Summer of Fire


I felt like Jake was directing us in a movie or something and briefly searched the room for a camera. Then Randy clasped hands with me and began telling me how pretty he thought me. He told me how sexy I was and that his desire for me was so high he didn't know how he controlled himself around me.

"Kiss her, again."

Randy let go of my hand and turned to me. He kissed me, sweetly at first. Then he put a hand on my shoulder and the other on my thigh. He deepened the kiss.

"Touch her breast."

Randy slid his hand down to my breast. His touch was light at first, I wasn't even sure he was touching me. But then he groaned. His kiss became an assault on my mouth. He grabbed my breast and squeezed. He rubbed around it in circles. My nipple hardened; he felt it with the palm of his hand. He brushed across it, repeatedly. I arched my back to press my nipple into his hand harder.

"Push her dress up."

Randy's other hand slid up my thigh, bringing my dress with it. He clutched at more of the fabric until he got to the hem. He pulled it all up my thighs until the dress was wadded up at my hips. He slipped his hand between my thighs. I relaxed my legs and they fell away from each other. He rubbed my wet panties once, then Jake yelled, "Stop! I didn't say to do that!"

I froze. Randy pulled his hand from my crotch. He looked a little wild-eyed. Jake stood over him. It looked like they might fight. I couldn't figure out what Jake wanted. Maybe he wanted me to reject Randy? Try to fight him off? I shook my head.

"We could eat dinner, now" I said, hesitantly. "If you want, Jake."

"Fine," he said. Randy got up and went to the table. Jake followed. I shook my head again, then went to serve them dinner.

Jake asked for me to get a couple of beers. He told me to have something to drink myself. I poured myself a glass of wine. The guys ended up having a couple of beers each with dinner. Jake got them each a third as he moved back to the living room. I refilled my glass and followed.

Jake sat again on the chair he was in earlier, so I assumed he wanted me back on the sofa. The atmosphere in the room was rather uncertain. Randy sat back on the sofa as well, but not right up next to me. We drank and tried to have a conversation. Jake did that finger-in-a-circle motion that guys do at bars. I went to get us all another round.

We all loosened up. The conversation flowed. We drank yet another round. I was feeling rather tipsy and rather horny. I got up and walked to Jake. I lifted my dress to my stomach and sat, mostly, on his lap. I giggled and Jake steadied me with one hand. I began to do what I imagined strippers do when they give a lap dance. I shook my tits in his face and ground my pussy on the zipper placket of his jeans. I was rewarded with the hardening of his cock.

I continued lap-dancing. Randy was hooping and hollering his encouragement. Jake rubbed his face in my tits and I laughed. When I reached for Jake's zipper and began pulling it down, though, he told me to stop. He pushed my hands away and announced, "We need to shower!" He stood me up, then got up and reached out for Randy. With his arm across both our shoulders, Jake led us to the bedroom. He sat on the bed and told Randy, "Strip her!"

Randy smiled real big. He pulled the zipper of my dress all the way down my back. He slid the shoulder straps off my shoulders and down my arms. The dress fell to my stomach. He pushed the dress down off my hips and butt and it landed in a white circle at my feet. I wasn't wearing a bra with the sundress, so all he needed to do next was slip my panties off. I started to step out of them, but he said, "Wait." He knelt at my feet and tenderly lifted one foot at a time, and slipped each shoe off. As he did so, I stepped away from the circle of my clothes.

Jake stood up and stripped himself very quickly. He told me to wash him and Randy to watch. He turned on the faucet and adjusted the temperature and stepped in. He held his hand out to me. I stepped in, too. I picked up a washcloth and his shower gel and lathered the cloth. I cleaned Jake's back side from top to bottom and then turned him around. I cleaned his front, starting at the top and working down to his cock, but stopping before I got to it. I moved down and cleaned my way back up, this time not stopping. I paid very particular attention to washing his cock and balls. He was fully hard by the time I was finished.

Jake stepped out of the shower and told Randy, "Next!" Jake grabbed a towel and dabbed at his wet hair but didn't cover up as he sat on the bed.

Randy stripped his clothes off and stepped into the shower. I washed him just as I had washed Jake. He was also fully hard by the time I was finished. Randy stepped out. He ran a towel across his hair and body in just a swipe or two, like he didn't care if he was wet or dry.

I stepped out and Randy handed me a towel. I watched a drop of water roll from the ends of his hair down his back then down his ass. I realized Jake was watching us and turned to him, guiltily. Jake smiled.

"Come and sit down," he said, patting the bed beside him. "Lynn, you in the middle." We sat. He told Randy, "What I do on this side, you do on that side." Jake kissed my temple. Randy kissed my other temple. Jake kissed my cheek, then down my neck. Randy followed suit. I stretched my head back to give them better access. I felt Jake stroke my throat and then Randy do the same.

Jake moved his hand to my breast, then so did Randy. Jake starting, Randy following; they thoroughly worshipped my tits, squeezing them, stroking them, licking them and sucking them. They were doing basically the same things, but not exactly. The differences between the feelings at each tit had me in a heightened state of awareness. I think I was moaning just about non-stop.

Jake growled, "Pussy," and moved a hand down. Randy did the same.

Jake took my hand and put it around his cock, so Randy did the same. I tried to pump my hands up and down, but I kept forgetting the rhythm. I looked down to see two hands in my pussy at the same time. One a bit darker, the other a bit broader. I shuddered at this visual reminder that it was two different men.

The hands circled my clit together. I tried to remember to pump the men's cocks. The feelings were so overwhelming, though. They moved their fingers into my pussy: one of Jake's, then one of Randy's. They pumped them in and out, not exactly together. I moaned. I remembered the cocks, again.

Jake leaned in to me and kissed me on the mouth. Randy paused, then leaned in. Jake moved his head to the side a bit. Randy began kissing the side of my mouth. I tried to kiss them both back. Their mouths were not quite close enough, though. Jake moved his mouth closer to Randy's. My heart began racing. Jake moved his mouth again until he was kissing Randy's mouth as much as mine. I couldn't believe it!

Randy let the kiss continue. I tried to watch the men and still engage in the kiss. I wondered how far this would go. It was exciting watching them, so I didn't think I had a problem with however far their experimentation would go. I tried to focus on the hand jobs I was supposed to be giving them. I wanted to encourage them.

All at once they broke away from my mouth. There was an awful lot of heavy breathing. Jake, and then Randy, grabbed desperately at my tits.

Jake growled in my ear, "I'm gonna fuck you, Lynnie! I'm gonna fuck your pussy. Randy's gonna fuck your face, Lynn. You give it to her good, Randy!"

Randy nodded. "Oh, yeah!"

Jake moved me into position; on my back across the corner of bed, with my head hanging off one side and my feet hanging off another. As soon as Randy saw that that position put my mouth at his cock's level, he presented me with his cock. I grabbed hold of it with one hand and licked the pre-cum off the tip. I licked my lips and opened wide.

Jake picked up my legs and put my heels on his shoulders. He slid his cock right in to my warm and wet pussy. As he began pumping his cock in and out of me I grabbed Randy's ass with both hands and relaxed my throat. With my head down like that I was at the perfect angle to easily take him deep. We used Jake's movements to propel my mouth back and forth on Randy's cock.

Jake and Randy both said "fuck" and "damn" and "good" a lot. I could feel my juices running down my ass and my saliva running down my face. I was so incredibly wound up and felt so incredibly desirable. I wanted to be fucked like this forever!

I could feel a huge orgasm growing, then, but it felt like it was going to be scary-big. I started trying to wiggle away from it, away from the men fucking me. But Jake grabbed a hold of my hips and Randy grabbed a hold of my head and neither one would let me go. Jake kept pounding away. Randy kept fucking my face. And then it hit. My body arched up off the bed—I felt like I'd been electrified!

After the orgasm rolled through me I dropped, limp and boneless. My mouth loosened around Randy's cock, but he was ready. He pulled out and shot his come all over my tits.

Jake repositioned his hands on my hips. He pulled me onto him as he pumped his cock into me. My whole body shook with the force of it. Suddenly, Jake yelled wordlessly and stopped. I could feel warmth. He pumped gently into me a few more times and stopped again. He stood there, breathing, then let my legs fall to his side. He caught them and put them on the floor and slumped facedown on the bed near me.

Randy pushed my head completely onto the bed. "Damn, Girl!" he said. "That was.... Damn!" I felt him slump over the far side of the bed. The last thing I remember was Jake mumbling, "Good wife."


I could see the first blush of dawn as I got up to pee. Randy was no longer in our room. I felt well-fucked, indeed. I didn't know what to think about what had happened between the three of us. I decided it was too early to think about anything.

The next thing I knew, I was hearing and smelling bacon frying. I winced against the bright daylight. Four glasses of wine was beyond anything I normally drank. I stumbled to the bathroom for a glass of water and aspirin. I gulped the entire glass and prepared another glass and aspirin for Jake. As I set it beside him on the nightstand, my slow-moving brain realized that if this was Jake laying here, it couldn't be Jake making bacon in there.

I slipped into my robe and went to the kitchen. Of course it was Randy and he was making us all breakfast, from the looks of it. Or maybe he was making breakfast for all the guys at the stationhouse—he had all the pans out and there were egg shells and flour everywhere. "Men"! I thought.

Randy looked at me and shrugged. "Sorry about the mess...."

"Don't worry about it, Randy. It's nice of you to want to make breakfast." I grabbed a cup of coffee. "Have you showered yet? Yes? Then I'm off for mine."

Midway through my shower, I saw Jake stumble into the bathroom, pee, then stumble back out. I yelled at him to drink the water and take the aspirin. He yelled back, asking if Randy was still here. He stepped into the shower with me and grabbed playfully for me.

"You must not be feeling too bad" I said. "And, yes, Randy's still here. He's making us breakfast."

Jake said, "The important question is how you're feeling this morning."

"I'm fine. I feel well-used." I smiled. "How do you feel? Especially about that kiss...."

Jake stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. He handed it to me as I stepped out. "What kiss?" he asked.

"You know!"

"There were a lot of kisses. They were fine, I'm sure. I don't remember any particular one."

I believe my eyebrows shot up at that, but I decided not to push it. He would talk about it when he was ready. Or not.

We dressed for the day, then sat down to enough breakfast to last us the week. Randy had made pancakes and waffles, bacon and sausage. I realized how hungry I was. As I ate, I thought back over the night. It was definitely fun. But I belonged to Jake and he to me. Maybe this was the end of it. Maybe I ought to tell Jake once was enough.

Randy asked Jake something about the Charger and the two engaged in an animated discussion that I understood no part of. They seemed completely normal with each other.

I began to clear the table and Jake turned the TV on just in time to hear the weather. There was an early hurricane approaching the coast. That meant we'd get rain. Maybe our Summer of Fire was finally over.

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