Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 03


WHACK, the flogger hits the top of my thighs. I cry out then remember what she said and get quiet. Then she starts flogging me, first working the back of my thighs hard, some blows circling my legs, hitting my inner thighs. I try hard not to cry out but some are so hard that I can't help it. Then she starts working my back again and then back to my thighs. The pain is real and can feel a thin sheet of sweat forming on my back.

I can't take it anymore and cry out and start begging her to stop. "Please Mistress, please stop, it really hurts. I promise to be good. I promise to do as you say," my voice breaking, my eyes all watery.

She walks around in front of me, lifting my chin with her finger. As my eyes rise, I see her cock is no longer small but at least 6" and pretty thick. Its so black, all but the head, and it more of a purple color. I continue looking higher till we are face to face.

"You are such a pretty boy, look what you are doing to my cock," she says, her voice low and seductive. Her hand reaches down lifting her cock in her hand till it's sticking straight out. "I can't wait to see your pretty lips stretched around my cock."

I plead, I beg her, "Please Mistress, please don't make me do that, please." There are tears running down my cheeks now.

"Don't worry slave, you don't have to suck it if you don't want to," she says, her voice hypnotic. The truth is, the only way I will let you suck it, is if you beg to suck it. It is an honor and privilege to suck my cock slave. She reaches over and picks up the flogger. "Now slave, we have neglected your sweet little bubble butt, haven't we?"

"NO NO please, Mistress," I beg.

"You don't want me to flog your ass slave?" she asks.

"No please Mistress," I tell her.

"As you wish slave, of course, now you must learn the consequences of using the word 'no' when you talk to me," she says as she goes to the closet again. When she returns she has a different whip in her hand. Its not really a whip, it has a wooden handle attached to a leather strap. The strap is about 18" long and 2" wide. "You must learn that when you refuse one thing, that the consequences can be much worse than what was originally asked of you. You must learn to trust your Mistress."

I start begging her not to use the strap on me, she looks at me, her eyes cold. She reaches down and strokes her cock, its now over 8" and thick. She licks her lips as she strokes it staring at me. Then she moves behind me.

I struggle trying to get free but can't move at all. Then suddenly, pain explodes on my ass. WHACK

I cry out loudly, it really, really hurt. It's so much more intense than anything I imagined when I fantasized about being punished. Then again, WHACK, the strap striking across both ass cheeks. I cry out louder, "OH GOD!!!!"

She stands there as I struggle to move, my ass feels like its on fire. She looks down and sees two parallel red lines, 2" wide, cross both my ass cheeks. "It hurts doesn't it slave?" she says, her voice cold and hard. "Maybe you will think next time before you tell me 'no' when I ask something of you."

I relax a little as I nod my head yes that I understand, then WHACK. The strap catches me right below my ass cheeks on my thighs.


She walks back in front of me, lifting my chin just enough that I'm staring at her cock. Its now rock hard, sticking straight out, 10" of hard, black cock.

"Look what whipping you is doing to my cock slave," she says her voice softer now. She reaches down and wipes a couple tears off my cheeks. "Don't cry sweetie, but strapping your nice ass is making my cock so hard. I really don't think I should stop whipping you now, it wouldn't be fair to my cock, would it be slave? My cock does deserve to be pleased," she says as you lifts my chin higher making me look at her. She is licking her lips, her mouth opened in a seductive manner

Then she removes her hand from my face and I hear her heels clicking as she moves behind me. "Mistress, please, it hurts too much, I can take it," clearing begging and pleading with her but it doesn't do any good.

WHACK WHACK WHACK three hard blows landing one after the other on the same spot, right on the bottom of my ass cheeks.

I scream out, the pain unbelievable. Crying hard, shaking my head back and forth as I beg her to stop. No doubt about the sincerity of my begging.

She moves back in front of me then asks, "Is there something you wanted to ask me slave?"

I raise my head and see the cock staring at me, only inches from my mouth. "I can take anymore Mistress," my voice breaking up as I sob and cry like a little boy.

She stands there for a minute then I hear her heels, so loud, as she starts moving back behind me again.

"Wait, wait," I quickly say to her.

She stops and comes back in front of me. "What slave?" she asks.

I can't believe what I'm going to do but I can't take any more of the strap on my ass. "Mistress, I will suck your cock if you still want me too," I say quietly.

"What slave, I can't hear you" she asks again more coldly this time. "Mistress I will suck your cock if you want me to," I say louder.

"I don't want you to suck it if you don't want to slave," her voice cutting into me.

Sobbing loudly, "I really want to Mistress."

"You know what that will make you don't you Steve," she asks. "Yes, Mistress" I tell her, feeling tears dripping from my cheeks.

"Tell me Steve," she commands.

"It will make me a cocksucker Mistress," I tell her, not believing what is happening to me.

"Yes it will Steve," she says, "are you sure you want to be a cocksucker?" Are you ready to beg for the honor of sucking my cock?"

"Yes Mistress," I tell her looking at the floor totally humiliated.

She moves away but not behind me but to the door. "April, come in here now," she says.

OH GOD!!! I can't believe she is doing this but I hear April come into the room and they both come over next to me, Mistress directly in front of me, April to the side.

"Steve wanted to ask me something, I thought maybe you should be here," she says coldly. "Well slave?"

Thought I was humiliated before but can't imagine doing this in front of April. Finally I say, "Mistress, may I suck your cock please?"

"You better do better than that, last chance, or more of the strap slave," she states coldly.

I try to stop my sobbing then start again, "Mistress please let me suck your cock, I want to suck it so much. I want to be a cocksucker and feel your big cock in my mouth. Please Mistress make me a cocksucker...," that is all I can get out before I start crying and can't continue.

April laughs softly, "You are always right Mistress, how did you know he was a faggot?" Can I watch him suck you. I can't wait to see him with your cock in his mouth," she says sounding rather short of breathe. "Cocksucker",she says knowing she is addressing me.

I'm so humiliated, being called a faggot, begging a black women or man or whatever, to let me suck their cock, what happened to me. How did it come to this???

"No honey, you leave us alone now," she tells April, "you will get plenty of opportunities to see sweetie with a cock in his mouth but I want him to myself now."

"Yes Mistress, thank you for letting me hear him beg to be your cocksucker," she says and leaves the room.

Crying softly as I hear the door close and Mistress walk back to me.

"Now where were we slave," she says as she stops in front of me.


To be continued...

Steve is never going to be the same, what do you think is going to happen to him? Find out in Chapter 4.

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fantastic surprise

I love the surprise of Mistress having a real cock. I'm a sissy bi CD cocksucker and I love sucking real cocks in front of my Mistress (who I just started visiting a few months ago). The only differencemore...

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