tagIncest/TabooWonderland Ch. 02

Wonderland Ch. 02


Stepping Through the Looking Glass

It was Steve's memorable senior year. Steve was a senior and had turned eighteen at the beginning of the school year. He was a bit bookish and didn't connect with too many other kids at school.

For the last three months Steve had been spying on his parents having sex.

He had cleverly installed a one way mirror in place of his parents' full length mirror in their bedroom and a hidden panel in the closet wall that is right behind the mirror.

From this vantage point Steve had watched his mom with her large round firm tits and gorgeous tight ass suck and fuck his father in all sorts of ways.

Steve had learned to tell when his parents were horny and ready to fuck which turned out to be every couple of days. He had also heard some confusing things while they talked in the bedroom which leads Steve to believe they were also having sex with almost every member of his mother's family.

All of this voyeurism had made Steve spank his monkey over and over again.

He had started to have dreams of his parents having sex and then asking him to join them.

Just as he was preparing to make a tough decision on which college to attend his father was promoted at work. The increased money was great but his father had to travel once every quarter. Suddenly his father was gone for two weeks and not able to help Steve with his essay or college choice like he had promised to do. The only consolation was that the night before he left Steve watched him really fuck the hell out of his mom.

Steve especially liked the ending of their night of passion when his father had fucked his mother's huge tits, cumming all over her face and big boobs. Steve watched in fascination as his mother joyfully rubbed the spunk all over her face and big jugs. Steve had really chocked his chicken that night!

The two weeks went by slowly and both Steve and his mother were very unhappy by the end. But they were both about to become much more unhappy. The phone rang and Steve's mother answered it.

"Hello?" she said "Don is that you? What?....Why?.....Well when will you know?"

His mother almost threw the phone onto the base while cursing under her breath.

"Your father has been held over on this trip!" she said "He probably won't be home for another two weeks!"

She stormed down the hallway and slammed the door to her bedroom. Steve stomped into his room mad at his father for leaving him in the lurch like this and breaking his promise. Suddenly, he heard the soft sobbing of his mother from behind her door. Steve realized it was hard on her too. Steve made his own dinner of leftovers that night and tried asking his mom if she wanted anything.

She just sobbed through the door, "Go Away!"

After dinner Steve went to his room to study. In the quiet of the house he heard his mom softly moaning, but not like she was in crying or in pain.

Steve quietly crept to his hiding place in the closet and opened the panel. His mom lay naked on the bed with her legs spread finger fucking herself like crazy. She was not mad at his father but mad because she wasn't getting fucked! It was obvious that the finger fucking wasn't doing it for her but watching her was making Steve hard! Steve knew immediately what he wanted to do and a plan formed in his mind.

Steve closed the panel and went back to his room. Once there he quickly stripped to his boxers, the front of which was being pushed out by his ten inch boner. Steve made sure all the lights in the house were off. He then went down the hall to his mother's room. He hadn't heard the familiar click sound so he knew the door was unlocked. Without knocking or asking he quietly opened the door and walked into the darkened room.

By the low light of the small lamps on the nightstands he could see his naked mother, her eyes closed in concentration as she tried to get herself off with her fingers. Steve crossed the room slowly ending up by his mother's side of the bed. Suddenly she seemed to realize someone was there and opened her eyes.

"Oh!" she said, "Stevie!"

It was a nickname that now he was grown only his mother used for him and only on special occasions. Her using it seemed to tug at him somehow.

"I have what you need!" said Steve.

He pulled his shorts down to reveal the massive ten inch boner as thick as his mother's wrist sticking straight out from his crotch. The bulbous head of the mighty prick was purple proving Steve's arousal. Steve reached down and grabbed his mother's hands pulling her out of the bed and to her feet.

"Wow!" thought Steve, "She isn't protesting a bit! She must be horny as shit!"

Steve then wrapped his arms around her and pulled his voluptuous mother close. Her bit tits squashed against his chest as his hands caressed her smooth back. Steve's prick slipped between her slightly open thighs making them both shiver a little. Steve's left hand slipped up grasping the back of his mother's head bringing it to him as he kissed her deeply. His right hand slipped down and rubbed his mother's firm ass cheeks.

Steve's mother hadn't resisted his kiss and now he pushed his tongue into her mouth tasting the wet hot sweetness. As his tongue retreated his mother wrapped her arms around his shoulders keeping him close as her tongue now invaded Steve's mouth. It made Steve's cock jump to feel the intense probing of her tongue.

Steve's mouth now dropped to her massive left tit pulling her big nipple into it to be sucked and licked. His left hand dropped to her right tit tweaking and rubbing that big nipple.

"Oh my god!" Steve's mother said obviously responding to the manipulation of her nipples.

Steve sucked and licked for a while and then changed to sucking and licking the right tit while massaging the left nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His mother's hips swayed showing her arousal at this attention which also resulted in her smooth thighs rubbing the sides of Steve's erect man meat.

"Now for the start of the main show!" thought Steve as he released his mom's jugs and dropped to his knees in front of her. He grasped her hips and shoved his mouth into her crotch. His tongue slipped between her cunt lips searching for her love button. His searching hot tongue found its target and started to rub the hood that surrounded it back and forth.

The exciting friction drew a moan from his mother's lips. Steve placed two fingers at the opening of her pussy and found the opening to be wet already. Steve pushed the two probing digits up into his mom's quim causing her to shove her needy cunt against his face. Her hands grabbed the back of his head and his mom rubbed her clit back and forth on Steve's tongue all the while moaning and groaning. Suddenly her long neglected clit exploded sending lightning bolts of joy through her body and caused her cunt to grasp at Steve's probing fingers.

"Oh! Yes, Yes!" his mother moaned through the orgasm wracking her body while continuing to run her clit up and down on Steve's tongue in long powerful strokes.

Steve shoved his fingers in and out of her pussy while she came until she stopped jerking. Now she slowly ground her clit against his face the orgasmic wave passing through her.

Steve stood up. His mighty fuck staff stood out waiting for his mother's attention. She needed no words of encouragement. Steve's mother slipped to her knees immediately and kissed the helmeted head of his cock.

"I know what this big bad boy needs Stevie." his mother said in a sultry voice laden with lust.

Her lips surrounded the end of his cock while her mouth sucked on this sensitive bulb. Her head rotated left and right while her tongue licked the underside of the flare of Steve's circumcised cock-head. This rotation and licking at the same time made Steve groan with pleasure which seemed to spur his mother on.

Now his mom played inch worm on his dick taking the entire shaft down her throat bit by bit. His mom's lips came in contact with his cock base while her throat clamped down on his fuck rod. Steve had never had a girl get even half of his big cock in her mouth or throat much less the whole thing. She started to bob up and down bring almost half his big cock shaft in and out of her hot mouth and throat while covering the rest of the shaft with her spittle. Faster and faster his head bobbed while Steve watching from above was in heaven from the expert cocksucking this sensual woman was giving him. Steve couldn't hold back anymore!

"Argh!" Steve groaned "Holy shit what an incredible cocksucking bitch!"

His mom seemed pleased with Steve's shouted complement and drove two fingers into his puckered anus, the first time anyone had even touched him there. His cock exploded and his balls pumped heavy loads of cream into his mother's throat! His mother kept bobbing while he came and then slid up his prick so that only the head was in her hot sucking mouth. The spunk continued to shoot out of Steve's cock and to show him how much she liked it his mother kept swallowing all his balls could supply. Steve's cock stopped shooting but was still hard in his mother's mouth.

Both he and his mom knew these had just been the preliminaries. His mother regained her feet and grasping Steve by the hand started to pull him to the bed.

"No mom!" Steve said "I want something else."

Steve pulled her back to him and then gently pushed her towards the wall. His mother knew immediately what Steve's intention was. She planted her feet apart, bent over at the waist, and then grasped either side of the mirror frame. Steve now knew why his dad liked this position. From the back he could see his mother's great ass and needy pussy. By looking over her shoulder he could see in the mirror her big hanging tits, dark bush, and beautiful face with its look of desire.

Steve move forward planting his bulbous cock-head at the entrance to his mom's cunt. He pushed against the cunt lips feeling them yield and then her hot pussy surrounded the tip of his pecker. Steve paused to feel the delicious velvety heat of his mom's quim wrapped around his cock-head.

"Oh! Don't cock tease me! Shove that big fucker in me!" Steve's mother moaned.

"Don't worry mom I am just going to take my time so we can both savor this!" Steve said.

Steve also knew the longer he took the hotter she would get. Steve pushed slowly forward feeling the yielding flesh of his mother's body slowly envelope his red hot cock. His mom's cunt kept swallowing his pecker until he felt it bump up against her cervix drawing a soft moan from her lips. He was now totally embedded in his mom's hot pussy with his hips up against her firm ass cheeks. He grasped both sides of her waist with his hands and now started to slide the big fucker in and out of her hot wet cunt.

His mother started to push her hips back to meet his forward thrusts. Both Steve and his mom started to speed up the movements of their hips. The slapping noise Steve had heard so often coming from his parent's bedroom was now caused by his hips driving his big pecker into his mother's wanton twat!

Steve suddenly felt his mother's pussy get hot as hell. He felt like he was sliding his dick into a furnace! He lost control of his hips and started pounding the massive fuck rod into his mother's snatch. She was now pushing back as furiously to meet the intruding column of hot flesh! The two of them seemed to vibrate their hips at superhuman speed. In the mirror Steve could see his mom's massive fun bags bouncing wildly and her body twisting in passion.

Steve's mom arched her back bringing it up against his chest now slick with the sweat from their lovemaking. Steve felt her cunt squeezing on his cock in waves like a massive hand grabbing and pulling on him. His mother's mouth was now right by his ear issuing the guttural sounds of orgasm he had heard many times before.

Steve reached in front of him grasping his mother's nipples and pulling them out from her body. He twisted them feeling the way it made her twat pulse its' squeezing on his cock. An idea suddenly hit Steve and he let go of his mom's right tit. He put his right hand into her quivering snatch and grasped her rigid clit squeezing it.

In the mirror he could see the two of them. Now his mother's mouth hung open with no sounds at all coming out. Her whole body was rigid with every muscle as tight as it could be. Steve's massive cock felt like it was being squeezed in a powerful vise and he realized he now knew what a dog felt like with his cock stuck in a bitch dog's cunt! Both of them were transported to a new level of ecstasy that neither had ever known before. They seemed to live there for hours before his mother's muscles all relaxed and she pitched forward grabbing the mirror once again to keep from falling.

Both Steve and his mother panted desperately trying to fill their lungs with air once more. Their bodies were covered with sweat and Steve realized there were even small pools of it on the rug below them.

"That was the best fuck I have ever had!" Steve's mother said once she could speak.

"Me too mom!" said Steve.

He wanted to tell her he loved her and wanted it to happen again and again but before he could she said "I've got to lay down or I am going to fall down."

His mother stumbled to the bed and lay on what Steve knew from his late night voyeur sessions was her side of the bed. Steve watched her lay there her breathing causing her huge jugs to rise and fall. He wanted the last thing that would cement their relationship! He wanted what his father had gotten from this smoldering hot woman.

He moved to the bed, mounted it, and then climbed up so that he straddled his mother's torso.

"No Stevie!" his mother said almost in a whisper.

Steve knew she was too weak to really resist. He placed his huge cock meat that was still semi-engorged with blood in the silken valley between her tits. Steve grasped the two mounds on either side and pushed them together forming a slick smooth tunnel for his pecker.

As he started to slide the big organ between her tits Steve looked at his mother and thought "Finally I'm going to live my dream."

Below him feeling her son perched on her chest sliding his cock between her boobs Steve's mom thought "If he keeps this up he is going to realize the truth, that I can't resist his big lovely cock."

Helen tried to lay still and not encourage Steve but right before her eyes she could she could see her son's massive fucker sliding between her tits faster and faster. She couldn't stop herself. She reached up and grabbed her own tits freeing Steve's hands. Then she leaned forward so that she could take the massive purple cock-head into her mouth at the top of his stroke. To reward her Steve reached around his back with his right hand and started to rub the sensitive clit in her wet pussy.

Both mother and son traveled up that orgasmic hill together. At the peak of the hill Steve's now hard again pecker started to empty his balls while simultaneously his mother's cunt went into spasms of delight. Steve shot the first few long ropey shots of cum on his mother's face and then arched his hips up pulling his dick from between her boobs so he could continue to shoot the rest of his wad on these massive mounds of tit flesh. After Steve stopped jizzing his mother showed her complete surrender by reaching up with her hands and rubbed the cum around on her face and tits.

"God what a beautiful sight!" Steve thought.

He leaned forward and kissed her deeply on her cum covered lips tasting himself.

"We're lovers now." said Steve's mother, "You know what the first rule of being a good lover is don't you?"

"I'm not sure mom." said Steve, "What's the first rule?"

His mother reached up and grasped his head pulling in down to her. She gave his a deep kiss and then shoved her tongue into his mouth. When she was done kissing him she said "The first rule is to always give your lover what she needs!"

"I need a shower now. Want to come with?" she said.

Where the first two weeks of his father's trip had dragged by the second two flew by. Since there was no one else around Steve and his mother spent most of the time at home nude or close to it. They made love sucking and fucking like newlyweds at least once and many times several times a day. No one else there also made it possible for them to fuck anywhere in the house they wanted and they had used most all the rooms at least once.

But Friday night the door opened and his dad announced "Honey I'm home!"

Steve's mother came out of the kitchen and greeted Steve's father with a big kiss.

"I am so glad you are home Don!" she said.

His father immediately started acting strange and asked Steve's mom to help him unpack his suitcases. The two of them spent a fair amount of time in the bedroom but there were no sounds of happy fucking this time!

Steve's mom came out of the bedroom in tight jeans and a top with high heels.

"Bye!" she said, "I am off to do some shopping."

"B-b-b-but mom!" Steve stammered "We have enough food in the house!"

He wished she would stay there and not leave him alone with his father.

Steve guessed his mother had told him everything.

"I am off to get something special for my two men." said his mom and she disappeared out the door.

Steve's father entered the dining room then and sat down at the table fixing

Steve with a quizzical stare.

"Son, I think we need to talk", said Steve's father.

Steve and his father's discussion and what happens next is for another story.

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