tagBDSMStormy Surprise Ch. 01

Stormy Surprise Ch. 01


The thunder cracked down, lighting up the dark sky as the storm rolled around the valley. It was a damp, sticky and stiflingly hot afternoon and the rain was pouring down. I didn't give a damn. I was on holiday and in a few minutes my lovely new girlfriend, Sharon, a busty 20-year-old brunette, would be at my door ready for another afternoon of sex and mild sadism.

I'm 30, tall, dark-haired and well-built (especially there – it's eight inches) and of all the amateur dominatrixes I've enjoyed sex with, Sharon is the best. She had wangled an afternoon off work from the bookstore where she works in Bangor, Maine, and was due at 2pm to fuck me, then flog me! The thunder and lighting could go on all day, for all I cared.

I checked myself out in the mirror. I was wearing a bright red PVC thong, cut high on my hips, which allowed my semi-stiff prick plenty of room to rise to the occasion, as it were.

Then, just past 2pm, the front door bell rang once, then twice – Sharon's signal! My heart was thumping as I rushed to the door and opened it, being careful to stand behind it and only pop my head around the frame. Our little cul-de-sac is quiet, but neighbours pry, especially in this little neck of the woods.

Standing in the pouring rain in a gleaming black rubber mackintosh which had a hooded cape and came down nearly to her booted ankles, was a woman the same height and build as my lovely Sharon, but who most certainly was not her!

"Hi, Kevin," the stranger said, pulling the cape from her head to shake lovely golden brown hair around the throat of her mac, "I'm Karen, Sharon's mom. She can't make it and has asked me to fill in. You gonna let me drown out here?"

With an involuntary jerk, I pulled the door wider and she stepped past me, the rubber raincoat dropping little pools of water on the tiled floor. I stepped back, acutely aware that I was almost naked in front of a total stranger.

Karen smiled and reached into her raincoat pocket for a mobile phone. "Sharon's left a message on my phone for you, here check it out," she said, passing me the mobile.

She indicated which button to press, then I heard Sharon's voice: "Hi Kev, it's me. Look, something's come up, I won't be able to make it for an hour or two, so I've sent mom to look after you. She's very experienced and I expect you to obey her every command – every fuckin' command, got it? If you don't I'll be so totally pissed. Byeeee."

I handed the mobile back to Karen, who grinned broadly at me, her big brown eyes dancing. "Now be a gentleman and hang this raincoat up for me," she said, unbelting the rubber garment.

As I took it from her I found that she was already dressed for "action". Her breasts were encased in a sheer black brassiere, her nipples standing erect. A pair of sheer black panties completed her clothing, a dark patch of pubic hair sprouting just above clearly visible piss flaps. The outfit was completed by a gleaming pair of black leather boots, which came to half-way up her shapely thighs.

"Nice thong, Kev," she said, as I admired her lovely body, very similar in size and shape to her daughter's. "Turn around."

The tone of her voice brooked no argument, and I did as I was told. "Hmmm, very faint stripe marks – when did Sharon last discipline you?"

"Erm, about five days ago, Karen," I responded.

"Time we freshened them up then, isn't it?" she laughed, not really expecting an answer, I guessed.

"Now, lover boy," she said, walking ahead of me into my lounge, "fetch me a nice cold beer, I sure could do with one on this humid old day." And with that she plunked herself down on my large leather couch as if she owned the place!

I went to the kitchen and fetched her a bottle of Bud, bringing one for myself. She accepted it, patted the couch beside her, and sucked on the beer.

"How long you been fucking my daughter," she asked.

"Er, about a month," I answered.

"You're 30, right?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Like 'em young do you?"

"Er, no, not necessarily," I replied. "I like them, how can I put it? I like them assertive, confident, age isn't really a factor."

"You like 'em to be bossy bitches, you like to be dominated 'cos you're a submissive, correct?" said Karen, cutting to the chase.

"Yes," I said, looking down and then sucking on my Bud to hide my feeling of embarrassment.

"So you've no objection to a 45-year-old doing the domming?" she asked, staring me aggressively in the eye.

"No, I guess not," I said, well aware of the message that Sharon had left on her mother's mobile.

"Good, that's got that settled," she said, sipping more of the Bud down. "Now get out of the latex thing and show me what you're made of. If it matches up to the rest of you, I'm gonna be impressed."

I stood and peeled off the thong, then stayed standing, intensely aware that my cock, with a mind of its own, was standing out there in erection, pre-cum gathering at its tip!

"Very nice," Karen smiled, "very nice, indeed. Uncut, too. I like an uncut cock, it gives a dominatrix so many more options when it comes to cock and ball torture. Sharon do that to you?"

"Occasionally," I admitted.

"OK, Kev," she said, "lead the way. I'm told by my darling daughter you call it 'the games room', that right?"

"Correct, Karen," I said, "I think the term 'games room' has got a certain sort of ambiguity." Christ, I must have sounded like a cunt!

"Yeah," she sneered, "well I prefer 'dungeon' or, if you really wanna call a spade a fuckin' shovel, how about 'torture chamber'?"

"I suppose that's one way of putting it," I conceded, agreeing with this incredibly forceful woman.

"Sure is, buster," she snapped. "Now let's cut the crap. Take me to the torture chamber!"

We walked through the house, Karen carrying her Bud and her mobile phone, me my Bud, down to the small but cosy little room at the back of the house, where I had enjoyed so many domination sessions with countless dominas.

Some of them had been professionals, some of them amateurs, like Sharon, only to call Sharon an "amateur" is doing her skills at domination a grave injustice.

"Very nice," said Karen, eyeing the chamber. "As Sharon said it's cosy, it looks to have all the necessary stuff and it is secluded. Is it sound-proofed?"

I must have looked startled, because Karen laughed and reassured me: "Don't worry, Kevin, I'm not going to flay the flesh from your back, trust me."

"It's padded and it's well away from the neighbours' properties," I said, standing in the middle of the room.

Karen shut the door behind her, and unhooked her bra, allowing her breasts to sink slightly into their natural cups. "I'm a lady who prefers to punish in the nude," she smiled, "guess you've got no objections to that, eh Kev?"

My erection denoted that I had not, but I muttered: "No, of course not, Karen – lovely breasts."

She smiled appreciatively and cupped them in her hands. "They're 38s, just like my darling daughter's," she informed me. "Have a taste."

And with that she stepped forward and allowed me to lower my mouth to her left breast and suck on the erect nipple, surrounded by quite a large expanse of berry brown areola. I was then allowed to worship her other breast.

After that, Karen pressed her booted thighs closely together so that she could struggle out of her knickers. "I know what you slave boys like," she said, brightly, placing them over my face, the gusset in the perfect place – over my nostrils and mouth.

They were damp, the aroma intense. My prick stiffened even more.

Karen then fossicked about among the equipment in one corner and came back to me with a spreader bar, which she attached to my ankles, forcing my feet at least a yard apart.

She returned to the equipment and found a leather padded yoke, which she placed across my shoulders, then used the velcro strapping to bind my arms and hands onto it. I was now naked and totally vulnerable to her.

Karen finally picked a black rubber flogger, with some dozen thongs, which I knew would sting but which would not scar or cut my flesh. She apparently knew what she was doing – as Sharon had said in her message, "she's very experienced".

My surprise domina then cupped my balls in one hand and remarked: "Heavy, very heavy, Kevvy. When'd you last come?"

"During Sharon's last visit five days ago, Karen," I answered.

"Christ," she laughed, "you're a fuckin' monk!"

Then she pressed a forefinger into my foreskin and flicked it around, collecting a glob of pre-cum, which she then presented to my mouth. I sucked her finger clean.

"This is what you like about domination, isn't it Kev?" she asked, as I tasted my own juices. "You like the excitement of the anticipation, don't you?

"You like the thrill you're getting now, it's running through your body like a dynamo, like electricity?"

Just then there was a clap of distant thunder. She laughed at the timing of Mother Nature.

"You like the mouth-drying thrill of wondering – when is she going to start flogging me? Don't you?"

I nodded.

She pressed on. "Where will the first stroke hit? Will it be a hard one? Or will it be light, or medium?

"Then there's the pain – not so exciting if it's too painful, eh Kev? And then the anticipation builds again. Will she give me lots of strokes?

"What will she do to me next? Will she torture my balls? Will she make me drink her piss? Will she let me fuck her? Oh, the anticipation – it's driving you wild, isn't it, Kev?"

"Yes, Karen," I croaked, standing spread and arm-bound before her, as she stroked my stiffness.

"Well, darling," she smiled, "I'm afraid I'm going to keep you in anticipation a little bit longer, 'cos I need another cooling Bud. Won't be long – oh, and sorry, but you're not getting any more. The sight of me drinking another is all the pleasure you're gonna get for a while."

And she left me, standing helplessly as she went to fetch another beer.

Back in the torture chamber – OK, her terminology is the more accurate, I guess – she smiled at me as she drank some more ice cold beer, licking her lips, wafting the neck of the bottle beneath my panty-covered nostrils, teasingly.

Then she picked up the rubber flogger and began to trace it from my shoulder blades, down my back, across my tensed buttocks, over my thighs, across my naked genitals, up my belly and over my pectorals.

"Where do you want it first, Kevvy?" she asked, in a quiet voice. "Cock and balls? Buttocks? That lovely muscular back? Tell me, Kevvy, where?"
I swallowed deep and replied: "My buttocks, if you think they're worthy of your attentions, Karen."

She was standing directly in front of me, holding the flogger menacingly, when she answered: "Oh, they're worthy, all right, very nice whippable buns, lovely. It's just that I'd decided on your cock and balls!"

And the word "balls" was no sooner out of her mouth than the flogger and its dozen thongs whipped onto the underside of my scrotum, wrapping around my ball sac and entangling themselves around my erection.

I sucked my breath in, taken completely unawares by the suddenness of the attack, fully expecting, as I was, some more of her verbal teasing before the actual first blow.

Karen gave me no time to recover before flailing the flogger across my exposed groin again, this time with a sideways, slashing motion. Then again, a down stroke this time. Then another upstroke.

I was panting, heaving, as she assaulted my cock and balls, the rubber stinging and searing my helpless genitalia as she worked on me.

Then, to my intense relief, her mobile phone set off a ringing tone that sounded like the old Nancy Sinatra hit "These Boots Are Made For Walking".

"Hi Sharon," she said. "Yes, I've just got started on him. I've given his cock and balls a little warm up, and I may work on his buttocks next. Wanna chat with him? I think he's got his breath back by now."

She placed the mobile to my ear and mouth. "Hi Kev," said my girlfriend. "How's it going? Mom giving you a lovely time?"

I answered: "Yes, she's doing very well, she is, as you say, very experienced, a remarkably able dominatrix, darling."

"Good, well you enjoy, 'cos I'm gonna be another hour or so, OK?"

"OK," I told her.

"Oh, Kev," she said, almost as an afterthought, "have you fucked her yet?"

"No, darling," I replied.

"Well if you do, make sure you do it well!" said my lovely girlfriend-domina, and the connection went dead.

"What was the last bit about, Kev?" Karen inquired.

"Sharon wanted to know if I'd fucked you," I told her.

"Good thinking," she grinned, "only judging by the angle of that cock of yours, you're not in any mood to fuck me yet, so I'd better get to work on those lovely buns. Now bend over!"

I inclined my upper body over until it was parallel to the floor, thus presenting my arse even more blatantly for Karen's rubber flogger.

I felt the coolness of the rubber thongs as she traced them across my tautened buttocks, then they hissed through the air and landed with a loud "Splattt" on my defenceless flesh. The stinging was intense but momentary.

Karen worked me over this way for some while. After my buttocks had been soundly thrashed she concentrated on my shoulder blades, then my upper chest, my belly and finally my inner and outer thighs.

At last she put the flogger down, then pulled up a large leather ottoman and sat on it, directly in front of me. Her mouth closed around my cock and started to suck on it, soon helping me achieve a rock-hard erection.

A few licks on the underside of my balls left Karen satisfied that I had completely recovered from the flagellation session she had inflicted on me.

She stood and removed my arms from the yoke, allowing me to flex and stretch my tensed muscles. Then the spreader bar was removed. I did some more stretching to ease the aches that had built during my bondaged beating.

"Now, my darling Kev," she smiled, finally removing the sweet-smelling panties from my face, "let's see what you're like in the fucking department. You come with a good report from my dearest daughter, so you'd better not fuckin' let me down."

She then led the way upstairs, me gazing at her lovely lush buttocks as she sashayed up to the bedroom. Not even bothering to remove her boots, she lay back on the bed and spread her thighs.

"Get me ready, sweetie," Karen ordered, and I moved my eager mouth to her large-lipped labia and sucked at her moistness. She needed no getting ready, she was already flowing freely, but I relished the tangy taste of her pussy as I performed my oral adoration.

"Enough, already," she called, as I tongued her cunt, "get on with it!"

I sprang into action, my stiffy jutting against her cunt and then plunging in. She was wet, smooth and luxurious, all at once. I piston pumped her, enjoying the bouncing feel of her big boobs against my chest as we bucked and heaved and humped.

Then she ordered me into the submissive position, and as she lay on top of me, thrusting at an ever-increasing pace, I sucked on first one, then the other erect nipple, until with a roar, she announced her noisy climax.

Karen looked at me with a soft smile. "Very good, very fucking good, Kev," she announced, to my intense relief. "Sorry if you've not come, but that's not important, is it?"

I nodded: "No, it's not Karen." But the ache in my balls told me it was!

I had just pulled my dripping but still solid cock from her, when there was Sharon's trademark one ring, two ring, signal from the front door.

Karen smiled at me. "Back down to the torture chamber, Kevvy wevvy," she ordered. "I'll let Sharon in."

I obeyed and stood waiting in the basement room, cock still erect, unsatisfied as it was by the non-achievement of an ejaculation during my fuck with Sharon's mom.

Soon I heard the clatter of boots and high heels as the mother-and-daughter domination duo neared the torture chamber.

Part of me was thrilled, part was scared. Soon I knew I would be undergoing a double domme session, an experience I had never had before.

As I had now undergone the delights of a punishment session with both Karen and Sharon, I knew that both were extremely adept at the arts of female domination.

Sharon, I guessed, had picked up plenty of tips from Karen. It was a case, I suppose, of "like mother, like daughter".

Then the door opened and Karen swept in, followed by Sharon, naked but for her red high-heeled shoes.

"Ready to go, darling daughter?" asked the 45-year-old.

"Ready to go, mom," replied the 20-year-old.

Karen grinned: "OK, then let's give him a session to remember!"

To be continued.

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