tagBDSMSweet Torment

Sweet Torment


She lay in the darkness waiting and listening for that sounds, the sound of the knob turning. He wasn't here and she hated it when he wasn't. It was hard to sleep and hard to imagine him not touching her, not making her moan and beg till she couldn't beg anymore. It was how she went to sleep, how she'd gone to sleep for years. She knew his flight landed at midnight, after getting through customs and taking the train it would be nearly dawn before he would come through the door. Glancing to the clock she saw it was only one thirty, a deep sigh escaped her lips as she let her eyes close for a moment hoping that her boredom might take her away to sleep though she doubted it. Perhaps her mind would be filled with a great fantasy about him and her. Another sigh as already she felt her nipples growing hard as she imagined him tweaking them and sucking them, teasing and biting them as he often did. They were in fact still tender from their last encounter with his lips, teeth and hands, though it was well worth it.

She could imagine his hands sliding up along her outer thigh then, the way his fingers would grip lightly but firmly as they moved. She squirmed as she parted her thighs and moaned as she felt the edge of the blanket sliding along her right thigh and falling off making her skin feel like it had been touched with an electric current. Her left arm moved along the flesh of her taunt belly and up to let her fingers run along the soft curve of her under breast. The skin was warm to the touch as her cool fingers moved over the flesh. A soft whisper of a purr filled the room as she then imagined his hands gripping her breast hard, which her fingers followed suit with. Her back arched up as she moaned, the soft sounds filling the room. She watched then as she knob turned though she knew it would not be him.

An unspoken look passed between her and the new person in the room as her fingers found the nipple and pinched and tugged at it. The visitor into her space, the sweet and beautiful girl walked across the floor and leaned down over her. Lynn watched as the beautiful girls lips lowered down to capture that nipple and suckle at it as Lynn moved her fingers away. A soft mummer escaping her as she arched up into Samantha's mouth, Lynn's fingers moving along the girls back and along the nape of her neck to curl her fingers in the long dark tresses. Samantha moaned as Lynn tugged lightly, just enough to pull the girls lips away from her hardened bud and pull her head towards hers as their lips met in a hungry kiss. The two had shared a great many things these last months one of which was him. Then again he enjoyed sharing them both as well, almost as much as he enjoyed watching. Lynn purred as she remembered the last time he watched the two of them, telling them what he wanted and how. Lynn and Samantha had learned so much, and though they both knew Lynn was his and always would be Samantha was content for now to just be with the two of them. Lynn loved him more of course but she loved Samantha too. The girl was a part of her life now and the two of them had no problems sharing these intimate alone times when he was away.

As the kiss broke Lynn watched as Samantha lay down beside her on the bed. Lynn let her hand trail along the girls' side, fingers moving along her arm then and down over her full breast, leaning in she licked the flesh before suckling at the sweet nipple. Her eyes looking up to the girl who was not looking but lost in the moment as she found the girl usually did. Lynn pushed Samantha onto her back and moved to lean over her with her lips still clamped around that now hardened nub of flesh. Her fingers moved down and up the inside of Samantha's thigh as she waited for the girl to open up to her touches, which didn't take more than a minute. Samantha was stirring as Lynn's fingers found those smooth folds of warm flesh, her index fingers pressing into that little slit that would allow her to open those soon to be wet lips. As Lynn's finger pressing in further she felt Samantha arch up, her thighs parting more as Lynn pressed in further and felt that sudden wetness. Lynn purred just as Samantha moaned. Lynn's finger slid in deeper and deeper till she ran her nail over that already swelling sweet spot. Her finger moved on along as she then found that warm and very wet hole...circling it slowly...teasingly till she felt Samantha's breathing change...one finger...then two...then three pressed inside that tight space. Samantha moaning as Lynn's began to slide her fingers in and out, fucking the girl who moved as if she was a marionette attached to strings she controlled.

Lynn's fingers were soaked with the girls sweet juices as she slid her fingers from the girls' cunt and lifted them to her lips. A smile curled upon Lynn's lips as Samantha suckled and lapped at her fingers hungrily. Lynn pulled her hand away as she leaned in and her lips captured the girls' nipple once again while her hand moved back down to that sweet spot. Slowly Lynn moved her fingers into the girl again, though this time her thumb rested against her clit, and slowly as she fucked the girl her thumb circled around that hardened nub. Samantha arched up pressing her breast into Lynn's mouth just as Lynn bit down. Samantha began panting and whimpering and Lynn smiled. It wasn't just her who begged, though Lynn didn't beg for Samantha unless she was told to. There was only one person she begged for and she wished he was watching right now. Lynn knew if he was he would be hard and knew that he would take her and make her beg even more than she would make Samantha. God how she wished he was here.

Samantha cried out and Lynn could feel the inner walls of the girls' cunt trembling and shuddering. Samantha was begging and crying as she wouldn't let her cum. It was too early, too easy though she knew what it felt like. It was never too early to cum with the right stimuli, and it was never too easy, but Lynn liked to tease someone like he teased her. Finally as Lynn bit down on the girls' nipple and tugged it with her teeth she released it and utters the words 'cum' as her fingers fucked the girl harder and her thumb circled her clit quickly. Samantha cried out and shuddered against Lynn's hard. Her fingers were soaked with the girls' sweet nectar and Lynn watched as Samantha stirred and trembled beside her. A smile curled upon Lynn's lips as Samantha leaned into her and kissed her. The kiss lingered as Lynn felt Samantha's hands sliding up her thigh causing Lynn to moan.

Both girls jumped then as there was a loud crack of flesh against flesh. Lynn felt the sting and Samantha jumped away. Lynn was being pulled upwards by her hair as her lips were being crushed hungrily. It didn't take more than a few seconds for her body to tremble as she knew who was capturing her. The sting on her ass was a sweet tingle of pleasure as her body stirred like it only did around him. The hungry kiss breaking as a look was given to Samantha and she soon made her way out of the room. A smile passed between the two girls as Lynn blew a kiss and watched as the door was closed.

Lynn was dropped on the bed as she heard his voice.

"You fucking dirty girl. I come home early to find you teasing that poor girl in my absence. Then I had to stand there and watch. Mmmm you are going to be delicious to torment now that you have made me so hard I could just fuck you. But that would be too easy." He laughed his wonderfully sexy but tormentingly evil laugh as Lynn lay there looking at him with a smile. She could only imagine the torment he would give her. As long as in the end he fucked her she would be fine and she knew that he would as he always did.

John took his belt off slowly as she lay there on the bed watching him with those deep blue eyes. Her breath was short and rapid, she felt warm all over especially where that hand print throbbed still. Lynn continued to watch as John slowly unbuttoned his shirt, then pulled off his tie and took off his pants and stood there in his black boxers just staring at her.


Was all he said as she slid off the bed and knelt before him. She watched as He took the tie and walked behind her then slowly began to circle her. Lashes fell down to her cheeks as she waited for him to stop, he must have walked around her at least six times before he stopped behind her. She'd been holding her breath and let it out then.

Her wrists were grabbed and her arms pulled up as he wrapped the tie firmly about her wrists. John dropped her arms then and walked back around to face her. Lashes fluttered open as she looked up at him and smiled. He didn't smile back and she could tell he was excited, oh how she wished she knew what he was thinking. His hand came towards her cheek as he caressed the warm flesh lightly. Lynn's head canted towards his hand pressing into it as she purred softly.

"I missed you."

"Really pet because it didn't look like it."

"Really John, I did, I couldn't bear to be without you another night. I wanted you in the bed with me and I started thinking about you, then Samantha came in and things went from there, I was waiting for you John."

Her voice was that soft pleading tone that drove him crazy. It was the same tone she used when she was begging him to let her cum or to fuck her. Sometimes it was all he could do to stop himself from taking her right then and there or giving her what she wanted.

"Please John please believe me."

And there it was again, that voice, pleading with him now.

She glanced up at him again and let her tongue roll across her lips, to moisten them. Her breathes taken in slowly as she felt her full breasts rise and fall. Her nipples were hard, her inner thighs wet, not just from her play time with Samantha, but mostly because of that slap, the hungry kiss, the fact she knew he would torment her some before he took her, it all added up to her growing more and more wanton. More and more was she his dirty little slut, more and more she began what he loved in her.

Lynn watched as John moved into her, his hand coming around her head, fingers tangling in her hair. Moaning she was pulled to her feet, her breath taken away as he crushed her lips against his own once more while his tongue forced open her mouth and pushed its way inside leaving her breathless. His hand slide up along her side and under her breast, kneading the flesh as she moaned into his mouth, while John's thumb moved to caress her nipple making it nice and hard while his other hand was still tangled in her hair. She moaned again as she inhaled deeply to breathe while he still crushed his mouth to hers. It would surely be bruised tomorrow but she didn't care. She was his and his to enjoy and that was all that mattered.

He pulled away as Lynn took a deep breath at the same moment that his fingers pinched down hard on her nipple. John trailed kisses down her cheek and her neck then bit down on the flesh making her neck, suckling at the flesh and leaving teeth marks. Lynn moaned and cried out as the sweet pleasure filled her and made her cunt soaked with her own sweet juices. John knew this as he pulled away from her and watched as she squirmed. Lynn moaned and looked at him with those pleading eyes while she struggled against the tie that bound her wrists. Oh how she wanted to touch him, to run her fingers through his hair, to slide down to her knees and wrap her fingers around his hard cock and guide it to her mouth. Would pleading work? Would he let her go, could she bear to be let go and be allowed to just touch him as she pleased, she wasn't sure which was sweeter, being bound by her wrists or being allowed to do what she wished. A sharp cry echoed through the room as she felt the sting of his hand across her breast. The spot swelled and ached yet her nipple throbbed and if it could speak would surely beg for more. With his hand in her hair he pushed her to her knees as she watched him take off those boxers. His cock was hard, and the tip glistened with those drops of pre-cum. She couldn't help but lick her lips in anticipation as he held his cock and moved it towards her lips moistening them with those sticky drops. Her lips parted as if by instinct even before he pushed the head into her mouth.

John forced his cock deep into her mouth, her throat opening to take him even though she gagged each time he thrust it in deep. She would swallow him if she could she loved the feel of him in her mouth. The way he pressed the head down her throat, that taste of pre-cum that would seep out and coat her tongue and throat, she loved the way he felt when he held her in place, then held his cock deep within almost making it so she couldn't breathe. He wouldn't cum in her mouth but she knew he would make her become that wanton little beast that she didn't show often. She moaned against his shaft, feeling it filling so ready if only she could keep suckling. John pulled his cock from her mouth and tugged her up by her hair once again bending her over the bed with her arms still bound behind her.

Lynn's ass was in the air, her thighs parted so he could see just how wet she was. Grinning John ran his finger slowly along her slit as he felt her soaking wet lips. Bending down he brushed his tongue along her inner thigh as he lapped at the sweet juice that flowed. His hand moved between her thighs as she began to squirm.

"Please John please."

"What do you want my slut?"

"Oh god John please just fuck me please."

She knew he wouldn't but she needed to ask. Lynn was so ready to be fucked that every inch of her ached with that need, that desire for him. He'd gotten her to that state. That state where she would do anything, and they both knew it.

She cried out as she felt the light sting of his belt as it kissed those smooth wet lips of her needy cunt. She moaned again as she felt his hand pat the flesh, pressing in between her lips and patting her clit. Her clit was already swollen with need and desire and she nearly came right then as she bite down on her lips and held her breath. John leaned into her, his lips brushing over her ear as he whispered to her.

"That's a good little pet, my dirty girl."

John laughed as his fingers rubbed at her clit tenderly, making sure to tease her just the right amount as Lynn squirmed against his hand and pressed into it, yet she pulled away so close to cumming she could hardly stand it. Lynn heard the belt sing through the air just before she felt its kiss once again, not hard, it wouldn't leave a mark but it was enough to awaken more and more of her wanton desire. She squirmed and pulled away from him, his hand gripped her hair and pressed her chest down into the bed leaving her more vulnerable. Lynn cried out again as she felt the fingers again on her clit, teasing and rubbing it as her body shuddered.

"Please please please please please...oh John ppleeeasseeee...God Please John"

She couldn't help but tremble as she fought that way that was about to wash over her, and she knew if he continued she'd not be able to stop what was coming. John must have felt it too she thought as his fingers slowed and pulled away. With his hand still tangled in her hair she felt him untie her wrists and flip her over as she landed on her back on the bed. She watched as he stood there towering over her with one hand still messed in those long blonde tresses. She would plead and beg but right now was not the time. He was giving her some rest, to slow her body's needs and when he did this she knew he would soon fuck her. She could hardly wait, though she was torn as she looked at his rock hard cock and knew how it felt being shoved down her throat. She wanted to taste him, but her more primal side, that slutty dirty side just wanted him to fuck her tight wet cunt. She wanted to feel him explode within her as she cried out his name.

John sat on the bed and moved up beside her. Slowly he moved her so she could straddle his lap. Lynn was moved in a way so that he could set her down on his cock. A soft whimper escaped her lips as she felt her tight cunt stretch for him, feeling him fill her inside. He didn't move and she knew she wasn't to move, not yet anyway. His fingers brushed over the mark on her neck and she almost hissed as she felt the sting. Pulling her into him he bite down in the same spot as she moaned and cried out again and with that she couldn't help but move. That movement of him inside her had her moving, her body gliding up so that she could feel the length of him sliding out of her cunt, then lower as his hand moved to her ass guiding her movements as she began to ride him. His teeth biting all along, all the way down across her breasts before they captured her nipple and made her cry once again.

"Oh god John please let me cum please."

His answer to her was to bite down harder as she felt him suckle in a mouthful of breath and felt his teeth sink in. Trembling she rode him as both his hands were now on her waist guiding her movements as he moaned and she called out his name mixed in with those sweet little whimpers and moans.

Lynn threw her head back as she let herself be carried away. So close to releasing all that pent up desire that he made her hold as she felt those inner walls tremble and shudder. She was close, so close and she could only hope he was as she began those soft pleading sounds all over again.

His mouth left the tormenting of her breath as kisses trailed lightly up her throat till they found her lips. She kissed him hungrily as he did her; the need for each other grew till finally through his breath she heard him utter one word.


With that one word her body reacted. She drove herself down on him as she cried out his name, some yeses and a few other primal sounds. She felt him release into her all that delicious cum as she rode him slowly now. Lynn's own body was drenched with sweat, the stinging felt where each bite had been placed. Her cunt dripping with cum as she came down from that high while slowly John pulled her off him and tucked her in beside his body. She purred as she felt his fingers brushing lightly through her hair. She felt those heavy lids pressing tighter and tighter into her cheeks as she fought to keep her eyes open.

"Sleep pet, sleep."

Those were the last words she heard before the sound of his heart beating and the smell of his flesh took her off to dream those sweet dirty dreams she always had.

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