tagLoving WivesSunday Morning

Sunday Morning


Sunday morning after our evening of my wife dancing, flirting, kissing and being groped by a horny good looking younger man, and I woke really early, with a huge hard on, and nothing on my mind other than what my wife got up to the previous night, and what she might be going to do next Saturday. Time dragged slowly as my mind turned the events over and over. On the one hand I was incredibly turned on by what had already happened, while, on the other hand, I was scared to death that she would actually go through with it and let this guy Paul fuck her.

Eventually my wife woke up, and without saying anything she started fondling the head of my rigid cock.

"Good morning big boy. Obviously you are as turned on as I am by what went on last night. Come on and fuck me, I'm so horny!"

I rolled on top of her and she guided me into her hot, steamy cave. I started to thrust in and out straight away, as she didn't need any foreplay.

"That feels so good baby, were you thinking about last night, and it got you hard?"


"I'm turned on as well. I can't stop thinking about how good it felt to have Paul's fingers inside me, with his thumb flicking my clit. Were you thinking about that as well?"


"I keep remembering how hard his cock felt in my hand. He's big, you know, maybe even bigger than you, and much younger, of course, so he'll have more stamina. Do you agree?"

"Yes, I suppose."

"There's no suppose about it. The question is, should I let him fuck me?"

"I know."

"And what have you decided?"

"I'm not sure."

"You're getting very close aren't you?"

"Yes, I don't think I can stop!"

"That's ok, my love, you can cum as soon as you like, and I'll close my eyes and pretend it's Paul fucking me."

"Thank you my love. Oh God, I'm cumming!"

"All finished now my love? That was very quick. Now you need to get your lovely tongue to work between my legs. Take it slow, I want to have a nice relaxing time thinking about Paul, and his clever fingers and strong arms, and big hard cock. You can taste your cum and imagine that it's Pauls cum. Ok my love?"

She didn't wait for an answer, just pushed down on my head.

I lapped away at her pussy lips, slimy with her arousal and my own cum, wondering whether I would soon be licking Paul's cum out of her satisfied sex. I moved quickly to her clit, and in only a couple of minutes she was getting excited. I felt her hands take hold of my balls, which were conveniently suspended next to her hand, as I was head down between her legs, slurping furiously. I could hear her getting closer, and feel her arousal through the strength of her grip on my balls, so I increased the rate of flicker of my tongue on her clit, and she increased her gasps, and her rate of breathing, and squeezed my balls even harder. Her grip on me became really painful as she started to hit her peak, and just as she shouted my favourite words 'I'm cumming!' she crushed my vulnerable balls in repeated attacks, squeezing with all her might as each wave rode over her.

Eventually she started to calm down, and she stopped her staccato squeezing, but her grip was still very firm, and I waited patiently for her instructions.

"We need to have a proper talk this afternoon my sweet, do you agree?"

Another hard squeeze.

"Yes my love."

"To decide what we are going to do about Paul, whether I'm going to let him fuck me next Saturday, or not. You seem to keep vacillating, saying yes when you're having sex, then not sure at other times. I'm not saying it's your decision, my love, but I'd like to be sure where you stand before I make my decision. I think we'd best ask Carol to get involved as well, do you agree?"

Two quick hard squeezes.

"Yes my love, I agree."

"Good, now go and shower."

A hard whack to my exposed bum followed this remark, so I scurried off to shower.

Early Sunday evening, it was still sunny and warm, so my wife, Carol and I sat ourselves on garden chairs on the lawn in the part of the garden which is still sunny until late. I poured glasses of wine for all three of us, and we relaxed and chatted about this and that. After a while my wife's tone changed.

"We need to talk about what I'm going to say to Paul when he rings."

"I agree," Carol chipped in.

"I've come to a decision which I think will help us. Carol, I want to see what you've got on my husband. I think it's distorting what he says, and also it might have a bearing on my decision about Paul."

"Oh ok, no problem."

"Please, do you have to?" I pleaded.

"Yes I do, how bad can it be?"

Carol got her ipad, and set it running through the pics and the movie of me wanking into a pair of my wife's worn panties.

"I see, so that's what you get up to when I go to work, masturbate into the panties I wore the day before."

"I'm so sorry my love, I promise I won't do it again."

"Why would you say that? I think it's really sweet. It shows me how much you still love and desire me, and that you think about me when you wank. You do think about me don't you?"

"Yes my love, I always think about you."

"So was it true that you imagine me having sex with other men? Or was that what Carol told you to say?"

"It's true, that's one of the fantasies I think about when I'm wanking."

"Is it the main one?"

"Yes my love."

"Hmmnn, we'll need to investigate all your other fantasies, let's try for another one. Do you, perhaps, fantasise about me locking your little penis up in a steel chastity cage?"

"Ermm, well..."

"Come on, tell me, yes or no?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"Good, that's what I suspected."

"So, we had fun playing with your fantasy about me cuckolding you, didn't we?"

"Yes my love."

"Good, well I've decided not to sleep with another man just yet, as I think the circumstances aren't quite right, so I think we should experiment with this new fantasy. I've been online and found a lovely secure little cage for you at Pampered Diva Gifts. I need you to get your credit card and go online and order it. It's the one by Metal Worx. Can you manage that?"

"Yes, of course, but it was only a fantasy, I don't actually want to be locked in chastity."

"Don't get in such a panic, it's just going to be a bit of chastity play, I'm not going to lock you up permanently, just for a couple of days approaching a weekend when we can have some really hot sex. What do you think Carol?"

"I think it sounds like fun. Also, if you are going to forego sex with the gorgeous Paul, the least your husband can do is do without a couple of wanks into your worn panties."

"There, my love, Carol is right, don't you agree?"

"I suppose so."

"Well, go and get your credit card, and let's get this thing ordered."

So I got my card, went on the site, and ordered myself a cock cage, so my wife could have fun locking me up.

Life was normal and boring for a few days, until the cage turned up. Then life became very un-normal.

We ordered the chastity device on Sunday evening, and it said delivery was 7-10 days, but on Wednesday morning it turned up. I had to sign for it, then I put it on the table. It seemed to be threatening me, as though there was some small demon inside the box.

I decided to hide it and pretend it arrived Thursday. My routine is that I masturbate every morning except Friday, as I want to be extra horny for Saturday morning when we usually have sex. It occurred to me that my wife would want to put it on me straight away, which would be Thursday and Friday without relief, hence my idea of hiding it. At about 7pm my wife and her sister came home from their trip.

"So where is it then?" my wife demanded "i know it's arrived as I got a text from the carrier. You forgot that we put my mobile number, not yours, didn't you?"

"What was your plan, hide it for a week?" Carol demanded, smiling malevolently.

"Just for one day."

"Well, bad luck you got caught out."

"You'd better go and get it then, before I start to get cross," my wife instructed, with a little veiled threat.

I went in to my study and unearthed the box and returned to the kitchen a little sheepishly.

"Open the box, my love, and let's see what we've got."

"Of course, sorry."

I undid the box with some difficulty, as my hands were shaking.

"It looks cute," Carol suggested to my wife, "but quite small, I hope we can get him in it."


"I'm sure Carol will want to help, since it was her suggestion in the first place, my love. Now drop your trousers and pants. Do you need to wash it first?"

"No, I showered after gym."

"Ok, stand here in front of me."

My wife squirted some hand cream onto her palm and coated my penis and balls. Unfortunately the pleasant manipulation started me getting hard, even though I had masturbated that morning. My wife didn't hesitate, taking a ball in each hand she squeezed quite hard.

"Ow! That hurts!" I protested.

"It's supposed to hurt, my love. Look it's working already. Carol, get ready with the ring."

"Please stop, it's small now."

"Ok Carol, go for it."

Carol slipped the ring over my shrunken penis without too much difficulty, due to the hand cream, but my foreskin was pulled back, exposing the head of my penis. She reached a finger behind one ball and pushed it through, then did the same on the other side. It hurt each time, not rolling on the floor in agony pain, but pain nonetheless.



"Don't be such a baby. Now let's put the lock on. Carol, you keep one key and I'll keep the other. We wouldn't want to lose both keys would we," my wife joked.

"How long are we keeping him locked up for?" Carol enquired.

"Surely just 'till Saturday?" I squeaked.

"Don't panic my love, we'll make love Saturday morning as usual, so it's only one extra day of abstinence for you to endure, I'm sure you can manage that, and we can have some great sex Saturday morning."

"I suppose so."

"Now pull your clothes up and get dinner sorted"

I discovered quickly that I had to sit down to pee, which was irritating, but otherwise the device gave me no problems. Thursday morning I woke with an attempted hard on, which was very uncomfortable. I certainly didn't want to lie in, but it was a working day, so that was ok. By the time my wife and her sister got home Thursday evening I was beginning to get quite horny.

"Take off your trousers and pants, my love, we want to inspect our little prisoner."

I did as she instructed, but felt uncomfortable about this 'we' business. I wasn't being shared with Carol when my cock was free and useable, but now it was locked up, she was involved.

"It looks so sweet," my wife cooed, wrapping her hand around my balls and starting to stroke them. My penis immediately tried to get hard.

"Does that hurt, my sweet?"


"A lot?"

"Quite a lot, yes."

"I read that I should do this every day, as it keeps the circulation going, although it apparently makes the frustration worse. Still it's only until Saturday morning."

"Can I have a go?" Carol chipped in.

I couldn't believe this, my sister in law was suggesting that she stroke my balls.

"Yes, of course. You stroke his balls while I stroke his winky, I'm sure he'll feel something through the gaps."

Sure enough there was some sensation, which added to my sister in law stroking my balls, and the fact that the whole scene was unbelievably erotic, made my penis strain against the cage as though it might be able to break it. It was really painful, and unbelievable frustrating.

"Please stop, it really hurts," I begged, almost crying.

"Ok, that's enough for now, get dressed and make dinner."

That night I slept very little, as I kept getting painful erections, and in the morning my wife insisted on stroking my balls again before she got out of bed. My frustration was off the scale, my balls actually hurt from the pressure of cum in them.

During the day at work, every pretty girl I saw caused my cock to stir, and with the state I was in every female looked gorgeous!

In the evening the routine was similar to Thursday, with my wife and her sister playing with my genitals, and giggling about my discomfiture. My wife insisted that I prepare dinner naked except for my cage, which meant they could both keep touching me.

After dinner I was told to sit on the sofa, between my wife and her sister, and to spread my legs, and drape them over their legs, leaving my caged equipment vulnerable to them both.

"So my sweet," my wife started, "Tomorrow morning we are going to have great sex, as I promised, but we need to agree what I mean by great sex. For instance it would be great for me if you licked my pussy for my first orgasm, then perhaps used a vibrating dildo for the second and third. What would make it even better for me would be the knowledge that you would remain frustrated for another week. Do you agree that that would be great sex?"

"But you promised I'd get to cum this Saturday!"

"No I didn't, I said we'd have great sex, and the plan I just described will be great!"

"Sounds good to me," chipped in my wife's sister.

"Alternatively, I could perhaps let you put your penis into my pussy for a few minutes at the beginning, but there would have to be something in it for me. What do you suggest my love?"

"I've no idea what you would like, please tell me, I'll agree to anything!"

"Ok, I'll help you out. First you need to tell me that you would like me to put you straight back in the cage when you've cum, and want me to control your cock completely from now on. Second, you need to explain to me that you think I should take lovers whenever I want, and that you promise to always have a good attitude about that subject. Actually, I think that should do it. Do you think you can do that when we wake up tomorrow morning?"

"Yes my love, if that's what you want."

"It certainly is what I want. You'll have to be handcuffed to the bed before you are unlocked, by the way, and locked up in the cage before the cuffs are removed. You do understand why, don't you?"

"So that I don't try to resist being re-locked?"

"Quite right, well done. I think he's going to make a great chastised cuckold, don't you?"

"It's a good start, anyway. So, are we going out on the pull on Saturday night?"

"Oh yes, that sounds like a great idea, we can test his new attitude, now he's wearing an attitude adjuster."

So, Saturday morning arrived, and I was very excited at the prospect of fucking my wife, and getting to cum, although I wasn't looking forward to being locked up again. My wife woke a little while after me, and she was still sleepy as she rolled over towards me, slid her hands inside my shorts, and started stroking my balls.

"Still want to make love to me, my love?"

"Yes, very much."

"I'm very proud of how well you've done, wearing the cage and not making a fuss about it."

"Thank you my love, it's been difficult, and I don't know if I can manage a whole week."

"Well, I think it's a bit soon to make this thing permanent. I think I should take the cage off and put it back in the drawer for now, then maybe put it back on later in the week. It will give you a chance to have a think about whether this is really what you want."

"But I thought it's what you want?"

"It was mostly Carol's idea, and I went along for fun. The thing that excites me is fulfilling your fantasy of me having sex with other men. It's just that Carol thinks the only way for you to cope with being a cuckold, is if you are permanently locked in chastity. If you can manage without, then that's fine. You think about it and tell me what you think."

"Ok, my love, thank you."

"Anyway, let's get you unlocked, and have some fun. Now, I suspect you'll only last a few seconds, so you must promise me that you'll lick me to two or three orgasms afterwards."

"Yes my love, I promise."

I was so confused, relieved about the chastity device, but also worried that my wife was still pushing to be allowed to sleep with other men. I admit that it is a fantasy which I have to help me cum when I'm wanking, but I don't think I ever thought of it actually happening.

Anyway, my wife was right, I came really fast, which was a bit frustrating, and I then spent about forty minutes bringing her to three orgasms with my tongue.

I was still between her legs giving her little kisses, with her third orgasm subsiding, when Carol walked into the room without knocking.

"Well it's good to see him doing something useful, but you need to lock those dangly bits, before he gets used to being free."

"I've decided to leave him out for a few days. I don't think he's ready yet."

"Well, you know what I think. What I actually came in to say is that I've just heard that I've got the job in Somerset, and they want me to start tomorrow. Are you alright to drive me down?"

"Yes of course. Gosh, this is all very sudden," and to me, "Go and shower, don't just sit there showing off your cock to my sister."

So I went off to shower as they made their plans for Sunday.

The rest of Saturday was spent sorting Carol's packing, loading the car, getting boxes in and out of the loft. When we went to bed my wife cuddled up to me and took my penis gently in her hand. She didn't stroke me or move her hand at all, she just held me gently. I was so horny I quickly got erect.

"I thought you might still be horny. I'm quite satisfied, but I could perhaps help you out so you don't keep me awake wanking, would you like that?"

"Yes my love, very much."

"Ok, well then You have to do something for me."

"What is it my love?"

"I'm just going to hold your monster while you tell me a story. I want you to describe one of your fantasies where I get to have sex with another man. Can you do that?"

"Yes my love, I guess so."

"Ok then, please start."

"We go to one of those dinner dances at the hotel, like we did last Autumn, and as before we've been allocated to a table of lots of couples who don't know each other, but there's an empty seat. Next to you is an attractive man in his forties, but there is no partner next to him. Being gregarious, and flirty, you start chatting to him, and soon learn that his name is Peter. Also that his wife was supposed to come, but she had flu, and couldn't face it, however she insisted that he should still come, and at least eat the dinner, since they'd already paid for it. We all eat our meal, and you keep chatting and flirting with Peter, as you do. Then, when we are having coffee, you whisper to me that Peter is thinking of leaving when the dancing starts, but that you think it would only be right to suggest he dance with you for a few dances. You ask me if I would mind that, and I somewhat grudgingly say that it's ok, and you suggest that I might enjoy watching them dance. I say 'I'm not sure about that, but you can dance with him'. So you tell him that he must stay, and that you'll dance with him, and in fact, why not now."

"This is a good story my love, I can imagine that happening."

"So, you both bop around for a couple of dances. He keeps leaning in to talk to you, touching your arm. Next the band announce that they're going to do a couple of smoochy romantic numbers for all the love birds. Peter makes to leave the floor, as I was expecting, and in fact, I was starting to stand up to replace him, when you hold his arm and say something to him, and he turns back as you put your arms around his neck to dance close. As the two of you rotate, you reach the point where you are looking directly at me, and you blow me a kiss, then as you continue to turn, I can see he has his hands on your bum, holding you in tight to him. I'm feeling so jealous, but also incredibly turned on."

"This is such a hot story, keep going."

"The first slow number finishes, and as you are waiting for the next number you start kissing him, a really passionate kiss, and his hands are all over your arse, and even when the music starts, the two of you are just kissing and groping each other. Eventually the song finishes and the two of you walk hand in hand back to the table. You sit back down and turn to me. Putting your hand on the top of my leg you say,'Peter had such a hard on up there, pressing into me, I'm so turned on'. Then you start rubbing my crotch and realise that I'm also hard 'Well, what a lucky girl, with two hard cocks to play with, let's see if we can get you even more turned on shall we?'"

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