tagGroup SexSummer Heat Ch. 02

Summer Heat Ch. 02


It had been two weeks since my steamy summer afternoon with Kimberly. I was nearly desperate with lust for the first couple of days. Just seeing her house across the street was giving me a hard on. I could see her and her husband eating dinner in the dining room window in the evening and when they saw me they would give me a friendly little wave. My wife and I still walked the dogs past their house after dinner. We chatted with them a little on the weekend when we were both out gardening.

My wife was getting a little extra attention these past two weeks. I didn't just want to jack off to the memory of Kimberly's hot body and tight cunt. I really wanted to get laid so I was able to get some extra fucking in during the week when we would normally just veg out in front of the TV. One evening was especially warm and I bent my wife over the picnic table in the back yard and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. She seemed a little puzzled over the extra vigor but she still gave me was I wanted . . . no needed.

The other evening my wife and I were out walking the dog and we caught Kimberly and her husband heading out of their house. During the quick chat I let out that I was planning to take another vacation day or "personal day" once my latest project at work was over. I was taking Friday off to make it a three day weekend, relieve the stress, and celebrate a successful project. Kimberly's husband said he wished he could do that but he had a zero vacation balance with this new job of his. Kimberly just smiled and said "Sounds great."

I was up early on Friday surfing porn sites on the internet. My wife got up at seven and was gone to work by 8:30am. It was too early to go over to Kimberly's so I spent an hour at the gym. I came home, showered, and put on a Hawaiian shirt and some baggy shorts. I decide not to wear any underwear just because I was feeling horny and it seemed like the right thing to do. Then a shocking thought came to mind. What if Kimberly didn't take the hint the other day? What if she was only kidding last time when she said to come back over? What if she had something else to do and wasn't going to be home? It wasn't as if we talked about the plan.

Around 11:00 I looked across the street. Her husband's car was gone and there were a couple of cars I didn't recognize parked in front of her house. The dining room drapes were pulled open. When I saw her walk across her dining room I breathed a sigh of relief. At least she was home. I walked across the street and rang the doorbell. Kimberly answered and looked puzzled.

"What are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you." I stood there gaping like an idiot. I was about to run back home and kill my self when she said with a friendly grin, "Just kidding. Perfect timing."

Kimberly was looking very good. She had her blonde hair down on her shoulders. She was wearing a two piece bathing suit. Nothing too skimpy but it showed off the curves of her breasts and firm ass. As I slipped in the door she gave me a kiss on the cheek but I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her to me. I pushed my hard cock into her groin. She pushed me back and said, "Hold it big boy. I've got company. And you better get that under control so you don't embarrass me . . . or yourself," referring to the bulge in my shorts. It was then that I could hear music and the mummer of voices in the back yard.

"Whadya mean you've got company?"

She smiled and waved me on. I followed the wiggle of her ass out back where two gorgeous young women were sunning themselves on the lounge chairs, sipping drinks, and laughing. Kimberly introduced me to Eva and Cyndi. They were both in their early twenties, like Kimberly. Eva taught in the same grade school as Kimberly. Cyndi had been Kimberly's college roommate and was now teaching in the local high school. Eva had a classically beautiful face, dark eyes, olive skin, and a mane of black hair cascading to her shoulders. She had a voluptuous build with large breasts barely contained in a pink tube top. Her skimpy blue shorts were slit at the side and tied in bows at her hips. Cyndi was a petite girl with blonde hair in a pixie cut and bangs sweeping across her forehead. Her yellow bikini top were mere triangles over the nipples of her tiny tits and as she sat down I could see her bottom was a thong neatly splitting her little bubble butt. The shear triangle in front left little to the imagination. She could easily have been mistaken for a student in her high school.

"Hope you don't mind my crashing the party," I said.

"Not at all but you got to be drinking a Margarita if you're gonna to hang with us," chimed in Cyndi.

It was another hot sunny summer day and everyone was cooling off with frozen margaritas. The nearly empty pitcher told me they had been at it for a while. Cyndi handed me one and I settled in.

The girls resumed their planning for their summer vacation. Eva and Cyndi were heading off to a Caribbean Club Med. They were getting a head start on their tans and strategizing on how they were going to pick up guys this time. They had been to this resort last year and now that they knew the ropes they were getting ready to hit the ground running. The girls were cute but I felt like I had walked into a girls only afternoon. I didn't mind eavesdropping on them though I was still trying to get my wits about me having planned a completely different day. Kimberly excused herself to make some more drinks. A few minutes later I followed her into the kitchen.

She was cutting limes next to the sink in front of a window overlooking the back deck. I came up behind her athletic lean body, scooped my hands under her arms and wrapped my hands over her tits.

"Mmmmmm," she cooed. "You better be careful what you do to a girl with a sharp knife in her hands."

I kissed her shoulders, "I've been crazy just thinking about this sexy bod of yours."

I caressed her breasts. She put the knife down and reached back to feel my cock in my shorts.

"You're not wearing any underwear you dirty old man."

"I want to do you right here and right now."

"What? With the girls right there? I'm supposed to be getting back with drinks. If they run out there'll be a riot."

"Just a quickie," I pleaded.

It didn't take much convincing, "Well OK but don't you cum. That's too messy and I have to get back out there."

I didn't have any intention of cumming. I was going to save that until later after the girls left. With both hands I pulled down her suit bottom and let them drop to her ankles. I quickly stepped out of my shorts. My cock was rock hard now as I ran my fingers down her firm ass and then down lower along her pussy slit. She was definitely thinking about something other than cutting limes because her pussy was very wet and slick. I rubbed my dick along her ass crack for a few strokes and then pointed it down and shoved it into her pussy. It slipped in easily right up to my balls. I slowly push in and out. She purred with approval. I moved my hands up to her breasts but she pushed them down.

"The girls can see me in the window. Keep your hands out of sight."

"I love that you can see your friends while I fuck you from behind."

"You're one horny old man but you know that's what I like about you." I continued to pump her pussy as she smiled and waved to the girls out back.

"Where's our drinks?" they demanded.

"Hold on to your titties. I'll be out in a minute."

"Ok. That's enough I've got to get back out there. But I loved it sweetie." She turned, cupped her hands around my balls and gave me a wet kiss . . . out of site of the window of course. She pulled up her bottoms, finished making the drinks, and went back outside. I grabbed my shorts and went to the bathroom to clean up a little. I peed and splashed some water on my dick to wash off her pussy juices. I was wiping my cock and balls dry on the hand towel when I heard someone trying to turn the door handle.

"Just a minute. It's occupied," I called through the door. I quickly got dressed and when I opened it Eva was in the hallway leaning against the wall. Her magnificent tits were jutting out toward me.

"Your turn," I said but before I could exit she lunged toward me, put her hand to my chest, and pushed me back against the counter.

"Just what have you been doing to Kimberley?" she demanded in all seriousness. After a long moment of silence she said, "She's told us about you."

"What do you mean?" I said with a little panic in my voice.

"I mean what's a guy twice her age doing coming on to a married woman?"

"We're just neighbors!"

"Like fuck you're just neighbors. And speaking of fucking she said you just fucked her in the kitchen." She glared silently at me and then her face softened as she moved in closer pushing her tits into my chest. "I like that," she purred, "It shows you've got balls. The thing is we want you to share them with all of us."

"You what?"

She reached down to my limp dick. After all she had just scared the shit out of me. "No underwear huh? Let's see what you got." She yanked my shorts down to my ankles. "Oooo yeah . . . come with me."

She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the bathroom. I had to kick my shorts off so I wouldn't fall flat on my face. She paraded me out to the back yard.

"Look who I found yanking off in the house." I stood there sheepishly with just my shirt, no pants, and my limp dick and saggy balls hanging out for all to see.

"It doesn't look like he was doing much yanking to me," said Cyndi.

Kimberly smiled and walked up to me. She put one hand down and cupped my dick and balls. "One rule. It's my house, my party, and my friends. One rule . . . you don't cum until we all cum." She gently squeezed, "Do you get that?"

"I get it," I said realizing the possibilities ahead.

"Good," she said softly leaning in to kiss me. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and my dick started to come to life. As my cock grew in Kimberly's hand I could feel Eva's hand reach through behind me to caress my balls. I groaned with pleasure. "Dip It Low" blared from the music player and Kimberly began to strip for me. She crossed her arms and slipped her suit top over her head. Her full firm breasts hung before me. She ran her hands down my head to my shoulders and chest as she slithered around behind me. Eva had returned to her chaise next to Cyndi as they both prodded Kimberly in her seduction. Behind me Kimberly reached around and unbuttoned my shirt. She slid it off of my shoulders and tossed it to the girls who squealed with laughter. She kissed my back and brought her hands down lower. She reached around and wrapped both hands around my dick and jerked it to the delight of the girls who blew us kisses. She then wrapped around to the front of me and slowly rolled her suit bottom off her hips and down her thighs. She swiveled her hips to the music turning her ass to my crotch. She rubbed her ass across my dick as she stepped out of her bottoms. She pushed her ass crack onto my dick and undulated her ass up and down. She now turned to face me with her arms around my neck and one leg wrapped around my hip. Her crotch ground into my cock to the rhythm of the music.

"Man she wants it bad," said Eva.

"What's he got you want so bad Kim?" called Cyndi.

"I want a man who knows what he wants. A man with experience to burn. A man who loves pussy . . . my pussy. Who knows what to do with it." She pushed my hand and fingers into her slit and gasped as two fingers penetrated her hole. "Oooh yeah. That's right lover boy. Fuck me with your fingers," Kimberly was having fun hamming it up front of her girl friends. So was I . . .

She pulled me to the picnic table and sat me on the bench. She sat on the table with my head between her thighs. Her pussy lay inches from my face. Kimberly didn't shave her pussy but there was only a thin swatch of short blonde hairs on her mons. Her puffy outer labia were naturally smooth. Her clitoral hood poked out of the top of her vertical slit. She reached down and spread her labia wide revealing the pink inner folds of her cunt. They glistened with her sticky white juices and a small black hole opened before me. I inhaled the musky scent of her cunt and sweat.

"I know how much you love pussy. How much you love to look at my moist pink lips, look at my fuck hole old man. The only thing missing is a stream of thick white cum oozing and dripping. Your thick white cum . . . but that's for later. Now I want you to lick it. Lick it with your tongue. Every fold and crevice."

She pulled my head to her cunt. I licked her slit softly with the tip of my tongue moving up one side and down the other. I used the flat of my tongue to lick straight up the center ending with flicks to her clit. I plunged my tongue into her hole and explored her pink folds. My saliva mixed with her juices and my face was soaked with her sex. As I concentrated on running the tip of my tongue in the crevice between her inner and outer labia I could hear her breathing deeply. I randomly wandered to her clit and sucked on it and she gasped. I concentrated more and more on her clit. Circling it with my tongue, sucking on it, flicking it side-to-side. I felt both her hands pulling my head into her crotch. I started sucking on her clit hard. She ground her pussy into my tongue. I could hear her panting louder and louder until I heard an intense groan come from deep inside her. Her whole body quivered and vibrated around me. I came up for air and looking up I saw her pained look of pleasure and her breasts jiggling with each convulsion. She exhaled all her breath and flopped backward on the table. Her stomach rose and fell with her deep breaths. Her pussy was splayed wide open puffy, wet, and red. A stream of clear juice ran down into her ass crack.

"Awesome," declared Cyndi. "I've never had a guy get me off like that. I always have to finish it myself."

"The benefits of older men," said Kimberly rising up on her elbows. "Experience."

"Not to mention the incentive that he can't cum until we all cum," added Eva.

I washed my face off with a garden hose and returned for another margarita. The pitcher was on the table between Eva and Cyndi. I picked up my glass and went over to pour my drink. I was standing totally naked between these beauties with my semi-hard on dangling in the summer sun. Eva reached up and put her hand around my dick. I took that to mean that she wanted to be next. Fine by me. I was looking forward to playing with those massive tits of hers.

I lowered my drink and put my dick in it. "Lick it," I demanded. She sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the chaise. Her eyes were locked on my cock. She slowly brought her lips to the tip and it disappeared into her mouth. I felt her tongue roll along the underside of my dick and over the head. She opened her mouth and inhaled my cock until I could feel it hit the back of her throat. She closed her lips as she slowly pulled my dick out of her mouth. She reached into the ice bucket for a cube of ice. She popped it in her mouth and engulfed my cock again. The heat of her mouth and the ice cube both burned on my dick. I gasped with pleasure as she sucked my dick and melted the ice. I reached down and slid the tube top up and over her head. Her tits burst out and flopped on her chest.

"Fuck. Those are great tits."

She leaned back and they flopped to each side of her rib cage. She cupped them with her hands and said, "You think so? I like them too. They're my babies." She reached around for some sun tan lotion. With long deliberate motions she squirted the liquid on her tits and slowly massaged it into her skin. They sparkled in the sunlight. Oh how I wanted to fuck those big soft wet tits right then and there.

"But that's not all I've got," she said seductively. She slipped the ties on her shorts and they fell away from her hips. She pushed the fabric down revealing her trimmed pussy. The dark triangle of short hair pointed to her vertical slit and shaved pussy lips. She leaned back, bent her knees, and opened her legs wide. I stood stroking my cock looking at her gaping pussy.

"Come to mama," she said and I crawled on top of her. My dick found her hole on its own and I shoved it into her deep.

"Ohhhh," she cried, "Oh yes!"

I wasted no time pumping her hard. Long deep rhythmic strokes right up to my balls. Those big tits shook in waves each time I rammed into her. I closed her legs and put them up on my shoulders. This tightened her young pussy even more as I thrust into her over and over. I kept fucking her and the sweat poured off of both of us. On the next chaise Kimberly sat naked with her legs spread wide and her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as she watched us. Cyndi had her hand between her legs as well. The girls were spellbound. No one was talking now. It was just the sounds of the music and the wet slurping of my cock pumping Eva's cunt.

"Let me get on top," she said. I pulled out and we switched places. I now lay on the chaise and she climbed on to ride my cock. The best thing though was watching her big tits hanging over me. I love big saggy tits. As she rode my cock she leaned forward and her tits brushed against my chest and bounced into my chin. Her nipples hardened and she started to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing's funny . . . it's just the hair on your chest is stimulating my nipples. They are very sensitive and it tickles."

"Turn around," I said. She got up and I sat at the end of the chaise. She turned around and lowered herself onto my cock. Her big tits dangled in the air. I reached around and grabbed them. I could hear her panting as she rode my dick faster. I worked my hands to her nipples and fingered them hard as she continued to ride my cock. She started to hum. The she started to moan louder and louder. Finally her whole body stiffened and then twitched. She pushed down hard on my dick as she let out a loud scream. The convulsions of her pussy were unmistakable. After a short while she collapsed onto her hands and knees in front of me. My cock was wet with her white creamy juices. She had a wide fleshy ass and her pussy lips protruded from between her thighs. Her sweat and juices ran down her legs.

"Oh fuck! No one has ever made me come like that."

"Like what?"

"With my nipples."

"You said they were sensitive. Now you know how sensitive. God you are beautiful from this angle. I love your ass. Just stay there for a minute."

"He made me do the same thing the other day," added Kimberly, "only he wanted to watch his cum dripping out of me."

"How nice. Maybe later I'll have the pleasure."

"Maybe," I said.

"I want a piece of that cock now," I heard from behind me.

I stood and faced Cyndi. She was standing and had her hands behind her back undoing her top. It fell to the ground and before me were the most amazing set of puffy nipples. They sat on her small breasts like little brown cherries.

"Damn that's hot," I said.

"You like?" she said with a gleam in her eye.

Next her panties dropped to the ground. I could see her hairless pussy with her prominent inner lips protruding out her slit in a line of wrinkled flesh. She rubbed a hand up and down her slit and then licked her fingers.

"Get ready mister. Here I come."

She walked up to me and put her palms on my stomach. She slowly walked her fingers up my torso and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest.

"I've never done it with someone with this much fur. I like the feel of it though."

She was so small I could practically look down on the top of her head and I could see her puffy nipples protruding from her chest. Her hands walked up to my shoulders then she pushed me down to sit at the end of the chaise. Now I looked up at her as she straddled my legs. She reached down to position my cock into her fuck hole. She squatted to push me in but no dice. After a few tries she backed off me, bent over, and drooled a line of thick spit over the head and spread it around with her tongue. She climbed back on me and pushed down on my dick again.

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