Study Break


Kelly and Lindsay visit the library.

There are other stories about Kelly, but each one can be read independently. Please read those too if you enjoy this one. I have started writing a couple of others and will post them, should readers continue to like reading about her experiences. There was some fun stuff that happened before the end of school and over the summer already.

If you want to read the posted ones in chronological order, start with "A Party at Jeni's, then read "What is There to Do", "Dinner for Three", and "Kelly and Lindsay Alone Together". I have a couple of other stories up too that aren't about Kelly.

Study Break

March, the first year

"Reach under your skirt, take down your panties, and leave them around your ankles."

I looked sideways at Lindsay. She wasn't looking back at me. In fact, in the quiet of the library, it was hard to even know the silence had been broken. I looked around. There was practically no one in our section. Those few who were seemed intent on their studying.

I knew I had heard her correctly. I lifted from my chair, slipped my hands under my skirt and curled my fingers under the waistband of my thong and tugged. Once it was free of my bottom, I sat again to ease it down my thighs and past my knees. Letting go, my thong fluttered down around my feet. I could feel it lying there.

"Thank you," Lindsay said softly. I looked over to her again, and this time she turned to give me that devil smile of hers.

"You're welcome," I whispered back, returning to my reading.

"Let your legs fall open."

I did as she instructed. My knees fell apart about seven inches or so, but my ankles were bound together by the panties loosely locked around each one.

We studied silently for awhile. No one passed by our table to notice I was sitting there with my legs spread and my thong gathered at my ankles. It was fun to think about it being there though. I could feel how naked I was too, in an odd sort of way. I felt sexy. I was researching the work of seminal photographic artists for a report I had due in a few days. She was studying for a test in her economics course. It was Tuesday. Tom was out playing his guitar in one of the clubs downtown, and we were to meet him there around 11:00.

She spoke after awhile, not even raising her head from her book. "What do you have on under your blouse?"

I felt a little flush. "A cami," I whispered.

Lindsay turned and beamed at me. She already knew I was probably not wearing a bra because I rarely do. If I wear anything at all it is usually a camisole, but she knew there was just as good a chance I was bare under my shirt.

"Take off your blouse," she murmured.

I looked around again. No one was paying any attention to us.

Setting my book down, I unbuttoned my blouse. It was a lovely sage color, matching the floral inserts in the pleats of my yellow skirt. The skirt was not terribly short, falling to mid-thigh. I was dressed for going out later.

Tugging the hem of the blouse from out of my skirt, I slipped it from my shoulders, trying to look like I was just removing it because it was warm in the library in March. As if. The tiny little thing I wore beneath my blouse was not at all the sort one would normally wear out in the winter. It was snug and very very thin, so my nipples and areola could clearly be seen through it.

"Comfy," Lindsay whispered.

I shot her a look. Why was I doing this? Because I am a shy exhibitionist and needed to be prodded into it? Or am I some sort of sexual submissive, pliable under the will of a dominant other? What a year this has been. Twenty was certainly turning out to be a most interesting age. I was discovering so much about myself and who I was. It doesn't matter if I am an exhibitionist or a submissive or even bisexual. I am just Kelly.

More and more, I felt like I really needed to have a long talk with Mom.

I thought about Lindsay's question. I had my thong around my ankles, my boobs on display under a sheer bit of lingerie and an oversized book of black and white photographs in front of me. Sure, I was comfortable. I laughed silently at how ludicrous it was. I kind of liked it. I felt sensual and daring. Edgy and a bit nervous too. No, not especially comfortable, but not uncomfortable.

"Would it make any difference, Mistress?" I whispered, adding that last word to tease her.

"No." she whispered back, turning the page of her economics book. A good half hour had to have passed before she spoke again. A few people passed by. One guy took a long look at my chest. I pretended not to notice. I certainly didn't arch my back and thrust out my chest for him. I was just stretching. I'd been bent over my book for a while. That is all it was.

We studied a bit longer, half an hour or so. It was getting late. Finally, Lindsay slipped me a torn piece of paper from her notebook with "E78.S63 M15" written on it. "I need this book. Would you mind getting it for me?"

I looked at the scrap of paper. I was tempted to ask if she had suddenly lost the use of her legs. But I had played along so far. There were few people still in the library. I could do this.

I slipped out of my heels and let my thong fall from my ankles before I stood. I looked at the paper again, then at the stacks around us. We were in the "G" section. "E" was not too far away, I was sure. I padded barefoot to the end of the stacks that surrounded our area of study tables and looked to see which way the letters ran. I turned left.

Moving along the tall rows of books, I was conscious of being bare under my skirt. It was exciting. That my nipples were standing up very stiffly and very visibly under my top was another matter. No one I ran into was likely to be looking up my skirt, but he or she would get an eyeful of my boobs under my top.

There was no one.

I turned into the correct row, scanning the shelves for the right number. I finally found it on the bottom shelf and bent from the waist to get it. As I did, I was conscious of how I just might be exposing myself. I gave a quick look over both shoulders as I came up again. Still alone.

When I read the title though, I had to stifle a laugh with one hand: McGillycuddy, Agent; a Biography of Dr. Valentine T. McGillycuddy, by Julia B. McGillycuddy. McGillycuddy is my last name. No one ever believes me the first time I tell them. I've even had to produce my license to prove it.

There was a note taped to the front of the book. "Lift your skirt to your waist, Kelly." I looked around. There was no one around, no sounds. I shimmied my hips and drew my skirt up to my waist. I was completely bare from the waist down now, not even any hair left on my mound anymore.

Now what? Was I supposed to keep my skirt up and take the book back to Lindsay at our table? I stood very still, very quiet. That must be it. I couldn't do it. There were people around. It might be after ten on a Tuesday night, and we were in one of the least populated parts of the library, but still. Lindsay had planned this. She led us to that particular study table. She had looked up a book by an author with my last name. She had left the note taped to it and already had me half naked in the library.

Maybe I could do this. It was kind of fun. A shiver of excitement ran through me.

I moved to the end of the row and peered around the corner. No one. I moved into the main lane that divided the stacks. I was in "E", "G" was only four rows away. (Each letter took up more than a single row.) I began to tiptoe back, holding my skirt up to my waist as I went. I heard steps and ducked into the nearest row, barely even breathing as I stood there holding my skirt at my waist. The steps faded, and I moved forward again, checking both ways before I stepped from the stacks.

I scurried now, up on my toes again, hurrying back to out table. I suddenly wanted to be there with her, rather than alone and nearly naked in the stacks. I wanted Lindsay near me. I crossed from behind the "G" stack by our table and saw her. Two tables away, a guy was studying, but he had his back to me. I moved quickly to my lover.

My blouse and my panties were not where I had left them.

"I can't believe you did it," she rasped lowly, but she had that big wicked grin on her face. Pushing her chair away from the table, she drew me to her, the table behind me, and pushed me gently backwards so that I plopped my bare ass on the wood as I stood between her legs. "Are you wet?"

I knew. "Yes." I had felt the rush of excitement settling in my cunt as soon as I lifted my skirt to my waist.

"Kelly your nipples are so hard."

I looked down. Through the thin white of the camisole, I saw my little areola clearly, but my nipples looked huge, rising up stiffly to press through the material.

Lindsay pushed my thighs apart and leaned forward in her chair, kissing my naked thighs. I looked nervously over my shoulders once more, afraid that someone would appear suddenly. I was still looking around when I felt Lindsay's tongue touch to my pussy. I fought back the whimper that flooded to my throat.

"Lindsay, no," I hissed. I didn't move away though. I think I even spread my legs more.

"Kelly, yes," she whispered back between licks. She slipped to her knees, her warm hands gliding over my thighs as she licked me, her tongue washing over my clit, then flicking. She knew very well how to make me cum. And she was intent on getting me off right there on our study table. I looked over my shoulder, but no one was looking our way. I needed something to stifle my moans or the guy two tables away would hear me though. I tried biting a finger, but that hurt. I picked up Lindsay's pencil and bit down on it. I heard and felt the wood crunch under my teeth.

Her fingers were going in me too, two of them, curled together, twisting and turning in my pussy as her tongue danced with my clit. I had a little cum right there. I lifted my legs, opening myself more to her, and she licked me and fucked me until my body curled and I shook and gasped, biting the pencil until it snapped in two in my mouth. My orgasm roiled inside of me, and I threw my head back and stretched until it had coursed through me and out of me. I breathed slowly again.

Slipping from the table, I bent to catch up Lindsay's hand and lead her back to the stacks. I literally dragged her behind me, my skirt dropping a little, my bare ass still on display, but Lindsay was the only one to see. Back in "E", I turned her back the shelves and leaned in to kiss her, tasting myself on her lips as I put a hand on top of her breast and fondled her through her blouse and bra. My other hand slipped into her jeans, into her panties and down. Lindsay sucked in her tummy to allow me to go further. My fingers touched to her sex. She was hot and wet already. Her indifference to my exhibitionism was belied. I had excited her by obeying her, by coming back with my skirt up.

I kissed her harder as I teased around her clit. She bent her knees for me, and I wriggled my fingers over her. Under my other hand, her nipple rose up magnificently and she whimpered with desire and longing. The book she had sent me for dropped from her fingers and thudded loudly on the tile floor. Bending my knees, I rubbed my pussy on her thigh as my fingers went into her. I could barely move them because her jeans were so tight.

"Open your pants," I gasped between kisses. Her hands glanced between our bodies and suddenly my hand had a place to go as she popped the button of her pants and ran down the zipper. My fingers shot up into her, fucking her. Her pussy was wet with her excitement for me, so ready she almost seemed to suck in my fingers. She gasped and brought her arms up over my shoulders, wrapping them around my head and pulling me tighter into our kiss.

The kiss deepened. I reached up one hand to the back of her neck, holding her to me as my fingers moved into her. She spread her legs more, letting me fuck her harder as we kissed. Her pussy was wet and hot, taking my fingers as I moved with her. She likes that better than direct attention to her clit. Me? I don't mind having my clit touched, not at all. Please do. But except for during oral sex, Lindsay's is too sensitive for rubbing.

She began making those growls I was coming to know so well. My love sounds different when she orgams depending on how she is getting off. She grunts when Tom fucks her, growls at finger fucking, and keens when I lick her. Her growls got louder and louder. Someone might hear. I didn't care. I wanted her to come. I love when she comes.

Her thighs clamped around my hand to stop my fingers from moving. I kept my fingers still in her, feeling the contractions of her sex around my hand as she came.

Breaking the kiss, she laid her head on my shoulder and opened her mouth, screaming silently as she pushed down on my fingers.

I kissed her chin, her nose, her cheeks and eyebrows. She inhaled deeply, her body gave a shudder, and she wilted.

I pressed myself to her, holding her as she came back to herself again. Slowly, lovingly, I drew my fingers from her pussy and raised my hand. Smiling, I looked into my lover's eyes and wrapped my tongue around one finger and then another, cleaning her sweetness from each one. Lindsay watched, her brown eyes twinkling as she saw what I was doing.

"Mmmm, Kelly," she murmured, her arms around my waist and her fingers draping to touch my still exposed bottom. "I should spank you for being such a wicked girl. Fucking me in the library"

I wriggled my hips and stuck out my ass. "Oh, yes. You should."

Lindsay looked at her watch. "We need to go and meet Tom at the bar," she said. "He'll be expecting us. Can't keep the guitar boy waiting."

I rolled my eyes back so that I could see again. "What?"

"Time to go." Bending, she put the book back into its place on the shelf, the note to me still taped to it. Taking my hand, she led me through the stacks and back to our study table. She gathered her books, slid one strap of her backpack over her shoulder, and turned to me. "Come on."

"Like this?" I asked. My skirt was still around my waist and all I had on on top was that nearly sheer camisole.

And what about my spanking?

Lindsay laughed lightly, the gravel making it sound like a roar. "Of course not. Put your shoes on."

I slipped into my heels and stood up in them shakily, my knees still a little wobbly from my own orgasm earlier. Rolling my hips, I forced my skirt to slide down my hips, covering my bottom once more.

"Lindsay," I called after her in a hoarse whisper, "what about my blouse?"

"What blouse?"

I scurried after her, heels clicking loudly in the quiet of the library. The library was quiet, hardly anyone there anymore. Still a head or two turned when we passed. Lindsay's hair seemed to flounce as she walked, her hips swaying in an exaggerated way. She was doing it on purpose. She had my coat too, tucked under one arm. I was going to be cold when we got outside.

Very cold. The library is on the west side of the campus, Maddy's, the bar we were headed to, was north of the east side. It wasn't a terribly long walk, but it was March. I hugged myself and felt the cold night air under my skirt. I asked Lindsay for my coat, but she pretended she didn't hear me. I pleaded with her. First no spanking and now cold torture. She obviously hated me. I was freezing!

She gave in to my pleading while we still had a few blocks to go. I shivered into it and walked fast, eager to be warm again.

Finally, just before I dropped dead, we arrived. The heat in Maddy's was almost oppressive, but after the cold night it was a relief to me. My nipples were still standing up, even in the warmth. Anyone looking closely could also see my areola under the material of my cami. I was sure one or two or a dozen did. The bar was crowded, body-to-body. Tom was jingling and jangling up on the little stage. Lindsay and I worked our way through the throng to a place to the right of the stage, on Tom's left as he looked down. We smiled and waved and he gave us a big smile between lyrics.

I stood behind Lindsay and rested a shoulder against the wall. She leaned into me, pressing against my boobs and wriggling her shoulder blades a little so they dug into my breasts. There was a table just in front of us, with four people at it, but they were not looking our way. I reached under Lindsay's arms and put my hands over her breasts.

"Stop it," she whispered. "Someone will see."

I just laughed into her neck and kissed her throat.

"Let them."

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