tagBDSMSubmissively Gagged!

Submissively Gagged!


There is a room, it is of medium size, has a couple over sized arm chairs with big backs and large arm rests. There is a fireplace and some rugs spread about the floor; one in front of the fireplace, one beside each chair and then one over by the big picture window on the wall that touches outside. The room is dimly lit by a few candles scattered about on the coffee table and little end tables, plus the flickering light of the fireplace allows for shadows and warmth.

It is only 6pm on a chilly February evening. The sun has just set and the smell of something cooking is wafting through the house. I have prepared myself in a wardrobe that I know you will be pleased to see me in when you return home. I know that at any minute you should be coming through the garage door, home from your long day at work. I have poured your favorite liquor over the correct amount of ice. Everything is just as you wish it with dinner being timed to be ready about 20 minutes after you have returned home. The table is set awaiting the meal to be served.

I hear your car pull into the garage and the door being shut as you get out of the car. As I check around the room, one last time to make sure everything is as it should be for you, you enter and I take your coat and briefcase then move the glass of whiskey to your hand. Your fingers grip the glass as you lean in to whisper in my ear "Good Evening, girl. I am happy to see you and thank you." Your free hand gently strokes my cheek as you move to the arm chair closest to the fire. Where you take a sip of your drink and then place it on the coaster already waiting to hold your drink.

You sit and as you do I take the spot on the rug next to your seat. I am on my knees with my palms facing up resting on my legs, my eyes looking at you in your chair. My attention is on you, waiting for direction, or to hear of your day. I stay silent until you speak. It is not for me to speak unless asked a question so I simply stay on my knees beside you.

You look down at me from your seat and you smirk as you bring your glass to your lips gently taking a sip. Replacing your glass on the coaster you shift your position to have your leg closer to me as your hand comes down on my head easing it toward your leg. I lean on you and listen as you talk of the stresses of your day. The timer beeps to let us know dinner is finished, I stay where I am until you pat my head gently then dismiss me to serve dinner.

When I return from the kitchen you are in the chair at the head of the dining table. I move to place food onto your plate and then wait to see if you have everything. You express how pleased you are with me today, you dismiss me to dish a plate for myself and join you freely at the table to dine with you. Humming some melody to myself, I dish my food onto my plate I complete the task and take my seat next to you at the table. Since you told me I was to join you freely I begin to eat then ask you a question of the plan for the night.

You are taking your time with your meal, slowly taking a bite then chewing it more slowly as you swallow and then say a few things about your thoughts for tonight. You believe we should spend some time together. My heart soars and my mind wanders as I think of the possibilities. I snap my head towards you with a grin upon my face. Seeing my grin, you react and grin with me. Your hand reaches across for mine and snatches it quickly. I am startled, my fork falls to the plate with a clang and my hand is suddenly under the table on your lap.

A gasp escapes as I feel your hard cock through the fabric of your pants. You chuckle at my reaction then look to see my eyes are wide with surprise. You speak to me with gruffness to your voice, "What's wrong girl, did you not think your master could react to you?"

Knowing that you posed a direct question I could respond freely so I answered, "I did not think that my Master would respond to my happiness of time together in such a manner."

"Girl you are attractive, your voice soft and your manner is sweet. The clothes you have worn and dinner you have cooked to please me are all turn on's for your Master. You have pleased me greatly and then when you grinned at me with the possibilities I saw swirling around your mind without hesitation my cock in turn grew hard." The gruffness in your voice more dominant as you speak facts to me.

My eyes still wide in shock, I am unable to respond with words, just a simple nod of my head; your hand still holding mine on top of your erect cock. I try to take my hand away and you hold it firmly in place, even begin to rub my hand up and down. Groaning as my hand, with your direction adds pressure and continues to move over your throbbing cock.

My own inner thigh damp with dribbles of my juices, I squish my legs together as my hand glides over your pants; smiling at you over the table. Your head is back against the back of the chair, the hand you had over mine is now dropped to your side and you are jerking upwards to allow me better access.

I get into the job at hand and begin to undo your pants. I am over excited so willing to please you. I inch off my chair and kneel to your side as I undo the button then lean in with my mouth to use my teeth to undo the zipper. Looking at your hardness showing through the thin fabric of your boxer briefs I lick my lips with anticipation of what is to come.

Easing my mouth closer to your cock, taking a deep breath as my hand is stroking you, then taking you from confinement as I stick my tongue out and run it along each section of hardness as it is revealed. Breathing in the smell, my excitement fills my lungs and I get more aroused; wanting to devour your cock fast and furious.

Lashing my tongue out and curling it in to catch your tip to lure it in my mouth. Sucking gently at first then increasing my suction as I hear you moan in satisfaction. Suddenly your hand is in my hair pulling my head up, off of your cock. I attempt to work through the pain of my hair being pulled to stay with my lips tightly gripped on the head of your cock, but you are stronger then me and eventually win where your cock is released with a pop from the break in suction. Whimpering as you move my head to tilt back and look up at you.

"Not yet little one, I want you to stand up in front of me. Strip for me and let me watch you do it slowly to please me. Once your clothes are off and you turn around twice for me to see all of you, you are to move back to the sitting room and lay with your back down on the rug closest to the fire. Your hands are to be stretched up above your head clasped together. Then your legs are to be spread as far apart as you can get them. You will wait there for me to come to you." You demand of me with a lusty voice.

"As you wish!" I respond while beginning to strip in front of you.

I lift my shirt up and off with a gentle toss to the floor. My nipples growing harder as the air brushes against them; my body quivers as the chill hits my upper parts. Feeling the air swirl gently around me a minute before I take my hand and remove the small lace panties covering my pussy. Taking them off and placing them on the floor with my shirt. Then standing up slowly as I pivot around a couple times, willing my mind to take over my body to stop the chills running down my spine. I look to you and you have your hand stroking your still exposed hard cock as you watch me intently. Sure that my juices are obvious as they trickle down my inner thigh, I start to blush and cross my legs.

I move toward the rug, sitting and then lowering down on my back, raising my hands above my head, clasping them together and spreading my legs. I breathe deeply, take inventory of my reactions to this scenario, the things I hope you might do or not do. Closing my eyes, I feel that my hair is loose and falls around my head and shoulders like a sea of blonde curls. I wander down to my face, my cheeks rosy with the blush covering them. My lips plump with arousal and the urge to have your lips against them, tongue piercing through to search my mouth. Moaning as I get to my neck, feeling the little tiny hairs on the back of it standing up. My nipples in peaks upon the softness of my full mounds; my mind moving along to my tummy feeling how the muscles tighten and then release, causing the anticipation to ease slightly. Then a gasp of air as I realize that each inch lower has my whole body tensing, I feel the wetness that has pooled just below me from the trickling of my increased arousal.

I keep my eyes closed and take advantage of waiting for you by clenching my inner muscles then releasing them. Kegel exercises should have me nice and tight for whatever you have planned. I hear the chair you were sitting on move and your foot steps come closer to the rug. I feel you standing above me your breathing hard and fast. You are aroused by the sight of me which causes my body to react more as my hips thrust upward then I regain control and gently lay back on the rug.

You growl at me and it worries me a little. I am afraid that I have displeased you, until I feel your hands on my ankles. One on either side as they glide up my legs, your calloused hand feeling its way up my smooth skin, until it reaches above my knee a ways to where my inner thigh begins and stops. My hips again thrust upward excited and let down that you have stopped. I open my eyes to see you. You are laid out between my legs and you are simply staring at my womanhood. My flower is facing your eyes and you seem to be telling it who owns it. I chuckle softly as I read the intensity in your expression and then sigh contently lowering my head back onto the rug. You moan as your finger finds the river of wetness trickling down and dip into it, then bring your finger to your lips and suck on it. A growl mixed with a moan is heard throughout the room.

You are placing kisses up from my knee, to my inner thigh and then you are drawing my pussy lips into your mouth. Suckling on them one at a time, moving up to my clit and taking a turn sucking on it as well. I lift my head to look at you, whimpering and my eyes begging. Smiling at me you nod. After as long as we have known each other I know that you just gave me permission to show my pleasure and return it freely. I begin to moan louder and louder as your mouth stays intent on making my clit highly aroused and sensitive. I am so close to the edge already that when you plunge your finger inside my pussy with great ease I am brought over the edge pulsing around your finger and screaming in ecstasy.

Still panting you move your body up mine and sit over my chest, not applying pressure but perched just below my breasts. You pick the left one up and bring it to your mouth, sucking on the nipple while using your teeth to rasp along it. I moan again as my eyes look deep into yours. Your cock is jutting up your abdomen it is so rigid and straight it looks as though it is uncomfortable. I look at it then back to your eyes as your mouth releases my nipple and you cup the sides of my breasts and push them together tight. You lean your body down and your cock is now peeking through at me. I relish the way your cock looks sticking out this end of my tits. I bring my head up to lick the eye of your cock, just a simple flick in and around. You again growl out loud and thrust hard so that your balls slap against the bottom of my tits.

You let one breast go, using your hand to pinch my nose gently so that my mouth opens. Your eyes shooting me a stay like that look. I obey and press my chin to my chest as your hand regains possession of my breast then pushes it against your cock so as to sandwich them together; then, with strong hands squeezing my breasts tightly around your cock my mouth catching your cock each time. You are panting and growling I can see your face as you strain to hold in your release. You stop fucking my tits and move closer to my mouth, one hand gently pushing my head back to rest on the mat. You get up on your legs and stand directly over me, tilting my head as you slowly lower your cock into my mouth.

One of your hands on the floor for support as your other one holds my chin down. My mouth open wide as you lower your cock in deeper. I feel you taking my mouth inch by inch; your rod tickling the back of my throat and keeps going. So slowly that I feel how your cock owns my throat, how it takes it over inch by inch. I begin to gag and you stop your assault to let me regain control. Once again you push further down and I am gagging again. You pull back long enough for me to be alright but continue to forge on until you are up to your balls in my mouth. My throat feels as though it has swallowed you but accepts your large hard cock with pleasure. You are breathing heavy, your cock is pulsing in my throat until you let out the loudest guttural cry and it reverberates off of the walls. Your cum is shooting fast and hard down my throat as your hand is rubbing the outside to help ease your seed down. I sputter and gag some more as I swallow hard again and again.

You wait a few more minutes and when you begin to soften from your release you remove your cock and collapse beside me on the rug. You take my hands from where they are clasped above my head and place them on my belly. I shake my arms a little to work out the stiffness and then wrap them around you. You lean in to kiss my forehead then whisper, "Rest for now, sweet girl."

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