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This was one of my first stories that I did along time ago, I thought it was lost but found the disk it was on and decided to see what it would do, so I don't no how good it is, don't hold it against me I've improved since this LOL

"All the things she said, all the things she said, all the things she said, all the thing…” Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova's voices trailed off as they stood on stage at the end of their massive hit All The Things She Said, they looked down on their adoring fans who chanted their names repeatedly.

Lena gave a wave before turning to Yulia to give the fans what they wanted. She slowly leaned her face to Yulia's and their lips presses together. Yulia opened her mouth and let Lena's tongue slide in slowly caressing each other’s mouths as the crowd egged them on with screams. The kiss ended and they both waved as they made their way off stage.

"Great show tonight wasn't it" Lena said to Yulia who smiled and nodded as she went to get a cool drink from the side "Did you see those two in the front row?" she asked wiping her forehead down getting rid of the sweat that had amassed from the hot lights on and off stage.

"What two? There was loads out there tonight" Yulia replied after swallowing the refreshing drink.

"The two directly in front of us the blonde and the redhead didn't you see them god they were nice looking with great tits" Lena rubbed her own breasts as she said it the sweat had caused it to cling to her body tightly giving a nice feel to her firm breasts.

"Oh yeah I saw them they were nice weren’t they just how I like a woman, like you" Yulia remarked a smile crossing her face as she walked over to Lena who had turned to look out to the crowd to see if they were still there.

Her attention was broken when she felt Yulia's hand's wrap around her chest squeezing her breasts before working their way down her stomach and finally resting on her cotton panty and short school girl skirt covered crotch. Her face pushed into Lena's neck giving her light kisses up and down it. Lena moved her left hand back around Yulia and pulled her tight to her body feeling her breasts squash against her school shirt covered back.

"Hhhmmmm oh there they are" Lena said her voice suddenly becoming exited Yulia looked up from Lena's neck to see where she was looking she rested her chin on Lena's shoulder as she saw the two beauties walking around the backstage entrance area of the stage.

"Why don't we go say hello?" Yulia suggested as she put her hand once again on Lena's breasts.

Lena didn't answer with words she just smiled and started walking towards the two who seemed not to notice them coming.

"Hi enjoy the show," Lena asked causing the blonde to spin around to face the T.A.T.U girls her hair settling on her shoulder only to be moved behind her by a waft of her right hand.

"Err yeah ... yeah ohh my god" the attractive blonde was lost for words as she spoke she could not believe it was T.A.T.U she was speaking to she had never expected this.

"Good we aim to please" Yulia interrupted her stammering and smiled at Lena as the blonde tried to regain her composure and speak clearly.

"I’m Jenny and this is my friend Amy," she said looking at the red-haired girl who had been stood in shock next to her.

Jenny was 5'7 about 19 with long Blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail, she had a beautiful face, huge firm tits, a thin waist, and long shapely legs that seemed to never end.

Amy was slightly shorter about 5'5 and a little older about 21 with shoulder length deep red hair left loose, she was good looking but not quite as good as Jenny, her tits were also a bit smaller but still big for her thin frame, and to say she was a little shorter she had legs just as long as Jenny's.

"Nice to meet you two, we saw you in the crowd while we were on stage you seemed really exited so you liked what you saw then?" Yulia asked as she put her arm around Lena's shoulders giving it a slight squeeze.

Jenny and Amy both nodded, their faces still showing the shock of meeting them in person "We're really big fans of yours" Jenny began.

"Its such a shock to meet you" Amy interrupted "I can’t believe it"

Lena and Yulia both smiled and looked at each other before speaking something in Russian to each other.

Yulia started “God Amy's hot she's mine you can have Jenny"

To which Lena replied, "That’s a deal, she's so hot I can't wait much longer".

Jenny and Amy looked at each other a bit bewildered by what the Russian two some might be saying they smiled happily as Lena and Yulia looked back towards them grinning wildly.

"Would you two like to come back with us to our hotel for a little after show special?" Lena asked the two hot babes before her who quickly nodded their heads in agreement after a few seconds of wide eyed staring the shock still sinking in that they were taking to the two in person and had just been invited to what sounded like a party with them, then after being lead by the two to their dressing room and watching them change from their school girl uniforms to some tight leather jeans they all set off towards the cars that took the T.A.T.U girls from and to shows.

It was about 45 mins before the car arrived at the hotel Lena and Yulia had put on quite a show in the back having long kissing and touching sessions in the back of the car as Amy and Jenny looked on they were starting to get into the swing of things giving each other’s thighs a light caress and squeeze as they watched Lena push her tongue deep into Yulia's mouth her hands rubbing Yulia's tits and Yulia's hands roughly grabbing Lena's ass and giving the tight little orbs a good rub and fondle before moving them back to her back and head.

Lena and Yulia checked in and took Amy and Jenny up to their room which was big with a king-size bed at the far end pushed up against the wall, the room was big also a window on the left providing a lot of light but the large chandler on the ceiling giving off the most magnificent light they had seen.

Lena and Yulia quickly pushed Amy and Jenny respectively towards it, laying them back when they reached it so Jenny and Amy were looking up at them as they looked down at the two fans and smiled wickedly at each other.

Jenny was lying to the left Amy to the right of the bed as Yulia and Lena looked at them Jenny's ponytail had come undone and her hair now flowed free. Their lose hair mixing in a clump of red streaked with blonde it looked so sexy seeing the two laid together about a foot between them Lena thought to herself as she felt Yulia place her hand in hers pulling her onto the bed practically on top of the two women who wrapped their legs around each of the singers as they laid practically directly on top of them slightly off centre Yulia on Amy, Lena on Jenny.

Both TATU girls slowly gave their respective lovers a long passionate kiss their tongues intertwining and licking each part of the others it was Lena and Jenny who stopped first, Lena raising all her weight on her arms pulling her tits off Jenny's and looking deep into Jenny's eyes.

They both looked over to Yulia and Amy who were still kissing Amy had wrapped her legs around Yulia's stomach holding her tight to her body, they sensed the eyes on them and stopped Yulia pushing up like Lena next to her Amy's legs still holding her tight though, Lena and Yulia leaned into each other and kissed quickly before turning back to their partners.

"Time to get naked I think," they both said together to which Amy and Jenny nodded eagerly.

Yulia and Lena both got off the bed and stood before the two beauties before them it was Lena who made the first move slowly, sexily grabbing the bottom of the thin blue t-shirt and wiggling her hips and waist the 18 year old singer pulled it over her head exposing her tight white bra that was obviously too small by at least a size she dropped it and looked over to Yulia who had done the same exposing her bra covered chest too, next came their matching tight black leather jeans they slowly unzipped the front and began to slide them down until they were able to flick them off with their feet, now they stood in only bra's that were too small causing their breasts to push up and look bigger and their tight cotton white panties that hugged their figures to perfection highlighting every curve of their legs and ass.

Once they were both ready they looked at Amy and Jenny who had also been franticly ripping off their clothes they both now lay naked on the bed, Jenny with her 36 DD tits moving rapidly up and down as she breathed heavily from all the expectation and excitement her pussy already wet and Amy laying next to her, her own 34 D tits swaying as she moved around on the bed to the position she was in before laid next to her friend Jenny.

Lena and Yulia smiled as they looked at the two sex goddesses on the bed before Yulia moved behind Lena and while slowly kissing her neck undid her bra letting it drop to the floor giving Amy and Jenny a good look before cupping them with her hand and giving them a good squeeze and the painfully erect nipples a pinch between her slender fingers this evoked a moan from Lena as the sensation went straight to her pussy causing her panties to become soaked, soon Lena had done the same to Yulia now all they had on was their white cotton panties with a visible damp spot right over their pussy lips which could just be made out threw the damp material.

While all this had been going on Amy had been rubbing Jenny's thigh just like in the car on the way here causing Jenny to moan too she suddenly grabbed Amy's hand and brought it up to her drenched pussy Amy got the idea and began rubbing her thin fingers up and down the ever widening lips of Jenny's aching pussy.

"Oohhh god yesssss Amy yes, rub me, rub me mmmmmmmm YYYYEEESSSSS" Jenny moaned/screamed out.

As Amy worked 2 fingers into Jenny she began to rub her own pussy too then she felt Jenny cum on her fingers it was so erotic to Amy she had never felt anyone not even herself cum on her fingers let alone her best friend Jenny, she slowly removed her fingers and brought them to her mouth licking the juice off her middle and index fingers before pushing them both into her mouth and closing her lips around them savouring the taste.

Jenny was starting to come down from her orgasm when she looked back up to Lena who was still behind Yulia but had now got her left hand slid down the front of her panties rubbing her clit and her right hand rubbing her breasts like an expert Yulia had her eyes closed and was moaning out her own hands behind her one wrapped around Lena's panty covered ass pulling her close the other tucked in to her panties and her pussy.

Jenny looked on in amazement at the two before looking at Amy who was still sucking her fingers, she stopped when she saw Jenny looking and removed her fingers smiling she lowered her hand back to the bad and moved her face closer to Jenny who responded by closing her eyes and pouting her lips it wasn't long before she felt Amy's press to hers, Amy's tongue pushing past her lips into her mouth she opened her lips up slightly so Amy could get better access to her and hey kissed more passionately then they ever had with any men.

As they were consumed with each other, they could hear Lena and Yulia moaning and screaming with pleasure as their fingers did their work on each other expertly. It seemed like hours had passed but really it was only minutes when their kiss stopped and they looked at the two 18 year olds standing above them looking down on them one over the others shoulder they had finished all their fingers could do to satisfy them and now they were ready for the main event.

Lena smiled as she took hold of Yulia's cotton panties placing a finger in each side of the waistband and gently pulling them down over her thighs and down to the ground, Lena followed then bending the knees so her face was now in line with Yulia's naked ass Yulia could now feel her breath blowing softly on her perfect tight ass as Lena breathed this sent a shiver threw her, Lena brought her hands back up Yulia's legs feeling her smooth skin before resting her hand on her hips and leaning her face forwards and placing soft kisses on Yulia's smooth ass each one sending shivers threw her, Amy and Jenny just watched open mouthed as this fit 18 singer had her ass kissed by her on and off stage partner.

"Mmmmm that’s nice you know just what I like" Yulia moaned out as Lena's hand came closer to her pussy Yulia grabbed them and pulled her to her feet before moving around behind her and repeating the process on her only this time she gave Lena's ass a more passionate kiss licking her soft flesh leaving a trail of saliva along her ass cheeks towards her little hole, once there she stopped and they both turned side on to the two girls on the bed who were still watching eagerly waiting to see what would happen next they were pleasantly surprised when Yulia licked around Lena's hole and grabbed her asscheeks with both hand opening her hole wide before pushing her tongue inside this cause a deep moan from Lena.

"Ooooh mmmmmmmm ohhh Yulia mmmmm yesss mmmm" she had obviously had this done before and loved it Amy thought as she was overcome by the moan from Lena, Yulia kept moving her tongue around in Lena's ass causing more moans to emit from her smiling mouth.

Yulia finally stopped licking Lena's ass and stood next to her as they both smiled at Amy and Jenny who smiled back at them they were all exited and ready.

Slowly Yulia and Lena walked towards the bed placing one knee each on it pulled themselves up onto the bed and positioned themselves as before Lena straddling Jenny and Yulia straddling Amy they all looked at one another for a few seconds before Lena leaned down and planted a deep kiss on Jenny who responded in kind she grabbed Lena by the hips and began rubbing just above her tight ass then on to her thighs Lena moaned into Jenny's mouth as her hands moved up to the blonde's large breasts rubbing them lightly causing Jenny to moan back into Lena's mouth this spurred her on to gripping the nipples in her fingers and giving a quite hard pull on them causing Jenny to moan louder and open her mouth more giving Lena's tongue more room to work.

Amy and Yulia had also begun kissing in much the same way only here Amy had her fingers placed closely to Yulia's asshole giving it little flicks with her sensitive fingertips Yulia loved the feel of anything on her ass and let Amy know.

"Oooh god yessss mmmmmm touch me there that’s it mmmm oohhh" she moaned out as she broke off the kiss and began gyrating her hips on Amy's pushing her thighs further apart and rubbing her hairless pussy on to her lovers soft smooth skin, Amy responded to the request and moved her middle finger into Yulia's ass causing her to scream out with pleasure as the finger was joined immediately by a second they then began rapidly moving in and out of the tight hole.

"Aaarrgggghhhhh Lena this ooohhhh slut know just hooooowwwwww" Yulia's voice suddenly went high and long as she felt the fingers push all the way up her ass to the knuckle stretching her wildly before moving back to the tip and back up again.

"How to... to use an ass" she managed to finally splutter out Lena was too wrapped up in licking Jenny's mouth and tongue and twisting her nipples to respond to Yulia who was now moving her hips in small circles rubbing her drenched pussy on Amy's and making it easier to push her fingers up into her ass it only took a few of these circles to give Yulia a mind blowing orgasm.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHH YYYYEEEESSSS YYYYEEESSS OOOHHHH MMMMMMM GOD MMMM OOOOWWWWW" Yulia screamed out as she came on Amy who loved the feeling of Yulia's juice flowing down her thighs on to her own soaked pussy lips pushing her to the edge of an orgasm too.

While this had been happening Jenny and Lena had been continuing their kiss and nipple pulling session but they had moved on abit now Jenny had opened her legs more causing Lena to open hers fully so that her pussy was now exposed and pushed against Jenny's mashing against the overly sensitive blood filled folds their juices mixing in a delightful cocktail before being rubbed around the sensitive hols by Lena's hip movements.

"Mmmmmm ooohhh wow" they both moaned out as they felt the mutual pleasure they shared Lena had now let go of Jenny's painfully erect nipples and was using her skilled hands to rub Jenny's now loose blonde hair around her head as the blonde repaid the pleasure by rubbing Lena's nipples while the Russian beauty sat upright on her groin.

Jenny looked over at her friend who was now flat on her back with Yulia leaning over her, her tits hanging down over her face as she had the left nipple in her mouth sucking it like a baby sucking for milk from it's mother Yulia was moaning and crying out as Amy's tongue would flick over her sensitive nipple her fingers still in her ass.

'God that looks erotic' Jenny thought to herself as she felt Lena's hand grip her head tightly turning it back to face her before lowering her head for what Jenny thought was going to be another kiss but she was wrong.

Lena kept her body moving forwards until her face was practically pushed against the wall pushing her chest out she forced her tits towards Jenny's more then willing mouth she took hold of the right breast and after giving it a quick squeeze she took the red nipple into her watering mouth and began giving it a good suck.

"Oooohhhhhh mmmmmm oopppphhhh gooood mmm" Lena moaned as she felt the lips close around her nipple.

Her eyes closed tight and her bottom jaw dropped open as she had the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced as she bounced around on her lovers lap causing her tits to bounce around Jenny's moaning mouth all Lena could do was put her hand against the wall for support and balance as the orgasm ripped threw her the pure excitement of the situation caused Jenny to cum too soaking the sheets under her with her massive release of fluids.

All this notice and movement actually stopped Amy and Yulia in mid action as they both looked over to the two next to them the bed shacking as Lena violently bounced on Jenny their hair waving around their faces as they shook and ground into each other.

"OOOOOOHHHH mmmmmm mmm" they seemed to calm down from all the frenzied movements and massive orgasms and looked almost embarrassedly at Yulia and Amy who smiled back at the red faced heavy panting lovers laid next to them. Yulia leaned over to Lena and planted a big kiss on her lips poking her tongue out of her mouth Lena new just what to do she pursed her lips open slightly and slid the tongue against the little open hole she made with her mouth Jenny and Amy looked on as Lena moved her head forwards taking Yulia's tongue into her wet mouth like a cock going slowly into a ready pussy.

"Oooohhh wows look at tha..." Jenny's voice trailed off as she watched mesmerised by the sight of these two kissing.

"Mmmmm ohhh wow" Amy said over her before looking over to Jenny and bringing her left hand off Yulia's hip and placing it over Jenny's golden hair rubbing it deep into the long strands tangling it up around her soft hand and fingers Jenny smiled as she moved her shoulder towards Amy who mimicked her movements pulling not only herself but also Yulia towards Jenny and Lena the two Russians barely seemed to notice the movements and kept on their erotic mouth antics Yulia now sliding her face forwards and back fucking her tongue in and out of Lena's mouth.

Jenny and Amy were now close enough to one another to get their heads together and share a firstly tentative kiss that soon became a full-blown passion filled French kiss their tongues feeling each and every nuck and cranny of the others mouth moans now filled the room from all four lovers.

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