I am shaking with anticipation. We have been discussing the topic of submission for a while. I have never given ALL control to a man in my life. But, I am feeling the desire to give you the reigns and let you take me to new heights of ecstasy. Teach me the pleasure of pain. Show me that the loss of control is not a terrible thing.

I think I'm ready. I trust you enough not to hurt me. Yet, push my comfort zone out a little at a time. We have agreed to the code word.

You have asked me to meet you here, a motel. And to be in lingerie that makes me easily accessible to you without taking any of it off.

I am in black thigh high hose, black open crotch panties and a black bustier with no cups in it. To leave my nipples accessible. I am lying on the bed in a candle lit room just thinking about what is about to happen.

I hear your key in the door and I close my eyes. I wait for you to enter and begin the game. I am dripping with pussy juice at the anticipation. My stomach is quivering and my legs start to shake as you draw near me.

I feel your hands on the inside of my thighs and I hear you whisper, "It's going to be alright."

I take a deep breath as I feel you take a hold of my wrists and draw them up over my head. I feel the ties go around both wrists and then tighten against the headboard. I feel the blindfold cover my eyes and my breath is almost taken away. "This is really going to happen," I'm thinking.

I hear you clothes coming off and put on the table next to the door. I feel the warmth of your body as it draws close to me and covers me. I feel your cock on my lips and I reach out my tongue to lick it. You pull it away from me and tell me that you'll give me what you want me to have. I feel it rub my lips and slowly it starts to part them, seeking the warmth of the inside of my mouth. You press it in and pull it out. When you press it in again it goes a little deeper.

You repeat the action until it is going down my throat. I am moaning around your cock in my mouth. I feel your hands reach behind my head and force me deeper onto your cock. Several strokes and many moans into this I feel your cock start to twitch and I feel the warmth and taste the saltiness of your cum. You let part of it go into my mouth and then pull it out and come all over my tits.

You tell me I am now to be punished for making you come so soon. I am not allowed to come, no matter what. I feel ties wrap behind my knees and I feel first one then the other being pulled up and tied to opposite bedposts. I am now fully exposed. And extremely helpless. I moan as I feel your tongue gently flick the ring in my hood. I feel you lay on the bed and begin to rub my pussy. I gasp when I feel your mouth cover my nipple and begin to suck. I feel your teeth grab hold of the ring and begin to tug as your finger slips inside of me. My ass lifts higher off the bed as I try to get that finger deeper. Your mouth moves off my nipple and your finger pulls out of my pussy and I hear you move away.

"You are to lie there and let me do what I want." you tell me.

I let out a cry as I feel the whip come down on my bare pussy. I feel my pussy moisten and open up. Before the tingle from the first one goes away I feel another slap of the whip. And I moan loudly.

I feel your finger go back inside of me and begin to pump in and out. I feel another slide in next to it and groan with pleasure. After a few strokes I feel finger #3 slip in there and I instinctively tighten. It is slightly painful. I feel your lips kiss the inside of my thigh and begin to relax. You move you fingers in and out for a minute before I feel the coolness of a lube being poured all over my hot pussy.

I know what is next. I have been telling you I wanted to try fisting and I think it is about to happen.

I feel your pinky begin to push its way in and I gasp as the pain tears through me. Again, I feel your lips kiss my thigh and I begin to relax. Your hand starts to rotate and I feel you moving your fingers inside me. I like the full feeling it is giving me.

More lube and I feel the thumb begin to work its way in. I scream and almost give you the code word. The pain is unreal!! And just as it starts it is over and you whisper to me to look.

You remove the blindfold and I can see your entire hand inside my dripping, hot pussy. I feel your fingers close and you begin to move it in and out. Your knuckles are rubbing my g-spot and I feel myself starting to come. The warm feeling in my belly builds faster and I begin to scream.

Right as I start to come you yank your hand out. This causes me to go right over the edge. I flood come all over the bed and your hand. I can feel it pouring down the crack of my ass.

"I told you no coming." You say.

I feel my legs being released from the ties as you turn me onto my belly. My wrists are even more tightly restrained now. I can barely move my arms.

You push me up onto my knees and spread them apart.

I feel the whip again on my ass and begin to moan. I feel it several times before I feel your hand replace it. I jump as the palm of your hand makes connection with my freshly fisted pussy. I feel your tongue slide down the crack of my ass and probed my asshole. I groan in pleasure. You run your tongue around the outside before pushing it in to the dark little hole. I push back against it. You spank me again. I am dripping again now. But I relax to let you have your way.

I feel one hand come down on the left ass cheek, hard. And the other comes down on the right ass cheek, hard. As you spread the cheeks apart I feel your cock push up against the place your tongue had just been. I groan loudly as you push it in slowly. I am moaning consistently now as you push in and pull out. Slowly, at first, then faster and deeper.

You are fucking my ass now. And I am screaming for you to do it harder and deeper and faster. And I let out an animal growl as I feel you're hot cum fill up my ass.

My legs are weak so I stretch them out and I feel you collapse on top of me. I love the feeling of your cock going limp in my ass. And, my ass still twitching around it. I feel my hands free from the restraints. As I roll over you slide out of me.

You kiss me and tell me I did well. And begin to kiss me more.

"Thank you." I whisper against your lips before falling to the depths of sleep.

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