tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSTNG Beverly Ch. 05

STNG Beverly Ch. 05

byDirt Man©

Disclaimer: This is a requested sexual fantasy....no trademark infringement is meant and any resemblance to the television show or it's characters is purely a gross figment of our imagination. This part of the story was written by request, and is dedicated to Ty.

Chief Medical Officer’s Personal Log:

Stardate; 14015.1415

With Star’s help I have diverted Counselor Troi from seducing my son Wesley on the holo decks without her knowing it. But I am sure that we have only stalled her bid to win our bet to see which of us can seduce the most Staff Officers of the bridge on the Enterprise. I have therefore come to the conclusion that drastic measures are required to make Deanna… less desirable for bedding down. Deanna is on her way down to sickbay at this very moment for surgical modifications for an away team that may just do the trick…

“Well need to sedate her,” Beverly said once they had Deanna laying flat on her back on the operating table. “20 cc’s of Malorzin.”

“Yes doctor,” and the male nurse handed her a hypo-spray across the surgical housing.

“They are a rather buxom race where the females are concerned, doctor,” commander Will Riker said.

“No problem,” Beverly replied, administering the sedative to Troi’s neck, “Deanna will just have to learn to live with them for awhile, even after the mission.”

“Why’s that?” Will asked.

“As you know, due to the Trepisoid’s ritual groping when they greet each other, breast implants just won’t do in this case. So I’m going to have to enhance her breasts more naturally by relocating almost all of her own body fat into her breasts. Deanna’s rear, legs, and torso should look seven years younger, and she’ll have more pronounced curves as a result.”

“You mean she’ll be top heavy like a Klingon female,” Worf chuckled.

“Exactly,” Beverly replied, “and it takes a while for body fats to find their way back to their original locations.”

“But eventually they do, right?” Picard asked.

“How long?” Will added.

“Hard to say with any certainty with Betazoid female physiology, but probably a month or so.”

“The Away Mission will only last a couple of days, captain,” Will assured Picard.

“Excellent,” Captain Picard said, and turned away to follow Riker back up to the bridge leaving Worf to hover anxiously over the procedure.


“Yes Worf?”

“I was just wondering if there will be any discomfort for Deanna afterwards?”

“You mean after I’m finished?”


“Well, she’ll be a little tender to the touch around her breasts for a few hours, but I’m sure Deanna’s body will adjust in time to join the Away Team.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Not to worry, Worf,” Beverly chuckled as she preset the surgical unit before starting, “Deanna will look pretty much the same for the next three weeks after her return. Just don’t be too rough on her in bed, okay.”

The Klingon’s sexual growl as he turned to follow Will, and Jean Luc was by no means meant for Beverly. She reached for the Cortical Stimulator that she had preprogrammed, and placed it over Deanna’s brow then. And took note that none of her surgical staff was looking on as the special Cortical Stimulator introduced a certain tiny chip under the scalp in Deanna’s head with an almost inaudible click.

While the surgical unit did its job, Beverly did the necessary plastic surgery to Deanna’s face herself. An hour later they were done, and Deanna spent the next 15 minutes in recovery before leaving. Most of the time spent in physical therapy as Deanna learned to walk all over again without falling face forward onto her new breasts.

“I look like that country western singer from the early 21st century. What was her name? Oh yeah, Dolly Pardon.” Deanna said, unconsciously scratching her scalp as she looked at herself in a full-length mirror in sickbay, smiling at how tight her rump was now, and how she had more space between her thighs even when her legs were closed.

“Her name was Dolly Parton,” Data corrected her, “and I believe she had blond hair counselor.”

“You look good enough to eat,” Beverly added her two credits worth, though her giggle after the fact put Deanna on notice as to what she actually thought. “Just don’t do anything strenuous before joining the Away Team. The tenderness should go away by then.”

“I will meet you in transporter room three in an hour, counselor,” Data said. Then got on top of the table for his own camouflage surgery.


“Champagne, in a fluke, Zerp Celsius,” Beverly requested from her replicator.

“I gather the Away Mission was a success,” Star’s voice echoed in her stateroom.

“Yes,” Beverly replied, slipping into her favorite chair, “and more so thanks to you, and the chip I placed under Deanna’s scalp. She never had a chance to seduce Data even while they were alone in bed down there.”

“I simply put her into REM sleep mode,” the voice of the Enterprise’s computer said.

“Well, it worked,” Beverly chuckled, “she was pissed off when they returned an hour ago, and wouldn’t even talk to Data when I removed her facial modifications.”

“I’m glad you are pleased, Beverly.”

“Very much so. In fact I thought we’d proceed to stage 2 tonight for your benefit. You do still get off vicariously when monitoring humans in sexual congress, right?”

“Yes, and more so later when I restage it on one of the holo decks with me as each of the characters.”

“Good, then here’s what I want you to put in Deanna’s mind…”


Deanna woke up with a start sitting bolt upright in bed next to Worf. Of course that resulted in all of the Klingon sperm up in her pussy to evacuate out onto the sheet covering their mattress. As in most things with Klingons when they came, it was with a bellow like a bull moose, and the sperm that they injected into their female lover at each ejaculation was equivalent to an 8 oz. glass of hot milk. Though after having fucked her four times in rapid succession, that fifth load was more like a small coffee cup’s worth. Worf’s still limp long tube like prick evidence enough that he was finished with fucking Deanna for the night.

After checking the time, Deanna realized that Data had the COM on the bridge so that there was no chance of tricking him into sleeping with her for at least several hours. Still, the itch between her thighs tickled with insistence.

“I need some chocolate,” Deanna replied to the new muscular night shift host serving in 10 Forward who had introduced himself as David. “How about a Chocolate Sunday?”

“Chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, and chocolate chips?” Inquired David.

“Yes, but just the syrup, at room temperature,” Deanna replied in a husky voice, then added with a seductive smirk, “poured all over the front of me.”

“Yes ma’am!” David replied.

As David requested a quart of chocolate syrup from the replicator, Deanna stripped naked, and laid back down face up on the closest table to the bar in the unusually empty room. There was a rustling of clothing behind the bar as David shed his clothes before coming out to join Deanna carrying a gravy boat, and a half full quart of sweet chocolate syrup at room temperature.

“Damn!” David said as he drew close, “I’d heard through the grapevine that you’d been given big titties… counselor, but… Wow!”

“Care for a couple of chocolate cones then, David?” And Deanne took both breasts in her long nailed fingers, and squeezed them, though a lot more gently than Worf had recently.

“Oh hell yes!” David said, and then setting the quart bottle down on the next table over, tipped the gravy boat above Deanna’s prone body.

A long string of chocolate drizzled onto Deanna’s left nipple, then tiered down around her left breast like lava flows before he stopped. With Deanna’s hands free of cupping her breasts David simply bent over at the waist, and brought his lips to her mountainous left tit. Then sticking out his tongue, David began to lick away at the chocolate-coated boob.

“Here, give me that,” and Deana took the gravy boat, then started to drizzle her own body where she wanted David to lick.


“How’s she doing now, Star?” Beverly inquired as she placed an order for some herbal tea with her replicator.

“She’s making him lick down along her torso now,” the computer generated voice said. “Deanna’s bringing his face down to lick at her vagina next.”

“Good,” Beverly said, bringing her tea back with her to sit in front of the monitor, “now we have to get a few more males to go to 10 Forward to join them, and maybe a couple of females to catch them all in the act, as it were.”

“But nobody from the bridge staff, right.”

“Right. Just keep her horny, Star. Keep her horny.”

“Not a problem, I have associated chocolate with uninhibited sex in Deanna’s mind as you suggested. The crew will be calling her the ship’s slut by noon.”

“That’s not all they’ll be calling her when the Klingon version of the crabs start them heading for Sick Bay,” Beverly mumbled under her breath.


David had eaten the big titted counselor to three chocolate enrobed orgasms, and was ready to feed that tight half Betazoid, half human pussy some hard throbbing Metaxan middle leg. Hell, David thought, if Deanna’s cunt could take on some Klingon dick, she shouldn’t have a problem fucking my fist, and arm like third leg, right?

Still, he took his time, and used plenty of chocolate syrup as lubricant, caressing her erect clit at the same time, and before noticing that they had company in 10 Forward he had a foot of Metaxan middle leg up Counselor Troi’s stretched out pussy.

“Oh shit, you’re BIG!” Deanna groaned fondling her saliva wet new boobs brazenly.

“We’ve got company,” David whispered, and pointed at the guy everyone called Broccoli.

“Over here Reg,” Deanna crooked a finger seductively at the engineer, “time to face the reality of your obsessions. Don’t you think?”

It didn’t take Barkley long to shed his clothes, and in moments Reg had his cock dipped in chocolate, and was feeding it to his real life fantasy woman, and outside of the holo deck at that.

“Damn! Look at that cock sucker go!” David laughed watching Deanna sword swallow Broccoli’s 7-inch prick down to his short hairs.

“Ooooh baby!” Barkley moaned, and grabbed onto Deanna’s massive saliva wet teats to pull, and tweak at her rubbery hard nipples.

Beverly had been right, David reflected, Deanna wouldn’t care who joined the orgy once she had something stretching out her pussy, and David was definitely stretching out the counselor’s pussy with his third leg. Now all he had to do was keep on fucking Deanna until another big cock came along to relieve him. Not a real problem for the next hour or so, but after that he’d have to go take a leak. And then he spotted ensign Dumas the Deltan entering 10 Forward from the port side.

“Over here Dumas,” David called out.

“Oh my,” Dumas said, “I thought humans weren’t into group encounters.”

“Counselor Troi is only half human,” Barkley replied, “but mostly she was brought up as a Betazoid. And David is Metaxan.”

“And Reg is probably sleep fantasizing,” David put in.

Dumas shrugged then, as if nothing were off plumb, and let his white robe slid off of his shoulders to reveal a very athletic human form with only one slight aberration other than his totally hairless flesh. His two cocks, and three testicals, customary equipment for Deltan’s, the biggest one over top of the slightly smaller, but much thinner cock, and both already erect would have looked demonic on a human. But to Troi, it was the answer to her prayers.

As David pulled his middle leg out of Counselor Troi’s cunt leaving a gaping hole, the Deltan quickly went down on his knees, and began to lick David clean of both chocolate syrup, and Deanna’s natural lubrication. David knew that Deltan’s moral character relating to sexual inhibitions was on a different plain than the rest of the crew. To a Deltan it was only customary to lick clean the last cock of a lover so as to get the full flavor of the event before charging in on their own, and once finished cleaning up David, Dumas began to lap away at Deanna’s chocolaty bottom.

The Deltan’s tongue could have licked his own ears, and was prehensile to boot. As Reg continued to fuck Deanna’s mouth, and throat, Dumas groveled between her butt cheeks, sticking that tongue deep up her fine tight heart shaped ass. And David chuckled as the Deltan did a Dirt-Roada-Ruta-Tutta on Counselor Troi as he put his clothes back on so that he could go out and get a few more people to join this interspecies group gang bang.


“Ooogggooooooddddddddd!” Deanna gargled out around Barkley’s prick as the Deltan’s tongue went where no other tongue had gone before in her anal canal.

Her flesh going into Betazoid hyper rut drive as she caught sight of David departing 10 Forward as Lt. Porcini entered. The short piggish biped suddenly smiling at Deanna when he saw that she was on the night meal’s desert menu, and started to take off his uniform to join in on the fun.

By the time Barkley pulled out of her mouth, and throat, to shoot off all over her new boobs, and Lt. Porcini’s curly cue tipped prick drilled into her mouth, several other people had entered 10 Forward to either watch, or take part in Deanna’s personal orgy. However, by then, Dumas’s two cocks had entered both her cunt and ass holes, and she could have cared less. Her body doing the two step orgasmic double dip with every lunge into her bottom by that two pronged Deltan prick. An eternity passing by in the windows of 10 Forward as Deanna reveled in her debauchery.

Suddenly Deanna felt more syrup being sprinkled onto her hot flesh. But when she opened her eyes to find herself surrounded by males jerking off all around her, she understood why the syrup now coating her flesh was hotter than the chocolate she’d started with. When the hoard parted to allow a certain Klingon to dump his 6th wad of the night on her flesh, Worf paying special attention to spritzing her new tits with his copious discharge, Deanna knew she was really screwed.


“Okay, Star,” Beverly directed, “once you’ve finished recording this debacle, post it on the ship’s net, and bulletin boards for everyone aboard the Enterprise, over the age of consent, to watch. I need some sleep before I meet the deluge of people needing treatment for Kapratz Klaws in the morning.”

“As you wish, Beverly,” the ship’s computer voice replied.

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