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Super Sunday


A few years back my wife Carole and I were living in a mid-size Midwest college town, still struggling in our professions. We were both in our mid-30s, small house, no kids. Getting by fine but no extras. We were happy, our sex lives were phenomenal, bringing in thirds and couples from time to time and having a blast. Still, good luck wasn't coming our way. Then one December our luck changed.

Our local rock station had a contest to win a full entertainment center, new 50-inch plasma, Bose stereo, etc. The whole shot delivered for a Super Bowl party, with food for you and 20 friends. Carole's always been great with trivia and quick on the telephone draw. She made one of 10 finalists and the station drew our names for the grand prize. Merry Christmas!

Our favorite DJ, Roxanne Z, was to be the special guest, delivering the goodies and hanging out. Roxanne had one of those ultimate female DJ voices, deep and smokey. A bourbon and velvet, cream-your-jeans voice. On the air, she called Carole with the good news and off the air they talked for a while. Roxanne was flirty and Carole, shameless little tart she is, flirted right back. Roxanne said we sounded like a lot of fun and she couldn't wait to meet us. Neither of us said it, but Carole and I were both hoping she equaled her voice in person. And maybe...

A little bit about us to set the scene. Carole is a big girl the way I love them. 5'6, 42D with wide areolas and thick nipples, straight shiny brown hair and eyes, dimples, killer white smile, super soft and fair skin. Meaty and solid ass, cute belly, thick thighs, plush and soft everywhere else. And no inhibitions. This nice lapsed Irish Catholic girl can talk the nasty off of Lil' Kim. Bi and ready for anything. I'm Troy, 6 ft, pretty fit working the machines, blonde and brown. 8 inches and thick and ready for ALMOST anything.

All 20+ of us packed into the house on the day, feasting on the Carson's ribs, pizza, subs, beer and munchies all provided. The tech guys had arrived in the morning to set everything up and by 3 the party was rolling. It was around this time Roxanne showed up. Carole and I were together when she came through the door. Carole's tiny hand gripped my thigh and we both drew breath.

"Oh my God..." Carole whispered.

Roxanne was a 6 ft Valkyrie. Straight black hair to the middle of her back, blonde rock-n-roll highlight streaks. White skin that looked like it had never been in the sun. Ice-blue eyes. Dynamite 44DD chest under her station promo T-shirt, perfect soft belly to compliment and support those beauties. Thick long legs in black leather pants, showing the wide, round, booming bounty of her ass. Black cowboy boots making her even taller. We found out later she was half Native American and half Swedish. What a combo.

Roxanne in person was as awesome as she was on the air. Big laugh, raunchy jokes, always smiling. With 10 of us packed in the kitchen doing tequila shots, she said. "Fuck it, lets all get naked and oil up. It'll be easier to move." About 40 at the time, she had been in lots of major markets and met everybody. We loved her stories. The untold tales of rock 'n roll's sex and drug exploits.

The game was great and gradually people began to file out around 10 pm. Eventually it was Carole and me, Roxanne, my good pal JR and his girlfriend Misa. JR is a tall, dark haired dude who has always favored petite girls. Misa certainly was that. Almost full Japanese, maybe 5 ft. Tiny and tight, she was a gymnastics instructor at the university. Spikey short hair and the sweetest cherry nipples on her 32As. A very kinky and nasty girl also lurked under her sweet façade. She and JR had played with Carol and I on a few occasions.

I'd lowered the lights and put on some music. We were sitting back, passing a joint and listening to one of Roxanne's tales. She had a three-way with a well-known singer and guitar player and was sparing no details.

"I always knew he had a big cock," Carole said, sitting across me on the recliner. My hands smoothed over her blue-jeaned thighs, fingers snaking near her heated crotch.

Roxanne exhaled her smoke. "Oh, honey. It was all that and more. I would have loved to put him everywhere but when he whipped that out I was like, no fuckin' way."

JR took the passed J. "Ah, you just need to go slow. It can be done."

Misa laughed. "Oh, yeah. I used to think that too but we've worked it out."

"Depends HOW big," Roxanne said.

"Would you believe a Red Bull can?" Misa said, cupping JR's crotch.

"You take something that big in that sweet little butt of yours, baby girl?"

"Fuck yeah!"

We all laughed. Misa was across JR's lap, rocking slightly, the crotch of her black tights riding up into her little pussy. She was digging Roxanne as much as we were. The lump in JR's jeans was his proof. Roxanne was next to JR and Misa on the sofa. Carole's fingers were tickling my neck, her big, luscious tits rubbing my arm. There was this brief silence. All our eyes shot around to each other. We were all soaked in the gasoline. It was just a matter of striking the match.

I stood up. "We've tested everything out except for the DVD player. Let's make sure we've got it all hooked up right. What do you say?"

"Sounds good. What do you got in mind, Troy?" Roxanne said.

"Something fun. I know YOU'LL like it."

I popped in one of Carole and mine's favorite porn DVDs. I clicked it to a favorite scene of the porn star Gauge in a school-girl outfit, tag teaming two dudes. Gauge's lips sucking and drooling on two massive cocks in wide color and full stereo.

Roxanne leaned forward. "Mmmmm. That's fuckin hot. Good choice." We sat a minute in silence, watching the action.

"Troy loves when I suck his cock all wet and sloppy like that," Carole said.

"Oh, yeah. That's the only way," Roxanne said. "I haven't had two cocks in so long." She inhaled slow, twisting her hips. A red-nailed hand reached up and squeezed one of her fat beauties. We glanced over at Misa and JR locked in a wet kiss. Misa released JR's thick pink cock from his pants, her tiny hands playing up and down, barely circling the shaft.

"Why don't you let us see you suck on that gorgeous cock, baby?" Roxanne said, reaching over to stroke Misa's thigh.

Carole had my pants undone by now. "Oh, yeah. I love watching Misa's face get fucked," she said, easing down to give my cock some licks, eyes glued to Roxanne sliding closer to the pair. Misa eased down to take all of JR in her mouth. JR's long fingers massaged her dark spiky hair as he fucked her face. Her gags and slurps matching the sounds on the TV. Roxanne's eyes were inches from the action, hand stroking Misa's ass. She purred.

"Yeah. Take that cock all the way down, baby. That's a good girl. Yeah."

Carole stopped to strip all the way down, my sexy round Big Girl. She grinned at me over her shoulder, eyebrows jumping as she leaned down to pull Roxanne' boots off. I took the hint, cock bobbing as I stood to reach and unbutton Rox's leather pants. That delicious big, solid ass unveiled like the sweetest hunk of white chocolate as I rolled the leathers off her. She squirmed and wiggled the prize at Carole and I while she shared wet kisses and licks at JR's cock with Misa.

Rox looked back. "Carole, are you gonna let Troy slide that big beautiful cock into me?"

My sexy, incredible wife leaned over to kiss her. "I always get first taste of any new pussy before he fucks it," she said, easing the t-shirt off Roxanne. I stroked my cock feeling it grow even stiffer as Carole kissed and licked her way down Rox's strong back. She stopped to squeeze and lick the cheeks, tossing in a hand smack before leaning in to feast on Rox's, fat, pink and glistening pussy lips. Carole thumbed her thick, brown hair behind her ear, pausing to flash me a wink and devil smile before plunging back in. I got behind my woman's own big beautiful ass and chose her baby smooth little pink knot. I drooled my spit into her asshole, working my tongue all around it, caressing the soft flesh.

I couldn't see it, but from the amped up moans and huffed breath I knew we were all warming up into some serious oral. Troy's groans and commanding "Fuck yeah, suck it good baby." Misa's keening and soft, slurpy gags and she worked his meat. Rox moaned like she was at a prize meal, sucking Troy's balls and shaft. Rox broke off as her pussy reached a boil under Carol's tongue and fingers. The wet squishes so close to me.

"Ohhhh, God. Fuck, you nasty bitch. Eat me, Carole. Suck that pussy. YES!"

I worked two fingers into Carole's pussy, tickling her G-spot as I finally eased my tongue into her hole. The tremor started in her thighs and I knew the signal. Carole's face darted up, a soft "Ohhhhh," as she gushed. Carole's not a porn-girl squirter but rather a flooder. I darted my face down to drink my girl's sugar wine. It pooled in my mouth and spread over my cheeks and chin. I stood, to play host and make an offering to our guest as she shook and drove her big ass into my girl's pretty face.

I took a handful of Rox's hair to pull her face up. I rolled a helping of my spit and Carole's nectar into her mouth with the kiss. She tasted the sugar, licking it from my lips and cheeks. With that, everyone shifted. Misa climbed up and eased her way down Troy's cock. The Asian doll locked eyes with me. Her tiny mouth a red "O", huffing as she fucked that stiff pole, working her legs. Her tongue slipped across her lips. Carole had flopped back, opening her legs as Rox shifted and offered her ass to me.

"Like that sweet pussy, baby?" Carole said to her, smiling bright. "Come get some."

"God, you guys are fucking awesome. You have no idea how I needed this. Stick that fucker in me, Troy, " Rox groaned. "Fuck me."

Man, it was good. Soft, tight and soaking wet as my cock eased in. I took a few easy thrusts, gripping her soft ass and slowly drove deeper and harder. I locked eyes with Carole as Rox lapped away at her. Her brown eyes on fire, face flushed. Her back arched as she came again. I reached and wrapped a handful of Roxanne's hair in my fist as I really started to fuck her, our flesh smacking.

"Fuck me fuck me fuck me. Yes!" She groaned, head reared back.

Carole grinned at me, pushing Rox's face back down into her pussy. "Keep eating that pussy, slut".

"Oh yeah, I'm a slut. I fucking love it," Rox said, tongue slurping up the wetness smeared all over Carole pink pussy and soft thighs. I felt Misa's arms wrapping my back, hands reaching to pinch my nipples. I turned my head to tongue duel with her. JR had gotten up and now walked around to Carole. She grasped JR's cock, pulling the head to her mouth, fist working the thick pussy-wet shaft.

"You look so hot fucking that big ass," Misa murmured in my ear between licks. "So fucking hot. Smack it."

Roxanne jolted, moaning, as I layed a few red-handers into her cheeks, pumping away at her pussy. The buzz was electric and we all fucked and sucked, the TV's stereo moans and slurps matching our own. Misa leaned down, getting quick licks at Rox's asshole when she could, taking my juice-slicked cock into her sweet mouth every few thrusts when I pulled out. I wasn't going to last much longer.

"I'm gonna cum."

Misa's mouth hung open, hungry. "Gimme that cum. Troy. Please. Right here. Mmmmm."

I pulled out and with a few strokes I shot three, good thick spurts into Misa's mouth, glazing her red-smeared lips. The orgasm crawled up my back and flowed out the top of my head. I stood still, letting it ride.

Little Misa took control, yanking Rox's head away from Carole, tilting it back and drooling my load into Rox's pussy-smeared mouth. Strands of sweaty hair matted to her face, Rox moaned as she swallowed, pulling Misa into slurpy, cummy wet kisses. Carole let go of JR's cock, sitting up, watching the pair.

We all cooled down a moment. JR stood, stroking his fat pussy pleaser. He met eyes with Rox, She smiled.

"Mmm, save that thing up for me baby. I got plans for it."

Then Rox did one of the hottest things I've ever seen. She stood and flipped little Misa up over her shoulder, like a momma bear taking home dinner. Mia yelped, giggling. Her little pussy and asshole winking at us over Rox's strong back, short legs kicking. Rox fingered away the damp, pussy and cum wet strands of hair from her face with a bright grin. All tits, curves and thighs. Our sex goddess warrior woman.

"So where can we all go to spread out so I can fuck the shit out this little slut?"

"Down the hall to the left," Carole said, laughing.

Rox carried Misa away. I hung back a minute, watching my girl's great ass jiggle as she led JR down the hall by his cock. I shut down the TV and stereo and guzzled some water. I could hear the bed squeaks, whoops and moans from the bedroom. I took a leak and gathered some cold beers and ice to bring with me. I knew we'd all appreciate them soon enough.

Rox's amazing, kneeling ass greeted me once again as I entered the bedroom. She was devouring Misa's pussy, working one of Carole's fat vibe's into her at the same time. Misa thrashed, a high keening from her clenched mouth as the orgasms shook her. JR was fucking Carole hard as she leaned over the bed, next to the female pair. Trying to get licks in on Misa's little cherry buds but the motion and the fucking was too much. Carole was groaning and urging JR to fuck her harder, big tits and soft belly swinging.

I was content to watch for now, but life was already flowing back into my cock. The smell of sex sweat and steaming pussy could have given anybody a contact buzz. JR's face tightened as he gripped Carole's ass.

"Oh, fuck yeah," he grunted, pulling out and spraying a hot, sticky load up Carole's back. Carole's legs gave way under her. She layed flat, catching her breath. JR sat back, huffing breath. "Get me one of those beers, bro?"

I passed him a cold one as we watched the three girls lick, suck and get off with fingers, tongues and two of Carole's vibes. After a few minutes I was raging hard again. The girls sat back for a breather as I passed out cold beers.

Roxanne eyed my cock. "So Troy, what are you gonna do with that thing?"

"I think I'm gonna put it in that big juicy ass."

"Oh my! You are?"

Misa took a big swallow of beer. "And I'm gonna get it nice and slick first."

Carole's hands guided Roxanne so she was flat on the bed, scoohing her butt up a bit. Her fingers played Rox's ass open, lubing up one of her slimmer vibes. "Gotta get you ready, baby"

Roxanne moaned. "Oh, God. I love you guys."

By now JR had recharged and was stroking slowly. With gesture and nod we fixed our plan. He slid over and began kissing Roxanne, gradually working his way under her as she mounted his stiff cock. Carole never missed a beat, by now working the full length of the slim vibe in and out of Rox's asshole. She squirted another glop of lube on it, making it extra wet.

Rox was groaning, swinging her ass and pussy up and down to meet all of the pleasure. I pulled my cock from Misa's mouth (just in time, actually) and slid up behind Rox's ass. Just as Carole pulled the vibe out, I slipped in.

"Fuck yeah. Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass. Oh, God. Fill me up you fuckers. Yes! Yes! Fuck, I'm coming already!"

To tell the truth that was a good thing because I only lasted about a minute before shooting my second load of the night into Rox's ass. Rox rode JR antoher few minutes before he came inside of her. Carole and Misa both layed Rox back, cleaning her up and feasting on her lush, full tits as we all wound down.

The next evening Carole and I listened to Rox's show.

"This one is going out to our Super Bowl Prize winners, Troy and Carole and their friends - especially JR and Misa. Thanks for a great evening, you guys. I think we were all winners. And this song says it best. AC/DC -- You Shook Me All Night Long."

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