Superstitious Me? Of Course. Pt. 02



Dear reader,

Judy asked me to read through her side of the story before she submitted it. Some of you may think me a wimp taking Judy back. Before you judge please consider the alternatives. Is it not better to live with the person who is the mother of your children, and who you happen to love? Is it not better for the children to live with two happy parents, instead of two unhappy parents living apart, only because you want to stick to principles?

After more than a year alone, I decided I wanted Judy back, I missed her terribly. When I left her that awful evening, I told her I had no feelings for her anymore. That was not true, I hated her that moment, and as you know the distance between love and hate is short. To tell her that I had no feelings for her was a heavier blow to her than saying I hated her.

Non of my friends could understand why we had separated, and non gave me comments leading me to feel they had any knowledge of cheating on Judy's part. I therefore took her explanation at face value. I made my final decision while golfing with friends in Florida. So when I came home I invited her to lunch to discuss matters. My telling her about the fortune-teller reading the Tarot cards., was an excuse to complete the circle and get her back. I don't believe in that kind of crap anymore, so I invented the whole story. But please don't tell her, I will do that myself one day.

I also plan to buy one red rose for the upcoming Valentine's Day. It is close to a year since she moved back to our house. It has been a good year, one of our best. My first love ended, and a new started. She cheated on the first love, I'm sure she will not cheat on the new love. Time will show how many roses she will receive, but I have a strong feeling there will be plenty.

Best regards,


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by Anonymous

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by oxynam2501/11/18

I agree with the drug thing being overused

Being drunk or on drugs does not make you a different person. You are still in control of your actions. Sure you might be more loose or horny, but that doesn't excuse anything. Really tired of seeing themore...

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by notredame4310/17/17


trash. if married or getting married be faithful or begone. very few exceptions to this rule

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