tagLesbian SexSuburban Housewives Ch. 03

Suburban Housewives Ch. 03


Over the course of the following days Jen and Annie found themselves more distracted than they had ever been before. Thoughts filled the young mothers' minds, thoughts of each other, of what they had done and how much they had enjoyed it and desired to try it again. Nevertheless, life must go on and tended to get in the way of their passion. Indeed, it was more than just the business of life that restrained them; it was also an unnerving fear of embarking on that journey again. This was especially the case for the more conservative, even up tight, Jen who still had many misgivings and a sense of guilt about what transpired. It was over a week after their first sexual encounter before they saw one another again. It was Annie who finally broached the subject of reuniting, albeit for a simple chat over tea some morning and later maybe a little lunch, with the emphatic stress that there were no strings attached, no expectations of anything more than two friends returning to their usual enjoyable discussions; it was going to be just like old times, Annie assured Jen.

Although Jen was assured of the innocence of their meeting, she still felt conflicted about how to dress for the occasion. In the end, she wore a simple pencil skirt, whose hem was undoubtedly a little shorter --perhaps two inches above the knees - than was typical for Jen; with small slits up the sides and matching jacket, a pretty blouse; with a fine, lacey red bra and matching panties, not to mention thigh high stockings- all a little more provocative then was common for her to wear, but still decidedly conservative and unrevealing. Further, Jen made sure she had her best makeup highlights, not too much as to be gaudy or 'tarty,' but enough to accentuate her appearance; especially her crystal blue eyes, along with a little extra attention to giving more curl to her shoulder length hair. To cap off her outfit, Jen wore one of her best pairs of shoes -- quite a flat heel, since she was already quite tall- and a cute little handbag that seemed to add a little more feminine appeal.

Just as Annie was about to answer the door, Jen felt a pang of regret at ever coming, "This is so wrong, I'm a happily married woman . . .and mother too!"

Yet, when she saw her friend's friendly smiling face, her apprehension disappeared. "Hey you!" Annie let out with her typically warm, laid-back tone, "I've been hoping you'd show up soon." With that Annie gave Jen a quick nonsexual hug, putting Jen at ease. Still, Jen felt there might be more to this visit when she saw that Annie was wearing something especially feminine and pretty; something she didn't regularly do.

It was a very lovely dress, with buttons all the way up the front from the hem to the collar. Its hem was also fairly short, easily three inches above the knee. Her skirts were such that the slip was quite clearly underneath, yet it was also clear she did not have a bra on as the dress was quite sheer and the gaps between the button holes were larger than they maybe should have been; exposing much skin (that is, cleavage and quite a direct view of most of her breasts), as well as the obvious, easy to see dark coloring of her entire areolas. It was also clear Annie had no hose and either just a thong or maybe nothing at all underneath, with just her recently shaved soft, smooth legs jutting from under her dress. All the while she wore rather sexy open toe high heels that displayed her also recently red painted toenails and a toe ring on each of her feet's second toes, which just seemed to give her appearance a little extra sensuality. Annie's shoes also did quite a bit to even the difference between the women's heights.

As the women chatted, laughed, and settled down in the living room for a cup of tea and more frivolous gossip, it almost seemed like old times; as if nothing sexual had happened between them. Finally, it was when Jen noticed something new near the fireplace that began to unravel this state of trite conversation and turn it into another direction.

"Oh what is that by the fireplace, Annie? I must see!" Jen exuded before getting up to go nearer, then bending over to look at the item.

"Oh it's nothing, just a little knick knack I found at a local shop," replied Annie nonchalantly; though inside a growing desire emerged as she watched her friend's buttocks rise up (as did her skirt's hemline) and protrude through her skirt as she bent over to inspect the thing.

"Is that so, it looks rather funny, what is it?" Jen inquired, her hand reaching to touch the gnome like figurine, before accidentally knocking it over. "Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to do that!" Jen blushed and tried to fix what she had done.

"Oh you really can be a clumsy girl, can't you, Jen?" Annie said with a vexed tone as she got up to help, "here, let me take care of it!" Annie pushed Jen a little out of the way and fixed the item, provoking Jen to retaliate.

"Hey, don't push me, I didn't mean to knock it over!" Jen rebuked, pushing Annie a little harder than Annie had pushed her.

"Watch it chick or they'll be hell to pay!" Annie grabbed Jen and pushed her to the floor onto her back, her legs flying somewhat open, with her skirt pushed back a bit. Jen quickly scrambled up and soon the two women engaged in a somewhat heated, albeit also playful, wrestling match. It became quite the sight to see, two grown women dressed in quite refined, feminine attire, pushing each other, rolling on the floor, increasingly disassembling what had previously been well assembled housewives.

"You little minx, you!" Jen called out, her skirt already forced well up her thighs revealing her stocking's tops, her blouse pulled fully out of her skirt with many buttons already popped open exposing her pretty lace bra as she tried to hold her wrestling partner down.

Annie growled and fought hard, her dress' hem also pushed up and its buttons in a various states of openness, exposing much of her bare breasts underneath.

"You are in for it now, you little ho!" Annie shouted.

Her words went further than either woman had gone before, eliciting even more of a struggle before Annie tickled Jen's underarms then used her strong thighs to clench on Jen's abdomen, thus using her only advantage to gain the upper hand and hold her opponent down.

"Now who's the minx, huh slut?" Annie stared down at her squirming friend, her hands pushing Jen's to the floor while she sat on her stomach. The sight of Jen laying there, blouse now mostly open, bra pushed up exposing all of one and most of the other breast, excited Annie. Jen felt much the same way as she saw her friend's now wild, thick long hair, her dress' open top revealing her lovely two orbs of flesh, while her dress' skirt and its subordinate slip were over her hips; exposing most of her legs.

The women began to giggle uncontrollably before Annie leaned down to kiss Jen square on the lips, setting the two women ablaze with passion again. Jen reached up to cup and gently feel Annie's bare breasts, making the older woman moan with appreciation and rock on her partner's body, "that feels wonderful, let me see if you like it too." She reciprocated Jen's actions, making both women moan with pleasure as their fingers and thumbs played with the entirety of each others' breasts, not just squeezing them but rubbing, pulling, pinching, and twisting each nipple. The girls returned to a naughtier form of wrestling, now writhing over each others' bodies, playing with, even slapping each other on the breast, while their hips interlocked and engaged in a variety of squirming moves, grinding and what was becoming ever more apparently dry humping.

Annie forcibly flipped her larger lover's body over, placing her on her stomach and pulled Jen's skirt up to bare most of her panty clad bottom.

"Mmmmm, very pretty baby" Annie exhorted, her fingers caressing the fabric and the buttocks underneath, "makes me very wet seeing you like this!" With that she tugged at the pretty undergarment until Jen's entire buttocks were revealed. Annie then unbuttoned more of her dress to disclose most of her body before pulling up her slip to demonstrate only a bare, hairy twat underneath. Jen glanced back and smiled before letting out a sigh of satisfaction that they had returned to their sensual relations, her dampened pretty panties, appearing as if it were a mere wet rag, were now pulled to her knees.

Annie straddled the big girl's larger, round ass before properly mounting one of its fleshy cheeks with her now very wet cunt. "You have such a lovely full, round ass. I've wanted to do this for a long time," she gasped as her pussy began to slowly rub Jen's butt cheek into it; Annie's grunts and moans soon followed as she ran her fingernails over Jen's now mostly bare back (as her blouse had been pushed up during the scuffle), before then clasping Jen's non-mounted ass cheek with a firm grip of her hand. Jen groaned and lifted up her backside until she was on her hands and knees pushing her butt into Annie's near gushing vulva.

"You're such a brazen little wench, Annie, I can't believe what we are doing," Jen offered in a breathy, rather husky voice. Annie noted Jen's larger breasts below, now freely swaying as Annie rode her friend's derriere in a truly obscene manner.

Annie again ran her fingernails over Jen's back then her side before reaching around and under to trace her slightly chubby belly; caressing her belly's button hole before sliding up her chest to grasp Jen's dangling breasts.

"Ooooo yaaaa I love that baby," Jen gulped as Annie dug her fingernails into the voluptuous mounds as she squeezed them with greater force, pressing Jen's nipples between her finger and thumb until they were far more distended then before. Jen felt a strong mixture of pleasure and pain that was demonstrated by a flailing of her head and hair, then corresponded with a loud cry and moan, "Damn bitch, you're making me sooo wet!"

"Who are you calling bitch, cunt? The only bitch I see around here is underneath me, I think you're my bitch!," Annie laughed menacingly and slapped her partner's ass cheek with great relish, before returning to squeeze and knead Jen's mammary glands, as well as prod and prick them with her nails.

"Oh gosh, Annie, that really feels amazing. It kind of hurts but I feel so alive!" Jen squealed with glee. "Plus I've never used so many dirty words at one time in my life," she continued with a chuckle.

"Yes, you have been very naughty and I can see you really do enjoy this by what I see back here," Annie chortled as she looked back at her partner's fully exposed ass and pussy, before running a finger over the well lubricated hairy cunny lips before plunging the digit deep between them.

"Oh darling, you really know how to push all the right buttons," Jen said with a moan.

"Yes, but I'm not through yet," said Annie as she dug deeper now with two fingers before remounting her larger friend, straddled over her spinal area. Her hand reached back to continue her fingers' probe and, at the same time, Annie reached out her other hand to grasp at a swaying breast and pulling it to the side with a rough squeeze Annie began to squeeze her legs together around Jen's midriff and cry out, "Ride 'em cowboy!" with a hoarse laugh and toss of her head, making her long thick hair fly in the air. Jen grunted and groaned with the rough, wild treatment, but never complained instead egging on her new found lover with demands for more.

The lusty housewives continued their rollicking play. One, then the other, was on top, rolling over and again on the floor, writhing and rubbing their ever warmer and wetter bodies on each other; their clothes (what were still left on them) barely clinging to them, each with obvious wet appearance. Indeed, Annie's dress was now laying in a crumpled heap on the living room floor near their play area; as she was left with only her slip for cover, and even that was mostly rolled up around her hips in a wrinkled, uneven arrangement. Jen was no better; now fully topless, while her skirt and stockings were all that remained of her attire. Like Annie's slip, Jen's skirt was also pushed up over her hips in a wrinkled, tousled manner and her stockings now obviously sported small tears and holes, especially nearer her thighs.

After several minutes of their clutching, grabbing, rolling and rubbing, they found each other wrapped in a warm embrace; legs interlaced, until their truly sopping, warm honey pots met to form an intoxicating melding of hair and folds of genital skin. The mature ladies (who were now acting anything but like mature or refined ladies), grasped at each others' breasts, squeezing, twisting, pulling, and pinching at them as they held fast to their engorged, reddened tits. Meanwhile, their aching womanhood discovered a higher level of female 'interaction' and a resultant sensual friction that was beyond what they could ever have imagined. Before too long, the trollops collapsed in each others' arms from yet another orgasm. Yet, in time they returned to their game, neither willing to give an inch or say 'uncle' in their unofficial sport.

"I want you on top of me," urged Jen as she lay flat on the floor, "I want to feel your flower pressed on my breasts, I want to smell its scent, I want to touch its petals and taste its nectar."

Annie gave no resistance to this request, quickly clambering onto her big girlfriend's belly with her wide open legs and her juice dripping hairy snatch pressed eagerly against it, "You like this doll?" Annie asked devilishly, her hands once again kneading, pinching, pulling, and slapping her lover's breasts.

Jen merely let out another sigh and grabbed hold of Annie's ass, urging it up her body.

"Oh so you want me here then, huh baby?" Annie grinned, her runny flower now alternating between Jen's significant tits as her sex toy, mounting and grinding down on each as if they were massive cocks. Jen just moaned and rubbed her thumb over Annie's asshole before prodding her on to the next goal.

"You ever do this to a girl before, Jen?" Annie inquired as she kneeled over her pal's face, her rather skanky matted sex just inches from Jen's mouth, "you ever taste a woman like this?"

Jen slowly shook her head while her hands caressed Annie's belly, thighs, and clit. "No, this is all new to me, I've always been such a good girl."

Annie roared with laughter, "well I think we can lay that belief to rest!"

Jen joined in the giggling before taking in a heady breath of Annie's pungent scent. Jen slowly pushed out her tongue and allowed it to teasingly graze Annie's clit before more adventurously running it along her pussy lips.

Annie moaned, "Ooooooo yaaaaa, that's good, you sure you've never done this before?"

"No, never," Jen gave a muffled reply, her tongue now confidently exploring Annie's genitals, with deeper, harder strokes.

Jen excitedly lapped and probed Annie's quim, ensuring she had fully discovered all aspects of her new found land. As she did this, Jen's hands also explored the rest of Annie -- feeling her lovely breasts, squeezing her butt cheeks, rubbing her back, even teasingly running her thumb over Annie's asshole again. Annie mirrored Jen's hand movements as far as she could. Jen pushed Annie up a little farther, Annie's ass cheeks now overlapping Jen's face in a lewd, obscene fashion. Jen's tongue worked its magic over Annie's pussy but soon found itself darting over her little rosebud, then pressing up into it to taste the special juice that lightly trickled out from its orifice.

Annie groaned and bucked making her long bottom crevice rub over Jen's sopping face. "Good god girl, you make me wanna cum so fast!"

Jen hummed into Annie's underside then slipped her pinky inside Annie's butthole, delicately drilling up inside.

"Oh fuck, yes! Do me, . . .do me hard!" Annie cried out as she lashed about, clasping hard onto her firm, pointy breasts; pulling and twisting at her rock hard nipples.

After a few minutes, Annie felt a surging orgasm which made her leak her love juices all over Jen's face. "Mmmm you really taste wonderful, too bad I keep getting hairs in my mouth!" giggled Jen.

"Well we could do something about that, you know?" Annie replied somewhat impudently.

"You mean . . . you want to shave it?" Jen gasped.

"Actually, I was thinking you'd shave me and I you, but we can do that a little later." Annie said with a wink. "In the meantime, I want to continue more of what we're doing."

Annie leaned over Jen, with her ass perched slightly up in the air and her pussy still within close reach of Jen's tender tongue. Annie ran her fingers over Jen's drenched poon before sliding one, then two fingers inside her. Jen moaned and returned to eating her friend's sweet nectar filled opening. Looking around her, Annie saw a collection of gourds that had been put out on display nearby. In it was a long, ornamental gourd with a fairly wide girth, more than an average man's penis that caught her eye. She was just able to grab the item without leaving the orifices of her friend and held it up to her for inspection.

"What do you think? Would this do to satisfy some of your naughty cravings?" Annie giggled as Jen glanced over to see what Annie was holding and gasped at the sight of the fruit, but her shock soon gave way to a lustful gaze and a nod of her head.

"Yes, fill me like you were my man, but better, sweetheart!" Jen implored.

Annie took her fingers from Jen's holes and ran the gourd over her vulva in order to lubricate the thing.

Realizing Jen's juices may not be enough to accommodate the items easy entry, Annie got up and fetched some vegetable oil and rubbed down the substitute phallus until it was dripping with oil. Yet, when she returned she realized Jen would be better suited on all fours. Enticing her lover to assume the position, Annie began to rub Jen's eager beaver.

"Oh my, what a pretty fuzzy peach you have here, soft and wet in the center I am sure!" Annie chuckled and with that Annie began to slowly, carefully press the gourd's end into Jen's partially pre-opened (thanks to Annie's fingers holding her lips open) love crack. With great care and consideration, Annie gradually eased in the large substitute member. Jen's eyes rolled in her head as she let out a wild, passion filled yelp. The fruit had now created a gaping, then sucking hole that enveloped it before it was thrust and withdrawn in increasing succession.

Annie wanted to enjoy more sensations with her girl, so although she opened Jen's legs and, as far as could be done, pussy farther apart; she again mounted one of Jen's silky, smooth thighs- her mangled slip barely more than a band of cloth round her waist. Annie ensured her lips were also parted and resting on Jen's skin, as she increased the speed and intensity of the gourd's fucking motion within Jen's hole, while Annie mimicked this movement with her own wet and wild rubbing of her mound over her bosom buddy's thigh.

"Oh ya, that feels amazing, it's soooo fucking big I can hardly take it in!" Jen exploded with a wild sound as the shaft drove gradually deeper inside her; Annie's grinding pussy rubbing on Jen's thigh also intensified as she pushed the phallus farther into her girlfriend's cunny.

"Good thing you've had a couple of kids, huh? So you can enjoy the experience more," Annie joked as she continued her probe. Within a short time, Jen felt a swelling feeling that resulted in a massive orgasm and significant rush of fluid from her yawning clam and down her inner thighs.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YAAAAAA!!!!" Jen squealed with delight at the sensation, "It's almost like you're doing me like a man, actually going inside me." Jen smiled back at the darling matron behind her.

"Well, if you really want me inside you, I have another idea that might pique your interest," Annie purred with a menacingly devilish smirk.

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