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Sucking at the Gym


It is amazing how easy it is being bi-sexual anymore. I am 38, and live in South Jersey. I've known I've been bi since I was around 14 or so. I remember finding my brothers porn collection, and getting turned on by both the women and the men.

When I started looking for gay sex, it was always harder than now. Going to the adult bookstore and the bath house were always hit or miss...just like they are today. But now the internet makes things so much easier. I've met a few guys online, and sucked and fucked some nice cocks, and this is when happed just last week.

There are a few adult dating/sex sites I check out. I have a profile and get a decent amount of replies to my ad. I am 6' tall and around 190 lbs., and pretty good looking. A guy near my area responded to my ad. He was a good looking black guy, who was in really good shape. I told him I was looking to suck and swallow (it's always good to get right to the point). I asked for a nude, pic but he said he didn't have one. That is usually a problem, but he added that he had a nice 8 inch dick for me to suck. I figured it was worth a shot.

He is a personal trainer, and worked at gym not too far from my house, and told me to come over around 11:30, after a client left. I drove to the place and parked down the block. I saw him at the front door looking for me. He looked older than I thought he would, and was a little unsure about going in, but again, figured I would give it a shot. I walked in and he locked the front door behind me. I then followed him to the back office. As I was making my way, I though of all of those porn movies of people fucking in the gym, and was almost hope for that, but not today. Once in the office, he knew what he wanted. He had his shirt off in seconds, followed by his shorts. He had the body of a former bodybuilder. He was little overweight, but still looked good. And his cock...it was nice. Easily the 8 inches he mentioned, and very thick.

My hands went right for his cock, and he was hard right away. He was thick too, and I could barely get my hands all the way around. He was into body contact, so I stroked his cock why he rubbed my body. After a few minutes I finally got on my knees and took his big cock into my mouth. It was nice and thick. I went down as far as I could, but couldn't take the whole thing in my mouth. I then started to stroke his cock with my left hand while sucking as deep as I could. I used my right hand to go from my own hard 7 inch cock to his balls. It was so hot feeling his cock in my mouth, with hands on his shaft and balls. This went on for a few minutes before he took over. I could tell from his breathing that he was getting close, and he started to really fuck my mouth hard. I keep stroking and sucking the best I could, but he was just taking over. He started to moan, and his thrusts got a little stronger until I felt the first shot of his cum hit my tongue and the back of my throat. He didn't shot a big load, which I was a little disappointed in, but it was nice. After I swallowed everything, I gave his cock a few more strokes to get all of the cum out.

After that, I had to cum myself. I stood up with his cock still in my hand. I couldn't believe he was still hard! I started stroking my cock, and he got behind me. At first he started rubbing my ass and body, and then he started to rub his still hard dick on my asshole. It felt amazing. I stroked my cock with one hand and reached through my legs to stroke his cock with my other hand. I could feel the tip of his dick was still wet from his cum and my mouth, so I directed the head of his dick towards my hole. I pushed a bit and the head entered my ass, and it felt amazing. That was all I could take. I told him I was cumming and shot a massive load on to the floor. After I cleaned up, we rubbed each other's cocks for a few seconds, and then got dressed.

While walking out, I again looked at the gym and though about what it would be like to fucked hard by that big cock while bending over a weight bench. There are a lot of windows, but I think we could pull it off. We are supposed to hook up again this week. I will let you know how it goes, if you want...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/06/18

I love sucking black dick!!!!

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by Anonymous02/06/18


I have had a couple of nice black cocks which I really enjoyed sucking the cum out of.
One was 9X3 and could no way take it up my ass, though I so wanted to.

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