tagNon-Erotic PoetrySunset Bears Such Grace

Sunset Bears Such Grace


Black flames candles
Light a funereal path
Through mist shrouded
Gardens of cold Death
The gaping nuit
That hangs in the stars
Lacerates the moon
Hacks out vast scars

The drink deep from the vein
Blood filled chalice of enemies slain
Furore swollen in lust, passion-fire
Wisdom procured a stone, weathered spire
Sepulchres lure me with their putrescent caress
To wrest me down amid decaying funeral dress
The writings of Christ are burnt, blackened and scorched
In the rank, perfidious past

She came out of Shadows at Death
A shrine to the Blackest Goddess
As the passion is led to rest in my bed
I drop kisses on her silky breast
We lust to be free amid the coming of Sins
The crash of orgasm and the vociferous dins
To walk in the dark and the epoch between
This is desire

The Sunset bears such grace
For all time
The Sunset bears such grace

Shadows stalk Her past
In the hands of the Last Immortals
Where the angry one will banish her soul
As the wild woods brandish their bows

Come to me my Pallid Moonshine

On lithe limbs I melt
Princess be near me
In my arms of archaic lust
Where we pray to a lunar cult
Son of the morning star
Convokes the lost

Dark storms of ancient times
Sorcery and spells to call them by

Axiom of Theurgy
Necromancy is recalled
'Neath the peels of a thunderous heaven
She screams enthralled
Bearing such grace

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