tagFetishTables Turned Ch. 10

Tables Turned Ch. 10


Chapter 10 – Conditions

A full 15 minutes had passed since Miss Sharp had experienced the most powerful & intense orgasm in her life. She was still shaking a little, slowly regaining the control of her legs. Sat opposite her, her assistant was smiling intently at her.

'How about I go and get us some coffee? And then we can talk...' Jack said. And with that, got up & walked out of the room.

Now sitting alone in her office, a thousand and one thoughts rushed through Helena Sharp's mind. How did he know? How much did he know? And more importantly, why hadn't she suspected? Her heart sunk. How was she played & caught out so easily but her own assistant. In the past she was so focused, focused on her career & how other's saw her. She had worked hard to get to this level & she'd be damned if someone was now going to take it away from her. But it had felt soooo good. In the last 48 hours she had felt feelings & emotions that she had never felt before. She knew that she wanted to feel that again. To be controlled again. To be owned, again.

Jack Peters was walking through the office beaming as though he had just won the lotto. Fortunately, it being Friday, not many people were in the office. Most having made plans for an early weekend otherwise he might have been stopped & asked why he was bouncing along the corridor! A million & one thoughts, rushing through his mind. He had her exactly where he wanted her, and it felt good. His boss, Helena Sharp, had a reputation for being stern, powerful, executive like. She had build her entire career on knowing how to play people. For him to have ensnared a woman of such beauty, couple with a brilliant business mind, was quite a coup. This had to continue. He knew that she was special.

Knocking on Miss Sharp's door, Jack opened & walked in with the tray of coffee. He placed it on the coffee table & sat down on the sofa. Miss Sharp was still sat at her desk looking worried. With one swift gesture of his hand, he beckoned her to come & sit next to him. He knew it was a gamble – if she complied, he knew he still had her. If she resisted, he knew that would be it.

Hesitantly, Miss Sharp rose from her seat & stood. Looking across her office directly at Jack, her body took over & slowly started edging towards the sofa. Walking the short distance, her mind was awash with what's, if's, how's & when's. Sitting beside him, she looked into his eyes & knew. She was his.

'Now Miss Sharp. I would like to explain a few things. I hope you are up to it?' Jack said, starting the conversation in an almost business like fashion.

'Erm, Yes. I think I am.' Miss Sharp replied.

'Good. Now, I am assuming that by your compliance with my actions over the last 48 hours you would like this arrangement to continue? Especially now you know the identity of your new Master.' Jack stated confidently.

'Yes Sir. I do. But I have some concerns. Some worries...' Miss Sharp started to say.

'Shhh' Jack replied, taking one of her hands in his. 'Of course you do. I would be concerned if you didn't, especially given our current arrangement!' Jack continued.

'Now, I can assure you that I am more than happy for our current working arrangement to continue as it currently is – for now. We make a good team. I'm making good money. We work well together, so for now I believe we should carry on exactly as we have been, with just one or two minor changes. Now what would you say to that?' Jack explained.

'Err, well, that makes sense to me?' Miss Sharp replied. 'You are right, we do work well together. We have ever since I interviewed you all that time ago. But, what do you mean when you say changes?'

'Well, this is only the beginning of our new relationship. But I believe we have laid the foundations for an exciting future. This lifestyle we have chosen to make with each other cannot just be turned on & turned off at the flick of a switch so we have to fine tune it. Make it workable.' Jack said.

'I agree... Sir.' She hesitantly replied.

'Good girl. Now, we have a lot to discuss. I have purposely kept your schedule clear for the rest of the day. I suggest that we take an early lunch together & then start on those discussions.' Jack stated, boldly.

'You have? My you are sneaky aren't you. Lunch together? Mmmm That would be fantastic Sir.' Miss Sharp happily replied.

With that, she jumped up and tottered over to her desk. Jack came & stood next to her.

'I need to clear my desk down for the weekend. I'll meet you at the car park in 20 minutes?' Jack said.

'Yes, that will be great.' Miss Sharp beamed back at him, smiling.

'Sir?' she said, bowing her head to the floor.

'Yes Helena?' he replied – knowing full well that he had never called Miss Sharp by her first name before.

'Thank you Sir.' She said in a submissive tone, and with that gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Twenty minutes later Jack walked through the car park to Miss Sharp's private reserved space. She was already there, waiting for him.

He smiled and said 'Ready?'

Pulling out of the car park, she asked him where he would like to have lunch.

'Oh I don't mind, as it is our first date you pick. I'll have plenty of decision making to do later.' He replied.

'Date?' she thought! Immediately, she could feel her body reacting. She knew she had fallen for this man. The power he had over her was incredible. Never before had anyone given her the explosive & passionate feelings that he had in a little of 48 hours.

Lunch went well. They had managed to get a table at a relatively small but pleasant Brasserie in a quiet part of town. They chatted, gave each other back stories about failed relationships & life's let downs. You could say they caught up on each others past. Jack knew that Helena Sharp was a fantastic looking woman. She turned heads wherever she went, but to have her sat opposite him talking like this made him feel fantastic. The conversation evolved around to the submissive & dominant parts of their characters. Each admitting that outwardly they were the opposite – her being publicly dominant, hard lined & forceful. All traits that had helped her build a successful career, but inwardly she needed to be controlled, almost tamed. The yearning for someone to have that power over her sometimes holding her back somehow. Jack admitted that publicly, he was tame. Shy. Needed to be guided & directed. Not in a mothering way, but in a way that he was happy to be lead rather than be the leader. But inside, he needed to vent his control. Release the authoritarian inside him.

By now, regular lunch time had passed & there was only one other table occupied but neither of them were ready to finish just yet. So much to discuss & talk about.

Jack asked Miss Sharp why she dressed the way she did.

'Why? Do you not like how I dress?' she replied, looking ashamed.

'Of course I do! In fact, I have longed to meet a woman who shares my own passion for leather, boots & heels. I think they are one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs ever!' he replied.

'Wow, that's good. I thought it was just me?' she replied 'I dress in a professional manner due to my career choice but I have to personalise it. Make it work for me. Somehow, I can't concentrate unless I am wearing at least something leather. Be it underwear, skirts, or boots.' She continued.

'You don't have to remind me about your boots!' he said 'Remember? It was me who had to take your many pairs of boots to be re-heeled! Although, I must admit – I liked it. It gave me a chance to be closer to them.' Jack exclaimed!

'I knew it!' she replied excitedly 'I knew you were up to something!' she smiled at him.

'Whenever I got a pair of my boots back that you had fixed, I smelt them. You came on them didn't you?' she exclaimed.

'Yes I did.' He replied. 'It's just a shame you weren't wearing them at the time!' he continued, smiling cheekily.

'Plenty of time to fix that... Sir!' she said smiling up at him.

'I think this will work well for the both of us, Sir...' She said & she smiled at him when he said this.

'I think so Helena. But listen, you don't have to call me Sir or Master when we are in public Helena. I want it to mean something when you speak it, not to just become something of the norm.' he replied.

'I understand, Jack.' She replied, feeling a little deflated.

He could see her eyes drop down, and reached to take her hand. Using his fingers, he tentatively teased her fingers & the ends of her long red nails, tracing a line through her palm & up to her wrist.

'Listen to me. I just want it to mean something. If you want us to continue working together then we have to remain professional. We will have plenty of opportunity, trust me.' He said.

She looked up at him and her heart melted. Momentarily, she wondered if she was the kind of person to get into all that romantic 'shit' that her friends had spoken of. But, she couldn't believe how strong her feelings were for this man. This was more than soppy romanticism. This was a feeling of real compatibility. A real sharing of the most intimate things that really mattered to both of them. She wasn't judged, she wasn't criticised. She just felt release & it felt good.

The hour and a half they had just spent together seemed to reinforce how perfect they were for each other. Both bouncing off of each others private & public displays. Both feeling each others wants & needs. Both sharing the same ideals & goals. As much as she resisted it, she was falling for him.

'Shall we get out of here?' he said.

'Mmmm, yes. Of course, publicly, I can tell you to pay the bill & to fetch my coat.' She cheekily said.

'Absolutely Miss. You can. But remember, you will pay for it later!' he replied, smiling at her in a way that he knew would make her blush.

Pulling into the driveway, Jack felt a little nervous. This was it. The start. As he got out of the car and walked towards her front door he knew that this is everything he had ever wanted. The beautiful woman, the great job, but more importantly – someone to share in his lifelong passion.

No sooner had the front door closed behind them & she had hung her jacket up, Jack turned to Miss Sharp and said 'Kneel Bootslave.'

Reflecting on his detour on the way home from work the other day when he picked up Miss Sharp's new underwear, he smiled when he recalled his pondering over his purchases.

Out of his coat pocket, he produced a leather collar with a large metal ring on the front. He placed this around her submissive neck, attaching a lead.

'There, that looks good. Consider it another gift my little pet.' He said.

'Ooh thank you Sir. It's lovely. I shall wear it for you whenever we come "home".' She replied.

Jack thought. Home? Yes – I could do this. I could live here, with her.

'So, time to do some exploring. What do you think "Miss Sharp"?' he said – adding on the 'Miss Sharp' in a playful tone.

'Yes Sir. Please allow me to show you to your new bedroom?' she replied, looking up to him with a wishful look in her eyes.

'Of course. Lead the way' he replied. Still maintaining his grip on the leash, his eyes followed the trace outline of her bottom. As she crawled along the floor, it's shapely curve caused the skirt to ride up so the tops of her stockings with the little black suspender slips came into view – all encased in that gorgeous shiny black leather of her 5 inch stiletto thigh boots. As she started to ascend the stairs he could hear her leather gloves pad against the carpet of the steps. Reaching her bedroom, she turned and knelt looking up at him with those dark smoky blue eyes.

'Very nice' he said. 'We will be comfortable here! Now, why don't you perform a little strip for me while I make myself more comfortable.'

With that, she stood and slowly but seductively started undoing the buttons of her blouse. He could see the outline of her leather bra, those fantastic breasts almost pleading to be released. She turned round and started fiddling with the zip on her skirt, looking round at him and seductively biting her lower lip – that gorgeous scarlett lip that seemed to tremble upon his glaze. Turning back around to face him, she allowed her skirt to slide down to the floor. Now stood in just her wrist length black leather gloves, her leather bra, black leather suspender belt & black seamed stockings – her long slender legs encased in the gorgeous black leather of her boots & the tiny whispy thong that had been in the gift box presented to her earlier on this morning and of course her new collar and lead.

'How do I look Master? Does your bootslave conform Sir?' she whispered, looking down at the floor.

'Very good slave. Very good indeed. But you have been wearing those boots all day & I know from my strict observations of you previously, you have an extensive wardrobe when it comes to footwear.' Jack said.

'Yes Sir. I do.' She replied.

'Good. Now, one of my condition's is that your wardrobe, including all of your footwear, belongs to me. Is that understood slave?' Jack said confidently.

'Yes Sir. I understand. My boots are now your boots.' She replied submissively.

'Good. Now, outside of this house I will leave your choice of clothing up to you. But, whilst we are at home, you will dress to my tastes & only to please me.' Jack said.

'Yes Sir. I understand. I will dress to please you, my Master.' Miss Sharp replied, with a delicate smile reaching across her succulent red lips.

'Now, as I said earlier, remove your boots. Remove your underwear & bra. You will then change your stockings into a fresh pair & then choose a fresh pair of boots. Something a little more everyday I think. You will then model them for me.' Jack boldly stated.

'Yes Master.' Miss Sharp replied, and hastily pulled open her shoe closet.

The delights that opened up in front of Jack left him speechless. He knew her range of footwear was extensive, but this was like the doors to a stockroom opening up to him. There were boots in all shapes & sizes, in all manner of designs. Thigh high boots in various colours and materials. Black, white & brown OTK boots with varying heel heights & styles. Knee high boots in an array of colours & heels heights & styles. Five different pairs of riding boots in various materials. Low knee boots. Flat slipper 'like' boots, and six or seven different pairs of cowboy boots in various colours. To say Jack was left speechless & dumbstruck was an understatement.

Miss Sharp removed her underwear as instructed, unclipped her stockings from her suspender belt & removed it. She rolled her stockings down her legs, glancing up towards Jack with those sexy dark eyes for approval. Jack was enjoying see her obey his every whim. It made him feel in complete control of the situation, and of her. She pulled a pair of white lacy topped stockings out of her dresser & proceeded to put them on attaching them to a white silky suspender belt. She then picked out a pair of white slouch OTK boots that had a chunky three inch heel. It was then that Jack received a little shock of his own when Miss Sharp asked for permission to remove her collar & replace it with a studded white one. Readily agreeing to this, Jack beckoned Miss Sharp to kneel before him while he changed the collars over. Re-securing the leash, Jack stood up, standing over his transformed pet.

'Very nice Helena, very nice indeed.' Jack stated.

A huge smile beamed across Miss Sharp's face & she bowed her head, acknowledging the compliment.

'May I make you more comfortable sir?' she asked softly.

'Of course, thank you.' Jack replied.

Miss Sharp stood and began to slowly loosen Jack's tie. She removed it, and gently began to undo the buttons on his shirt & slipped it from around his shoulders. Moving back down onto her knees, she bent down towards Jack's ankle boot & tenderly kissed the toe, breathing in the leathery aroma. She unzipped his boot and slowly removed it. She moved onto the other boot & did the same. This pleasantly surprised Jack and he could feel the stirring in his pants getting harder. She then undid his belt buckle the buttons on his trousers. Slowly pulling his trousers down, gripping onto the waistband, she allowed her nails to gently scratch the length of his leg. This sent an almighty shiver up & down Jack's back causing him to shudder. Seeing the affect this had on him, Miss Sharp smiled lovingly. Jack was now naked except for his shorts. Resuming her position on her knees before him, she looked up to see him smiling down at her. She was pleasantly surprised by his muscular physique & felt her own senses tingling just looking at his naked body.

'I noticed you kissed my boots when you were removing them from me Bootslave?' Jack said. 'Do you like the smell of leather? Do you enjoy them being close to your lips?'

'Yes Sir. Ever since I was a young girl. I find the smell hugely erotic Sir.' She replied.

'Tell me Helena, do you kiss & smell your own boots?' Jack asked.

'Sometimes Sir, but I imagine it's not the same as when someone else is wearing them and you are down at their feet worshiping a worn boot.' She replied.

'So that is something you would like to try then is it?' Jack asked, getting excited at the prospect of wearing a pair of Miss Sharp's boots in front of her.

'Oh yes Sir. I have fantasised about it for a long time.' She replied looking up at him, her eyes full of expectant delight.

'Well, because you have been so good today & because you deserve a treat, I will allow you to pick a pair of boots for me to wear & I will allow you to worship them. Would you like that?' he asked.

'Really Sir? Oh yes Master, that would be fantastic!' she happily replied, almost bouncing up on her knees.

'Go on then, find your Master a pair of your sexy boots to wear so that you can kneel before me & worship them.' Jack happily ordered.

'Yes Sir!' she replied & jumped to her feet.

Flicking through her extensive boot collection, Miss Sharp wondered what boots to select. Little did she know that Jack had spent a fair amount of time already wearing some of her boots so he wasn't completely unfamiliar about the height or type of heel. Picking out a pair of knee high black leather riding style boots with a chunky 3 inch heel, she returned to her familiar position at his knees.

Placing a boot over his toes, she was surprised how easily his foot snugly fitted right in. Pulling up the zipper, she lovingly smoothed out any ruffles & proceeded to the next boot. Completing both boots, she knelt back and admired her work.

'Very nice slave. They are very comfortable.' Jack said, standing back slightly admiring the way the soft leather wrapped itself around his leg.

'Now, show me how much you like your boots. Prove to me that you are worthy to be my own little bootslave' he said.

'Yes Master' Miss Sharp eagerly replied, pouncing down pressing her face firmly against a boot. Her tongue met the soft leather at the toe of his boot, and she slowly traced a line moving up towards his ankle he could see a small trail of juicy saliva.

'Don't you dare mark my new boots slave! Lick it all up!' he snapped, tightening the grip on her leash. With that, she licked and slurped all the saliva she had left. Working her tongue round at his ankle, she pressed her face against the leather and inhaled. The sweet musky smell filled her nostrils & jolted her into a faster frenzy. Her tongue now lapping at his heels, she swung her neck so that she could continue the trace behind his boot & start working up the shaft. Holding his booted ankle, he could see her leather gloved hands gripping tightly. Leather against leather, her tongue was lapping between the two materials. Salivating through the inhalation, she licked & slurped at it working her way up his booted leg.

'Now the other one slave. And not so messy this time!' he barked down at her.

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