tagSci-Fi & FantasySuperhero Origin: The Bull

Superhero Origin: The Bull


We had cut classes for the afternoon and were driving in Jen's car to the beach. Jen said she had a 'special surprise' for me.

"How was your trip to the Agriculture Museum?" I asked jokingly. Jen and I were at odds over what was worse as a graduating class end-of-year trip. There wasn't a lot of money in our school board out in the country and the two senior classes were split up between the museum and the 'Hoffman Bull Evaluation Center'.

"Well, I'll take a dry history of wheat over gallons of bull cum any day", Jen stated with a shudder. "That place is like my worst nightmare!"

Jen hated the idea of cum and made no secret about it. We were both virgins and although we'd been dating for a couple months now we had only got past making out and into hand jobs a week or so ago. I couldn't get into her pants with anything yet, not even a hand on her butt for crying out loud, but she was a little more daring when it came to getting me off. I had to wear a condom even for hand jobs since her curiosity about jerking me off ran into a brick wall if there was going to be cum involved. Well, I'd take what I could get given I was probably a 5 out of 10 in the eyes of most girls, and frankly Jen wasn't any better, but she was slim which was nice, had shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes.

I flexed my hand uncomfortably and grimaced a little. "What's wrong?", she said.

"While we were going through the research and development lab I accidentally bumped into Samantha, which kind of pissed off Brandon", I muttered.

"Ah, boyfriend found a reason to act the tough guy?"

"Yeah, we'd just been through the exhibit that pointed out the size of a bull's dick and how much cum production it can ramp up in a day to deal with the masses of female cows. Guess Brandon felt a little emasculated", I chuckled darkly. "He shoved me into a lab desk where I busted my hand through a glass case, cutting myself. I got a bandage for it at the aid station but I also think I got stuck with one of the needles inside the case."

Jen looked over while driving, said she hoped I was ok and winked at me, "I bet I can make you feel better".

We drove Jen's car down to Hoffman's beach, which is really just about 50-feet of sand, but it's got lots of places to park along the road so it's pretty popular although it was completely deserted at the moment. Jen had been hinting all day that she wanted to do 'something special' with me at the beach and winking a lot. She was kind of overdoing it with the hinting but it made her happy, so I went along with it. I didn't want to get my hopes up because the last time she brought up 'something special' with me it was a couple months ago when we graduated from simple kissing to frenching. Underwhelming, I know.

We parked and got out of the car. Jen immediately stripped off her shirt to showcase for me what was apparently a new bikini. Her tits were a small B-cup, nothing spectacular, however I must have stared at them for a little too long because she faltered for a second and said "Rob, you're being a little creepy". I shook my head quickly and realized I'd been standing dead-still and staring. Something else was happening too. A weird pain was building in my nuts. It went away when I broke out of my mini-trance and smiled at Jen. "Hot! You look great Jen! That really suits you."

She smiled and we walked down to the beach holding hands. My swimsuit felt odd, like it had shrunk in the drier but I dismissed it.

We swam for a couple minutes when Jen came up to me and whispered in my ear, "ready for your something special?" I got some butterflies in my stomach but remembered not to get my hopes up. This is the girl who can't handle cum right? We walked up out of the water and she grabbed her beach bag, heading off on a trail to the right. "Hurry up, Rob!"

I caught up with her in a small clearing, sitting on a rock that put her about 2 feet off the ground. "Sit here", she said.

Now, Jen batted a 5 or 5.5 out of 10 if you're being generous, but so did I. We were both C-list students, and she was not quite the cute girl next door B-list, or the cheerleader A-list, but we suited each other. With her slick-backed wet hair and bikini on she was pushing a 6 out of 10 and looking pretty hot. Her nipples were standing out beneath her bikini and I was starting to feel like a damn lucky guy. I sat on the rock and she moved in front of me down on her knees.

She leaned forward and up a little to give me a kiss and drew back, sticking out her chest slightly. "So you like my bikini?", she asked.

I tried to meet her eyes for a second but my gaze was absolutely riveted on her tits. "Yes", I croaked out.

"Well, I think it's time we did something special then", she murmured in a sexy voice she'd never used before.

She reached behind her back and pulled on the little string that was holding her bikini top together. The front immediately slacked and fell a little forward. I new she was staring into my eyes hoping to share a moment, but I was staring fixedly at her tits. Suddenly another stab of pain went through my balls. I flinched and Jen drew back for a second. "What's wrong?" she asked, a bit of alarm creeping into her voice.

I wanted to look her in the eye and say I'm fine, but it was as if I couldn't break away from the single-minded fixation with which I was staring at her tits. "Nothing, nothing at all, I'm just really, seriously, turned on right now". This was a bit of a lie (my balls were definitely hurting), and also not far from the truth either.

She slipped her bikini up over her head and was topless in front of me for the first time. I'd never seen her tits before; hell, I'd never seen live tits before, ever.

Jen's tits were so beautiful. The smooth skin, tan lines, small pink nipples, and even a tiny mole just on the outside of her left tit all worked together to keep me from even blinking.

The stabbing pain in my nuts died down but became a constant shudder. I figured this is what it must feel like to be ridiculously horny. Jen undid my swim trunks and started to pull them down my legs and over my knees. I had them around my feet now, still staring right at her tits as if I was memorizing every square inch of them. She drew back a bit and asked me in a self-conscious voice, "so, what do you think of them?"

I reached out my right hand, which was shaking a bit, and gently touched the side of one breast. "They're amazing!", I managed to stammer out. My left hand was covering up my cock and balls, semi-protectively since they felt really, really weird right now... almost enough to break through the single-minded trance with which I was staring at her tits.

Jen made a happy sound and reached into her beach-bag. With some annoyance I heard the crinkle of a condom wrapper. I know she is totally turned off by cum, I get it. I know it's nearly a phobia of hers, but for fuck's sakes. I know we're not about to have sex because she's not going to make that big a jump, and I know she's not going to give me a blow job since she's petrified of cum, pre-cum, and probably any word that contains the letters "cum" all together. So, I'm in for a hand-job for sure... which I might add, is way the fuck better than nothing, however at that moment I'd have given just about anything to feel her skin on my skin, without a bloody latex condom in between.

She started to slip the condom over the head of my now rock-hard cock, got it backwards, took it off, reversed it and tried again. It actually hurt a little and I must have registered that fact on my face. "This is the same pack as last time, I don't know why...", then she gasped. I know why, because at the same time I felt the condom tighten.

Jen had never seen my cock in the light of day before, just in the dark of her car or my bedroom one time when my folks were out, so she can be forgiven for not knowing its size exactly. Me on the other hand, I'm a guy, I could bloody well draw my cock in perfect detail, complete with veins and everything, and when I broke my gaze from her tits and looked down at it my mouth dropped open. It was at least half-again as wide as before, and at least an inch longer. I was also, however, turned on to the point of shaking and was willing to accept a blue cock wrapped in flowers if I could just cum, and soon.

"I guess you're... magic", I grunted out as I removed my left hand which was protecting my nuts and placed it on her other breast. I was staring down at both tits, had both hands on them, had done a quick check in my head as to whether I'd ever be able to tit-fuck Jen and realized that first, they were too far apart and small, second, she would probably die of fright at the thought of cum on her tits, and thirdly my eyes were now rolling back into my head as she jerked my shaft.

I was in heaven. I leaned back, took my hands away from her tits as she leaned forward a little to work at jerking me off. I put my hands behind me, never taking my eyes off her tits.

"I was doing some research about jerking guys off", she said in the same voice she would have used to explain directions to her house, "and although I really don't want you to get any on me, I heard if I point your cock at my tits that would turn most guys on". When the words got through to my brain I tried my best to grunt a yes. She looked at my cock, jerking it slowly and pointed it at her tits. She took her other hand and tried to cup my balls. "I also heard that if I hold onto these lightly... what the fuck?!"

She slowed her jerking down a lot and stared down at my balls. I leaned forward, nearly seeing red I was so turned on, and realized what she was freaked about. My balls had each grown to the size of softballs. There was no frigging way they were like that even two minutes ago as balls that big wouldn't have fit into my swim trunks.

At that moment I realized what the throbbing was in my nuts: cum production.

"Rob, something's wrong!", she said as I closed my right hand over hers which was on my shaft, getting her hand moving again at a decent pace before going back to support myself.

"No, can't, now, need to cum, can't stop...", I groaned

"We have to get you to the hospital!"

"No, balls hurting, don't stop", I grunted

"But, they are still growing! My god! We need to empty them before you hemorrhage!"

At this moment, while I was staring at her tits, feeling her stroking my cock, something even crazier happened. A blindingly good orgasm hit me, I arched my back a little, she flinched back a little, and time slowed right down. Oddly, the more I focused the more it seemed to slow down. I was staring at her tits, with my cock pointed straight at them when I saw the head of the condom flare-out, filling with cum. This wasn't just any cum, it was more yellowish than normal, and even through the condom I could tell this was thick with sperm, not just the watery stuff it's held in. My cock jumped 4 or 5 times, each time firing out what felt like a huge long rope of cum, but it was all caught in the condom. I could feel my balls tightening and shoving the cum up my cock and knew I was nowhere near done when 'something special' happened.

The condom broke. It didn't just split, it fucking exploded as I pumped another shot of cum into it. Credit to the good people at Trojan, the condom had held onto at least two full cups of cum before it burst, and the force of my current rope of cum caused it all to fly straight at Jen and her beautiful, milky-white virgin tits. In slow motion I saw it land on her chest, tits, and up as far as her throat as she was flinching away. To this day that picture is burned into my memory, but my cock wasn't paying as much attention because it wasn't done. My balls kept contracting and three more ropes launched out of my cock as I was instinctively shoving my hips forward. The first went up the side of her right cheek, into her hair. The second, as she was flinching backwards went along the underside of her arm that was still holding my cock and finished across the side of her tit where my hand had been a minute before, and the last across her torso and up her back as she pivoted away from me, letting go of my cock.

My orgasm ended and time sped right back up again.

"What the fuck!", Jen screamed as she rounded on me in fury, her torso covered in my cum. "What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck..." she screamed as she simultaneously tried to hit me with one fist and scrape away the awful cum with the other. I'd never seen her this mad, but also I was reeling from what was the hugest orgasm of my life, and totally spun. "You sick fuck!", she screamed as she got to her feet, grabbed her bag and ran full tilt towards the beach.

I staggered to my feet and pulled my swim trunks up over my now-deflated, normal-sized balls, picked up her bikini top she had left behind and started to run after her, half shouting "Jen wait up, I don't know...", don't know what? Don't know why my balls grew to 20 times their normal size? Don't know why my typical 6-inch cock nearly grew half-again in size? Don't know why I came so much and with so much force that I broke a condom that you can fill with over a gallon of water? Don't know why time slowed down to the point where my orgasm seemed to take over 2 minutes when the whole experience took Jen less than 10 seconds?

I rounded the corner and saw that Jen had thrown herself into the water, and was now furiously scrubbing herself off, with a look in her eyes that would kill a person dead in their tracks. I yelled out, "Jen, stop, I can... I mean can't... I can't explain but can we talk?"

"Get away from me! I don't want to see you ever again!".

"I sat down on the bank and watched numbly as she tried to scrape off the thick, yellowish cum from her naked tits and noticed she'd gotten the cum off her face first. As I watched he topless form cleaning off in the lake, and some of the immediate memories started coming back to me I felt another stab of pain run through my balls. This time I knew what that meant and tried very, very hard to suppress the sight of Jen holding my cock, pointing it at her tits and having my cum flying towards her shocked face. I wasn't very successful and felt my swim trunks tightening again.

She started out of the lake, one arm across her tits and making for the bag I had plopped down beside. I held out her bikini top and she snatched it out of my hand while reaching down for her bag, affording me what was probably the last view I'd ever get of her tits. My balls jumped in size and I groaned and doubled over. "Oh for fuck's sakes, Rob, as if!", and she stormed off towards he car, trying to put on her top, walk, and carry her bag all at once, rounded the corner and went out of sight.

I was sitting on the sand with thoughts running through my head. "Ok I thought... weird... stuck here... balls hurting... pretty sure I'm now single, I feel bad she was so angry... had no idea that would happen, it was an accident, it was amazing, it was the best cum I've had in my entire life... what the hell is wrong with me, my balls, my cock, that time-slow...."

My head was spinning for a couple minutes. After a bit I looked around and saw the building over the tree line: the "Hoffman Bull Evaluation Centre". Two weird things happening to me in the same day just might be related, and it was only 2'oclock, they might still be open. Had that needle done something to me?

I got myself up off the sand and started walking. Time to find out I suppose.

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by Soron66602/28/18

damn that was a dumb bitch. they will never get a guy or have kids with this dysfunction she have

the guy seems to be nice.

go on with the story

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