Author's note: For the non-motorcycle enthusiast, the name Sturgis probably won't mean a whole hell of a lot, but it is – trust me. Sturgis is the "largest motorcycle rally" in the world where the little town of Sturgis, South Dakota has its population increased by about 500,000 motorcycle riders each year in August.

With the exception of four of these rallies, I had been attending every year since the mid 80s. Military duty called twice sending me overseas, knee operation and job requirements were the other two. This one was an exceptional trip (1700 miles one way) unlike the ones before based on what occurred in-route.

It is lengthy, but for a first time submission, it will get better...Scout's...err, biker's honor.

Sturgis bound


I had packed my clothes (food and my trusty Sig 40) and loaded the small trailer hooked to my Electra Glide that Friday after work, with the intentions of leaving out at the crack of dawn the next day, finally arriving at Sturgis on Monday ready to party! Let me tell ya, there's nothing like cruising the back roads and interstate on an HD (Harley Davidson) while checking out the beautiful scenery of the countryside and listening to music blaring. Not to mention the occasional vehicle with a hot looking female inside.

I cranked up Black Beauty, "BB" as I called her, with the trailer loaded with my essentials, straddled her and began my adventure before dawn Saturday morning with the intentions of putting 400 to 600 miles behind me before stopping at a KOA (Camp grounds of America) to pitch my tent and rest up for the night. BB was purring like a well fed kitten as I motored through the Florida panhandle stopping only for fuel and food at truck stops hoping to make it through Mississippi and into Arkansas for my first overnight stop. So far, so good.

Pulling into a truck stop the next morning to top off the tanks and grab a hot meal, I angled into a spot big enough for both after refueling and did a security check of my baby and the trailer, then checked my holstered Sig, concealed under my shirttail, should any dumb-ass dare touch her...We Harley owners are very particular about our baby.

Strolling up to the diner I first noticed her sitting on her backpack on the curb in front watching me as I approached. Long red hair pulled back with a blue bandanna revealed a very pretty (but very young) face with a hint of freckles here and there. The sweatshirt she wore hid any discernible features as to her rack, but the long legs in baggy sweats looked promising of a nice tush. Too young, I'm sure, for this 40 something "biker" most would say. So, I continued on in for a plate of greasy eggs, sausage and potatoes, and the biggest cup of coffee they might have. Grabbing a booth by the window, giving me a clear view of 'BB', I ordered and sipped my coffee.

I noticed her again minutes later, walking in the door when our eyes met. Continuing to the counter she spoke to the waitress who brought her a coffee and she turned her head looking my way. Now tell me what red-blooded American male wouldn't get the old pumper working faster with the possibility a fine young thing might be looking at him? Mine sure did.

As I sipped on my second coffee, she rose from her seat, backpack and coffee in tow and glided in my direction. Arriving at my booth, she smiled down at me and said, "Nice ride you got out there." The smile on my face was broad as any hog rider, hearing someone refer to her as "ride." Not many know that to be the proper description versus "bike". I thanked her and offered her a seat and more coffee. Continuing to smile, she sat down and said her name was Amber as she held out her hand. Taking her small dainty hand, I said, "I'm Mike and how did you know to call her a 'ride', being as how you can't be more than 20...24?" Seems her favorite uncle had one he rode her on when she was barely walking. But he was killed in Iraq. This brought up old pains of my own as I had served and been to the "sand box" in both Iraq, and Afghanistan. I told her I was sorry for her loss, but words cannot heal these type wounds. Losing a friend is one thing...losing a loved one is devastating. I steered the conversation in a different direction. I had to get going soon and didn't want to leave her with a bad taste.

As we talked longer, Amber said she was just traveling the country not sure of where she was going, when or if, she would stop. She then asked which way I was headed, her eyes widening when I said "Sturgis". Grinning broadly, she was yapping about how she had always wanted to go since her uncle always talked about taking her, but had died before he could. I was not ready for the questioned she next posed. "Can I ride with you? I promise I won't hinder you and I'll pay my own way plus give some money for gas and all." My brain began to conjure up all the 'what ifs' with either answer. But when a young gorgeous redhead looks at you with baby blues and a smile full of pearly whites, what do you do?

Now, I'm not young by any means (not over the hill either) but I am quite physically fit from my military days as well as my continued regimen of workouts, running and twelve years of Martial Arts training (old age convinced me to start packing a Sig – black belt or no – at least I wasn't crazy.) At 6' 3", and around 200 pounds, I could be quite a catch for the fairer sex, even though I was kinda sour on long-term commitments after my divorce 3 years prior. Besides, my heart belonged to BB. Guess I was pondering too long as her face took on the "Crush me, pops and say no!" sort of look. Rolling my eyes (dreading the 'what ifs') I smiled and replied "It's a long haul, get your pretty butt ready for going numb and keep your mouth closed to avoid bug stains on your teeth." She made a 'ewww' face then went back to that beaming smile. So we headed out to saddle up.

I loaded her backpack into the trailer, grabbed a helmet for her, all the while listening, but not, to her non-stop babble. I fired up 'BB', adjusted the stereo volume and we both mounted up...and off we went. It had to get better, right?

We stopped for fuel and dinner again just inside Missouri where she continued with her yapping right where she left off at the truck stop...same smile, same pretty (young) face. When she insisted on paying for her meal, I refused and reminded her she pitched in on the fuel and I wanted to make sure she had a good hardy meal for the next leg of the trip. I explained we would be stopping in Iowa for the night with plans on arriving at Sturgis by sundown on Monday.

The look on her face was "Am I going to stay in a motel, or sleep on the roadside with you and the other critters?" I smiled and told her about my tent and camping gear and assured her all would be well...at least I tried.

Finding a campground not far into Iowa, I estimated to be about 500 to 600 miles from Sturgis I pulled in, paid for the spot and began the setup for the night. Unhooking the trailer and setting up the tent, we decided to grab a bite to eat before calling it a day AND night. Arriving back later, I replenished the cooler on the trailer with ice and a twelve-pack of Bud Light as well as some chips and protein bars. Kicking back, I grabbed us a longneck and learned more about Amber, but saying little about me (been told most women prefer it that way). She was 24; college dropout (not her thing); lost her best friend in the world, her uncle, and gave up on boys before she even got off to a good start. "Too immature and wanting nothing but a piece of ass to brag to their friends about", she said.

Her eyes were misting as she spoke of her uncle more like a best friend than her mother's brother. How he always took her everywhere he went, bought her first bicycle, showed her how to work on engines and, with a sparkle in her eyes, the many times they went riding on his Harley. But she became quiet, tears forming in her eyes when she recalled how the military car drove up to her uncle's house with the heartbreaking news for his young wife. After just 3 months in Iraq, he was killed in an intense firefight with insurgents, when he rescued a friend who had been wounded. Her uncle's widow was presented with a Purple Heart and Bronze Star medal along with the flag that draped his coffin.

No matter what is said, even by another veteran, the pain of the loss of someone you love is carried for a long time. Amber was no different as the pain was very evident deep in her eyes, thus deep in her heart. Conversation on the lighthearted side revealed an impishness in her as her eyes sparkled with mischief. Maybe it was fantasy or lust, but I swear I saw her eyes drift down from my face to my crotch as we talked...nah. Just speculation by an LOB (lecherous old bastard) with a young girl close by fantasizing.

Wanting to get an early start the next morning, I said "Gonna turn in early and break camp tomorrow by dawn and head out. You're welcome to share the tent with me, to keep the insects from flying off with you, if you want." I could see the look in her big blue eyes contemplating the idea when I assured her she was safe and that I wouldn't molest her or anything. She nodded her head and we entered the tent.

I completely unzipped the sleeping bag making it more comfortable than sleeping on the hard ground and grabbed a light blanket from the trailer. I turned to her offering half of the bag if she wanted and turned off the battery-operated lamp to give her some privacy. Stripping down to my boxers, I crawled onto the sleeping bag pulling the blanket over me and closed my eyes. After a few minutes, I heard her moving around, the zipper on her jeans sliding down and felt her body so close to me, and I could feel her heat. I drifted off to sleep.

I open my eyes to the feel of a soft arm across my chest and gentle hot breaths on my upper arm. Turning my head a tad, I noted Amber's eyes were closed and her breathing slow and regular...she was apparently asleep. I closed my eyes and drifted back into my slumber.

My internal alarm clock buzzed waking me up before the sun peaked and I rolled out of the sleep bag and slid on my jeans. Amber was still sleeping and looked like an angel with her auburn hair half across her face. I stepped out of the tent with a towel and my shower kit and walked to the communal showers to start the day.

Feeling refreshed after a shave and shower, I headed back to the tent encountering Amber walking my way, obviously headed there herself. She flashed that impish smile as she passed saying, "I'll only be a minute or two." Nodding my head, I replied "Or is that an hour or two?" She just giggled.

By the time she returned, I had the tent broke down and loaded with the sleeping gear on to the trailer. She looked ravishing with a freshly scrubbed face, gorgeous even without makeup, as she walked up and grabbed a denim jacket from her bag. BB was warming up and I asked Amber if she was hungry and with a beaming smile, "Sure am, but I wanna see Sturgis and fast!"

We hit a truck stop cafe, not far from the camp ground, for some breakfast and fuel, chatting mostly BS while we ate when she got all serious looking and ask me, "You didn't try anything with me last night. I thought for sure you would at least try and cop a feel, but you didn't. Why not?" I almost spit out my coffee and, after a fit of coughing, I said "Amber, I'm probably older than your uncle. Hell probably older than your dad. I promised you I wouldn't molest or rape you and I'm a man of my word. Don't think for one second I would turn you down on an offer of a roll in the hay, but I wouldn't rape you." She just stared at me for a few minutes, then returned to the little vixen she was, smiling that sexy smile and batting those baby blues at me. Damn she was cute and sexy and I could feel trouble coming like a freight train.

Finished with our breakfast, we headed out to feed BB. I took the time to wipe off some of the 'highway grim' and bug splats from BB and buffed her bit and a mental note to wash and wax BB when we arrived at Sturgis. All ready to go, Amber fidgeting with anticipation, and mounted up for the final leg of the "new adventure."

Chapter Two – Hello Sturgis

'BB' was effortlessly rolling down the highway, great gas mileage for the load she was hauling and pulling, and making good time the last several hundred miles to finally arrive at the famous "Buffalo Chip" just outside Sturgis just after dark. The place was already packed with about a thousand RVs and campers set up and downtown was lined on both sides and in the middle with nothing but motorcycles of all types. I found the little piece of ground I had reserved at the Chip and begin the process of setting up the tent and securing my trailer with the padlock and safety chains. Reservations are usually made for the next year's rally when you left Sturgis the previous year. Else, you quite possibly would not have a place to recuperate. Or pay through the ass if you were lucky enough to find a spot.

I made my reservations, for a better spot than the current one, at the 2012 rally and was able to grab a spot close to a lit up area close enough to the communal showers that you didn't have a long walk, but far enough away you did smell the essences of bad food running the path of human digestion.

As I set up the tent, I glanced at Amber, she was somewhat helping, and saw the sparkle in her eye as she looked around in awe. She was like a kid in a toy store, her eyes all lit up and a smile that was forever. She wanted to hit the town and check out the nightlife. With our little bit of heaven all set up, we grabbed a shower at the facilities and change into clean clothes. When I next saw her, my chin hit the ground and I was speechless...for the first time in my life.

Amber was decked out in a pair of low rider jeans that looked more painted on than anything else, revealing a flat and taunt stomach and hugging a 'bubble butt' begging to be spanked. Her halter-top hugged her full and perky tits, at least a C-cup, like a second skin only allowing a slight jiggle as she walked. Her red hair was now loose, full and draped beautifully over her shoulders giving her a glow that would take your breath away. She was a head turning beauty any man would be proud to have on his arm.

Smiling, she asked if I was OK. All I could say was "Damn, you are one hot-assed woman." Tilting her head, and with the smile of a sex imp, she asked, "You like?" She had one sexy smile that would get any man hard and here she was holding onto me like a woman holding her man. I could feel my head swelling. Sturgis was gonna be great this year.

Everywhere we went, Amber turned heads – both men and women alike – not just with her looks, but in the way she carried herself. She had an air of confidence about her that made women jealous and men's mouth water. And here she was holding on to me. The looks I got were not of old with young, but of "what the hell does he have...a long dick and tongue?" from the guys and "I sure would like to find out what he has between his legs to get this woman!" from the women. Either way, I was about the luckiest bastard in Sturgis.

We really made an impression everywhere we went, turning heads of everyone and making the guys trip over their tongues. The bars in Sturgis close at 2:00 AM, so we headed back to the Buffalo Chip to grab a 'Combat nap' (Google it) as the morning would be set to seeing the country side. I set my phone alarm to beep around 8:00 AM so we could check out the surrounding areas and she could see Mt. Rushmore. I had plans for her she would remember for a long time.

Crawling into the tent, I removed my shirt and jeans, and she removed everything and pulled on a long t-shirt and lay down on the sleeping bags. I crashed hard. Laying on my right side, Amber slipped under the light blanket and snuggled up behind me, with her perky tits pushing into my back. Not sure how long it had been I felt her arm come across my side and begin sliding up and down my chest and stomach. Feigning sleep, I felt her hand eventually slide down and under the band of my boxers. I heard a soft gasp escape her lips as she found my hardening cock with her petite hands. (Said I was old, not dead.) Now I'm average in length, around 7 ½ inches, but quite big around, so I guess she wasn't ready for what she found. "Oh my God it's huge!" she whispered, and began stroking it from the purple head to the base. I rolled onto my back giving her easier access.

She continued her stroking and slid her body down closer to my crotch to get face to head, as it were. Sticking out her tongue, she traced the base to the tip causing me to draw a sharp breath. She kissed the tip and ran her tongue tip in the slit making me twitch. She then flattened her tongue on the underside of my cock, swirling it all the way around. Stopping long enough to raise her head, she wrapped her full lips around the tip and applied suction causing me to moan loudly, giving away that I was truly awake – who can avoid that? She swirled her tongue around the head, paying extra attention to the underside of the crown as she slid up and down the shaft. This young filly knew how to handle a dick the right way, even though she had only taken a few inches. Removing my cock from her mouth, she looked at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, smiling and said "This is gonna be fun!" then inhaled about half of me in one down motion. My eyes rolled up and I grabbed a hand full of red hair and help her.

She was unable to slide very far down my shaft, in spite of the spittle that ran from her mouth, without her gag reflexes kicking in. Lifting her head she looked up at me and said, "It's been so long since I've had sex, and never one this big. Please fuck me." How can you refuse a request like that?

Forgetting, or not really caring where we were at, I rolled her onto her back, brushing her lips with mine as my hand caressed her firm tit – the nipples already stiffened with anticipation. I raised the shirt she was wearing and drooling as I saw a set of tits unlike any I had seen in years. Those puppies were firm, aureoles about the size of a half-dollar and hardened nipples centered that didn't disappear when she lay on her back. As I sucked and flicked her nipples with my lips and tongue, I slowly moved my hand down across her flat taunt belly to the little landing strip of hair at the top of her pubes. (She was a true redhead.) Caressing her right thigh as she spread her legs wider, I slowly moved my hand up till I reached her very moist pussy. She was on fire!

I took my time exploring every inch of her nubile body paying extra attention to those areas I knew to be sensitive on every woman, neck, and ear lobes, inside of the thighs. I intentionally avoided anything more than a glancing touch of her labia, especially the clit until she was squirming and moaning, her ass undulating up and down. Sliding my tongue down her taunt stomach, I left a trail of soft kisses and tongue marks as I moved closer to her quivery pussy.

Wetting my middle finger, I gently begin exploring her outer lips coercing her body fluids to emerge and to open up to my urgings. She emitted an audible gasp as I slid my finger in to the middle knuckle and moved it around as if stirring a soon to be devoured feast, while she begin moaning and wriggling her whole body. She was unbelievably tight. By this time, her juices were flowing freely, so I brought my lips and tongue in contact with her mound. Her taste was indescribably mouth-watering. When I begin licking her pussy lips and running my tongue in and out, she grabbed my head moaning "yes, yes." "God that feels so good, Mike." All the while, pulling my hair trying to force my head inside her flowing pussy and moaning loud enough to be heard at the next Ranch, she was thrusting her pussy at me rapid fire.

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