tagGroup SexSteph's Big Night

Steph's Big Night


Kevin had been in the bathtub since 4PM, and Leslie went to check on him. He had shaved his body, perfect for the evening to come. At this point he was just relaxing, his semi-erect cock lying on his firm stomach. Leslie couldn't help but feel aroused as she watched Kevin. She cared so much for him, and for his feminine side. They had been dating for two years, and she had learned of his cravings shortly after they began dating. Kevin just opened up to her one day. Instead of having any negative feelings, Leslie found Kevin to be incredibly arousing when taking on the role of a woman.

"How ya doing, baby?" she asked.

Kevin looked up to see Leslie dressed in only a thong panty and a bra. Seeing her like this always compounded his flame for women's lingerie. He rose, and toweled off. Leslie had a pink sarong ready for him, which she wrapped around his waist, leaving the fold for his cock to protrude from. They kissed a slow kiss, and Leslie led him down to her boutique.

Leslie had this room built especially for Kevin. The entire basement had been transformed into a room just to help with the transformation. Kevin sat in the salon-type chair, with only the wrap around him. Leslie began with his make-up, taking her time, applying an expert dose of her best cosmetics. She painted his nails and toes, and then took him to the closet, handing him his clothes for the evening. Kevin donned a gaff, to hide his male-hood. Garters and hose were next, along with a black bra and falsies. Leslie had bought a brand new multi-colored blouse, and a red mini-skirt for him to wear. The new look was topped with a long, flowing blonde wig. Kevin stepped into a pair of black strappy heels, and waltzed around the room for Leslie.

"Baby, you look stunning!" she exclaimed.

"Thanks so much, Leslie," he replied.

Steph had been very passable in public for months, and no one suspected a thing. They had great times together, dining out, shopping, and dancing. They frequented gay clubs on a regular basis, and Leslie knew that Steph was ready to explore.

They had eaten dinner at a very trendy restaurant, and were on their way to their favorite nightclub.

"Steph, I have a surprise for you," Leslie told him.

"Tell me," he replied.

"I want you to meet someone tonight. I know you have met a lot of sexy girls, but I know you will really like this person. Her name is Leah, and she is going to meet us tonight at the main bar."

"Mmm, baby! You are the best."

They arrived at Cheetah's, and the place was filling up fast. All kinds of alternative people filled the spacious bar, and Leslie and Steph quickly fell in and about the crowd. Leslie was getting a lot of stares, due to her short shorts and tube tob. Steph was talking to many different people, and both were having a good time.

Leslie grabbed Steph's arm, and led her back to the bar, where they met Leah. She was stunning, with long black hair, and a body to die for. She wore a micro-mini, a sexy blouse, with heels. The three of them talked and drank, but kept in control. It was probably going to be a long evening.

Suddenly Leslie ran off to dance, leaving Steph and Leah to chat. They exchanged more small talk, and even though both of them were being quite conservative, the mutual attraction was apparent. Steph was doing all she could to control her arousal, but she was enjoying the company. Time seemed to fly by as they talked, and Leslie finally returned to the bar. By now it was almost midnight.

"So, what are we doing? Want to go back to our place, Leah?"

Leah looked at Steph, and turned back to Leslie.

"Of course. Let's go," she agreed.

Leah followed Leslie and Steph, and soon they were back at the house. The three of them shared a toast, and settled down on the couch. Leslie watched lovingly as Steph and Leah began a long, slow frenchkiss. Leslie then moved to the opposite chair, to watch the two gorgeous women. Leslie began to reflect on her relationship with Steph, and they had talked about her desires. Kevin truly wanted to make love to another cross-dresser, and now the time had come.

Legs wrapped around legs as Leslie watched, sipping on her drink and having a cigarette. Her eyes were focused on the two t-girls before her. Leah was the more aggressive, kissing Steph deeply, probing her mouth with her tongue.

"You're a cutie baby," Leah teased. "A dream come true." Leah began to stroke Steph's thighs with her fingernails, moving up and down her legs, eliciting long moans of pleasure from Steph. She was putty in Leah's hands now. Meanwhile, Leslie had removed her top and mini-skirt, and began to slowly masterbate as she watched the show before her. Leah eased Steph back on the couch, moved over her, and began to grind into Steph, who seemed in awe of her.

Suddenly, in one motion, Leah slipped Steph's panties and gaff down and off of her legs. Steph's beautifully shaved, erect cock now sprang into view.

Leah settled to her knees before Steph, lightly gripping her cock with both hands, before turning to Leslie. "Leslie, she has such gorgeous clit!" Leah raged. "Care for a lick?"

"No, not yet Leah. You go ahead; I just want to watch," Leslie replied.

Leslie enjoyed the role as the pimp, and she began to masterbate in earnest now, her smoke still in her mouth. Watching her boyfriend in his female role, with another cross-dresser, was bringing out the sluttiness in her.

Leah started by licking Steph's shaved testicles, and then she moved up the shaft of his cock, twirling her tongue around the shaft, and lightly touching it to the tip of Steph's erection. Steph emitted low moans, and the feeling of Leah's lips and mouth on her cock was delightful. Leah's eyes were fixed on Steph's, and Steph's eyes were gazing at the incredible sight of Leah swallowing her cock. Leah was an expert at the deep throat, and she easily took all of Steph's cock in her mouth, which Leslie could never do. She would stop as she had Steph's cock totally engulfed, and lift her balls to her chin, massaging them, which drove Steph wild. Leah would bring her just to the edge of an orgasm, and then retreat, keeping Steph in a state of peak arousal. Eventually Leah slowed, and eased Steph from her approaching orgasm. Then Leah stood, and her cock protruded from beneath her tight skirt.

Steph couldn't move; she was drunk with desire from the gorgeous creature before her. Leah was all woman, except for her lovely cock. It was seven inches long, shaved, a perfect crown, and totally straight, jutting out before her.

"Well Steph," Leah whispered, " Are you ready to lose your straight virginity?"

Leslie moved from the chair to a footstool right next to the couch, and she held Steph's hand.

"Go for it baby," she told Steph, still masterbating.

It seemed so natural for her. She moved to the edge of the couch, and began to massage her cheeks against the sides of Leah's cock. As Leah coaxed her, Steph began to feel her balls, touching, exploring, and living her fantasy. Slowly her mouth opened, and at this instant Leslie fell back in a silent orgasm. She loved watching men or women suck cock, and this was the best of both worlds.

Steph began a slow suck on Leah's cock. Gently she sucked, savoring the taste. Farther and farther she took Leah's rod in her mouth, eventually inundating herself with cock. The girl was an expert, to Leah's astonishment. Leslie continued to finger herself, stoned on the sight of the cocksucking. Steph seemed to be taking control, giving the pleasure, and aware that Leah was nearing orgasm. She too backed off, and then resumed her oral assault on Leah's cock. The three lovers began to lose track of time, and suddenly, Steph leaned Leah back to the couch.

"Leslie, go get the toys," Steph instructed. Leslie went to the kitchen, and returned with her purse. Steph was now on all fours, her ass exposed, waiting. Leslie removed a small container of lube, and a medium size life-like dildo. She spread some of the lube on the dildo, and then knelt behind Steph. Leah watched with delight as Leslie penetrated Steph's ass with her toy, working it in and out, preparing Steph for her first fucking. When Steph was ready, Leslie removed the dildo and rolled a thin-skinned condom down Leah's erect cock. Leah went for the couch, sitting, her cock hard and protruding into the air. Eagerly Steph mounted Leah, her back facing her, and she gazed back at Leah.

"Fuck me, Leah," she begged.

Leslie watched as Leah eased Steph lower, rubbing her cockhead on the perfect pussy in front of her. Her cock slid easily in, and Steph groaned deeply in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Relaxing, and pausing, her pain faded quickly. Deeper Leah's cock disappeared into Steph's ass-pussy, finally touching her prostrate, and slowly withdrawing. Within minutes they had developed a perfect rythym, and the two cross-dressers, coupled together, became lovers.

Leslie could take no more, and she fell to her knees, swallowing as much as she could of Steph's cock. The inspired woman then mounted Steph, impaling her pussy on her cock.

Steph's mind was swirling in an avalanche of emotions. She was being fucked by Leah, but at the same time fucking Leslie. Her body was feeling things she had not thought possible. Every out-stroke of Leslie was a down-stroke onto Leah, and vice-versa. The slow, exquisite sex was now replaced by an animalistic passion in all three people. Leslie, sweating heavily, was crying out in a constant, brutal orgasm. Just the thought of the deviant sex she was participating in drove her to the edge of madness. Her man, her lover, was now in the female role, being fucked, as she was fucking her. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" was all she could think to say. Her brain was being short-circuited by the feelings her body was giving her.

Leah was groaning softly, entranced at the site of Steph's ass riding up and down her cock. She was in a total erotic zone, gently squeezing the lovely butt before her. Her mouth was agape, her eyes piercing. She could feel Steph's muscles gripping her erection, loving it, fondling it, and milking it.

But Steph was the hub of the wheel, her every move giving pleasure to her and her lovers. Holding the back of the couch for support, she rode Steph's cock, automatically driving her erection in Leslie's sopping-wet pussy. She watched Leslie's face, contorted with pleasure, her head rolling from side to side. The feeling of her cock, which seemed to have a mind of it's own due to the penetration she was feeling from behind, astonished Steph. Every time she would attempt to tighten her erection, all she could feel was Leah's cock inside her, and she lived for this feeling. Her bisexuality assured, Steph began to approach her orgasm. She was fucking for her life, it seemed.

All three lovers began to unravel in the throes of sex. Leslie was holding on to Steph's shoulders, cumming constantly now.

"Oh fuck, oh my gawd," Leah cried as her orgasm rode over the edge.

Steph felt Leah's cock swell inside her, and she began to tremble at the feeling of her own approaching orgasm. As Leah screamed in orgasm, Steph clamped down hard on that big cock.

"OH FUCK...AAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH," Steph screamed. Her cock exploded inside Leslie as Leah's cock quivered inside her. Her cock out of control, she pumped what seemed like gallon's of cum into Leslie's flaming pussy. All three rocked and rolled in an intense state of sexual delight. Leslie was now riding Steph, draining her of her sexual milk. Steph, Leah, and Leslie rode their orgasms to the ambrosial finish, finally collasping within each other's arms.

Leslie then fell to the side, and gazed at the clock on the wall. It read 2:30 am.

"Ok girls. Meet me in my bedroom at 3:00," she instructed. "I am sure you will both be recovered by then. I will have my boots on!"

Leah and Steph layed in each other's arms and then headed upstairs at precisely three.

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