tagSci-Fi & FantasyStrange Days Ch. 51-54

Strange Days Ch. 51-54


Another segment for your reading pleasure. I got a couple of great ideas from the last round of comments, and am working on writing them into the story. If you have ideas of your own, something you'd like to see, let me know and I'll do what I can.

Vote, comment, feedback, the usual!


Chapter 51

At some point, Trevor must have carried me to bed, because that's where I was when I woke up. Sarah was home too. I could hear her in the kitchen. A glance at the clock beside my bed told me she'd gotten home about an hour later than usual.

"When did you get in?" I heard her ask.

I climbed out of bed and padded across the apartment on my bare feet, just in time to see Sarah smiling and giving Trevor a warm hug. He smiled over her shoulder, arms around her small waist. Sarah actually pushed up onto the tips of her toes, and it looked like she pulled off a fair amount of frontal body-pressing in that hug too. I ducked behind the shower wall before they saw me.

"Late this morning," he told her.

Sarah continued to hold him, and I saw her relax in his arms. She was almost draping her body against his. I grinned, being as quiet as I could, peeking around the shower wall. I didn't want to disturb them, wanted to see how far this would go.

"She really missed you," Sarah told him.

Trevor chuckled and loosened his arms around Sarah to lean back and look at her. "I think you missed me too."

"Maybe," Sarah smiled at him cockily and shrugged as she kissed his cheek. She glanced around the kitchen, and it was then that I realized Trevor was making dinner. "Need help with anything?"

"No, I've got this," he shook his head, then he reached out to touch her hand with his fingertips when Sarah looked ready to protest. "You've been at work all day. Go get comfortable, and maybe wake up Amy too."

She left and started heading my way. I ducked back behind the wall, and when Sarah was in reach, snatched her hand and pulled her into the shower. She gave a startled yelp and I pulled her close.

"You okay?" Trevor called out.

"Fine," she answered. "Just stubbed my toe."

He chuckled.

"On the cheek?" I asked her. Sarah blinked for a moment, then rolled her eyes when she realized I was referring to her kissing Trevor. "You are such a prude, Sarah."

"Prude?" her eyes widened defiantly and she grabbed the back of my neck. "I'll show you prude."

Then she kissed the shit out of me. Her tongue plunged into my mouth insistently, and she pressed her body firmly against mine. I was swooning in her arms in short order.

"Wow," I breathed when she drew back. "I guess you missed me too."

Sarah chuckled and took my hand. "Come on. I got you a present today."

"Is that why you're late getting home?" I asked, following her to our room.

She nodded and picked up a black shopping bag that was sitting on her bed. I sat down on the edge of her bed and she turned her back to me, took something out of the bag, then spun back around to face me.

She was holding what at first looked like a pair of leather and mesh bondage underwear, stretched between her thumbs, but then I noticed the hole in the crotch and realized what it was. It was a harness for a strap-on dildo. But it couldn't be that, because there wasn't a dildo attached to it.

Sarah bounced her eyebrows at me, grinning widely.

"What the hell is that?" I asked quietly.

Sarah rolled her eyes and sat beside me. "It's a harness for a strap-on, dummy."

"Right, I figured that," I took the harness from her and held it up. "But where's the dildo that goes with it?"

She raised an eyebrow. "You really are dense when you first wake up."

I frowned and poked her in the ribs, making her giggle and bounce away from me momentarily.

Sarah glanced at my crotch. "Baby, you are the dildo."

I raised my eyebrows and took another good look at the harness.

"Oh my gawd," I muttered quietly.

"See what I'm getting at?" Sarah moved close to me again and took the harness, laying it over my lap. "If you're wearing this when you're fucking me, Trevor will think we're just using a strap-on." She picked up the shopping bag again and drew out a huge floppy double-dildo, the main portion of it almost the exact size of my penis when I was with her. The base of the dildo curved, and though it wasn't as long or as thick, it would fit inside the wearer, presumably to explain my own pleasure if we got caught having sex. "This is just to keep nearby, to keep up the pretense."

"You're a genius," I grinned at her.

Sarah gave me a very level look. "There's a catch."

I frowned. "What catch?"

She put her hand over mine and spoke quietly. "The catch is, if you really love Trevor, you have to promise me that you'll tell him your secret." I blanched, but she quickly added, "When you're ready. But you have to promise me that you'll work towards being ready."

I sighed. "Okay."

"By Christmas," she added.


"Say you promise," she told me sternly.

I held my hands up in defeat. "Okay, okay. I promise."

"Good!" She gave me a quick kiss and held my shoulders. "Now we can fuck without worrying so much about him catching us. But..." She took my hands and pulled me up to my feet beside the bed, then sat back down. "...let's try this on while he's busy."

Sarah peeled off my shorts and panties.

"Where did you get this anyway?" I asked, since there wasn't a store logo on the shopping bag or anything.

"The Dungeon," she replied, picking up the harness and holding it close to the floor so that I could step in. "Jerry, one of the co-owners, custom made it for me. I told him I needed something that I could have a guy wear, if I wanted to, and he came up with this."

Sarah pulled the harness up my thighs and I lifted my tee shirt so that I could see. She stopped at the middle of my thighs, staring at my crotch, then she leaned forward and kissed my smooth mound. The tip of her tongue just grazed my clit, and I took a sharp breath at the unexpected intimacy.

She smiled up at me. "You have such a pretty pussy, Amy."

I grinned down at her affectionately.

"Okay," she glanced out into the apartment, to make sure we were still alone, then she looked down at my mound again. "Go ahead and let it out."

Nodding, I felt my girl-cock stir inside me. I was much more used to the sensation of a big fleshy snake pushing down my cunt, but it still filled me with wonder every time. Besides, it felt really fucking good anyway. When my cock was out, Sarah took me in her hand and fed the end of me through the hole in the harness, which I noticed stretched with ease. With the harness in place, she leaned back and twirled her finger in the air.

"Turn around and let me see," she told me.

Holding my shirt up under my breasts, I gave her a slow turn to the left, then the right. Actually, since I didn't have any pubic hair, nor circumcision scars, it was pretty convincing. Okay, so it was a little too realistic as dildos went, but my cock was just different enough that unless you really looked at it, I'm pretty sure someone that hadn't seen it before would think it was a strap-on, from a distance, anyway.

"Hmm," Sarah muttered.

"What? Does it not look right?" I asked.

She frowned. "Well, it's a little hard to tell when it's soft like this. Maybe we should..." She trailed off and wrapped her hand around my shaft. She hadn't made a full stroke of my length before I stopped her with my hand on her wrist.

"Trevor's right out there!" I hissed.

"So," she shrugged and licked her lips. "This will be a good a test."

I was thinking of my argument against her idea when she leaned forward and captured the end of me in her warm wet mouth. Her gaze was fixed on mine while she laved the tip of my dick with her tongue, then slid her mouth down my shaft. I felt the head of my cock nudge the opening of her throat. Sarah took my hands and moved them to the sides of her head, and I didn't need any more encouragement than that.

Holding her head, I fed my cock down her throat. My breathing hitched up pretty fast as I watched my long dick disappear into her pretty mouth, and when her nose and lips touched my harness, I shivered as she swallowed, milking my cock with her throat.

"Gawd, Sarah," I breathed, curling my hands in her hair. Moving my hips back, I drew almost out of her throat, then slowly pushed back in. So warm and tight. I felt my shaft swelling in her throat, hardening. "Feels so good."

Sarah held my hips, curled her nails into my clenched ass, and she helped me move my hips back and forth. I was lost in a haze of bliss, fucking my lover's face, her mouth so hot, throat so tight and wet. It had been much too long since I'd taken her throat like this. She made little cooing sounds now and then, when I would pull back until my drooling cockhead was back in her mouth. I fucked her throat for a couple of minutes, but then one of my thrusts bent my hard shaft a little painfully. I was too hard to keep this up.

Sensing the impasse, Sarah wrapped her hands around my dong and jacked my whole length furiously.

"Cum in my mouth, baby," she breathed, then sucked my cockhead back into her mouth.

"Oh gawd," I moaned, felt something clench deep inside me.

Sarah twirled her tongue around me, licked and sucked, slurping softly. She made love to me with her mouth and hands. Soon I was throbbing with every beat of my heart. My belly tightened, heat bloomed inside me, and precum gushed out of me onto her tongue.

"Mmm," she moaned, closing her eyes as she savored my coming climax.

"Gonna come," I hissed a warning.

Her response was to pull on my hips, push the tip of my cock into her throat. Hot cum roared up my shaft and spilled into her throat. I pulsed once, twice, three times, then she drew me back into her mouth and the remaining ropes of thick cream blew across her tongue. Sarah moaned contentedly and swallowed every drop, languidly milking me with her hands. Finally, she held my shaft between her palms and glided them up my length, giving my tip a soft kiss before smiling up at me.

"How was that?" she asked playfully.

I don't know what triggered it, but there was a sudden shift in how I regarded Sarah. In that moment, I simply owned her.

Reaching under her arms, I pulled her up to her feet, grabbed the back of her neck, and crushed her mouth to mine.

"Mmm!" Sarah yelped into my mouth.

I kissed her hard and deep, like I was trying to crawl inside her through her mouth. One of her hands was still on my cock and she started squeezing and stroking me. I willed myself bigger, longer, thicker, then I grabbed her hair and pulled her back so that she could see. With my other hand, I held my cock and thumped the huge fat head of me high against her stomach, just beneath her breasts. Sarah gawked at the monster sticking up from between my legs.

"I think I'll have to put this in you later," I told her, lifting her shirt to slide my monstrous organ under it. The slippery head of my dong grazed the lower curves of her tits.

Sarah gave me an uncertain look, but before she could say anything, I kissed her again. My hands were everywhere, on her ass crushing her pelvis against me, on her breasts through her shirt, in her hair. I moved my hips, rubbed my huge cock against her body, then I snaked my hand through the leg of her shorts and beneath her panties and found her wet folds with my fingers.

I whispered against her mouth, keeping a tight fist in her hair, controlling the kiss. "I'm going to shove his huge cock inside you."

Sarah shivered against me, her cunt dripping wet, coating my fingers with her arousal.

"Fuck you until you cream on my dick."

She moaned.

"Cram you full of cock until you scream for me."

"Oh my gawd," she whimpered.

She was so hot I could feel her pussy juice dripping down my hand and wrist. I willed my cock down in size and back into my body, then withdrew my hand from her slippery folds and stared into her eyes as I licked her arousal from my fingers. Sarah just blinked at me, eyes wide with both arousal and a little fear.

I smiled innocently, as though nothing had just happened. "But first, I think we should set the table."

Sarah blinked again, then said in a daze, "Oh. O-okay."

I giggled and kissed her again. Sarah just stood there for a moment while I stripped out of the harness and put it in my nightstand, along with the fat floppy dildo. When I was dressed again, I made my way to the kitchen. Sarah followed me and got plates while I went for the silverware. Trevor was checking something in the oven, and it smelled delicious, like meatloaf.

"You can cook and rock a girl's world?" I asked him, raising an eyebrow. "Damn. I'm luckier than I thought."

He grinned at me over his shoulder and I gave his tight ass a playful swat.

Sarah and I were setting the table when she came up beside me and whispered, "Were you being serious back there?"

I just gave her a coy smile.

Sarah swallowed, but there was a gleam to her eyes too.

"Sarah," Trevor called from the kitchen. "Mind grabbing the salad and mashed potatoes?"

"Sure," she replied and went to help him.

I put my hands on my hips and huffed, "Isn't there something I can do?"

"Yeah," Trevor nodded and glanced over at me, grinning. "You can have a seat and look pretty."

Sarah laughed.

I scowled at her and pulled out a chair. "Don't help him."

Sarah winked at me and set down big bowls of salad and mashed potatoes, then she came up behind me, put her hands on my shoulders, and leaned over me. I glanced at her, still frowning, tired of being treated like an invalid, but knowing they were just teasing, and taking care of me. Taking my chin in her hand, Sarah turned me fully to her and gave me a sensuously soft and loving kiss that lasted for several breaths. When she drew back to look at me, my heart was fluttering.

"At least he gave you something easy to do," she grinned.

I grinned back. "Shut up."

Sarah chuckled and went back to the kitchen for the gravy. She came back with Trevor, who was carrying a big plate of meatloaf muffins. Between he and Sarah, they had a plate fixed for me in short order.

"I guess Paula isn't joining us?" I asked.

Trevor shook his head, fixing a plate for himself, "No. She and John are having a date night."

"John?" Sarah raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah. Calling him 'Johnny' makes it sound like I'm sleeping with him," Trevor shrugged, then gave each of us a level look. "Which I most certainly am not."

Sarah and I laughed.

"You know," I began, swallowing a bite of food. "We should invite them over for dinner sometime. Maybe Phillip and Mona too."

"That's a good idea," Trevor nodded.

Sarah pointed out, "Can't have a party without Violet and Holly."

Trevor snorted. "That's a whole different kind of party."

"Hmm. Good point," Sarah screwed up her face, then she grinned at Trevor. "There'd be an awful lot of muff diving goin' on."

I chuckled, almost choking on my water.

"Funny you mention that," he pointed his fork at Sarah, who raised her eyebrow with interest. "You'd think I'd see more of that around here."

Sarah just looked at him, and I looked at both of them. This was about to get really fun, or really uncomfortable.

Putting her elbow on the table, Sarah set her chin in her palm and gave Trevor a seductive smile, asking in a low, husky voice, "Is that something you'd like to see again, Trevor?"

He grinned and pointed at me with his fork. "You get to see us having sex."

"Actually, I don't," Sarah pointed out. "The one time that might count doesn't, because I was there. Remember?"

Trevor's eyes grew intense, and he replied softly, "I won't ever forget it."

I smiled, watching them gaze at each other with lazy grins, remembering the one time the three of us had been together after Tabitha's birthday party.

Trevor's grin slowly widened. "Sarah?"

"Yes, Trevor?" she batted her eyelashes.

"Is that something you would like to see again?"

"See what?" she asked.

My eyes were bouncing back and forth between them, like watching a tennis match. I knew them both pretty damn well. They were putting on a confident front, but one of them was bound to break before the other. I didn't want to miss a single facial expression.

"Me and Amy having sex," he replied.

Trevor couldn't see it, but I noticed Sarah's other hand clench where it rested on her thigh under the table.

"If you'd like me to," Sarah shrugged indifferently, but there was no hiding the truth from me. Her chest was rising and falling just a little bit faster, and there was a slight flush to her skin. Oh, she definitely wanted to see Trevor and I together again.

Trevor shrugged back and returned his attention to his dinner, "Well, if you're not interested..."

Sarah opened her mouth to say something, then her confident façade shattered. She closed her mouth, swallowed, and said, "Yes."

Trevor looked up and smiled, giving her a slow nod.

"So, who's first?" I asked, feeling pretty chipper at this point, seeing as how well things were progressing. "Me and a deep dicking?" I asked Trevor, then glanced at Sarah. "Or you and a little girl-on-girl action?"

Sarah gave me a long look. I could have been mistaken, but I was pretty sure that Sarah wanted to see me and Trevor first. What she said though, was, "After a dinner like that, I think he deserves a treat. Don't you?"

True, dinner was really good. "Sure."

Trevor leaned back in his chair and gave us a triumphant grin.

Sarah got up from the table with her plate and winked at me. "Well, I don't want you getting road rash, so I guess I'd better go shave."

Taking a chance, I blurted out, "You should let Trevor do it."

"Yeah, right," she snorted, then asked Trevor, "Do you even know how to shave a girl?"

Trevor crossed his arms over his chest and grinned from ear to ear. Apparently, he did know.

"Wait a minute," I held up a hand and asked him, "Who have you been practicing on?"

"You remember Angela from our calculus class?" he asked.

Angela, whose last name I couldn't remember, was a mousy and petite girl on the honor roll back at high school. She was shorter than me, with a wild mane of curly black hair, and she wore thick glasses. She was one of those girls that could be pretty if she tried even a little, but Angela never bothered with makeup. Granted, she had a great complexion, but a little lipstick would have gone a long way for the girl. She didn't have much in the wardrobe department either. She was always wearing black slacks and long-sleeve turtleneck shirts.

"Really? Angela?" I said, raising an eyebrow.

Trevor grinned. "She was really hot without her clothes on."

"Hey, I remember her," Sarah glanced at him, then she chuckled and asked. "How exactly did you end up shaving Angela's coochie?"

"We messed around one summer," he shrugged a shoulder. "Nothing major at first. We used to study pretty regularly together. One night, she told me she'd never been kissed by a boy, and she asked me if I would be her first kiss." He got a faraway look and smiled. "It was really sweet, how innocent she was."

"Shaving her coochie," Sarah gestured with her hand impatiently.

Trevor laughed and got up to start clearing the table. "Funny how that happened. We went for a swim after studying late, and she asked me if I shaved more than my face so that I could be faster in the water. I told her no, but I shaved parts of me for the ladies."

"For the ladies?" Sarah laughed teasingly.

Trevor poked her in the ribs as he passed by, making her yelp. "Anyway, Angela asked if I liked girls that shaved their 'other parts' too," he said, making air quotes with his fingers. "Long story short, I helped her find some articles online about various ways to trim up her jungle, and she asked me to help her."

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