Linda and Rick had been together for just a few months. In act, it was there four month anniversary. They were not what you call astrologically compatible, but still there was chemistry.

Rick, being a Capricorn, was a Dominant. A Harley riding fifty-one year old Bohemian.

Linda on the other hand, well, let's just say that she was a Sagittarius. Linda was no submissive. She was intelligent, in her early forties and owned her own Harley.

To celebrate their anniversary, they decided to go out and eat at Linda's favorite Mexican restaurant. The restaurant was dimly lit and satin their favorite corner booth. After a couple margarita's, the soft kisses were becoming more and more passionate and Rick's fingers were finding their way up the inside of Linda's inner thigh.

Linda quivered as his fingers touched her bare skin above her stockings, but didn't resist. She only spread her legs wider letting Rick touch the edge of her panties.

"Take them off," Rick said as he rubbed between her legs.

"Here?" Linda asked as she looked into his eyes.

"I need to feel and taste your wetness. Nobody can see us here in the corner. Just imagine my finger sliding in and out of you as people sit all around us."

It was against her better judgment and anything that she had ever done before, but just the thought made her wet.

Rick pinched the inside of her upper thigh as he kissed her deeply. "I love ya babe...take them off."

Linda looked around for anyone that could possibly see her. The few people that were around her were preoccupied with their company and eating. She looked at Rick hesitantly, "How about if I go to the bathroom and take them off?"

Rick pulled her panties to the side and brushed her labia, "Take them off now,"

With Rick's forcefulness, Linda clamped her legs down on his hand and grabbed his arm. "Okay," she whispered as she pulled his hand from between her legs.

Trying to be discrete, Linda raised her skirt a little and tugged at her panties. Her heart raced as she looked around for anybody that could possible catch what she was doing. Once past the edge of the booth seat, Linda hurriedly pulled them past her knees allowing them to drop around her ankles.

Rick reached down and untangled them from her heels and laid them on the seat between them. "That's hot. You are making me so hard."

Linda reached over and put her hand between Rick's legs. She felt that he indeed was very hard as she grabbed his bulge.

Rick wasted no time pulling Linda's knees apart and replacing his hand deep between her legs. Both tried to act casual as they touched each other in public.

Rick changed positions slightly and withdrew his hand, "I want to make you cum."

He pulled up her dress a little more and changing hands, he reached deep between her legs touching her labia, Linda scooted down in the booth and spread her legs even more giving Rick full access to wetness.

"Hmmm, are we wet?"

Before Linda could even answer, Rick inserted a finger deep inside of her. Linda squeezed Rick's cock even harder and kissed his passionately.

Rick continued to finger her soaking wet pussy slowly as she tried to maintain. She couldn't believe that she was even doing this. She sipped on her margarita looking around nervously.

Linda began stroking Rick's hard cock through his pants until he added a finger and wiggled then deep inside. She could only squeeze his cock hard and grab the table with her other hand.

"No," Linda whispered as he pulled his fingers from her slowly. He raised them to her lips rubbing her juices softly until she tasted, then sucked her wetness from them.

Rick replaced his fingers, probing, pulling her lips apart until three fingers spread her open. He kissed her, stopping her from crying out, then began to finger fuck her relentlessly.

"Can I get you anything else?" The waitress asked appearing from nowhere.

The waitress interrupted the kiss, but Rick continued fingering her hard. Linda squirmed and could feel herself starting to cum. She could feel her clit being rubbed, her pussy being punished and the sucking sound of Rick's fingers stroking in and out of her while the waitress watched was just too much.

"Noooo..." Linda said loudly as she shook and quivered from the release.

Rick could feel the squirt on his finger inside of her. He looked at the waitress and smiled. "I think we're good, thanks."

The waitress smiled at the two of them as she laid the check on the table near Rick. "You two have a great evening."

As the waitress left, Rick slowly removed his fingers and licked her juices from his them. He softly kissed Linda to share how heavenly she tasted. With what had just transpired, it was time to call it a night and retire to more familiar settings.

Upon arriving at home, Linda went to use the bathroom while Rick lit the candles in the bedroom. He quickly undressed down to his boxer/briefs and waited for Linda's return in bed.

As Linda returned from the bathroom, she removed her dress and stood there wearing nothing but her black thigh high stockings. "Do you want me"?

"Oh yes, " Rick said. "Come here baby, "

Linda climbed into bed and straddled Rick. She bent over and kissed him passionately, then whispered, "Do you love me, " she asked.

"I love you very much, " he replied.

Linda again kissed Rick and asked, "Do you trust me?"

Rick looked into her eyes. "With my life."

Linda reached over to the night stand and removed a pair of novelty hand cuffs. "Just relax and trust me, "

She guided Rick's arms above his head and hand cuffed his two wrists together. Linda then tied the cuffs to the headboard leaving Rick's arms defenseless.

This was truly a change of events for Rick, He had never been in this compromising position. He was always in control.

Linda kissed Rick again, then climbed off of him and out of bed. Rick watched her every move, her long blond hair, her five foot two inch perfect frame. The way she moved in the reflections of the candle light.

"Do you like it when I touch myself, " she asked as she touched her perfect 38C breasts.

"Yes, " Rick replied.

"You must, " she giggled. "I see your cock is getting harder. "I bet that you want me to suck it, don't you?"

"Yes, oh yes, suck my cock."

Linda grabbed his cock through his underwear and began to stroke it slowly, then stopped. She tugged on his underwear a little at a time. Rick raised his ass to help her until he lay there completely naked. "That's better."

Linda again reached into the night stand and pulled out some cotton rope. "Just how long have you been contemplating this?" Rick asked.

Linda smiled, then giggled, "Just a little while."

She walked to the foot of the bed and began to tie Rick's ankles to the frame of the bed. Rick watched Linda struggle with the knots nervously, yet it still turned him on watching her take control.

As Linda finished securing her hostage, she knelt on the bed and lowered her mouth to Rick's throbbing cock. She teased the head of his manhood with her tongue and then gazed up at Rick for his approval.

Linda crawled over him and straddled his body. Rick could feel the heat of her body as her pussy rubbed against the head of his cock. Linda then leaned forward brushing her firm tits against his body, then kissed him deeply using her tongue to tease him even more.

Linda reached back and grabbed him hard, "You want his thing in my wet pussy?"

"Oh, fuck, yes, " Rick whispered as he struggled with his restraints.

"Not yet, " Linda said softly, repositioning herself in the sixty-nine position. "I want to taste you." Rick said.

"Like I am going to taste you?" She asked. Linda then licked his pre-cum off the tip of his cock.

Rick's breathing became erratic watching Linda rub her beautiful wet pussy. He lips were only inches away from his awaiting tongue. He watched as she spread her lips showing off her pinkness. The smell of her wet perfume overwhelmed him as Linda took him entirely into her hot mouth for the first time.

She released his cock from her hot mouth, "I don't want you to cum yet, " Linda said as she climbed off of Rick and out of bed. He watched her again go to her favorite drawer. "This cock ring should slow you down."

Linda put the rubber ring around the head of his cock, then rolled in down in place. She then climbed on the bed, standing over Rick. then straddle his cock. She lowered herself slowly until the head of Rick's throbbing cock parted her wet lips.

She kissed Rick passionately as she lowered herself completely, grinding hard while he took in the pure pleasure of her being. With the kiss, he could feel Linda lifting off of him until he slid completely out.

Linda turned around and lowered herself over Rick's face. "Do you want to tongue fuck me?'

Before Rick could even answer, Linda grabbed his cock hard, "You better make me cum!"

Linda positioned herself carefully over Rick allowing him to take full advantage of her swollen clit. Rick lapped up Linda's juices. He had never seen her this wet before. Her lips were swollen and she tasted exquisitely. Linda started moaning as he sucked on her labia, then her clit. She hung on to Rick's cock hard, stroking it intermittently as she ground her pussy hard on his face.

"I'm gonna cum.... yes, yes, ooooooh, fuck, YES!" Linda cried out as she squirted all over Rick's face.

Rick licked up what he could, then caught his breath as Linda raised up and leaned forward to reach the knots that restrained Rick's ankles. He watched her perfect ass high in the air as he felt some relief from the ropes.

Linda turned around, then straddled Rick again. She grabbed his cock and guided it into her awaiting moistness. She settled down completely, then leaned forward laying her hot body onto his. Linda reach Rick's cuffs and struggled with the locks. Finally, Rick was free.

Rick grabbed Linda and rolled her over to change the authority. He kissed Linda on the neck and ears as he took long strong strokes. He had never remembered being this hard. He raised up to watch as he slid in and out of her wet little pussy. Rick fucked Linda faster and faster until he collapsed unto her and ground his cock deep within her.

Linda arched her back and dug her nails into Rick as he tried to last longer. Within seconds, She felt the spasms of Rick's cock deep within her as he collapsed on top of her. The sounds of their hearts hammered as they both tried to catch their breath.

Rick lay there, exhausted. As he tightened his muscles, wiggling his cock still inside, Linda matched every move by constricting her muscles around his cock.

"Happy anniversary babe."

This night wasn't over, not yet, and for the thought of Rick being a Dominant? Well, maybe there is a little submissive in all of us.

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