Steff Ch. 01


Stefannie walked into the house, perhaps a bit unsteadily. She usually didn't drink in the afternoon, but she had been so mad at her husband that morning she could not help it.

They had only been married for about two months now, and he had spent all their savings on a boat; there was less than thirty dollars in the bank account until he got paid next, and that was almost two weeks away!

She sighed as she stepped into the air-conditioned air of her home, and was thankful that at least all their bills were paid. Stefannie was a beautiful woman, twenty-one years old, with short dark hair that framed her face, setting off her high cheekbones and almond shaped eyes. She had the sexiest lips most men had ever seen, but like most things she was unaware of the effect she had on men.

Her body was just as perfect as her face; her slim neck trailed down to perfectly formed shoulders and collarbones, and her breasts, surprisingly large for such a petite woman, swelled voluptuously from her fine boned chest. They were nearly the size of coconuts, and both their size and the fact that they were extremely sensitive had always embarrassed her. Her nipples were round stubs that would poke embarrassingly from the firm globes with just the faintest pressure from fabric or fingers.

Her narrow waist and slightly curved tummy flowed smoothly down to wide, luscious hips, and that led to long, smooth thighs and one of the best-shaped asses on any woman.

Despite all this, she had been a virgin when she and Bill had married; only two men had ever felt her magnificent body up.

She was dressed that day in a sexy swimsuit, the top of it almost like a halter, the bottoms showing off her ass to a tee. It was Bill's favorite suit, as the hips of the panties were fastened with small hooks. The little halter-top also left a great deal of cleavage on display. She always felt like some kind of slut when she wore it, but she had donned it without thinking that day.

She heard the lawnmower from the front lawn cut off suddenly, and knew that the yardmen must have finished. A fist gripped her tummy, and she nervously donned a short, silk robe as there was a knock at the door.

She opened the door, and smiled up at the huge black man standing there; "Hi, Paul," she said in a soft voice. "Come on in and I'll write you a check."

"Sure, Mrs. Peters," he said, and she could not help blushing and pulling the robe tighter as his eyes went hungrily to her exposed tit slopes.

"How much is it?" she asked over her shoulder as she led him to the kitchen.

"That'll be a hundred and eighty dollars, Ma'am," he said.

Stefannie stopped, and turned around in shock, not even noticing that he had been staring at her ass. There was only thirty dollars in the account!

Then she noticed that the other men had come in the house also; they were both white guys, and looked like brothers. They were shorter than Paul, and did not have his massive build, but she could tell they had muscular bodies beneath the tight t-shirts and shorts. Where Paul was rough looking, they were sleekly handsome, and about her own age.

They were also staring at her body hungrily.

Stefannie swallowed nervously, turned around and wrote the check. She could almost feel the men's eyes on her, and closed the robe again before she turned back around. Paul had an amused look on his blunt features, and smiled when she held the check out. "Um, it's more than I thought it was going to be," Stefannie said as he reached for the check. "If you could just hold this until the Monday after next . . .?" Stefannie's voice trailed off at the sudden angry look in Paul's eyes.

"No, I don't think so, Mrs. Peters," he said, his voice softer but somehow more threatening.

"I told you husband how much it would be, and he agreed to it! I charge all my customers a month in advance. Surely with this big house, in this nice rich white neighborhood, you can afford to pay me!"

Stefannie swallowed nervously. How could her husband do this to her? "But, Paul, I don't have the money! I won't have any until Bill gets paid!"

Paul snatched the check from her hand, moving so fast it took her breath away, then crumpled it and threw it on the floor. His almost black eyes burned into her green ones, and then his eyes dropped downwards. Stefannie looked down, realized the robe had fallen open a bit, and that her chest was exposed to his gaze. The other two workers grinned at each other, but she did not notice that.

She shifted, and once again pulled the robe closed. He looked back up at her and smiled: "I think we can work something out, Mrs. Peters," he said finally, smiling at her now. She did not like the look of that smile, but relief flooded through her. She had been about to think he was going to suggest . . . "Give each of us three kisses, and we'll call it even, OK?"

Stefannie's mouth dropped open, shocked. Three kisses? Each? "No, that's not OK," she tried to protest. "I'm a married woman! There's no way I'm going to do that!"

"OK, I'll just call my lawyer then. The embarrassment should be worth more than the money." His hard eyes bored into hers, and the young wife felt a fist slowly settle around her heart.

She did not think it would look good to her husband's company if he were sued for nonpayment, since his job was financial. What Paul said next reaffirmed her fears. "It's true, they'll yank your husbands license, but that's just the way it goes, right, guys?"

"Yeah, tough shit," said one of the blonde boys, and gave her an insolent smile.

Stefannie's head was spinning, and she found herself wishing she had not drunk that third martini. "Just regular kisses, right? Nothing else?"

"Naw, nothing else, lady. I'm not a monster," Paul said. Something in the young woman screamed at her not to trust this man, and a sharp glint in his eyes made her heart tumble nervously, but she finally nodded.

"Good. You can start with me."

She nodded again, and stepped forward. He bent forward, and she had to raise herself on her toes. She planted a light kiss on his thick, sensuous lips, and then pulled away, and breathed a sigh of relief that he had not tried anything.

She did the same to the first blonde whose name was Mark. She felt his hands holding her curvy hips lightly while she kissed him, but he did not try anything either, and she thought to herself that this would not be so bad after all.

Mark's brother was named Steve. He bent into her, and before she knew it his hands had slipped around her and were on her back. She planted the same light, sisterly kiss that she had given the first two, but when she tried to pull back he pulled her tighter to him, and she felt his tongue against her full, pouting lips.

Stefannie was so surprised her mouth sagged open before she could stop it, and then his tongue was in her mouth, probing and darting at her own small tongue and teeth. She drew in a deep breath, and finally managed to break away from him. She backed away and looked at him, her face flushed. He had pulled her close enough so that her large, firm breasts had been mashed against his muscular chest, and she knew without looking that her plump nipples were hardening, were visible even through the thin robe and bikini top.

"Um, I need to get a drink, guys," she said breathlessly. Paul nodded, and went and sat down on the couch. Stefannie nodded, and went into the kitchen, poured herself another martini from the pitcher. She would have to be more careful with Steve the next time.

"Just six more kisses," she said to herself, taking a long sip from the drink as she walked back into the living room; one hand holding the drink, the other clutching the neck to her robe closed.

Paul patted the couch beside him, and Stefannie had no choice but to sit down beside the huge black man. "I want the same kind of kiss you gave my boy over there," he said, and pushed the martini glass to her lips. "I'm the boss. I'll be damned if he gets some tongue and I'm left out." Stefannie sipped the last of the drink in shock. She wanted to protest, but as soon as she lowered the glass, Paul was bending down, and then his thick lips were against hers.

She felt his thick tongue probing at her lips, and moaned to herself as she let her jaws sag open. She really didn't have a choice.

She felt one arm go around her shoulder, felt the other on her hip as his tongue speared into her defenseless, panting mouth. She had to lean her head back and open her jaws slightly more as he began fucking his tongue in and out of her mouth. "Mmmm," she moaned softly; she had to admit to herself that he was a good kisser. The alcohol swirled in her veins, and she began battling his tongue with her own without thinking.

She was still holding her robe closed with her left hand, still clutching the glass with her right, so when his hand suddenly slid smoothly from her hip to her ribcage, she had no chance to push it away.

Before Stefannie knew what was happening, his large hand was cupping her right breast through the robe and bikini top. Se tried to twist her mouth away from his, but he was suddenly holding the back of her neck tightly. His other hand squeezed her large breast softly, then a bit harder. "Mnnnnn, nnnn!" Stefannie moaned, and finally managed to break away from him.

She swallowed, and sat up on the edge of the couch, breathing heavily. She could still feel his hand on her breast, seeming to burn her tender flesh, and her nipple was harder than ever. "I . . . I didn't say you could do that!" she said softly, but he just laughed.

"It's your turn, Mark!"

Mark smiled down at her, and drew her to her feet. She looked around the room uncertainly as Mark pulled her into his arms. He pressed her lush body tightly against his muscular one, and then bent and pressed his lips to hers.

Stefannie was determined to keep her mouth shut this time, but when she felt Paul's hand on the back of her knee, she gasped in surprise, and then Mark's tongue was in her mouth.

He was the best kisser, Stefannie decided after a few moments. She knew she should not, but she tilted her head slightly, and began sucking at his darting tongue. His hands slid from her waist to her round, firm ass, and he squeezed the twin moons roughly, making a small whimper form in her throat. She felt Paul's hand squeezing the back of her thigh, and that was an even bigger turn on.

She didn't come to her senses until she started pushing her own tongue into his mouth, and then she somehow broke away from him, wiped her lips in a daze. He gave her ass one last squeeze, and then led her towards his brother. 'Lets get rid of this, shall we?" Mark said, and reached out and undid the sash of the small robe.

Stefannie blinked, but before she could say anything, Mark and Steve were peeling the thin garment down her slim arms, leaving her naked but for the bikini.

She didn't know what to do with her arms; she didn't know what to say. Her nipples hurt they were so hard, and she looked around the room in a daze. The she looked down at Steve's shorts, and bit back a gasp as she saw the outline of his hard cock through the loose shorts.

'Um, Guys, I . . .. I really think this has gone far enough."

"Three kisses, Stefannie," Paul said from the couch. She looked over at him, and he was grinning, and rubbing his own hard on. She whimpered as she saw the size of the tool trapped in his shorts.

She felt Mark's hand on her ass again, squeezing and rolling the soft flesh, and heard him say in a soft voice: "Jesus, you really have a nice ass, Steffy!"

"Please, Mark, you shouldn't be touching me like that!" Stefannie said, and somehow managed to push his hand away from her.

"Come here, I want something different this time," Steve said, pulling her away from his brother. Stefannie swallowed, and looked at him quizzically as he turned her around so that her back was to him. Then he was pulling her back against him, till her soft, curvy ass was nestled against his crotch. She blushed a bright red as she felt his stiff cock slot in between her asscheeks through the bikini, and she covered her nearly naked breasts with her arms.

He pulled her back against him tighter as he ground his raging cock into her soft dream ass, then raised one hand, and turned her head so she was looking at him over her shoulder. He turned her just a bit more, and then his hungry mouth was pressing against hers.

Stefannie could not stop her body from trembling as she opened her mouth to his kiss. His cock, stiff as a piece of wood, felt huge pushing up against her ass, and the way he was rubbing it against her had her gasping for breath, had her cunt itching softly. She knew she was getting wet, but she almost didn't care. These men would be gone soon enough, and then she would masturbate herself.

She barely felt him pushing her arms out of the way; then he was cupping both of her heaving tits in his hands, squeezing the firm melons roughly. "Mmmmmmm, nnnn," she tried to protest as he mauled her breasts. Her arms dropped to her sides, and she turned her head a bit more so he could thrust his tongue deeper into her mouth. With something like panic, she felt his skilled hands leave her breasts for a moment, and she broke her mouth away from his, looked down at his hands as he calmly began untying the bikini top.

She could still feel his raging cock against her ass, but she asked stupidly: "What do you think you're doing?"

"We want to see those knockers, bitch," Mark answered, standing right in front of her.

Then the small halter-top was undone, and Steve was peeling it aside. All the men looked at her perfect breasts; they sat proudly on her chest, with just a hint of sag to them, the nipples sitting like swollen cherries atop the perfect, heaving mounds.

"Ohnnn, my god, what are you doing?!?" she gasped as Mark reached out and began squeezing and mauling handfuls of her creamy, silky soft flesh. "Please, Paul, make them stop!" she begged, looking over at the black man. What she saw there almost made her forget Mark was paying with her naked titties.

Paul had skinned his shorts down, and was smiling at her, and holding his cock in one hand, jacking it slowly. It was huge, with a straight black shaft wreathed with veins, larger around than he wrist. The dark head was almost plum sized. "Unn, noo, ummnnn," Stefannie gasped as mark began pinching and twisting her nipples. Sparks shot from her heaving, swollen titmounds to her juicing pussy, and she could not help grinding her plush ass back against Steve's jerking cock.

"I don't think they want to stop," Paul said insolently, grinning at her.

"P . . . please, you said you'd just kiss me," she wailed softly. She hated the fact that she was not fighting harder - she should be kicking, screaming for help, but she knew none of her neighbors would hear her.

"OK, guys, let her go."

Mark gave her tits one last squeeze, and then he was leading her over to the couch. He pushed, and she plopped into the couch next to Paul. She looked for a long moment at his giant cock - it had to be thirteen inches - and then forced herself to look away.

He let go of his cock, and then took her wrist in his hand and guided her small hand till her palm was pressed to the thick column of rock hard flesh. Stefannie swallowed, and had to try three times before she could make herself speak: "Paul, please," she begged, but he forced her fingers slowly around, till they were closed on his giant cock.

"Please what, Steffy?" he asked lazily. She felt someone's hand on her thigh, and looked down to see Steve rubbing and caressing the smooth flesh of her thigh casually. She drew in a deep breath, and could not resist tightening her grip of the fat pole in her hand.

He took his hand off of hers, but she was barely aware of it. She squeezed the thing again as Steve's hand climbed higher, pushing down to rub the insides of her thighs. She was sure she knew what was going to happen now, and she knew she should do something to stop it. The men were going to fuck her! She said to herself, but she could think of nothing to do or say.

Stefannie shifted slightly, and seemingly by accident her thighs spread apart a bit, giving Steve's hand more room.

Stefannie slid her sweaty fist up to the top of Paul's woody, and gave the bulbous head another squeeze, and then shut her eyes as she slid her hand down to the base. "Ohhh, yeah, that feels great, Mrs. Peters," Paul moaned. "Jack me off like that!"

Blushing deeply, Stefannie began slowly jacking his cock, running her sweaty fist up and down the fat pole. Her pouty lips were sagging open sexily, and she let out a long, low moan as Steve's hand finally moved to her bikini panties. Her slight body jerked as he began rubbing her wet pussy through the thin material.

"Ohhnnnn, fuck!" she gasped, and began moving her fist faster on Paul's dick. She shifted again, giving Steve's hand more room, and moaned in pleasure when he dipped his hand inside her bikini bottoms. His skilled fingers found her juicy slit, and Stefannie jerked and shuddered as his fingers invaded her tight, wet pussy. "Yesssssssssss!" she hissed, and rocked her hips against his hand as she began getting off, wave after wave of orgasm rushing through her body. She moved her hand up and down the massive hard on in her fist without thinking, gasping loudly as the waves of orgasm rushed through her trembling body.

Then she felt herself being pulled off the couch. She looked around blearily as Steve positioned her on her knees between Paul's widespread legs. "Ohnn, no, what . . . what do you think you're going to do to me?" she asked, looking up at Paul.

"It's time for my third kiss, Mrs. Stevens," he smiled down at her, then reached down, and gathered a handful of her hair in his big hand. Stefannie looked from his eyes to his huge penis, still trapped inn her fist. She felt Steve behind her, flicking the small catches that held her bikini panties in place.

"No, no, I . . . I don't even do that for my husband!" she gasped weakly. She tried to hold herself away from his cock; the bulbous knob was only inches away from her full, luscious lips now, and she felt Steve behind her, doing something - felt something hot and hard brushing against her ass, then slotting against her plump pussy lips.

His big hands squeezed her ample hips, and Stefannie moaned as he slowly leaned into her. "Ummmmmmmnnnn," Stefannie shuddered as she felt the young man's fat dick splitting her pussy in two. It was not as big as Paul's cock, still trapped in her fist, but it was perhaps a bit larger than her husbands, nearly ten inches long.

"Ohnn, my, that feels so - feels so mmpphhh!"

Paul had pulled her head forward slowly, until her pouting, luscious lips were rubbing against his leaking cock crown. She felt the spongy hardness of his knob pressing into her lips, and a soft shudder wracked her body. She was determined not to do as this man wanted - that was disgusting, and she had been raised better than that!

"Fuck, she's tight, man," Steve said hoarsely. He pulled out of her slightly, and then rocked back into her. A strong pulse of lust flashed through Stefannie when she felt the length of his dick sink all the way into her juicy, spasming, tight snatch. "Uhhnnnn, uhn, uhhhnnnnn!" She could not stop the moans from coming as he began stroking her, his flat belly slapping into her soft ass, making waves in the tender, silky flesh.

The young housewife was losing track of what was going on. Without thinking, she allowed her jaws to sag open from the steady pressure at her lips. Paul's fat dick crown brushed against her teeth, and she heard him say in a tight voice: "Just a little more, Steffy. Yeah, fuck, that's the way, girl!"

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