tagBDSMSwitching Places Ch. 02

Switching Places Ch. 02


Mistress loved watching the play of muscle and sinew beneath slave-boy's bronzed, satin skin as he writhed against the bonds. There wasn't a bit of hair on him anywhere except his head. Before she'd put the blind fold on him, she saw that he had glorious grey and stormy eyes that promised a well of pleasure and emotion. His impressive cock was all rigid steel and pleasure tightened balls. At last, knowing his body was fully sensitized to even the slightest stimulation, she lay the feather aside. She paused in her work until she saw he'd grown restless. He was wondering if she'd left the room, or if she was just merely watching him as he continued to writhe and pant.

She smiled, wicked and with determination to stun this fabulous man. She reached over to a bowl of ice that had been placed there earlier by room service and selected a cube. She trailed her fingernails lightly up his body from the soles of his feet, past the sensitive insides of his thighs, over sensitive hip bones and up to his chest.

A startled yelp escaped him as she laid the ice cube against one tightly beaded flat man nipple and watched the flesh pucker even more with the added cold. Quickly, she trailed it across his chest and treated the other nipple to the same, murmuring more to herself than to him that all things should be treated fair and equal. When his nipples were satisfactory nubs, she tossed the ice back in the bowl and picked up the clamps and hooked first one, then the other to his nipples. He groaned at the shooting pleasure/pain that went straight to his groin. She adjusted the clamps until they were tight enough to suit her and remind him they were there. She carefully watched his body language for the signs that the bite was just right. To test it, she tweaked the chain and at his shout then groan she nodded, moving on.

He wasn't sure what she would do next, where she would touch, or if it would bite or soothe or arouse. Slave-boy's mind was whirled trying to imagine what would come next. Oh God! She was suckling his earlobe and licking it, now nipping! Finally she began soothing the sting with her tongue. As she nuzzled at his ear he could feel her, soft and warm breath as it brushed against his sweat dampened flesh. His skin erupted in goose flesh. While worrying his ears, she gave the chain that connected his swollen, hot nipples a tweak that hurt almost as much as it sent nearly orgasmic throbs of pleasure down his turgid shaft. Never in a million years had he imagined that torturing his nipples could be so hotly, wicked and decadent. With a final soft kiss to his earlobes, she went down the other side of his body trailing her sharp nails down his chest, across his ripped stomach, across the top of his groin, just missing his cock, and down to the sole of his other foot.

Slave-boy wanted inside that tight little cunt of hers so bad he could taste it...he'd love nothing better than to see her legs splayed out heels and thigh high hose still in place flailing under the thoroughly hard fucking he'd give her. He wondered if she was wet from what she did, did it excite and tease her to have a powerful man at her whim and pleasure? He'd beg to lick her sweet cream to be sure and love every second of her sweet, bald pussy covering his face. She'd rock and smother him until she shuddered and gushed her juices into his starving mouth all over his greedy tongue. He'd lick and suck her as if she were the most delectable candy. One to be savored every second. He licked his lips in anticipation of his fantasy.

He felt her hot, wet mouth at the insteps of his feet. No one had ever played with his feet, not orally, and not in a sexual manner. Holy shit did it feel good! His legs twitched involuntarily as did his turgid cock. It made sense now, a full pedicure had been on the list of preparations he had to complete before entering this room for his session today. By God, his hammer-like cock would drive a twelve inch spike into a block of iron and was unabashedly oozing precum. He could feel it bead up and trail down his cock, a solitary drip that cooled as it slid down him and glistened with promise.

Clucking her tongue, Mistress admonished slave-boy for allowing such precious fluid to go to waste. His chest heaved in a sharp intake as she moved slowly up his thighs licking, suckling along the way at all the tender flesh until she was completely between his legs. She used the pad of her fingertip to slowly wipe his tearing cock's juice from him. He heard her hum of satisfaction as her lips gave a loud smack, signaling she'd tasted him and found him delicious. He moaned and his cock twitched and jerked at the simple touch. Waiting was torture, and he'd bet he had to wait longer before getting what he wanted. Hell, he was so hot now, even if he came, he doubted that once would be enough to deflate his hot, swollen dick.

Her warm, moist mouth continued to move along slave-boy's flesh, as she nipped and licked, and sucked her torturous path up past the insides of his knees, then the insides of his now trembling thighs, damn she had him like putty. He'd do anything--agree to anything now to get relief. Her fingers began stroking his ball sack. It was tight and full, aching to release its burden. His balls were smooth, devoid of any hair since that too had been on his list of preparations, fully denuded body. Now he understood why. It wasn't because she didn't want to deal with his hair in her teeth.

It was also about his absolute pleasure. The added perception and sensations of skin that had no barriers was novel and one lesson he'd take with him forever. Her lovely mouth was everywhere on his groin except devouring his cock like he prayed she would. He was going to be insane. He'd be a babbling, insane idiot if she didn't take his cock soon and swallow him whole.

Laughing at his now silently begging body, she nuzzled at his balls. Then her seductive, throaty voice asked him, "Will you take a plug here for me? You may speak." She gently slid a slick finger across his tight, virginal pucker.

"Y..yes Mistress, thank you for offering." slave-boy stuttered. He hadn't thought his cock could get harder, but it'd just made a liar out of him. He was a little scared of her sticking something in his ass...but what she was doing was driving him fucking nuts and he'd agree to anything to rush things along. Her movements tortured him as she lazily reached up and gently tugged his nipple chain. His hips bucked wildly and his mind seized up as the pleasure from the nipples shot to his balls that were being lovingly sucked by her hungry mouth.

Slave-boy whimpered a brief protest, but stoically held his tongue when she moved from between his legs. From her case, Mistress removed a large bottle of self warming lubricant and a smallish anal stimulating wand, and a medium sized plug. He couldn't see her, could only guess what she was rummaging for, and he was sweating with need and nervous anticipation. He'd always heard that prostate stimulation was incredible. Now that he was so revved and couldn't take care of it, he'd agreed to her request. It freed him somehow, like it'd been taken out of his hands. She'd driven him to a need that transcended all his fears and anxiety. His only fear now was that she would wrap her lips around his cock and he'd shoot off like a school boy before she could properly pay homage to the wonderful job she'd done working him up to such a fine, hard, and needy display.

Slave-boy heard a cap flip open on what he assumed was lubricant. Thank God! While twisted and sadistic, Mistress wasn't cruel. Then he felt her kneel back between his legs again a swift hot lick up his shaft sent his cock jerking, madly seeking the solace it sensed mere inches away. While his cock continued to spasm, he felt the cool press of a thoroughly slicked toy vibrating against the anal pucker and he jumped. Holy crap did it feel good. She hadn't entered him yet, was merely tickling the sensitive outer ring with the wand as his hips rocked madly in an thwarted attempt to thrust at anything.

His whole body tensed then relaxed as her deviant mouth distracted him from the anal stimulation she was teasing him with. She kept him guessing where on his cock or balls he'd feel her tongue or hot suction next. He was going mad. He came unglued at the sensation of the wand slipping into his ass. She continued to press into him even as she systematically and thoroughly wet his cock with her mouth and tongue. He cried out as she hit the hot button inside him, she paused and stroked short little strokes over and around that sweet spot. The heady pleasure spot he'd only read about before now was indeed fact.

Slave-boy's breath came in tortured gasps. With no warning, she slid the wonderful wand from him and this time he protested not that it was entering, but that it was leaving him. Just as he was about to verbalize his wish to continue the gentle probing, he felt another cool and thicker tipped device vibrating against his trembling pucker. He rocked his hips up in eager acceptance. Trust that she would care for him and see to his pleasure flooded him. As he pressed up, she pressed in with the mildly vibrating plug. While it was wider, he was no longer anxious and fearful of it. Slave-boy's tight ring relaxed and opened over it while he breathed out a sigh of relief that once again, that lovely spot she'd helped him discover was being stimulated.

The widest part of the plug passed the muscled ring with a sudden plop. Mistress swallowed his cock whole at the same time. He felt the muscles in her delicate throat milk him and swallow around his cock. Her hum of pleasure at him filling her mouth to overflowing vibrated through his cock hot and sweet. Slave-boy's hips could shift a little, and as she sucked her way back up his screaming shaft, her quick little tongue flickered along the underside of the sensitive ridge that ran around the head of his pleasure ridden rod. He could feel the beginnings of his most wild and untamed orgasm of his long life.

Mistress suckled at the tip of him then strongly pulled back down to the root of him. She swallowed around him as he entered her throat. When she sensed his hot seed boiling in his balls about to shoot long strings, she gently tugged the nipple clamp chain and tweaked the plug as she continued to swallow around him. His whole body bowed up, the veins popped out on his neck and forehead and he screamed with the hardest climax he'd ever been given. Her little moans as she drank him down greedily gave him hope that she'd allow him one more fantasy, that of licking her till she begged for him to stop, then pounding her pulsing, weeping sheath so hard her teeth would rattle and all she'd be able to do is scream helpless with pleasure as he'd just done.

When Mistress milked slave-boy of every precious drop of come, she slid up his body and gently kissed him. She released the plug. Then slowly removed the nipple clamps, then took off his blind fold. One by one, she unbound the leather manacles that had tethered him to the bed. Sighing happily that she'd done her job well, she lay against him contended that all was right in the world at that one moment in time.

"Happy anniversary honey, I can't wait for the next 20 years!"

After a quick shower, with lots of tender stroking and kissing, the couple climbed into bed and made slow, passionate love before falling deeply asleep. When he came to, he was bound once more to the bed, his wife standing over him in yet another black, studded outfit of the softest leather. The skin covering hers snugged to her curves and revealed her excited nipples thrusting up against the material, the divot of her naval, and the slight rounding where her mound stood out. Today she was wearing 'fuck me' thigh high leather boots that molded sinfully to her thighs and made a man want to weep.

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