tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 24

Sultry Summer Ch. 24

byD.C. Roi©

Lori was on pins and needles when she arrived at work Friday morning. She hadn't heard from Ray in several days and was frightened. Had he forgotten about her? Had she done something to make him angry with her? Despite her fears that Ray might not appear for their date, she made arrangements for her friend Marie to take care of her son Donnie for the weekend.

By quitting time she still hadn't heard from Ray and was almost convinced she'd seen the last of him. She shut down her computer, made sure all the files were locked, then she got her coat and prepared to leave for the day.

Ray walked in. "Hello," he said, smiling at her.

"Hi, Ray," Lori replied. Her heart was pounding and she couldn't breathe.

"I must apologize for not getting in touch with you earlier," he said. "Things in Boston were absolutely bizarre. I thought I'd never get them straightened out. I hardly had a moment to think. Are we still on for tonight?"

"Of...of course," Lori replied, delighted.

"Well, then, it looks as if you're through for the day," he said. "Why don't we get going?"

"Ah...sure," Lori said. Even though she hadn't been sure she'd see him she had put on a turquoise surplice top that rode low on her shoulders and a sweeping white wrap skirt that fastened only at the waist with two buttons. When she walked her spectacular legs flashed from the folds of the garment.

"You look fantastic!" Ray said.

Lori felt herself blushing.

He led her out to the limo and they got in. "I thought we'd stop and get something to eat before we went back to my suite," he said. "I still feel guilty about not feeding you Wednesday."

"Oh, Ray, that's silly," Lori said. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "You're so sweet."

"Are you still mine?" he asked.

"Of course," she replied, thrilled.

They went to the same restaurant the had gone to on their first date. This time, both of them had filet mignon. Lori ate more than she'd eaten in months. The wine Ray selected this time was different. He explained that was because they had meat instead of fish. She loved the way he explained things to her without sounding patronizing.

After dinner, it was back to the hotel. This time, Ray was staying in a different penthouse suite.

"You have a different room this time," Lori commented once they were inside.

"This one's bigger," he replied. "It has two bedrooms."

"Oh," Lori said. She wasn't sure why he needed two bedrooms. Maybe, since he'd gotten in late, he had to take this suite because it was the only one the hotel had left.

Ray headed for the bar. "Would you like a drink?" he asked.

"I'd love one," Lori said. She wandered over to the bar and watched as he mixed their drinks. It seemed like he put an awful lot of liquor in the drinks, but she didn't say anything.

Ray finished mixing the drinks and handed Lori hers. She sipped it. It tasted very good, almost as if there were any alcohol in it. "This doesn't taste like a mixed drink," Lori commented. "It tastes more like fruit punch."

"Be careful," Ray warned. "It does taste good, but it's a really potent mixture. If you aren't careful, it will sneak up on you."

"Is that your plan?" Lori asked, smiling at him. "Do you plan to get me drunk and take advantage of me?"

"You never know," Ray said, grinning back at her. He came out from behind the bar and they walked to the sofa and sat down.

Ray wasn't pushing sex so hard tonight, Lori noticed, and she liked that. Their previous times together consisted mainly of sex and, as good as that sex had been, there were things she didn't know about Ray, but she wanted to. If she was going to be "his woman," she wanted to get to know him.

"You know," she said, "you never told me what you do for a living." She knew it had something to do with investments, but she wasn't sure exactly what it was.

"Mostly I play the stock market," Ray said. "I received a substantial inheritance and I've managed to make it grow."

"That's...that's all you do?" Lori asked, surprised. She had never known anyone who didn't have a job.

"I also serve on the board of several corporations," he said. "And of a few charities as well. It keeps me busy. I suppose it isn't what most people would call a job, but I like the freedom." He smiled, then he reached out stroked her face lightly. "It allowed me to meet you, didn't it?"

"I guess so," Lori said, thrills beginning to rush through her. "I'm glad about that. I really am."

"Then I'm glad," Ray said. He set down his drink, bent his head, and covered her lips with his.

Lori felt familiar emotions sweeping over her the minute Ray's lips contacted hers. She was so happy she felt faint.

"Why don't we go into the bedroom?" Ray suggested after the kiss ended. "By the way, I think your outfit is lovely..." He smiled gently. "But I know you'll look even lovelier out of it."

Lori felt her face grow hot and didn't know what to say, so she took another sip of her drink, then set it down.

Ray stood up, pulled her to her feet, and led her into one of the suite's bedrooms. The bedroom in this suite was more opulent than the one in the other suite had been. The bed was king-sized and there were mirrors on the ceiling.

"Oh, wow!" Lori exclaimed, looking around the ornate room. "This is incredible!"

"I'm glad you like it," Ray murmured. He started kissing her neck and, at the same time, he pulled her blouse out of her skirt.

Lori raised her arms so he could pull the blouse over her head. The buttons holding her skirt were quickly undone, then she stood before him wearing only a thong bikini. She'd purposely gone without a bra, even though she felt terribly daring doing so.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" she murmured when Ray's hands began sliding lightly over her bare skin. "God, it always feels so wonderful when you touch me!"

He nibbled her neck. "That's the whole idea," he whispered.

Lori began unbuttoning Ray's shirt and managed to get that off, then she got his pants undone and they fell around his feet. Ray stepped out of them and kicked off his loafers, then she slid his under shorts down. When he was naked, she knelt in front of him, took his semi-hard cock in her hands and began stroking and kissing it.

"Gahhhhhhddddd!!! My dove!!! My sweet dove!!!" Ray crooned. Before long, he was hard as steel and his legs were shaking. He pulled Lori to her feet, into his arms, and joined his lips to hers in a torrid kiss. While they kissed, he maneuvered them to the bed.

Lori gasped when she felt herself falling, then she giggled softly when she realized she was lying on top of Ray. His rigid cock was pressing her soft belly. "You want me, don't you?" she whispered.

"You know I do," Ray replied urgently.

"Let's do something about it, then," Lori murmured. She reached between them, grasped his cock, and centered the head between the lubricant-slick lips of her vagina. "Ohhhhhhhh!!!" she groaned as, with a powerful thrust, he plunged into her.

"That's what I've been dreaming about!" Ray exclaimed, his voice reflecting his need, as his hips drove up off the bed, slamming his groin against Lori's.

"Me...tooo!!! Oh, God, me, too!!!" Lori groaned. Ray's hands surrounded her breasts, his thumbs rubbed her extended nipples, and sparks of ecstasy arced through her. "Goddddd!!! Oh, Ray!!! Ray!!! Ray!!!" She rode him, her strawberry blonde hair flying, her body rocking from the force of his thrusts. She never wanted this wonder to end! Never! She was his woman! He'd said so! And she was going to see to it he always felt that way!

Passion blossomed, grew, built on itself, and grew some more in Lori. She knew she wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. Then... "Ray!!! Oh, God, Ray!!! Take meeeeeee!!! Now!!! Please!!! I...I can't wait any more!!! Please!!! Please!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Yessssssssssssssss!!! Yesssssssssssss!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!" she screamed as she came wildly, ecstatically, blissfully.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Ray groaned, shooting his hot juices into her.

"I can't get over how wonderful making love with you is!" Lori gushed when they were snuggled together on the bed afterward.

Ray kissed her. "I'm glad you are happy, my dove," he said. "You have no idea what a rare and wonderful experience it is to find someone as special as you. Are you still my woman?"

"Of course I am, I'll always be your woman!" Lori replied.

"You'll do whatever makes me happy?" Ray asked.

"Of course!" Lori told him. "You know that!"

Ray peered at her carefully. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Anything?"

"Of course," Lori replied. She didn't understand why Ray kept asking her these questions. Couldn't he tell how much he meant to her? Why did he constantly have to be reassured? Was it possible he was as insecure as she was? That idea made her feel even more strongly about him.

"Then if I asked you to do something that would give me pleasure, you'd do it?" Ray asked.

"Yes! I'll do anything you want me to! Ray, why are you asking me these questions?" Lori asked.

"I want to be sure," he said. "I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to do."

Lori kissed him and hugged him. "I'll do anything you want! Gladly!!! Anything!" she gushed.

Ray kissed her and got off the bed. "Would you like another drink?" he asked.

"Sure, just so it tastes as good as the last one," Lori replied. She watched Ray leave the room and was puzzled. He seemed a bit reserved, almost distracted tonight. The other times they were together they'd had non-stop sex. Why was Ray acting so different this time?

A few minutes later, Ray walked back into the bedroom carrying a drink and handed it to Lori. She was thirsty and, without thinking, drank most of it in down in one swallow. She'd forgotten how potent it was until the alcohol in the drink began to cause warmth to wash over her. "God," she giggled, "You weren't kidding. These drinks do sneak up on you, don't they? I feel kind of funny."

Ray smiled. "I warned you to be careful, didn't I?" he said. "Now, I have a surprise for you. Are you interested?"

"A surprise?" Lori exclaimed. "What...what is it?" It occurred to her that he might be about to propose to her a tremor of joy shook her.

"It's something that will make both of us very happy," Ray said. "If you'll do it for me."

Lori felt a flicker of disappointment. It didn't sound as if the surprise was a proposal after all. Then she brightened. "I'll do anything you want!" she said, "I told you that!"

"All right," Ray said. He stood up and started for the doorway, then he stopped and turned to face her. "I'll be right back, my sweet dove. Don't go away."

Lori had no intention of leaving. She heard a door open, and the sound of soft voices. What was going on?

When Ray walked back into the room Lori was more shocked than she'd ever been in her life. There was a black woman with him! And she was nude! Lori pulled the covers over her naked body. What was happening? What did he think he was doing?

Ray walked over and sat on the bed next to her. "Don't be frightened, my dove," he said, his voice soft. "This lovely creature is Lu'Wanna Washington. She's a good friend of mine."

Lori opened her eyes and looked at the black woman. She was extremely attractive, her skin light brown. Although she was thin, she had huge, firm breasts, which thrust proudly from her chest and were capped by dark circles from which emerged the largest nipples Lori had ever seen.

"Ray...wh...what...what are...are...you...doing?" Lori stammered. What was going on? Why was the other woman there? Why wasn't she dressed?

"Remember the promise you made to me?" Ray said. He began stroking her bare arm and shoulder and, in spite of her growing uneasiness, Lori felt delight beginning to rush through her, just as it always did when he touched her. "Don't you remember? You said you would do anything I wanted you to do."

"I...I..." Lori stammered. What was he talking about? This wasn't what she meant when she said that.

"Well..." Ray murmured as he bent and kissed her on the cheek. "I want you to make love with Lu'Wanna."

"What? You...you...you..." Lori, barely able to believe what she had just heard, continued to stammer. "I...I...I can't...not...noooooo!!!"

The smile left Ray's handsome face and was replaced by a stern look. "My dove, you did say you'd do whatever pleased me, didn't you?" he asked.

"I...I did, but..." Lori stammered. Her mind was a confused whirl.

"If you meant what you said, then you'll do what makes me happy," Ray continued.

"Ray...please..." Lori begged, desperately trying to get him to understand, to understand herself.

Ray kissed her on the forehead, then he stood up. "Don't worry, my dove," he told her, "Lu'Wanna is a splendid lover. You'll enjoy her. I promise."

Lori felt movement on the bed, then soft, warm hands began sliding over her breasts. Soft, full lips caressed her ear and warm breath tickled her cheek. "We're gonna have us a wonderful time, honey," Lu'Wanna whispered as her hands toyed with Lori's nipples.

"Nooooo!!! I can't do this, not with another woman!!!" Lori thought, feeling a mix of shame, embarrassment, anger, and lust. She couldn't believe the black woman's perverse caresses were arousing her, but they were! God, were they ever!

Lu'Wanna's caresses became more ardent. "Ray's a good lover," she murmured as her hands glided over Lori's body. "Just about the best I ever had. But I'm gonna show you things he ain't never gonna know!"

"What...what do you mean?" Lori asked. Despite her initial revulsion, she felt her body responding to the other woman's touch, even though she desperately didn't want it to.

"Guys don't have no idea what women really need in bed," Lu'Wanna purred. "They're good when they can get their Johnsons up, but once they're done, they gotta re-load. That ain't a problem for us girls, is it,honey?"

"I...I don't know what..." Lori began. The rest of her statement was stifled when Lu'Wanna's lips covered hers and the other woman's tongue slid into her mouth.

"Not this!!! Nooooo!!! Not this!!! I...I'm not like this!!!" The feverish thought whirled through Lori's mind as her tongue and Lu'Wanna's dueled. She didn't want to react like this, but she couldn't help herself! She couldn't keep herself from responding to Lu'Wanna's caresses! "Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! Please!!!!" she groaned. That it was a woman touching her, turning her on, no longer mattered. She felt like a huge, over-stimulated nerve.

The black woman's fleshy lips sucked Lori's nipples so hard and long Lori thought they'd come off. Then those lips began exploring Lori's body setting off one explosion of carnal delight after another. What Lu'Wanna was doing was little different than things Ray and other men had done to her, yet it didn't feel the same. The black woman seemed to sense Lori's needs far better than men who had made love to her did. Her caresses were more stimulating than any Lori could recall, although she really wasn't thinking too clearly any more.

"Ohhhhhh!!! Please!!!" Lori begged, her hip rising and falling on the bed, as Lu'Wanna trailed her hand through the wet gash between Lori's legs.

"You like that, don't you, honey?" Lu'Wanna purred. "Much as I like doin' it with a man, I always say nobody can make love to a woman like another woman can."

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!!" Lori groaned. Even more powerful sensations tore through her when Lu'Wanna began toying with her clit. She couldn't stand much more of this!

"You're gonna love how it feels when I eat your pussy," Lu'Wanna said, kissing her way across Lori's belly. "I been told I got the best tongue in the world."

"Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Lori moaned. She was in no position to argue because that tongue was now lashing her clit, thrusting into her, seemingly moving everywhere on her over-stimulated organ of delight. Lori's head rolled from side to side and her hands tore at the covers. She couldn't help herself. She was going to...

"Oh, God, I...I'm commminnnngggg!!!!" Lori shrieked. Her back arched as Lu'Wanna's stabbing tongue drove her wild. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Slowly, a semblance of sanity returned to Lori after her orgasm passed. Lu'Wanna was lying next to her, cradling her in her arms. "I told you it was gonna be good, didn't I?" the black woman purred. "Did you like it, honey?"

"It...it was...it was wonderful," Lori replied, ashamed to admit that she had enjoyed Lu'Wanna's loving. She hadn't wanted to and still was repulsed by what she'd done, but she couldn't deny the satisfaction that filled her body.

Lu'Wanna got off the bed. Lori lay there a while, then she raised her head and looked to see where Ray was. He was on the over-stuffed chair in the corner, Lu'Wanna was on his lap, and they were fondling each other!

"Nowwwwwwww!!! Godddammmitttt!!!" the black beauty cried, her body rocking atop the man. "Yes!!! Oh, yes, Ray!!! Yesssss!!!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!!! Do it!!! Do it!!! Goddamnnnnn!!!!! Goddammmnnnnn!!! Yeaahhhhhhhhh!!! Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Lori heard Lu'Wanna's screams of delight and finally realized Ray was fucking the black woman! Lu'Wanna bounced up and down on Ray's lap and Lori could see his pale cock, a stark contrast to his partner's dusky skin, sliding in and out of Lu'Wanna. His hand gripped the black woman's hips and she continued to whimper with joy.

"Ray...he...he's making love to Lu'Wanna!!" Lori thought and felt hot tears in her eyes. "How...how can he do that? I...I thought he loved me!"

Lori hoped fervently that once Ray and Lu'Wanna were finished, the other black woman would leave and she'd be able to find out what was going on. She needed to talk with Ray, to have him explain why he'd subjected her to this humiliation.

But Lori didn't get to talk with Ray. Lu'Wanna slid off his lap, then he got up, his cock still hard, and came to the bed. He laid down next to Lori, pushed her onto her back and, before she could say anything, he was on top of her, his cock was in her, and he was driving her against the bed with frantic thrusts of his pelvis.

"Yeahhhhhhh!!! Oh, yeahhhhhh!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Ray cried.

Lori felt his juices flooding her, but she didn't experience the wonderful feelings she had the previous times Ray had taken her. When he finished, she lay still.

After he finished, Ray got up, then he and Lu'Wanna left the room. Lori lay, spent, on the bed, tears pouring from her eyes. She felt the beginning of strong feelings of anger directed at Ray. Damn him! He had no right to do this to her! Then the old feelings took over. Somehow, she deserved this and more. If she was dumb enough to be taken in by Ray, she deserved whatever she got, no matter how humiliating.

After a while, Ray came back into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. He laid his hand on Lori's shoulder, but she pulled away from him and slid across the bed.

Ray looked puzzled. "What's the matter, my dove?" he asked.

Lori couldn't believe he couldn't understand why she was upset. "You...you...I...why did...did you do this to me?" she sobbed.

"Do what?" Ray asked. "What is it that I've done?" He still seemed unable to comprehend why she was upset.

"Th...this. I...I thought...you...you loved me..." Lori whimpered. Tears fell from her eyes and her body shook with sobs.

"Love you?" Ray laughed. "My God! I never said I loved you. I thought you understood."

"Understood...what?" Lori asked, staring at him, stunned. He was smiling!

"That this was all for pleasure," he said. "Hasn't everything we've done together given you pleasure?"

"Yes...but..." Lori said. She didn't want to talk to him, he wasn't anything like she thought he was. She rolled over and pulled herself into a fetal position as once more sobs shook her.

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