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sublime sex


i love when you're on top
doing your push ups
i love it when you cum
and bust on my 38 d cups
we're very passionae lovers
we keep it gritty and raw
there's not much that we don't do
'cause we basically do it all
we're the type of lovers
that leave others in shock
my succulent nipples are pierced
and so is his thick cock
we try all kinds of stuff
anal beads, sex swings
we like to keep it interesting
that's why we do so many things
we hope we can inspire
you and your partner to explore
maybe he or she will let you
enter into their back door
i love it when you tremble
i love it when you shake
i love it when we fuck
and when it's love that we make
we use blow-up dolls
we use a nipple clapm
you're the muhammad ali of sex
in bed you are the champ
we're fun and we're frisky
and always have a good time
sex with is perfect
it really is sublime

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