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STRIP Ch. 09


STRIP - Chapter Nine - Shrink and Inflated


The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is Chapter Nine of a multi-part Naked In School story. The characters:

Father: Dick Treyshun

Mother: Cassi Fallopia

(Second marriage for each.)

Son (his): Rod Treyshun

Daughter (hers): Penny Fallopia

Bethany Chaudri: Penny's best friend, hot for Rod

Sandy: Cassi's best friend

Venka Chaudri: Bethany's father

Indira Chaudri: Bethany's mother

In Chapter Eight, Penny runs off to Bethany's house and stays behind while Bethany and her mother go shopping. She decides to confront Bethany's dad about his anti-STRIP attitude, which leads to him telling a story about a sexual misadventure, which Penny insists they reenact. The role-play ends badly. Mr. Chaudri proves to be incompetent, with cum sprayed all over his office and Penny even more frustrated.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Chaudri drops Bethany off at home after shopping and sneaks over to Dick's house, to insist that he have sex with her as some form of balanced compensation for fucking her daughter, but sex only, no emotional engagement. They do it twice, after which Mrs. Chaudri admits that she can't have sex without some emotional content. They plan on subsequent sexual encounters, during which Dick will wear a condom.

This chapter picks up with Dick the next morning.

To carry the story foreword with strong emotion, I change the Point Of View (POV) character in different scenes. A scene divider indicates scene changes and possible POV changes as well.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dick tossed and turned all night, but not out of sexual frustration. Mrs. Chaudri, Indira, had provided a double-banger, literally. Thoughts of his wife Cassi dominated his attempted sleep. Where was she? Why hadn't she come to terms with her guilt about sleeping with Rod? She should have called. Dick was certain they could have talked it out. Maybe she decided to open herself up sexually and fuck other people? An old boyfriend? A stud who pumps gas at the local gas station? The possibilities were endless, and they made Dick's stomach turn.

The alarm clock read '7:00.' Dick swung his legs out from beneath the blankets. His head throbbed. Despite his dalliances, Dick couldn't connect with guilty feelings. He'd slept with Bethany, Penny's best friend and Sandy, Cassi's best friend. If Rod hadn't chaperoned, he would have fucked his consultant Bridget, and the previous evening he'd done it twice with Bethany's mother. To his amazement, no guilt. Maybe because Cassi didn't know? His head drooped. His physiological needs demanded those dalliances, but it was still cheating. A drape of melancholy covered Dick's emotions.

It was too early for visitors but the doorbell told Dick he had one anyway. He pulled a robe on over his t-shirt and sleeping shorts and plodded downstairs. "Coming."

When he opened the door, Bethany stood there, posing like a department store mannequin. She strutted over the threshold. "Mother told me you are ending our relationship." She walked deeper into the house, through the kitchen and into the family room.

Dick turned and followed her path from the foyer. They were face to face. "It wasn't my intent to create one in the first place." He pulled the belt of his robe tighter. "At least, the one I made."

"We made. It wasn't just you." She plopped down on the futon and crossed her legs. Her long skirt kept most of her body covered, from the waist down. "When I was younger, you were like a second father to me. But now, it's different. You're a big part, an important part of my life. Maybe even more important than Rod."

Whenever he was in Bethany's vicinity, his cock was a big part. Dick's heart ached. Indira had been correct. He had feelings for Bethany, feelings he could not pursue. "See, that's the problem. You should be with someone your own age. You and Rod are meant for each other. You said so."

Bethany's stood and swayed from side to side as she walked. Dick's cock pulsed. "How can you be so sure? I'm not, not any more. Mother thought that she would be good with Father, and she told you how that turned out." She put her fists on her hips. "Mother said we wouldn't have sex any more. Is that correct?"

Dick swallowed hard. He was hard and ready, just on the border of unwilling. He needed to stay firm in conviction, to match his stiff erection. "That's right."

"Can I still hug you?" She reached out open arms, arms that framed her magnificent breasts. "As my best friend's father?"

"I guess."

She pressed herself against him. Her hips leaned forward. "You're excited. I can take care of that-"

"I wish you wouldn't-" It was a half-hearted plea. Dick needed a release.

"No, not sex. I'll just provide oral stimulation."

Bethany undid Dick's belt and pulled down his sleeping shorts. His cock was exposed and aching. Bethany put her lips around the head of his cock and hummed. "I noticed you have sensitive glans."


"No, silly. The area behind the tip. See?" She sucked Dick's cock like a Tootsie Roll, and didn't bite to get to the creamy center. "I'm learning so much in STRIP."

Like cock sucking? His hips wanted to jerk forward, to fuck her throat as a cunt substitute. She pulled off her sweater. No bra. Bethany had come prepared to seduce him, to get him to change his mind.

She took her mouth off his prick and poked it at her cleavage. Dick's heart beat like a bass drum. A Bethany tit fuck would be priceless. "It's a shame to waste such a beautiful erection." She pushed him back onto the futon and straddled his lap. Before he could get up or object, she pulled her long skirt to her hips. Shit, no panties. She was really serious.

Dick held out one arm to fend her off but she was a big girl and had leverage. She plopped onto his thighs and rubbed his cock against her labia. "We don't have to tell anybody. It can be our secret."

"No, please no." Was he really going to reject Bethany's offer? Dick thought of Cassi, of how he longed to hold her in his arms, roll around in bed with her- The phone ringing startled Dick, distracting him from thrusting his hips up and breaking his self-imposed vow. "It could be Cassi!" He pushed Bethany aside, slid out from under and shuffled to the phone, his shorts at his ankles. "Hello?"

"Mr. Fallopia?" the voice asked.

This happened all of the time. Cassi had kept her last name after they were married, so occasionally people thought her last name was his. "Who are you looking for?" Best not to divulge too much to strangers on the phone.

"This is Doctor Vera Fine's office. Cassiopeia Fallopia is one of her patients, and I'm calling for her husband."

"That's me. Dick Treyshun."

"Oh." The caller paused, perhaps to regroup. "Mr. Treyshun, Doctor Fine asks that you come to her office today."

"Why does she want to see me? Has she heard from Cassi?" It was Saturday. Do psychologists work on weekends?

"Doctor Fine is available at 8:30 AM. Does that work for you?"

"Yes, sure." He almost said fine. He'd have just enough time to clean up and drive over. Dick pulled up his shorts and retied his robe. "I have to go. Cassi's therapist has some information about her."

"But what about that?" She pointed at his crotch, which pointed back. Bethany's skirt had fallen to the floor. She was completely nude, hands on her hips, a vision of sexy loveliness.

Dick's cock tented the robe, hard as ever. "No time. Besides, we weren't going to have sex anyway." A convenient lie.

Bethany was the poster child for disappointment, a world class pout on her lips, which made her even sexier. She would get over it. She'd have to. Perhaps he could persuade Rod to give her a good fucking despite STRIP rules. After all, Rod had done his mother, his sister and Bridget the consultant. And maybe other classmates or mothers Dick didn't know about.

"Do you want to wait while I get ready? Then I can drop you off." It was a risky suggestion, because Bethany could have agreed, and then slipped into the shower with him. Under those circumstances, he probably couldn't avoid slipping his cock into her.

"No, I took Mom's car." Bethany already had her sweater on and was zipping her skirt.

"Penny's still at your place, right?" Dick made his way to the staircase. "Please tell her I love her."

"From what she told me, you had the chance to show it and walked away. But I'll tell her." Bethany fluffed her hair. "We're not done, you and me. Not by a long shot." She wiggled out the front door. Through the living room window, Dick saw her run down the sidewalk to her mom's Audi.

Dick showered and shaved, thinking about watching Penny excite herself with her dildo. His cock stayed hard. What was he going to do with that girl?

Dick selected some nice business casual clothing. He didn't want Doctor Fine to judge him badly. What had Cassi told the doctor? Perhaps not too much. There'd been only one visit before Cassi walked out. On his way to the garage, Dick noticed a pair of dry cleaning receipts on a magnetic clip. He plucked them off the fridge and stuck them into his pocket. He'd be close enough to pick up the stuff Penny had given him to drop off a few days ago. Would Penny ever come home? She seemed so devastated after he refused to have sex.


The drive to Doctor Fine's office put him in the vicinity of Sandy's house. He was curious why she'd refused a return sexual engagement, but that would have been prying.

Dick parked and entered the three-story brick medical building. Doctor Fine's name showed a third floor office. After a brief elevator ride, Dick stood at the polished oak door of Doctor Fine's practice.

Inside, a receptionist sat at a huge wooden desk, much too big for the telephone call-director and a few papers. The nameplate read "Lana Witherspoon." Lana was a blonde, with her hair up in a folded ponytail behind a headset. A microphone on a stalk curved in front of her full red lips. Her face was pretty but thin, matching her narrow shoulders. Her blouse was V-necked, and she sported breasts that were out of proportion for her thin frame but not huge. The rest of her body was hidden behind mahogany.

Dick stood at the desk, waiting for Lana to finish a call in progress. When she finally looked up, he said, "My name is Dick Treyshun." He had trouble keeping his eyes on her face. The temptation of glancing down the V-neck as she leaned forward was too great. She noticed and placed one hand on her chest, blocking his view. "I have a eight thirty appointment."

"You're early. Have a seat." Her look was daggers.

Lana gave Dick a profile shot as she turned towards her computer terminal, positioned on a separate table to one side. Her breasts seemed familiar despite having just met the young woman. Dick's cock got hard as he wiggled in his chair, anxious for news about his wife. He crossed his legs and laid a magazine across his lap. Lana scowled, as if she'd seen male patients perform the same lame camouflage.

After a few tense minutes of stone silence, the phone buzzed. Lana cupped her earpiece. She looked up at Dick. "Doctor Fine will see you now."

As Dick walked past the desk, Lana stood and opened a file cabinet. Her V-neck shirt was like a tent over her body, ending above her knees. Below the waist she wore tight black leggings that showed athletic calves, almost sculpted. It didn't hurt that she wore spiked heels, which defined her leg muscles all the more. Lana maintained a stoic expression, face forward.

Inside the office, Doctor Fine rose from behind her own large desk. Her nose was sharp like a bird's beak. Hair pulled was back in a bun with grey streaks along the sides resembled decorative plumage. She wore a black blouse with tiered ruffles, a black skirt and dark hose. Perhaps Doctor Fine was in mourning, or black was her favorite color. "Greetings. Come in." She thrust out her arm, stiff, expecting a handshake. Her fingers were bird claws.

Dick shook her hand, trying to avoid scratch marks. "Have you heard from Cassi?"

"First, I want to thank you for coming in on the weekend. You probably have your hands full. Two teenagers at home, your wife away-"

"Yes, because you told her to go, damn it!" Dick took a deep breath to regain his composure.

"Hmm, very direct. Understandable." She smoothed her skirt. "Use the couch, please."

Ah, the therapists couch. Lay back and relax and tell my innermost secrets? "No thanks. I'll sit."

"Very well."

Dick took the chair facing the desk. "I assume the urgency for this meeting was that you've heard from my wife. We could have talked by phone so I don't understand-"

She raised an open claw. "No need to begin with barriers." Doctor Fine smiled and rolled her leather chair from behind her desk. She lowered herself, crossed her legs and faced him. "You're probably wondering why I asked you here."

Was she deaf, or just married to her own agenda? "Yes. Have you heard from Cassi?"

"No, but your question tells me that you haven't either. That means she's still working through her feelings about cheating on you. On the positive side, your interest in your wife's welfare is an admirable trait."

"Cassi hasn't contacted you?" Dick was becoming impatient. "So, why am I here?"

"I gave her the advice to take some time away from you, and clients always take my advice. As I was saying, one promise I make to all of my clients is that I will never ask them to do something that is uncomfortable for them. The same goes for you, despite the fact that I requested your presence. There will be no fee for our discussion today, of course."

Of course. Dick had never considered that taking a professional counselor's time might cost him something. Dick had tired of asking, but gave it one more shot. "So, what do you want to see me about? Cassi, probably, although aren't counseling sessions private?"

"I want to talk to you about you." She flipped open a leather-bound notepad. "I've had reports about you from two of your sexual partners, your wife and Sandy. I became curious about this sexual need you think you have."

"That's none of your business, actually. Besides, Cassi had it too. She must have told you about that."

"Absolutely correct. But she was so devastated with guilt over having had repeated sex with your son that I could not probe her for sufficient information. You have a daughter, haven't you?"

"Yes, named Penny."

"Have you had sexual intercourse with her?" Dr. Fine's eyes were open, anxious for a reply.

Dick was glad he hadn't succumbed to Penny's seduction attempt so he wouldn't have to lie. "Of course not. What do you think I am?"

"Of course? Hardly, after you engineered the sexual coupling of your wife and son."

"I told Sandy, and I'll tell you the same thing. I didn't realize that having Cassi stimulate Rod would lead to sex." Why did the doctor think Dick was to blame? "Cassi and I were doing a fine job of keeping each other satisfied."

"And how do these needs demonstrate themselves? Please, I'm interested in the details."

"What do you mean?" How could she not understand?

"I mean, how do you know that you 'need' sex? A voice in your head?"

"That's ridiculous! You make it sound weird. Like any man, I get an erection. Sometimes I perspire."

"Like you're doing now?"

Dick hadn't noticed. He touched his forehead. "Yeah, I guess. It's been a while."

Dr. Fine's attention was in her notebook, scribbling away. "Was it Miss Witherspoon out there? She is a beautiful woman, isn't she? Tell me, how much do you discriminate?"

What a thing to ask. "I don't!"

Dr. Fine's head jerked up. "You mean you'll have sex with anyone?"

Huh? "No. I meant I'm not a bigot. You meant a different discriminate. Sorry."

"So, your answer?" She sat, pen poised to document his response.

"Well, I don't go around looking for women to have sex with, if that's what you mean. I've been faithful to Cassi since we've been married-"

Dr. Fine pointed the pen at him. "Until you had intercourse with her best friend."

"See, now that was a mistake."

"She told me about her misguided attentions. How could you deceive her?"

"Me? It was her screwy idea that 'take care of my husband' meant sex. I went along because, to be honest, I was horny out of my mind and I needed a release. And from what Sandy told me about her husband, so did she."

"But you didn't really believe your wife wanted you to have sex with her brat friend, did you?"

"No. I thought Sandy got it wrong."

"But that didn't stop you, did it? You went ahead anyway."

Dick hung his head. "Yeah, I did. And I feel sorry about that." Despite the fact that the sex was quite enjoyable, and he had been looking forward to a second helping. And Sandy enjoyed it too, he was sure.

"Sandy was emotionally shaken by her infidelity, which is why I advised her to terminate that kind of relationship with you. Your wife felt substantially worse about what she and your son did."

Dick folded his arms. "Yeah, so tell me, what did she do it over and over again, if she was so sorry?"

"I'm sorry, but client privilege prevents me from sharing anything your wife and I discussed. Our conversation is similarly protected. So, to return to the topic at hand, if given the opportunity, would have sex with, let's say, a co-worker?"

"No, that would be a very bed idea." He'd passed that opportunity off to his son Rod.

"Excellent. You have limits. How about Miss Witherspoon out there? Would you engage in sex with her?"

"I don't even know her."

"That wasn't the question. Would you have sex with her, if you had the opportunity?"

Dick paused. How could he answer that? Sure, he'd been provoked by Bethany's visit, and Lana had gotten him aroused, but-

"I'll take your silence as yes, since you didn't immediately object. At least, you were considering it, correct?"

Dick nodded his head.

"That, sir, will never happen. Lana came to me without any hope. She is smart and beautiful and sexy in her own naive way. I am very fond of her, and would not let you lay even a single finger on her. Do you understand?"

Dick nodded.

"How about me?"


"I asked, would you consider having sex with me? Here, right now?"

Sex with a verbal vulture? "No. You're a professional, a doctor. You don't do that, do you?"

"Unusual circumstances demand unusual remedies." Her stoic lips curled up a bit. "I was kidding, of course. So, are you erect right now?"

The doctor could probably see the lump in his pants. "Yes."

"Very interesting. For Cassi's sake, I have concerns and want to probe the psychology of your actions."

"Cassi is no danger. At least she wasn't, when she was here. Who knows where or what she's doing-"

"I appreciate your current apprehensiveness. But you put your wife in an emotionally disturbing situation. Admit it."

Dick leaned forward. "What did she tell you?"

"That you expected her to have sexual intercourse with your son-"

Patient doctor privilege breached. "See, that's not true."

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