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The eyes are windows
To the soul
But I wonder what you dreamed
One morning as my whimsy led
Much farther south
Not your soul or your
Slate gray eyes
But a world of pink was my diving ground
As you lay fastened
In a sleepy trance

Almost drowned myself
In the slumbering
Warm cushion of your thighs
But like any diver going down
For any treasure
I found a box of gold buried
Soft within a wrinkled lair
Beneath a small brown tuft
Of hair
Inside the box
As an oyster
Hides her pearl
Was a rouged
Lustery jewel
Puckered in a crimson bed

Between the blushing folds
My tongue probed
Round a silky hollow
Tasting buttery flesh walls
Slick and trickly
Rubbing up and down
The knotty bud
Until there was a surge
A ripple of arousal
A velvet groan

What did you dream
I wonder

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