tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSurprising Day Off

Surprising Day Off


I got a rare day off in the middle of the week last week. My wife was going to court that morning and told me that since it was opening statements that she would be gone until well up in the evening. I got up that morning and ate breakfast while reading the newspaper. I then decided that I would watch some television. The funny thing about television on weekday mornings is that unless you watch stupid ass talk shows, lame ass game shows or news, there is nothing at all on worth watching. So I decided to do something else.

I got up and started to go outside to do some yard work, but just as I stepped out on the porch the skies opened up and it started to rain cats and dogs. I threw my hands up in the air and walked back inside. "Damn, nothing on TV, raining outside, and Becky is at work, what am I supposed to do now," I wondered standing in the living room. Then my eyes came across my small video cabinet that I had sitting in the corner of the room. I had quite a collection of porn movies featuring my favorite actresses, Jenna Jameson and Christy Canyon. I walked over to the cabinet and was surprised to find it locked.

"That's odd. I never lock it," I thought to myself as I headed into the bedroom and went to Becky's jewelry box and pulled out the key. I headed back to the living room still puzzled as to the locked video cabinet. I knelt in front of the cabinet again and this time I used the key and unlocked it, I was surprised to see that all of the movies from the top shelf had been moved to the bottom shelf to make room for the video camera that was lying on the top shelf. This was also a new thing for me as I had never owned a video camera before. "What the hell is going on?" I said as I pulled out the video camera and looked at it. I was able to figure out that there was no tape inside it, figuring that if there was one I might be able to figure out where it came from. "Well now the plot thickens doesn't it," I said to myself. I decided that maybe Becky had decided to go out and buy a video camera and had forgotten to tell me about it.

I pulled out two rows of regular Hollywood movies before I got to my porn videos, I leaned down and saw an unlabeled tape sitting between Jenna Jameson's "Conquest" and Christy Canyon's "Victim of Love 2". I pulled it out and it was not marked except with a date on the cover. The date was two weeks ago when Becky was in Detroit for business, or at least she told me she was there on business. I decided that I would have to check out this find before I could jerk myself off to Christy or Jenna. I got the tape out and went over to the VCR and put it in. I sat back in my easy chair and waited to see what was on this mystery tape. I sat there while the tape got started and it opened in a hotel room with just voices one of them was Becky's the other was a female also, but I wasn't sure who it belonged to.

I sat bolt upright as I saw Becky step into the scene as she slipped out of her blouse and turned back to the camera and started to run her fingers over the front of her bra as she licked her lips and teased whoever else was in the room. I will start off by telling you that Becky is a big beautiful woman, who is rapidly losing the big side of herself. She has lost 50 pounds recently; she has 44DD boobs and has the juiciest pussy around. She sucks cock better than either Christy or Jenna and she just is horny all the damn time. If nymphomaniacs are real then Becky is one. Whenever we are home at the same time she is all over me and we go at it like newlyweds again. I was anxious to find out who else was in the room with my wife. I got my answer when Becky said, "Why don't you come over here my delicate Rose and feel these luscious tits?"

"Holy shit, that's Rose," I yelled as I saw the much smaller framed girl walk into the picture and begin to kiss my wife. It surprised me to find out that Becky had been meeting with Rose in person since to my knowledge they had only chatted on the computer until this point. I stared at the screen as Becky opened her mouth even wider and you could tell that she and Rose were tonguing each others mouth. Rose slipped her arms around behind Becky and started to unhook her bra, she obviously had a lot of experience with that since in a matter of seconds she stood back and slipped the bra off of Becky's large breasts. Then she leaned her head over and started to lick and suck on the nipple of Becky's left breast while she played with the nipple of the right one with her fingers.

The camera had been set up in the corner to catch the action when it made it to the bed, but at this point they were standing beside the bed starting to caress each other. I have to admit I was becoming aroused at this point as my cock began to strain against my blue jeans as it grew to its full 9 ½". I opened my pants and slipped them down to my ankles followed quickly by my boxer briefs not wanting to take my eyes off the screen I left my shoes on and quickly sat back down with everything around my ankles.

Meanwhile on the screen, Rose moved over to Becky's right breast with her mouth and tongue. Instead of teasing the left breast with her hand as she had the other time she thrust one of her hands down the front of Becky's skirt, it was obvious that she went straight past her panties and right to her pussy as Becky let out a loud gasp. She then began to kiss and nibble on Becky's neck causing her to begin to moan out Rose's name. I knew that Becky's pussy had to be soaking wet by this time from our own lovemaking. As Rose was doing this Becky reached up and began to caress Rose's breasts through her blouse and bra that she still had on. Then Becky pushed Rose back from her and started toward her blouse with her mouth. Becky looked up and smiled devilishly at Rose and started to bite the buttons on Rose's blouse. I was stunned when she bit the first button off and spit it out on the floor, followed by the second then every button after it. After the final button was off of Rose's blouse Becky stood up and slipped it off of Rose's shoulders. Rose looked Becky in the eyes and said, "Do you want to try to undo this with your teeth too," pointing to her front hooking bra.

"No," Becky said reaching out with a trembling hand to undo it and fumbling with it. Finally, Rose unhooked the bra and Becky helped her slide it down. Now that both women were naked from the waist up they embraced and began to deep kiss each other again. I sat there noticing that both women were very beautiful in very contrasting ways. While Becky was voluptuous with very large breasts, Rose had a very luscious petite frame with beautiful perky breast. Becky's skin tone was a little darker that Rose's which stood out when they embraced each other lovingly.

Suddenly, Becky took charge of the situation as she threw Rose down on the bed and literally yanked off her pants. She then looked down at Rose and smiled as she dropped down on her knees beside the bed and yanked the pink thong that Rose was wearing to the side. Becky looked at Rose's bald pussy for a moment before she just drove her tongue in and used her free hand to pull the lips apart so she could get to the most sensitive parts. I realized as I watched my wife suck another woman's pussy that my cock had gotten much harder than usual. It had grown at least another half inch and was throbbing with the beating of my heart, and I hadn't even touched myself yet. I was afraid that with the lightest touch I would cum all over myself and I didn't want to stop and clean up just yet.

My attention was back to the screen in an instant as I was watching Becky looked up at Rose and said to her, "Nice, and juicy freshly shaved pussy my favorite dish." Then she went back to work on Rose's pussy again, I was able to see her jaws and lips working. Rose was moaning and groaning with pleasure as Becky continued to tongue her pussy as deeply as she could. It was the most amazing thing that I had ever seen; my wife was licking another woman's pussy.

Rose then started to talk as Becky was working on her pussy, "Oh yessss, lick that wet juicy pussy. Becky make me your little bitch."

"Damn," I said shocked that another woman had just told my wife to make her become her little bitch. I continued to watch as Rose wrapped her legs around Becky's head and started to thrust upward with her hips. Becky just kept her tongue buried in Rose's pussy. Then Rose put one hand on the back of Becky's head and started to shove her forward into her pussy like I do when Becky is sucking my cock. Rose used her other hand and started to play with her nipples as Becky continued to suck on her pussy. Rose began to moan and groan as Becky licked and sucked on her pussy.

"That's it girl, lick my naughty pussy, make me cum all over your face," Rose moaned as she bucked against Becky's tongue and lips.

Suddenly, Becky stood up and slipped off her skirt and panties and climbed on the bed with Rose. Becky grabbed the back of Rose's head and pulled her close for another deep kiss then she lay back on the bed. Rose then took the hint and lowered her mouth towards Becky's hot soaking wet pussy. Becky made a hissing noise with her mouth as Rose began to lick at her slit. Becky was in obvious bliss as Rose was apparently not inexperienced in this area. As Rose was licking Becky's pussy, she used one hand and pulled apart the lips just as Becky had done to her and with the other hand she reached up and started to tease Becky's nipples. It was evident both women were enjoying themselves. Becky then said to Rose, "Bring your pussy up here to my mouth and we will make each other cum at the same time."

"Damn, I love the way you think, lover," Rose said as she repositioned herself so that she was on top of Becky in a sixty-nine position. As soon as Rose was in position both women went to work on the other with a feverish pitch. As the girls started to moan and groan, I reached down and took my cock in my hand and lightly stroked it. I continued to watch as the girls began to do everything possible to get each other off. Rose would lick Becky's pussy while using her fingers to stimulate her clit. Then Becky would lick on Rose's clit while she shoved two fingers deep inside of Rose's sweet pussy. As the girls were approaching orgasm I decided that I wanted to cum with them, so I picked up the pace of my stroking as I watched them try to make each other get off at the same time. Rose began to moan first, and then Becky started to moan as they both said at the same instant, "I'm cumming." With that statement I started to shoot my load all over myself as I watched my wife cumming on another woman's face while she made the other woman cum all over her face. My load was so intense that some of it landed on the back of the chair next to my face. I hadn't cum that hard in a very long time.

As I sat there catching my breath I noticed that Rose and Becky obviously were not finished as Rose began to lick Becky's pussy again. Becky giggled at Rose and asked her, "What are you doing, sweetie?"

"Cleaning up your pussy, you are a very messy little girl," Rose responded to her.

"Well, I guess I need to get started on the mess down here, don't I?" Becky said with giggle.

"Certainly, love," Rose told her diving back into Becky's pussy.

As they started at it again my cock started to harden once again, much to my surprise. I had never had it get hard right after I got off before. It rose to full erection as I watched Rose and Becky start to lick each other all over again. They were going at like it was the first time all over again. I was amazed at the response of my body and their response to each other as they began to lick each other's pussies again.

I reached down to my newly hard cock and began to stroke it again as I watched as the two girls began to do some exploring with their fingers and tongues. Becky began to run her hands up and down Rose's ass as she licked her pussy. As she was rubbing one of her fingers found Rose's tight little anus. Rose moaned as Becky began to tickle it with one of her long finger nails. Becky then stuck out her tongue and ran it from the top of Rose's pussy all the way down to Rose's tight little rosebud, and began to lick around it. Rose began to moan as Becky began to lick faster around Rose's anus.

Rose then started her hands and mouth toward Becky's anus. Rose followed Becky's lead and tickled her anus with her finger nails before she began to lightly lick on her anus. Becky moaned, "Oh yeah, sweetie, lick my ass."

I was stunned as Rose began to lick with more intensity on Becky's tight little asshole. I started to stroke my hard cock as I watched Rose lick on Becky's ass while Becky did the same to her. I noticed that Rose was obviously enjoying it as Becky had pussy juice all over her face and it was starting to drip on her chest as she continued to lick on Rose's sweet tight little ass. Rose moaned even louder as Becky began to insert a finger into her ass. Rose said with a moan, "Finger fuck my ass, you naughty bitch."

At that moment I had to stop stroking because the level of lust in that voice very nearly caused me to shoot my second load already. These women were definitely hot for each other and they were going at it. I collected myself and started to slowly stroke my cock again as Becky began to work her finger in and out of Rose's ass. As Becky was doing this she began to lick on Rose's pussy at the same time. Rose let out a huge gasp of pleasure when Becky's tongue again began to lick at her pussy. Moments later Rose began to moan that she was going to cum all over Becky's face. Rose's face was towards the camera as she started to orgasm and she threw her head back and opened her mouth in wide "O" and let out a scream of exquisite pleasure as her eyes rolled back in her head from the sheer force of her orgasm. I held my load by sheer force of will. Rose then rolled off of top of Becky and lay on the bed next to her gasping.

"Damn, girl that was wonderful, I have never cum that hard before," Rose said as she gasped for air.

"There is plenty more where that came from," Becky said she reached across Rose's body to pinch her nipple. I think that Rose moaned at the exact same moment that I did from watching that act. Rose more in post orgasmic bliss and me in trying to keep from shooting my load again so soon. I wanted to enjoy whatever else these two sexy vixens had up their sleeves.

Rose rolled over and slid down between Becky's legs and said, "I guess I owe you one don't I?"

Becky smiled down at her said, "Please, eat my pussy."

Rose looked back up at her and smiled, "I love it when they beg." She then placed her lips back into Becky's pussy and began to lick and suck with earnest. I knew that I couldn't hold out much longer and I began to cum for the second time that morning adding to the cum that was already all over my chest and cock and balls. I was in sheer bliss when I opened my eyes to see Becky standing just inside the front door. She was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed and smiling at me.

It quickly tried to cover myself with my hands, but I was covered in cum and the video was still playing on the television, I was so busted.

Becky continued to stand there and smile at me as I was in such an awkward position and it was obvious that she knew that she had the upper hand. She looked at me with a gleam in her eye, uncrossed her hands and started across the floor to where I sat in the chair. Once she was standing next to me, she reached down and scooped up bit of cum on her finger tip. Then she proceeded to put it in her mouth and lick it clean. She looked at the television screen and smiled back at me. "I went to court this morning, thinking that you might be lonely without me here and I come in for lunch to find that you have stumbled across your birthday gift."

"Becky, what are you talking about?" I asked as I started to lean forward.

"That video was my birthday gift to you. I see that you enjoyed it very much," Becky said as she stood over me still looking down. "The best part is yet to come. After she gets me off this time we take a shower together and take the camera with us. It is waterproof."

"Oh my God," I groaned as my cock began to stiffen yet again.

"Two loads of cum and still a third hard on, you are learning what it is like to be multi-orgasmic, my love," Becky giggled as she left the room and entered the kitchen.

"How long were you standing there?" I asked her as embarrassed as I had ever been in my life.

"Long enough to see that you had just shot one load and were getting ready to shoot another," she said sticking her head around the corner and looking at me again. "It is okay though I have always wanted to watch you jerk off, and now I have.

"The only thing is now I will have to get you a new birthday present," she said as she went back around the corner.

I sat back and began to watch the video again. My mind started to think about how she could possible top this little adventure, but that is a whole other story.

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