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Still Gettin It Off My Chest!


* Once again these are only opinions from a person you don't even know and probably don't give a crap about. I just hope you enjoy them!


Hey it's me Dirtyjoe again, hope you enjoyed my first rant and if ya didn't well then fuck you! No just kidding, it has been said opinions are like assholes and guess what, I am one...lol! Today I am going to cover some other topics that I hope you also find utterly ridiculous.

I used to live in a place called Niagara Falls, Ontario. I am sure you have all heard of it. A beautiful place to visit, living there not so much. Anyway in Ontario there is a thing called the Unemployed Workers Union. Yes you heard right the Unemployed Workers Union! Is it me or is that one of the biggest oxy morons you have heard. These people, most on welfare by the way, set up rallies and protests for rights of the non-working person. I have an idea....GET A FUCKING JOB!!! Stop wasting your energy protesting and take that time to educate yourselves, or hey here's an idea, put out some resumes. Instead you bitch and complain about how bad you have it. Is it hard when you don't have a job? Of course it is, been there done that many times. Hell I have been fired so many times I have lost count! But there is always another job out there somewhere. Any one who says there isn't is not trying. What you are actually saying is I am too good for that job or I shouldn't have to do that type of work it is beneath me. Guess what folks if it stops you stealing from me, and yes that is exactly what you are doing if you are on welfare, then suck in your pride and take that job. One thing I learned from being either fired or laid off so many times is, it is easier to get a job when you got a job! So suck it up buttercup, don't let your pride get in the way, and take that shitty burger flipping job if ya have too. Could you imagine people, how much less our taxes could possibly be if there was no such thing as welfare?

I am not saying welfare isn't needed but work for the cheque. I am pretty sure there is garbage in your neighborhood that needs to be picked up. I say if everyone in the welfare system was to pick up 2-3 bags of garbage a day (half hour work tops) and had to turn them in to receive their cheques a few things would happen. First, the country would get a whole lot cleaner in a short period of time. Second, it would put a stop to the laziness factor that surrounds welfare. And lastly, if the people collecting a check didn't like it and refused well more money saved to the community. All that you get out of working for your money is a sense of pride and accomplishment. Oh my what horror! I can see the liberals now, they have rights you can't treat them like slaves. Well the last time I checked slaves didn't get 400+ a month and hell slaves worked a shit load harder for way less. So slaves, not even close.

Since we are talking slavery now let us get to reparation. What the hell is that all about? These groups think we should give away money because their granddaddy's granddaddy was a slave? Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of bullshit is that? I guess I should go to Germany and get some restitution for them kicking my country mens' asses. I disserve some money don't I? I mean look at all the suffering my great great grand parents went through. I am pretty sure they didn't want Hitler trouncing over their lives. So where is my money? Hell let's not stop there! Let's go back even further shall we. Every one who is not a direct descendant of Rome should go and ask them for some money! They ruled the whole world at one time. I am pretty sure anyone who wasn't Roman was pretty much a slave back in the day. If you were a slave, then yes by all means you should get some money. But isn't freedom reparation enough? I didn't put you into slavery, in fact if I go back into my family tree I wouldn't be able to even find one of my ancestors that were involved. Why the hell should money come out of my pocket! I am part native; you want to talk about getting screwed!

All right now the native issue. This is one I love because it is part of my own heritage. In Canada we can get what is called a status card if you have enough percentage of Native blood in your ancestry. Me I am one eighth Chippewa, which means I am allowed to apply and get my card which offers me many financial opportunities. Tax free products, my fishing rights are different from ordinary citizens; I can even get a free university education if I work the system right. Pretty cool huh? All these things available to me and guess what I don't take one. I hate the idea of appeasing to culture. If we are going to be a free society with equal rights stop cow towing to individual groups. I believe in the NAACP, I think it is a great organization however I believe the KKK also has a right for platform. That is what our wonderful countries are all about, FREEDOM! If you want to pray to God or pray to Allah then go for it, heck pray to Satan for all I care. BUT do not ask for extra money; do not ask for special privilege, do not think you're minority deserves something extra. You deserve exactly what I deserve, what your co-workers deserve and what your neighbors deserve...and that is we all deserve SHIT! We are all one people in this free nation of ours. Stop acting like your race, creed, religious sect, or your sexual orientation is more important or needs to be heard more than any others. IT DOESN"T!

Speaking of deserving, time for some crime to rant about. Can anyone explain to me why when a regular citizen gets murdered it is bad, yes, but when a police officer dies it is a complete tragedy? I never got that one. I mean they do know the dangers of being a cop when they sign up don't they? Wouldn't that be one of the first things you might wanna think about before you put your name on that line! Is it terrible, absolutely, but no more terrible than John Doe getting shot in uptown New York, or South Central LA, or right out in the fricking corn fields of Nebraska. Murder is horrible no matter who it happens to or where it happens. Why should we weep anymore for a police officer than John? We shouldn't, they are both people and merit the same reaction. Since I am in the military and I also signed that piece of paper I know that I could be shipped off at any time and not make it home. If I died would my death be anymore tragic that yours? Hell no, I know what I was getting myself into when I signed up, and unlike you I get paid a pretty fucking good salary to be in that situation.

Another thing about crime I don't understand is why does rape not command more of a sentence? Especially child rape! I find hurting a child the most despicable act that a person can commit. Why are some of the fuckers allowed out of prison to do this shit again? Cut their balls off! The damage done to those victims is irreversible, and leads to so many more problems than we can begin to imagine.

Ok enough of the heavy shit! In Ontario it is legal for women to go topless at any beach or in public for that matter; I just wanna know why it is the ones who do are the boobs we don't wanna see. Just kidding ladies, I like'em all! Maybe that is because I am a pervert. But aren't we all? Shit how many of you out here in Lit. Land love to come and read the stories to get all worked up? Me, I do for sure! I love the stories here; as a matter of fact I would rather read a good hot story then look at some pic of a naked girl who we all know needs to eat something before she shrivels away! Maybe if the media didn't force feed us with all these perfect specimens we wouldn't be so ashamed of our own bodies (I'm not but a lot of others are). How many guys out there when faced with an opportunity in a public bathroom go to the urinal furthest away from any other ones that are occupied?

How many people when in a public change room try to get changed as quick as possible so others won't see you? Blame it on the media people, they tell us how big we should be (diets are a multi billion dollar a year industry), what styles of hair, makeup we should wear, they even tell us what clothes are cool! I say fuck them, wear what you want, look how you want to look, and just be happy about you. I look in the mirror everyday and think "damn you're hot!", and I'm not. I am not horrible looking either, I just am comfortable with me. If everyone felt that way there would be a lot more happy people in this world. Why should you give a fuck what people think of you if you are happy with the way you are? You shouldn't! If you are not happy about your weight (not because others think your fat) then work out. If you are not happy about the way you dress, go buy yourself new clothes. If you are not happy about your career, find something you like to do. Money isn't every thing. Yes it helps when you got some scratch in your pocket but it isn't every thing. Just love you! There would be so much less stress in this world. No one is going to love you until you do.

That is why I make it a point to masturbate at least once a week! Nothing like a little self love to get your confidence up...if ya know what I mean.

Speaking of masturbation, what is your favorite way? Me I like to do the reverse European while watching myself in the mirror (not!). I do like watching my woman do herself though. Anyone else like watching another masturbate? I bet that is a big yes from most. I am not talking about watching a cheesy porn jerk scene but an actual live human either stroking their cock or rubbing their pussy. Oh and watching a woman use toys! Don't even get me started!

Well there you go! Take it for what it is...nothing important. Once again just chucking shit to pass the time and stir the mind. If you liked it great, if ya disagree then that is your prerogative.

Peace out!

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