Summer Fling


All characters in this story are over the age of eighteen when engaging in sexual experimentation. Oh, and if you don't like interracial sex, this story is NOT for you. I delete all nasty emails so save yourself and me the trouble.


Dear Lover,

The past few weeks have been an amazing array of tawdry, raunchy and occasionally romantic escapades. You have a lot of wonderful traits from your intelligent and creative, young mind to that spectacular, ten inch, uncut, black cock. Your cock and the way you use it may be absolutely, positively the best I have ever had in my forty-five years; well twenty-seven of actually fucking anyway. That is quite a compliment too considering the number of men; black, white and every other colour of the rainbow that I have screwed.

I have always heard about amazing summer romances, but until you I had never had one. I know that may shock you, but I was a late bloomer. I had been a virgin when I met my husband. If not for his little fetish for sharing my bounteous gifts with others, he may well have been my only. I will eternally be grateful for that fetish though since it ultimately brought our paths together. I will always remember the first time I saw you at that club. Your dark, shaved head sparkled under the disco ball as you crossed to our table. Where you shocked at his proposal?

Even if you were, you were quick to accept the offer; especially when you felt how wet I was underneath the table. I enjoyed how you boldly got me off right there in the middle of the club with one of the best finger fuckings of my life. I was very glad the music was so loud, because I think I actually cried out as I flooded your hand with my juices.

The warm, early summer morning when we snuck out to the rose bushes in the back of the flats and fucked like wild animals will always be one of my favourite memories. I can almost still feel that huge cock plummeting and stretching the walls of my tight cunt as you fucked me doggy style. What a fabulous way for an early morning coffee and croissant breakfast to end. If I am honest, I had considered that very possibility; which is why I wore that flowing, long skirt and no knickers.

When you began to kiss me and caress my tits through my blouse, I got so hot and wet. When you buttoned your jeans and began to stroke your hard cock, I almost came. When you brushed those large, dark hands up the inside of my soft, pale thigh to find my swollen clitoris; I was whimpering and writhing on the soft blanket. So by the time you, flipped me onto my tummy and lifted my skirt and hips to meet your first thrust, I was already over the edge.

I know you don't generally enjoy quickies, preferring instead to spend your time tormenting and pleasing my mature body to new heights; but that morning was a great, fast and furious fuck. Too bad that neighbour had to interrupt the magical spell as I felt your hot cum flood my needy cunt. Ever wonder how long he had really been standing in that window watching us fuck our brains out?

Our wonderful weekend on the Costa Del Sol was memorable as well. I still can't believe you managed to actually get all that thing into my virgin bum. It hurt so badly at first as your swollen head breeched my untouched hole. I am sure if I had not been so drunk that I could never have managed it. Did I really end up begging and pleading for you to 'fuck my arse harder?' And to think that was just our first night there.

It was so hot that last night when you took me from behind standing on the balcony of our hotel room. We were both wet with sweat by the end. I loved the way you stripped me completely naked in the room before leading me outside to the lounges. I adored the way your shaved head felt as you tormented my throbbing clit with that thick tongue, sharp teeth and full lips. But it was not fair of you to deny me my orgasm by demanding I bend over the edge of the balcony and open my thick, white arse for you. Of course, all was forgiven by the time you sprayed another huge load into it.

Where does all that stuff cum from anyway? I have never been with anyone that could fuck so much or made so much spunk. You even managed to make my cunt and arse sore a few times this summer.

BUT...isn't there always a but...I am afraid this must all cum to an end. This special summer lovin' must give way to the realities of the autumn and winter of life. I have decided that it is best for me and the children, if I put the same amount of time and energy into resurrecting my almost dead marriage as I did into riding that amazing cock of yours.

I know this is not what we discussed. I really enjoyed the time we spent day dreaming about starting over some place new, where no one knew us or cared. The idea of moving to Kenya was especially appealing. I hope that you will actually carry through with it...and think of me often. I also hope that you find someone without all my baggage, who can love and appreciate you as you deserve to be.

Forever yours,


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