. He leaned close to my other ear and whispered to me,

"Tell Daddy you love being his little cock slut, and don't you dare disobey me right now boy." Daddy was loving this.

I covered the receiver on my phone and whispered back to Daddy,

"I love being your little cock slut Daddy!" It turned me on to say it.

It turned Daddy on too as I could tell it wasn't going to take him long to cum. I quickly wrapped up to phone call, telling Erin I'd be on my way home soon. Just as I hung up, Daddy let out a loud groan and I felt his cock erupt another huge load into my ass.

"That was so hot slut! Promising your pretty little girlfriend you'll be home soon, while your Daddy fucks you like a little whore. Lick me clean before you go." Jim ordered.

I got off of his cock, and immediately moved my mouth onto it, licking and sucking up his cum, and the taste of my ass. I thought I was past the stage of being uncomfortable with Daddy, but then something else happened. He grabbed the back of my head, forced his cock into my throat, and began pissing right down it. Daddy gave me a truly evil smile.

"Drink it down you dirty little bitch, and get accustomed to the taste, you're gonna be drinking lots of this from now on." Daddy laughed.

He pulled his cock from my throat, and his warm piss began filling my mouth. It didn't taste bad to my surprise, and I knew I had better swallow before it started leaking out of my mouth. I began gulping down Daddy's piss as fast as I could, it was barely fast enough to keep up, but I didn't miss a drop.

"You are already the best thing I own boy, I'm gonna love using you whenever I want. If I call or text you and demand you get over to my place immediately, you will. I don't care if you're out to dinner on your girlfriend's birthday, you'll make an excuse, leave her there, and come to me immediately. I've got her phone number too now, if you make me wait too long I'll be giving her a call asking where you are, or just text her a nice pic of her cock loving boyfriend. You did so good tonight, you can have tomorrow off and spend it with your girlfriend boy." Daddy explained to me how he was in complete control of my entire life now.

"She's working late, tomorrow night, and I have the night off." I informed him.

"Really?" Jim raised his eyebrow, I immediately regretted telling him that.

I got dressed and Daddy and I parted ways, I got into my car and started driving home. As I got closer to home, I began thinking about what had really happened, the gravity of the situation was starting to truly dawn on me, as well as Daddy's final words to me. What the fuck had I done?! I wanted to marry Erin, I loved her, and now I belonged to an older man. When I got home Erin was waiting for me in bed, she had on sexy lingerie that she knew I loved. I apologized and told her I was just too tired from the workout, she seemed disappointed, but understood.

As Erin left for work the next day, I was dreading contact from Daddy, I mean Jim. Being away from him has really cleared my head, and I now felt mortified at what I had done with him. I knew my only hope was to simply beg him to let me go. The night dragged on, and still no calls or any word from Jim. Then I heard a knock at the door, my heart was racing as I looked through the peephole. There stood Jim, with a big grin on his face. I opened the door, and without a word he stepped right in. I decided to get right to it, I told him I had been thinking a lot, and that what I wanted was to be with Erin, I begged him to just let me go, and leave us alone. Jim simply smiled at me.

"We both know that's not gonna happen slut, I own you, and I don't plan on giving up that sweet little body of yours." Jim began to pull my shirt over my head.

I tried to resist, but Jim easily overpowered me, before long my clothes were all off, as were his, and his cock was rock hard. Jim grabbed me and forced me onto the couch. He bent me over the back with my ass in the air.

"Yeah, fight all you want boy. I'll always get what I want from you." Jim laughed.

Without any lube whatsoever, Jim began pressing his cock head against my hole. Even though he had stretched me out the night before, without lube his huge cock hurt like hell. I could tell that Jim enjoyed me resisting him, and this had become another game to him. After a few more seconds I felt his cock head pop into me, and he maintained his pressure, driving it all the way into me. It hurt like hell, and I couldn't help but let out cries of pain. Jim seemed to love this and started fucking me hard, pinning me down over my couch.

"That's right you little fucking bitch. I always get what I want. You're mine forever slut!" Jim grunted at me.

My ass had began to adjust to his cock, and the pain was being replaced by the feeling of incredible pleasure that I had enjoyed the night before. I started to moan showing my enjoyment. Jim was breathing heavier, and I knew he was getting closer to cumming. I closed my eyes and focused on the pressure on my prostate, my own cock was raging hard.

Had I had my eyes open I would have seen the front door open, Jim however, did see it,

"You want my cum in that ass slut?" Jim asked.

"Mmmm, yes Daddy! Please cum in my ass, I love being your little slut." I was lost in desire.

I heard a stunned scream, and looked up to see Erin standing in the doorway with her mouth hanging open in shock. I imagine my face looked about the same. Jim didn't let any of this stop him, he pounded my hole harder than he ever had, making me squeak and moan. I panicked and began to try to free myself, Jim wasn't going to let that happen, he kept hammering into me, holding me firmly in place and making me moan. I looked back to see him smiling more deviously than ever before. Jim grunted loudly as he began to pump his load into my ass, just like the night before the pressure of his cum shooting in me caused my own cock to erupt in a mind blowing orgasm. I couldn't help but moan, and Jim pulled me back towards him, making sure Erin could see my own cum flowing from my cock.

Erin screamed that she never wanted to see me again, and stormed out the door. She was gone before my orgasm had even subsided, when I cam back down to Earth, I was shocked by what had happened. Jim removed his cock from my ass, I ran for my phone and tried to call Erin, she didn't answer. I tried several more times, finally she answered by only to scream at me to never call her again, and she hung up the phone. I was devastated, Jim wrapped his arms around me,

"Bad luck buddy, do you want me to give you some time to yourself?" Jim asked.

"No, please stay here with me, don't leave me Daddy." I wrapped my arms tightly around him, and my Daddy smiled at me.

Daddy didn't leave me, he stayed the whole night, and he fucked me for most of it, barely sleeping. The next day I packed up my things, and moved into Daddy's house. Daddy had won, he always wins, and I love being his submissive slut boy!

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by Anonymous

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by Strangesub04/26/18

In Gym Sauna Now...

Naked - reading this story; hard, stroking my cock until someone walks in and I throw the tip of my towel over my hard cock, dripping with precum...
I am a respwctable married man and would be ruined ifmore...

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by Anonymous03/29/18

I like Jim.He know how to use a younger boy

I like your story.I like an aggressive type daddy like jim.Bigger stronger hairier.Aggressive in bed.

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by Anonymous03/11/18


Hi my name is Erin and Todd was my boyfriend until that night and found him being fucked raped by that man with a massive cock

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by Anonymous02/12/18

Buttfucked into Bitchdom

Hot! I agree about the rape comment and such, but this IS FANTASY! That's how I see it, pure 100% fantasy.

Yes, Jim is a very selfish ass hole, but he's one devious bastard. Getting that boy/man to domore...

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by Anonymous12/28/17

Very nice! Keep going daddy!

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