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Surprise Surprise


Well I guess I should start by saying I'm just an average guy. No huge muscles, or lots of money. Just an average guy.

Well my story starts about four years ago, I had been live with a girl, but it didn't work out. Well I was pretty torn up over the whole deal. I moved back down to the Central Valley , back to my hometown. I got a job and made okay money. Well after about six months of living in hell. I decided to go on a trip, and have some fun.

I got a cruise to Mexico, two days down, one night in there, and two days back. Well the ride down was okay, I spent some time on deck check out the ladies, but most of the time I stayed in my cabin. That was until we got to Mexico.

After leaving the ship I went straight to the first bar I could find. After walking in I saw lots of hookers, and whores, the whole reason for my trip. After a few drinks, a old dark skinned man, with an aged face came up to me. In a calm, heavily accented voice he ask,

"You looking for someone?"

I was a little nerves, as I had never been to Mexico, before this trip. I know pimpin, was legal but I just didn't really know how to approach it.

"Ey, you looking for a good time? Ey?"

The smile on the old man's face and the way he motioned toward the girls, made it very clean he was the man to talk too.

After a few more drinks he and I began to look over the ladies.

"Tis' one. Here."

The old man motioned toward an older looking women, how was dressed up to look like a school girl, plaid skirt, white blouse, that had a lot of stains on it. Painted up to look like a little girl, but the age showed through on her. The old man keep on telling me the same thing about the old school girl.

"Che' is young, and still very tight."

The old man must have practiced that line many times before.

I looked over her and went on to the next. I pointed out a girl maybe in her mid twenties, she was a little short then me, but had a killer body. She was standing next to an old column near the back of the bar.

"How about her?"

I asked pointing toward her. The smile on her face told me she knew what we were talking about.

The old man rubbed his stubbled chin, and look at the girl, then me, then the girl again.

"Well she is special, a little more then the others."

I began to wonder why? A few of the other girls looked even young then her, and had just as nice of a body. Well I sat for a moment and the old man told me she'd be $50.00 American for the night. I still wondered what made her so special. As I looked her over again from across the bar, I saw those lovely red lips, part ever so slightly, and old peeked the tip of her tongue. She moistened her lips very slowly, and in that moment I knew, I'd be paying $50.00.

As the old motioned for the girl to come over, I began to reach in my pocket for the money. The old man, said to move outside before paying. I went on ahead and, glanced back to see the girl, and old man talking quietly as they followed me out the door.

"Does she speak English?"

I had not even thought to ask before tell the okay, on this hot little number. But looking at her as we moved away from the bar front, I didn't much care if she could speak at all.

"Si' she speak some English, enough for what you want."

I paid the old man, and the girl took me by the hand and we walked around the side of the bar to the back alley. There she opened the door on a small room with no windows, and a just a twin size bed, with messed up blankets.

I sat on the edge of the bed and she closed the door, on the little room, then she click on a small light which huge over the bed, and began to walk back toward me.

"My name is Eric. What can I call you?"

I ask as she began to remove the knee length tan skirt. She didn't have any shoes on at all. And her feet looked like she could walk across hot coals and not feel a thing.

"My name is Anna."

Her voice was low and soft and only slight accented. Anna removed her stained blouse to reveal a nice set of dark brown nipple, on a pair of firm tits. She then in only a pair of thin panties, lowered herself to her knees, between my legs.

I stood and unzipped, my jeans, my cock was already rock hard. She kiss my cock through the thin cloth of my boxers, then reached up and pulled those down too around my ankles.

Slowly she sucked my hard cock into her wet warm mouth, and began to bob gently up and down the length of my cock. Now I'm not huge so it was easy for her to take the whole almost to the base into her mouth. I could feel just a little more of my cock needed to go in for her to have it all.

I slowly ran my fingers through her should length jet black hair. I looked down, and she must have known because she turned up her head, and I stared into her deep brown eyes.

"Do you look sucking cock Anna? Do you like sucking my cock?"

As I hissed out the words she began to nod slowly while still lashing her hot tongue around my cock. I moved my hands to either side of her head and began to slowly force more of myself down her throat.

She didn't skip a beat and seems to be enjoying my cock even more, she began to try and swallow my whole cock. This was a feeling I had never felt before, as if soft wet hands were gently trying to pull me in more.

After a few moments, Anna pulled back slightly to lick my cock, like a lollipop, and looked up at me again with those deep brown eyes. My cock looked even more white then it was against her dark brown skin.

"Do you to fuck girls in the ass?"

My mind flew into a heated passion, when I heard what this girl was telling, she actually wanted to be fuck in the ass. All I could do was nod. Anna got up and went to the foot of the bed near the door, and reached under it. She pulled out a small plastic bottle, I couldn't read what was on it, but I guessed it was some kind of lubrication. She turn around and turned off the light. I could still see her kinda on the dark, the door was made of planks of wood so there was small gapes, letting light from the late evening sun peek in. I could see her move back toward me and remove her panties. She handed them to me, and I could hear her squeezing the liquid out of the bottle on to her hands. She gently began to massage my cock with both her hands, squeezing it slightly making me breath even harder. I lifted her panties to my nose and inhaled deeply the moisten, damp smell of her body.

"Okay Eric, you ready to give to me?"

With that she climbed up on the edge of the bed, lifted her ass into the air. I rubbed her ass and lower back. As I moved forward she reached back and grab my cock. Gently she rubbed it up and down over her ass hole, I could feel the tip of my cock begin to leak out pre cum. She began to push back on my cock, and I got the message she was sending and began to push forward into her ass. It was tight but not as tight as I had thought it should be. But I guessed she had done this before. Once I was in her, and began a smooth rhythm. She began to softly moan. The sound of her moans and the squeak of the bed, began to get me really hot. I leaned forward and began to rub the back of her neck and pull on her hair. I then leaned even further to get a hold of those tits, as I did I felt her ass hole tighten even more around the shaft of my cock.

"It's okay. I just want to feel your tits Anna."

She relaxed a little but not much. The tightened ass hole did feel better so I kept up the pace. As I did Anna began to talk in Spanish, I could not understand her, but it got my cock to jerking. Not wanting to bust a load too quick I slowed the pace.

"Do you not like me talking?"

Anna moaned in between grunts.

"No I love the sound of you talking, but it's getting me really horny! And I don't want to bust a load yet."

With that she moaned out an okay and went back to only moaning and grunting.

After about five or ten minutes I was getting tried of standing and pumping at the same time.

"Let's lay down on the bed, and let me finish you your twat."


Anna pulled off my cock all together and, moved back up against the wall of the room. It was getting darker now, but I could still make out her body hugged up against the dirty stucco wall.

"What's the matter?!?"

I asked in a shocked and a bit frighten tone.

"Well..? You've been in my butt hole. And it's not good to go into my pussy. Until you've washed it off. Get lay here behind me and finish in my ass."

Well what she said did make sense. I laid down and got up behind Anna in a spooning position, she pulled me closer and lifted one cheek of her ass with her left hand and with the right hand guided my cock back home to her ass hole. I wasn't in her a second before I picked up the same steady rhythm. Anna turn her head back toward me and begin to lick at my mouth. I followed suit and began to lick at her face and mouth, kissing some, lick at others.

"Pound me poppi! You feel sooo good! Pound my dirty butt hole!!! Unload that cum in me!"

With Anna voice getting louder and then her rhythm getting harder and faster I knew she was going to cum soon too. So with a few hard thrusts up her ass hole I began to cum. She must have felt the hot load in her ass. Because she to began to buck, and scream in Spanish.

As we came together I slide my hand around to her belly and slowly moved it down. Anna's explosion quickly stopped when she felt my hand rap around her cock.

I pulled out of her ass quickly, after feeling the throbbing shaft of her cock. I unloaded part of my cum in her ass the rest on the blankets of the bed.


I yelled at her. I had never fucked anything like this before. As I stood there in a freaked out rage. I could hear Anna crying. She?… He?… It?… Anna was crying and it was because of me. A feeling of shame and remorse fell upon me. Not shame of have sex with Anna. But shame of jumping up and making Anna cry.

"I'm sorry."

Is all Anna could get out between the weeping. I felt like shit, yelling at Anna. I slowly sat back down on the edge of the bed facing Anna. I reached out and gently touched her back. She quickly pulled away, and pulled her legs up to her chest facing the wall. I again reached out and gently touched her back. This time she had nowhere to go. I rubbed her back softly, and tried to sooth her.

"It okay. It's okay."

I said laying back down behind her. She began to slow the crying. But still was in a tight fetal position. I moved her hair outta the way and began to tenderly kiss the back of her neck and rubbing the side of her belly.

Slowly she began to relax and let her legs down. I kissed at her neck, and began to tenderly nibble on her ear lobe. She giggled softly, and rolled over to face me.

"Your not mad?"

Anna asked, as she softly, rub my face. Her breath was hot on face. I could feel even in the dark that her face was only inches away from my own.

"Shocked, Yes. Confused, Yes. But mad, …no."

I pulled Anna closer to me and rubbed her back. She still tried her best to keep her lower body from touching mine.

"Many guys who find out…they get mad and beat on me. Then they try the beat up Carlos. Other simply call me names like Fag, or Homo. But you,…you don't mind?"

Anna words cut me to the bone. When I felt that hard cock in my hand, those same words flew through my head. But now hearing her soft voice feeling her touch my face. I knew it didn't really matter to me that she had a cock. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to me, I felt her cock lay against my own.

"So long as you don't want to fuck me the ass. I don't care. You are wonderful."

With that we I lick at her lips and kissed her deeply. My cock began to stir again, but I knew it would be sometime before it would be of any use.

"I don't like to do guys. I love feeling a nice hard cock up my ass. The feeling I get when a guy unloads. HHMMMM! That's what like!"

Anna slowly began to roll over again. I pulled her close, and began to rub her tummy, and tits.

"So the tits, are implants?"

Anna giggled, and nodded her head.

"Yes they are 34 C's. Most of time Carlos just get me to go down on guys, but Carlos, said you had wanted something special."

I began to feel her tits more, and rub on her nipples. To my surprise, they began to hard and firm up, like little M&M's. I keep circling then lightly with a finger, and kissed on her neck.

"So they do get hard?"

I asked. She again nodded and I began to hear her breathing heavier. I squeezed the whole right tit firmly, and then slide my hand down to her belly.

"Yes. My nipple do get hard when I'm….horny. I use an old Mexican salve that they use on guy cocks who are im..im…impotent. It makes the skin more…more sensitive."

I could my cock getting hard now after laying there with it snuggled in between her butt cheeks. I don't know why I did it, but I reached down further and took her cock in my hand it was about the same size as mine. It felt hot and semi hard, in my hand, as I gently squeezed it. I could hear her moan softly now as if I was hurting her but it still felt good to her.

I let her cock go and raised my hand to my mouth and spit on it. Then I reached down and grabbed hold of her cock again. This time it was almost completely erect. I slowly stroked it as if I were jacking myself off. I started slow and then picked up the pace. My own cock was getting harder by the second. I guess stroking a cock I knew wasn't my own, was working my boy up.

I guess Anna could feel the lump in her ass cheeks getting bigger. Her cock was at full length now and was equally as big as my own. Maybe a little more! I could hear Anna moan louder and beginning to talk in Spanish again.

"You don't mind me touching it do you?"

Asked Anna as I stepped up to pace a little more on her cock.

"No…I…Love it! No one really has done it before. But I love to feeling it's giving me."

With that she reached back a lifted her ass cheek again to let me back in her. I could feel my own cum as I pushed into her ass. I worked as I decent lube. I began to pump and again she began to moan and talking.

"You like me Eric? You like to fuck my butt hole."

Her words were like nitro, in a race car. It was sending me rapidly to the edge.

"You like my wet butt hole Eric? Do you like the feel of your own cum in my butt?"

Then hesitantly she began to bump her ass back against my cock, as I stroked her's. Shyly and softly she asked,

"Do you like my cock? Do you mind jackin' me off? I mean …if you want … to stop."

I keep the pace both pumping and stroking, and whispered into her ear as I licked at her lobe.

"Baby anytime your ready to cum, cum."

Anna body began to quiver and jerk wildly, and her cock shot it's load, the feel of the hot liquid all over my hand, sent my cock into a jerking frenzy. As we finished the massive explosion. She began to cry again, I was really worried now.

"What's wrong?

I asked as I gently held her limping cock. My own began to pulls itself out of her ass do to the shrinking.

"I think I love you."

The word she said, made me happy. I had truly had a great time in Mexico, and now my only thoughts were.

"How are we goin' to get you back to California?"

With that she giggled and turn back to kiss me.

"We'll find a way Eric."

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