tagErotic PoetrySuffocation



I want your titties in my face, right now
it might be a little to much to ask
for you to throw in a little ass
so just smother me with the breasts
a little later, we’ll get to the rest

Open your blouse, button by button
unclasp your bra – from the front or back
let them titties free, and sit in my lap
let me cup my hands underneath
and listen to how heavy you start to breath

Brushing my thumbs across your nipples
feeling them get hard at my touch
wanting one in my mouth so much
tasting your flesh on my tongue,
pressing my face in your cleavage while I hum

Squeeze your breasts together,
with your areolas at my ears
i could stay right here for years
hearing your milk course though
eager to suck that down too

Starting with a sensual nibble
and if you moan just right
i just might
lock my lips around your nipple tip
and give it soft, fast flicks

Your groans and moans make me suck
and that’s when you really get going
all the while knowing
i can’t wait to slide in from behind
but for right now, these titties are mine

Pushed in my mouth, in my face
until my only air is you.
breathing your scent through and through
i could stay like this from sundown to rise,
‘cause this suffocation keeps me alive

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