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Switching Sides


Kathy's head lolled from side to side, her blonde hair splayed out in all directions covering the burgundy satin of the pillow. Soft music droned in the background. The wine and smoke had relaxed the woman totally. Using her warm hands she softly directed Joanne's tongue to just the right spot. Her new friend was so seductive, so beautiful she couldn't resist her affectionate advances. There was magic here.

"Oh god yes, Joanne!" she whispered as Joanne's tongue darted relentlessly across her throbbing clit. Joanne pressed harder against Kathy's soaking pussy. She kissed up and down the fevered crimson lips and around that swollen clit teasing it toward orgasm.

Joanne could see that Kathy was truly enjoying her first oral sex from a girl, and she was excited and fortunate to be the one to initiate her to the bliss of it. What a prize Kathy was! At twenty-two, Kathy was a knockout, soft, curvacious, with plump full lips. Her hair hung in long lazy curls reaching to the middle of her back. More than beautiful, Kathy was kind, loving and empathic. Joanne felt an instant connection when they met. It was love at first sight and not just on her side, Kathy felt it too. They were inseparable from the day they first met. Every thing seemed destined. They could finish each others thoughts and sentences. It was as though they had been meant for each other. This Joanne thought was "Love" in its purest form.

Joanne reached up to Kathy's breasts and pinched and tweaked her strawberry nipples as she sucked at her pulsing clit. She wanted to give Kathy a mind-numbing orgasm. Powerful, consuming. She wanted Kathy to crave the love only she could give her. Her plan was insidious. Make Kathy want her, need her, unable to live without her. When she was done it would be her turn and she wanted Kathy to know just what to do to please her. Just follow her lead, do as she was doing. Little did Joanne realize, Kathy had already surrendered to her.

Joanne was beautiful in her own right. Tall, slim with jet black hair that she kept in a short pixie style. Her passionate blue eyes contrasted and complimented the darkness of her hair. She was at times demanding but would give Kathy anything she asked for and usually more. Kathy loved the feel of Joanne's skin, so soft and creamy, her lips set fire to her skin wherever they touched. Her lips were now building a fire in Kathy that would not be easily extinguished.

Joanne gently began to run her fingers the length of Kathy's wet, puffy lips until they were slick with her juices. Kathy pressed herself onto Joanne's fingers feeling them glide deep into her demanding opening. Both women sighed with the erotic warmth of the touch.

"Oh god! I never knew it would be like this...so hot...so exciting. It feels so good, don't stop, Jo." Kathy breathed out.

"Come for me baby, come for me. I want you to come for me, I want to feel you on my fingers and mouth" Joanne pleaded.

Joanne forced her fingers deeper, feeling for Kathy's g-spot. Kathy's muscles rhythmically clutching and squeezing Joanne's probing fingers. A third slippery finger slid easily into her ass as Kathy started bucking her hips, pressing hard against Joanne's fingers as they worked their magic within her. Using a twisting motion with each stroke and her vibrating tongue planted firmly on Kathy's straining clit, Kathy exploded into orgasm. The most intense she had ever felt, wave upon wave washed over her.

"Oh, Yes! Oh Joanne, oh god I'm so hot... I'm going to...to... I'm coming...Oh fuck yes, mmm..."

She was arching her hips to Joanne's mouth and hand, thrashing wildly on the bed. Joanne buried her face in Kathy's erupting pussy latching onto her clit with her sucking lips, holding tight as Kathy came in great surges one after the other for several minutes. As Kathy slowly relaxed, returning to her senses, Joanne withdrew her tongue and fingers. She moved up Kathy's hard flat stomach licking and nipping her delicate skin until they were face to face. Joanne leaned forward covering the breathless mouth with her own, parting plump lips and slipping deep within her mouth. Their tongues battling and nipping lightly, the women still caught in their passionate embrace, rolled slowly changing places.

"Now, I want you to give me the same pleasures I have given you. Don't be afraid take your time, enjoy my body. Take your time and kiss and suck me all over, I want to feel those beautiful lips on me." Joanne whispered, staring into those large brown eyes.

Kathy reached out and cupped a breast, running a thumb over the dark nipple which instantly sprang to life, hard and round. The slender young woman with dark short hair lay back pulling Kathy's face with her.

As Kathy began to rub and kiss the small firm breast, her mind started to explore the possibilities of the relationship. They were so compatible, loved so many of the same things. Never before had she been given the mind-bending orgasm that she had just experienced with Joanne. No one had ever taken the time, no one had made love to her so deeply, so completely. She wanted to kiss Joanne all over, from her head to her small cute feet. Feel her, taste her, envelop her. Her tongue longed for the taste of her honey. She had found her love, her 'soul mate'. This is where she belonged, in Joanne's loving arms, forever.

What was she going to say to Ted when he got home tonight? How could she explain?

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