tagHumor & SatireSurvival of the Fittest Ch. 01

Survival of the Fittest Ch. 01


Author's Note: I am not well-educated on the matters of time travel or time machines. The beginning is simply meant as an explanation as to why Marilla ended up in the past, and is not intended to be historically or scientifically accurate.

This is a work of fiction. All characters and events are the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


It was the year 2010. Marilla Stephens, inventor and head of the recently founded Unofficial National Association of Active History (which consisted of one member, herself), was about to embark on her first journey into the past.

After years of tireless research, effort, and money, Marilla had finally accomplished what had previously been only dreamed about: the construction of a real, working time machine.

Or so she hoped. Marilla had yet to actually test the product. Not wanting to use any other human guinea pigs out of fear they would try and hog the credit, she was determined to do all the testing herself. Besides, this way no one would get hurt.

Marilla had always been fascinated by evolution. She especially found human evolution exciting, and she had always wished that she could meet one of her prehistoric ancestors. She had vowed to herself that if she ever constructed a time machine, she would go back to the time when the first Homo sapiens emerged and view them firsthand.

Maybe I won't ever let anyone know about the time machine, she thought to herself as she climbed into the round, single-seat vehicle. Yeah, it'll be my little secret. I'll explore the vast fields of time, and keep all my great adventures to myself! She set the date to 130,000 B.C., buckled herself in, and started the engine. Her last thought before she blacked out was, Even if I do something to negate my own existence, I will have no regrets.

When Marilla opened her eyes, the first thing she noticed was that she was no longer inside the time machine. The walls surrounding her appeared to be made of stone, possibly a cave of some sort. It was dark, but not too dark.

How long have I been unconscious? she wondered. Did the test run work? Did I make it to the past?

The second thing she realized was that she was very cold and her head was throbbing with a slight pain. Had she hit her head when she landed? Why couldn't she remember anything?

She tried to sit up, and then realized her hands were tied. She'd been captured! But by whom?

As she felt a tingling feeling brush between her legs, she suddenly realized she was naked.

Okay, I'm bound and naked, she thought to herself. I think I have a feeling as to what's going to happen next.

As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she realized she was not alone. Rather, there were several cavemen standing around her—Homo neandertalensis, she guessed—all of whom were sporting hard-ons the size of Pringles cans. The tingling feeling between her legs was the breeze from one of the Neanderthals kneeling down in front of her. As she gave him the once-over, she noted his bulging muscles and gorgeous six-pack. None of the men she'd slept with had looked this great. And his face didn't look that bad; his nose was a little flat, but pretty nice overall. She felt herself growing wet as she anticipated what was about to happen next.

Without any sort of ceremony, the caveman in front of her grunted and stuck two fat fingers into her pussy. She moaned loudly, hoping it would encourage him to stick that big prehistoric dick inside.

Instead, however, he simply began to pump his fingers in and out of her, grunting rhythmically as he did so. This seemed to encourage the other men, and they all began to paw her almost frantically, one cupping her breasts, another reaching under her to grope her ass. Her legs were grabbed and pulled further apart by two more men who mercilessly squeezed her thighs.

Never had she felt so many hands touching her intimate areas at once. She felt herself getting more and more aroused and knew it wouldn't be long before she reached orgasm.

Before she could come, however, she heard a loud sound behind her. She strained her neck, trying to see past all the bodies, and her eyes widened upon seeing an enormous penis right above her face.

"Oh, God…" she moaned, realizing what she was going to be made to do. Before she could say another word, the giant cock lowered itself into her open mouth.

"Mmmmmf!" Marilla's tiny mouth was stretched to the limit, and the giant hunk of man meat began thrusting mercilessly down her throat, making her gag. She was thankful to be able to breathe through her nose as the caveman cock invaded every inch of her oral cavity.

Marilla became vaguely aware of the other men's hands leaving her body except for the first man, who continued to finger her. Suddenly, she felt something warm and wet on her slit, and realized she was about to be eaten out. "Mmmmrrrmmm!" she mumbled and pushed her hips toward the man's mouth.

The unseen tongue pushed between her labia and began to slowly up and down. "Ohhhh, yes," she sighed blissfully—or tried to, then remembered the giant dick in her mouth and began to suck away at it. She was good at giving head, or so she'd been told. The caveman seemed to think so, too, as she heard an umistakable grunt of pleasure.

Meanwhile, the fingers had finally found her G-spot, and the tongue was now brushing against her clit. She squealed and knew she would be coming quickly. All she needed now was…

As the mouth of the man eating her began to suck away at her clit, she felt the other hand of the man fingering her insert a finger into her ass.

That was all the stimulus it took. Marilla came loud and hard, her juices gushing out all over the men's face and hands. Her cries produced a vibrating effect to the man fucking her face, and he came as well, filling her mouth with his hot seed so that it overflowed out of her mouth and trickled down her face. She sputtered and coughed, but swallowed what she could. After all, how often did one get the chance to taste caveman cum?

She lay there, panting, spent by her amazing orgasm. Even so, she was slightly disappointed that none of them had…

Almost as if he could read her mind, one of the men began pressing his massive cock against her vaginal opening. It was enormous; far bigger than any she'd ever taken. This was going to be a tight fit, and damned if she wasn't going to enjoy it.

The man pushed harder against her, and she groaned, partly from pain, but mostly from the excitement of finally getting to be fucked by a real man. "Uhhhh…Oh, God…" She pushed her hips up to indicate she wanted to be pounded like there was no tomorrow.

The caveman clearly understood what she wanted. He gripped her hips with his big hands and entered her with one quick thrust. She screamed, but he seemed to take no heed. He slid himself in and out of her, each time harder, each time faster, each time grunting more loudly. This went on for a few minutes, and then he pulled out and came all over her pussy and stomach.

Marilla lay on her back, twitching. It had all happened so fast; she hadn't been able to come, and her pussy was aching from the raw pounding it had just received.

Before she could ponder this any further, she felt another pair of hands grip her waist. "No…" she moaned as the second man turned her over. "Just let me…rest a bit…"

She knew it was useless; there was no way he could understand what she was saying. She felt him lift up her buttocks so that she was on her knees but not on her hands. It was the most degrading position…and her personal favorite.

"You wanna fuck me like this, big man?" she purred, suddenly feeling up for another good dicking. "Go ahead—I'm ready."

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