tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStill a Virgin?

Still a Virgin?


My eighteenth birthday was on July 2nd, and on July 3rd my mother "suggested" I get a job. I wasn't particularly surprised as she was always about the money. She worked long hours as a nurse and always told me the most important thing she could teach me was to support myself. She wasn't married to my father, so he apparently didn't feel much responsibility for her since he left as soon as he found out I was on the way. It had been her and I and a long string of uncles my entire life.

I got out early the next day and managed to hit a half a dozen businesses by lunch time. I wasn't having much luck, but I decided to stop in at a handy pizza joint for a bite to celebrate the effort anyway. I'd never been there before, but I felt right at home. Both the waitresses could have been my sisters. They were about my age and built just like me. I'm told I am curvy and I hope it looks as good on me as it did on them. Thirty-four D, with an almost to tiny waist at 28, and 36 at the hips. I'm 5'6" and weight about 115 because I work out a lot. They seemed about the same. The only noticeable difference was that one of them was a brunette and the other a blond. It was an interesting contrast to my long auburn curls.

I was the only female customer, and the blond who I found out was named Pamela was a real "Chatty Cathy". When she waited on me we fell very naturally into conversation. My name is Dorinda by the way. My friends call me Ren. After a while the other girl, whose name is Maggie came over and when they found out I was out looking for a job they suggested I apply there. They said they knew the manager, Trevor, would hire me because I was just his type. They said he was a little "handsy", but otherwise harmless. I was used to that with all my mom's boyfriends coming and going. If any of them had their way I would not have made it to my eighteenth birthday with my virginity intact.

I spent most of the afternoon at the restaurant, and decided I really liked it there. I was still there chatting and helping out when the manager came in to count the till and get ready for the evening shift. Pam and Maggie had made him out to be a real old pervert, but I didn't get that impression at all. He was about forty, sure, but he wasn't real wrinkly and he was nice and tall, at least six feet, so the extra weight didn't make him look fat, just big. He didn't have a lot of hair, but I wouldn't call him bald, and he had a friendly smile. Plus, he seemed genuinely friendly, at least to me. He took my hand in both of his hands and looked into my eyes when he shook my hand and introduced himself. Ok, after introducing himself he did look down my blouse, but most guys do that first, so I took that as a good sign.

I don't know if it was what he saw in my blouse, or my skirt which was almost as short as the short-shorts that Pam and Maggie were wearing for a uniform, but I had barely said I needed a job when he suggested we tour the kitchen. The other girls stayed behind working and Trevor pulled me behind the kitchen to start the tour. Other than having Trevor look me over rather lecherously, the tour was uneventful, so I decided the other girls had been over reacting to Trevor and I accepted the job when he offered it. He said I would work the day shift with Pam and Maggie because the lunch crowd which was mostly men would appreciate a complete set. I was nervous for a minute since I understood the clients would be fantasizing about having sex with the three of us, but Trevor told me he had a strict rule that "his girls" weren't allowed to date the customers, so I relaxed and looked forward to starting work.

On Monday I slipped on my short-shorts and halter top which Trevor had given me as a uniform, and went off to start my first job. Trevor greeted me and everything just seemed natural very quickly. He seemed to take great care to teach me the ins and outs of waitressing. The other girls laughed at me because they said he was just trying to get into my pants, but it didn't feel that way to me. Perhaps because I didn't have a father, or maybe because it was my first job and I didn't know any other bosses, but it just felt kind and helpful to me. We became friends and we talked a lot. He would tell me how lonely he had been since his wife had left him for working to much, and I shared how lonely I was with my mother working all the time. After a while we were spending all our free time at work together.

One day in the fall he asked me if I would like to go to a movie with him. It was rated "R" and having only been eighteen for a few months I had never been to an "R" rated movie before, so I jumped at the chance. He bought us popcorn and drinks and we sat on the back row all alone. I guess I was really naive, but I didn't realize it was a proper date until he put his arm around my shoulders. At once I went over whether I had led him on with my mini skirt and tight, low cut blouse, but I knew I had wanted him to make a move. I really was attracted to him and thought a lot about what it would be like to have him touching me. I would occasionally see my mom with her boyfriends and she looked so happy. I wondered what it would be like for a man to touch my ass or squeeze my breasts, even put his hand between my legs. To my mom's credit though, if she even had a hint one of her boyfriends was paying to much attention to her under-aged daughter she dropped them instantly. I always knew I was more important than the men. When I managed to process all these thoughts, I just looked up at Trevor and smiled. I knew I wanted what he was offering.

What I wasn't expecting was the nature of the movie. It was an action flick. I was expecting violence. So, when the leading lady was suddenly rolling around naked in a bed with a strange man I was not prepared. I had never before seen two people actually doing it before, and even with their lower halves covered with a sheet, they way he was grinding his body into her let you know what they were doing. It was as if someone had flipped a switch to turn the heat on in my crotch. I guess I started to squirm because Trevor turned and looked at me with a smile that I had never seen before. He slid his right hand from my shoulder to the back of my head and turned my face up to his. As he informed me he was going to kiss me he slid his left hand onto my knee and slid it halfway up my leg. Then he covered my mouth with his and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I don't know if I would have pulled away, but he didn't really give me the opportunity as his hand on the back of my head was pushing me into him as much as he was pressing into me.

I was so mesmerized by the power he was exerting over me that when he leaned down and whispered, "spread for me". I didn't question, I just parted my legs and tried to keep my breathing under control. That was more difficult than it sounds however, because it was then that he really got going. He slid his hand the rest of the way up my leg and under my skirt. Then he rubbed the crotch of my panties as he kissed me again. His smile made me feel like I was doing something very wrong, but when I whispered we had gone far enough he just said, "sshhhhh, you don't want anyone to see you". Then he took his hand away from my crotch and lifted my skirt up to my waist.

I was in shock, but then he reached up and began unbuttoning my blouse. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak, I just sat there. Allowing him to do whatever he wanted to me. It was as if my body and my mind weren't connected. My body wanted everything he was doing and more, but in my mind I was screaming, "Nooo, not here! Not like this!" As soon as he undid my buttons he unfastened my bra and my breasts practically exploded into his hands. And he wasn't gentle. He started squeezing... hard, first one and then the other. And if that wasn't bad enough he leaned in and whispered in my ear, "God you are hot. You are the best piece of ass I have ever had my hands on. These tits are amazing, and that pussy is like none other. I can't wait to fuck you."

I panicked for a moment thinking he was going to do it right then and there so I managed to moan, "no please, I've never done it before."

He smiled lecherously, "don't worry, I want you in my bed for that".

I forced myself to relax for a second, but it didn't last as he leaned down and started to lick my breasts. As he did that his hand went back to my crotch and began to explore me. It was as if my brain had overloaded. As he was licking and sucking on my tits he began to pull on my panties.

Then he whispered in my ear, "lift your ass", and I did.

He pulled my panties down to my knees with one hand and I felt the cool air on my pussy. I let out a little whimper and he chuckled as his hand went back up the inside of my thighs seeking my womanhood. As I was adjusting to the exposure, he got more aggressive on my tits. He began to bite the nipples and with his free hand he squeezed and twisted the nipples. It was a mixture of fear and excitement that had me so wet I was actually embarrassed more when he found his target. My virgin pussy. He didn't hesitate. In one move he shoved his huge middle finger into me.

I couldn't stop the moan that came from deep within and again he chuckled.

Without even looking up at me he growled, "that's my good little bitch. Beg for it."

I didn't respond in words, but my hips began to grind against his hand. I didn't even know what was happening when I began to shudder from inside. The actual explosion of orgasm caught me by surprise and I groaned deeply as I grabbed his hand and held him inside of me. I am sure others heard us at that point, but he seemed not to care. He simply sat up and smiled at me.

"OK baby, it's your turn," he said.

I wasn't sure what he meant, but he was pushing me out of my chair.

"Come on baby. Slide onto your knees. I am about to explode here. I need those luscious lips," he commanded.

Then I got it. He was telling me to give him oral sex.

I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want to, but he had made me cum, and in my confused state it seemed only fair. So I slid down to my knees and half crawled around in front of him. Trevor stood slightly to let me into place, and when he lowered back to his seat it was a really tight fit. I felt like I was tied up. He was already unfastening his pants by the time I adjusted to the position and when I looked up at him he had his cock in hand and immediately rubbed it on my face. Apparently I was to slow, because he grabbed a handful of my hair and pressed my face onto his cock.

"That's it bitch, suck!," he ordered.

I opened my mouth and was immediately full of cock. I didn't so much suck him as he fucked my face. He shoved it in as deep as it would go then he took my hand and wrapped it around the part that wouldn't fit.

It was so big. I remember wondering if they were all this big or it was just him. I couldn't get my hand all the way around it and only half of it fit in my mouth. But I didn't have much time to wonder as he began to pump it into me over and over. He seemed to emphasize the motion by groaning at me.

"Suck it Bitch! Take that cock! Oh god you dirty slut, that is so good," he moaned.

And then he did explode. He shot cum directly into my mouth. I had heard of it, but it was so uncontrolled, and there was so much of it. It just kept coming. And he was holding my face against him so it had no where to go. I had to swallow it. It was disgusting. But somehow erotic. I didn't know what to think. I felt dirty and used by this man I cared about and I thought cared about me. What should I do.

Then he relaxed and let me go. He reached down under my arms and pulled me up onto him.

"That was incredible," he whispered in my ear as he held me close.

I was confused. He didn't seem to think he had done anything wrong. He was my special friend again.

"You are so fabulous," he went on. "I can't believe I have a girlfriend like you."

Girlfriend? I thought. He thinks of me as his girlfriend. Maybe I am overreacting. Maybe this is how it is supposed to be.

As I was trying to figure out what had happened, he gently reached down and pulled up my panties. Then he lowered my skirt and leaned me back. He gently kissed each of my nipples before he fastened by bra and began to button up my blouse. Slowly and gently he cleaned me up and made me ready to leave the theater.

When we left, I saw several men looking at me and smiling knowingly, but Trevor didn't seem to care, so I just followed him with my head down. I still didn't know what to think, but there was an excitement about the night and now that I had a boyfriend, I was sure I would have time to figure it out.

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