tagLoving WivesStories, Screenplays, and Reality Ch. 02

Stories, Screenplays, and Reality Ch. 02


Once downstairs, Julie introduced us to the rest of her staff, except for Ray, her cameraman, who was greeting the applicants. Jake was a muscular, dark haired man about my height. He had a powerful handshake and I could sense immediately that Kelly was attracted to him. Cami was a Latin American beauty - it turned out that she was from Venezuela. With thick, black hair, brown eyes, and a dark complexion, along with a slender body and cantaloupe-sized breasts, she was a perfect knockout.

Julie motioned for us to sit, the three of us on a couch with Kelly to my left and Julie to my right, and Jake and Cami each in chairs to our sides. That left a small couch in front of us for the actors. Julie touched a button and asked for the first male, indicating that we would alternate between the sexes.

A door opened before us and in strode a well-built black man with a shaved head. "We did extensive pre-screening with photographs," she informed Kelly and I as he entered, "So everyone should be a fair candidate, but we need to narrow the 60 or so here down to about 15 men and women each. Traditionally there are less men, but then again, we're doing something new here."

She turned her attention to the man, whose bio in the folder before us identified him as Marcus. "OK Marcus, let's have a look at you. Shirt off please." He quickly obliged, revealing a rippled abdomen and powerful shoulders. "Good. Now the trousers." Marcus unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to reveal a thick, partially erect cock. I heard a soft intake of air beside me and realized that Kelly was excited - Julie heard it as well.

"Nice cock Marcus," she complimented him. "But I think we need a better look. Could you come closer please?" He came to stand directly in front of her but Julie motioned him over to Kelly. Her eyes were fixated on his slowly enlarging dick that was only a foot or so from her face. "Kelly, why don't you have a good look and see what you think?" Julie suggested.

Kelly nodded almost without thinking, and began reaching for his cock. Abruptly she stopped herself but then laughed nervously when Marcus said, "Go ahead, it don't bite." With a glance at me, she took his prick in her hand and lifted it up and about, examining it closely. "It's a beautiful cock," she said softly as she touched it.

"How big does it get when it's erect?" Julie inquired. When he started to give a measurement, she stopped him. "No - I'd like to see it. Cami?" Cami stood silently and pulled her tight T-shirt off to reveal her fabulous naked breasts, capped by large brown nipples. She pressed her naked chest against Marcus and began kissing him sensually, while touching Kelly's wrist with one hand to indicate that Kelly should stroke him.

For my part, I watched in fascination as this beautiful Latina kissed Marcus while my wife stroked his cock to full erection. He was very large, both long and thick. Even after he was fully erect and Cami had sat once again with her top back on, Kelly rubbed him idly. "Well, what do you think Kelly?" asked Julie. "Would you watch him on tape? As a woman, would you imagine you were the one he was fucking?"

Kelly smiled and reluctantly took her hand from his dick. "That's an amazing cock, and he's very sexy. I'd definitely fuck him."

"Thank you Marcus. We'll be in touch," Julie excused him with a faint smile.

Next she summoned in Victoria, a stunning blonde with a wavy, short hairstyle that was very sexy on her. She had a perfectly flat stomach and medium sized breasts that were clearly real. Her makeup was alluring and she wore an outfit that would have been perfect for a night at the bar. I found her very appealing.

As before, Julie asked the woman to strip for us. She wore sexy black lingerie that she slowly peeled off, and I noted that her bio said she was 24 years old and an exotic dancer. Her tits were absolutely perfect - not as large as Kelly's or Julie's, but perfectly formed and nicely proportioned to her frame. Her pussy was shaved perfectly clean and was glistening with dampness.

"Are you excited?" Julie asked her candidly. Victoria nodded. "I've never, well - I dance, but I've never done adult films before." Julie smiled. "Everyone starts sooner or later. Now, suck on Jake's cock there," she commanded, pointing.

Again, I noted Kelly's interest pique and she shifted in her seat to get a view of his cock. As expected, it was very large - at least 10" long - and Victoria did a good job getting her mouth around it. Julie let her suck Jake for a couple of minutes, then called her over to me. "Biff's new at this too," she told Victoria. "Can you make him feel at ease?" I looked at Kelly but she just smiled.

Victoria knelt before me and unfastened my pants. Withdrawing my cock, she gave me a hot, hungry look and simply took it into her mouth, sucking hard. I hadn't had a blowjob from anyone but Kelly in a very long time, and Victoria's mouth felt incredible. I felt my nuts swelling with semen at the pleasurable sensations. All too soon, Julie stopped her. "That was great," she complimented Victoria, taking the opportunity to stroke my cock a couple of times herself. "Last but not least, I'd like you to go down on Kelly for a minute."

Kelly looked stunned for a moment but then decided to roll with it and rose enough to slide her pants from her hips. Now I noticed Jake leaning forward to get a view of my wife's pussy before Victoria's head concealed it. Victoria took a deep breath and then plunged in, pulling Kelly's panties aside and licking her with firm, long strokes that quickly had Kelly moaning and filling the air with the rich scent of her cunt. Beside me, Julie lit a cigarette and played with my cock while I watched. Once again, after a few minutes, Julie stopped Victoria and excused her so that we could make our notes.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening proceeded similarly. Occasionally one or another of us would rapidly strike someone because of an unattractive implant scar, too much body hair, bad teeth, too small of a cock, or simply the wrong look. In fact, what we really wanted were real looking people, but ones who were extremely attractive and projected the right confidence and allure.

Along the way, we all put them through their paces by kissing, touching, or more. I felt women's pussies both inside and out, touched and squeezed breasts, and received any number of hand- and blowjobs. Kelly fondled dozens of cocks and even sucked a few, and was also used as a model for a couple of men to finger her - not to mention the women who licked her pussy or nipples, or kissed her. And there were even two men who briefly fucked Cami in front of us - I could see Kelly desperately wanting to be the one underneath them and realized that my wife was incredibly turned on.

Finally the auditions were complete. After all was said and done, we had selected 17 women and 19 men. Every single one of them brought something unique and exciting to the room and we couldn't wait to start filming. Most were new to adult films and had a fresh energy that was very appealing. Kelly was flushed with excitement from the experience, and I could distinctly smell more than one wet pussy in the small room. As for myself, I was rock hard with excitement, both from the contact with other women, as well as from watching Kelly, Cami, and Julie.

Julie lit a cigarette, as did Kelly and Cami. "Well everyone, that was a good day's work. Why don't we meet for lunch tomorrow afternoon to discuss Biff's scripts?"

An afternoon like that breeds a certain level of intimacy even among people who have just met, so the hugs we exchanged with Cami and Jake weren't unusual. The open mouthed kissing that evolved, along with the groping, however, may have been a bit on the friendly side. Nevertheless, they did eventually depart leaving my wife and I alone with the beautiful owner of our surroundings.

"I don't know about you two, but I need a drink!" she exclaimed, leading us back upstairs.


"You want to fuck her, don't you?" Kelly whispered at me.

I stammered for a response. The best I could finally do was a simple "yes". We were peeking through a partially closed door across the room, where Julie was changing clothes. We had a pretty good view of her nude body, not that much was left hidden after the auditions anyway.

"I want you to fuck her," Kelly whispered again.

"Really?" I asked in surprise.

"I want you to fuck her, and Cami, and maybe some of the girls from the audition today. And I -" she paused briefly, reaching for a cigarette, "I want to fuck Jake and some of those other guys."

I could see that her nipples were rock hard through her thin top, and I brushed one. Her low moan was my reward. "OK, so when should I fuck her?" I teased gently.

"How about now?" I heard from behind me and looked up to see Julie offering me a glass of brown liquor. She hadn't dressed much - apparently comfortable to her meant a loose shirt buttoned only once in the middle, no bra, and a pair of high cut panties. I had to admit, it did look comfortable, and it did wonders for my cock.

Julie had taken me by surprise and she knew it. Evidently this amused my wife because she began giggling somewhat girlishly, sipping at a second drink that Julie had passed her. I did the only sensible thing that a man in my position could do - turned my glass bottom upwards and drained it in one long gulp. I felt the burn of the tequila warming me slowly from my chest to the bottom of my stomach as it spread through me. All of a sudden I didn't feel so awkward anymore.

That was for the best anyway, since Julie had slid to her knees before me. The angle gave me an incredible view down her barely buttoned shirt and I was able to see the entire top halves of her breasts right down to their huge brown nipples. She looked up into my eyes with her luminous chestnut irises as her hands expertly released my cock from the confines of my pants.

"Mmm, nice..." she murmured softly. My dick jumped slightly at her words - there was something about having your manhood complimented by an ex-porn starlet that did wonders for the ego. But any thoughts of ego were banished in a moment as I felt her warm, wet mouth slowly surround me.

Julie had a mind blowing oral technique. She kept her lips and mouth well parted as she leaned forward to engulf my 8" cock all the way to the base of its shaft. When her nose touched my stomach she stopped, slowly closed her lips tightly, and firmly pressed her tongue against the underside of my prick. Then equally slowly, she pulled backwards with moderate suction until just the tip of my cock was inside her mouth. She repeated this motion dozens of times with no variation, and it drove me absolutely wild.

I had never experienced anything so tantalizing. Her blowjob gradually built me to an incredible level of arousal. I felt my cock swelling ever larger from the deepening pleasure until I could have sworn that I was harder than I'd ever been in my life. After no more than two minutes I realized that I was moaning very loudly, something I almost never do. Finally Julie paused and lifted her head away, never breaking the eye contact.

"Jesus Christ," I gasped, "What the fuck are you doing to me?"

She smiled slightly, brushing a strand of blonde streaked hair from her eyes. "Not many women have the discipline to go that deep and that slow for very long. But if you can do it, well...it's pretty dramatic."

I looked at my wife in near shock and was happy to see that she was just as transfixed on the blowjob as I had been. I was worried briefly that she might be upset because I had enjoyed it so much, but she quickly reassured me.

"I'm going to learn to do that to you," she vowed.

Julie looked over at Kelly while steadily stroking me to maintain my incredible erection. "Do you have any idea why I want to fuck your husband so badly?" she asked. Kelly shook her head in the negative. "Well, obviously he's physically quite appealing," Julie began with a smile. "But it's his mind that drives me wild. Your husband has made me come more times than I can count without ever touching me - just with his stories."

She pushed me into a sitting position on the couch and pealed off her panties, letting them fall in a moist heap on the floor. I could see and smell the clear fluids oozing stickily from her shaven twat. She paused only momentarily before settling down in my lap, her knees on either side of my hips, and her slit steadily engulfing my cock in a relentless drive downward.

"Yes..." she whispered softly as I sank to the hilt within her. Her cunt was hot and silky, thick with sweet wetness that gurgled out around my dick as she flexed her vaginal muscles. "Are you ready to fuck me?" she asked breathily.

Without waiting for a response, she leaned in and kissed me deeply, our tongues dueling between our sealed lips. She rocked her hips upon me and I flexed upwards to bury myself over and over within her. We fucked like that for many minutes, and the room was filled with the sounds of our sex: the couch creaking, her slippery pussy slurping, the wet smacking of our incessant kisses, and our mingled moans of pleasure. It was extremely passionate lovemaking that struck deep notes of intensity within both of us.

Finally we broke the kiss for air. "I can't believe I'm fucking one of the sexiest porn stars I've ever watched onscreen," I exclaimed.

Julie's eyes were scrunched up and she was having a hard time trying to gasp out a response. Her hand slid down to tweak her clit and her moans went up in pitch as her diddling sent her over the edge to an orgasm. I felt a rush of fresh juices leak from her twat into my pubic hair. Julie didn't even slow down a beat but just kept pounding away on top of me, gasping for breath. "Not just fucking me - you're - oh God, you're making - me - come!" she cried. A second, less intense orgasm hit her a minute after the first and I could see tears streaming from her eyes as she screamed out her pleasure.

This time she slowed down a bit and looked over at my wide-eyed wife who was busily fingering herself. "Come stand on the couch in front of him," Julie suggested.

Kelly eagerly complied, slipping in between Julie and I and standing with her thighs pressed into my chest, hands on my shoulders for balance. Her dripping cunt was pressing into my mouth as she bent forward as far as possible. Meanwhile Julie resumed fucking me. It was heavenly - I had a gorgeous woman riding my lap while I tongued my wife's slit for all I was worth!

I could certainly tell Kelly was enjoying the pussy-eating I was giving her from the load groans above me head. But suddenly, after a few minutes, the character of her moans changed abruptly, rapidly raising more than an octave in pitch. I started to pull away to see what was going on but Kelly's hands forced my head back against her crotch.

"Oh fuck, don't you fucking stop! She's eating my ass while you eat my pussy! Oh my God, you two are going to make me come so hard!"

Apparently Julie had begun rimming my wife while I ate her, unbeknownst to me. I redoubled my attentions, and began pushing my tongue up Kelly's sopping tunnel like a small dildo. Suddenly I felt Julie's tongue probing up there with me from behind and we shared some sloppy kisses full of Kelly's vaginal essence. That was enough to set off fireworks in Kelly and she came powerfully in our mouths, coating our faces with cuntal emissions; this triggered my own climax and I came with a loud groan, pumping spurt after spurt of steaming seed into Julie's clenching pussy.

The three of us disengaged slowly, somewhat drained from our exertions. When Julie finally stood up from my lap after fucking me for almost half an hour, thick streams of my white come ran down her thighs from her well-loosened pussy. She kissed me softly, then kissed Kelly somewhat more firmly, which turned me on quite a bit since I had never known Kelly to kiss a woman before this.

"Now, I know you write about eating Kelly's creampies all the time," Julie said to me with a pointed look at her own cummy snatch. "I want both of you to lick me now."

I expected some sort of an argument from Kelly at this, since she has never even remotely been interested in bisexual experiences, but was surprised to see her lean right in to Julie's sperm smeared cunt and take a big lick. She looked back at me so that I could see the mixture of come and pussy cream on her tongue, and then swallowed dramatically. She swirled her tongue around in Julie's gash for a few seconds longer and then turned and kissed me passionately, pushing the delicious mixed flavors into my mouth with her tongue.

Then it was my turn and I pulled Julie's pussy to my face and drank in her scent before closing my lips against her mound. I sucked and licked her leaking pussy with gusto, simultaneously working two slick fingers into her asshole and stroking gently.

Kelly and I went back and forth licking her and kissing each other, sharing the tastes that we sucked from this incredible woman. With such an enthusiastic pair of mouths at work, it was virtually no time before Julie had her third and final climax of the afternoon and slid shakily to the couch beside us. Tired as I was, I still managed to be extremely aroused watching them share a post-coital cigarette, lazily blowing streams of smoke towards the ceiling next to me.

"Tomorrow," Julie said in between contented kisses from her smoky lips, "We'll have a strategy meeting with Cami and Jake to go over the screenplays you've prepared..."


Cami was unabashedly squirming in her seat by the time she set down the packet of papers that I had presented each of the team with roughly fifteen minutes earlier. I could tell from the just-noticeable flush in her golden complexion that my ideas had gotten to her. Idly I glanced at her hands as she ruffled the loose sheets; I was surprised to see a large diamond on her left ring finger. She caught my glance and smiled sweetly at me.

"I don't wear it when we're performing, of course, or auditioning - it seems to distract the actors. Although based on some of your script ideas here..." She sighed somewhat dramatically and reached for a cigarette with her supple, slender arms.

I next looked briefly at Julie. I could see the smile playing across her lips as she took in the reactions of the rest of her staff. She had gotten the opportunity to review my plans the previous night and again this morning, so there were no surprises for her. But clearly the response from her small team was important to her, and she sat quietly smoking and watching their body language as they read. Her eyes pointed me silently towards Jake, who was nodding and smiling as he turned the pages.

The only other person in the room was my wife Kelly, who, although familiar with my writings, had not yet seen the six screenplays that I had now presented for actual production. She also wore a look that said the room had grown subtly too warm for her pale skin, and I noticed a pink tinge to the exposed flesh of her cleavage. When she finally finished reading, she sighed rather dramatically and looked at me, mouthing the word "wow".

Julie decided that enough time had been allotted for the initial reading. She took a very deep drag from her cigarette and slowly put it out as she exhaled a seemingly endless stream of smoke over our heads. "Is everyone about set to do some talking about Biff's screenplays?"

At the nods from around the table, she continued. "When Biff and I initially discussed using his writing for the basis of our new video library, I felt that we needed a number of titles to be ready for simultaneous release in order to get off the ground with a running start." I could see Cami and Jake nodding affirmatively; clearly they had been in on these discussions as well.

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