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Take Me Julie


It's late and the house is quiet except for the sound of the shower running. You turn the water off, and I can hear you rummaging around the bathroom as I wait for you to come to bed. You start talking to me through the bathroom door, and while this is not unusual, what you say to me is. "Be naked and standing at the foot of the bed by the time I come out." I hesitate, then get out of bed, getting there just as the door opens and you step out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but this huge strap-on.

You stand in front of me, taking my hands in yours and holding them at my sides as you kiss me long and deep. I try to pull my hands away from yours, wanting to wrap my arms around you, but you grip them even tighter as your kisses become more urgent, almost fierce. You release one of my hands, reaching up behind me and wrapping your fingers tightly in my hair; using it to tilt my head back and hold it there. Your mouth moves to my neck; kissing, biting, sucking my tender flesh. My whole body stiffens with excitement and I start to whimper, though I remember to keep my free hand by my side because I know that you want.

You release my hair, grabbing my breast and squeezing it with your strong hand, as you lower your face to my nipple. You suck my nipple hard into your mouth, scraping your teeth against it, making my whimpers turn to louder moans of pleasure and arousal. As your other hand drops mine to join the first, I suddenly become aware of the extreme dampness between my thighs. You ravage my breasts, my pussy getting hotter and wetter by the second until it feels like my juices are running down my thighs. I desperately want you to shove your hand between my thighs and touch my pussy, but I am aware that you have your own agenda, so I say nothing while inside I am screaming.

Standing up, you once again take a hold of my hands and move me in front of the stool. You bend me over the stool, moving to stand in front of me, placing me about eye level with what seemed as though the biggest cock strapped on to a woman I have ever seen. You looked down at me with a wicked smile saying "suck it Christine, I want to watch you suck this cock"

Briefly remembering our hotel experience I almost feared in an exciting way what you had in store for me. Using one hand for balance while gripping this huge cock with the other, I eagerly take it inside the warm wetness of my mouth. I worshiped it with my tongue, moving up and down its shaft, then swirling my tongue around the head of this dick. I wrap my lips around it as you use your hips to slide in and out of my mouth.

Sucking this cock, especially having you feed it to me, drives me to the point I feel like I'm going to cum if you just barely touch my pussy. Your hand glides over my back and ass, squeezing, caressing. Your hands find their way to my creamy ass, then they slide down further as you push my legs apart with one hand while grabbing my pussy with the other, becoming covered with my wetness, which I know drives you wild. You rub between my thighs, spreading my juices from the tip of my pussy to the crack in my ass. I reach back, trying to grab your hand and grind it against my pussy, but you are determined to dictate what happens, and when. You pull my hand off of yours, pushing it away.

An instant later, as I reach forward to slide a finger into your pussy, the palm of your hand smacks my ass cheek once, hard enough to sting, as "punishment" for grabbing your hand. I jump slightly, the instant of pain quickly turning to warm pleasure. I keep quiet, not wanting to let you know how much that turned me on, but the fresh out-pouring of juices from my pussy gives me away. You tell me to stop interfering and to just accept that you are in charge. Then you tell me that if I try to resist, you will tie my wrists and ankles to the bottoms of the legs of the stool to make sure I behave. I nod slightly in understanding, wondering what you would consider "resisting". The idea of being bent over the stool, helpless, spread-wide and exposed sounds terribly erotic.

You are once again kneading my ass and inner thighs with your strong hands, steadily pushing my legs apart as you do so, spreading me open, exposing me completely.

You reach over and behind me, and begin rubbing something long and hard between my legs. As you tease the opening of my dripping pussy with the tip of it, I realize that it is one of my toys. You continue to tease me, moving just an inch or two of it into my waiting snatch, making me moan with longing. I try to arch up to get you to push the toy deeper into me; my pussy needs to be fucked so badly, but you quickly pull your hand back so my efforts are for naught. "Nice try" you tell me in gently scolding tone.

Still fingering your pussy, I place my open lips around the head of that cock, moistening it with my tongue before taking the length into my mouth. I suck your strap-on dick slowly, taking it so far into my mouth that I can feel the head touching the back of my throat. I glance up at you and for a moment watch you as you watch this cock sliding in and out of my eager mouth. I start moving my fingers in and out faster as my thumb makes its way under the straps holding this huge powerful cock on circling your swollen clit, a little faster as I hear your words of encouragement and pleasure.

You show your approval by slowly burying the toy all the way into my pussy, then starting to fuck me with it, using long, slow strokes, making me burn even hotter, but not so hot that I can't focus. Your breathing comes faster, and I can fill your body tighten, still your hips move back and forth, fucking my wet mouth, as if ready to shoot hot cum down my throat from this fake cock. You thrust against my face even faster, moaning out loud, you start to cum as it fills my hand dripping down my arms! I seal my lips around this shaft, sucking madly, wanting, and wishing I could taste and swallow every drop you just released. I grip your hips with my hands to hold you to me as your entire body quakes with the orgasm. As your movements slow, I try to match your pace, slowly using my tongue to lick every drop of cum off of my fingers, gazing up at you submissively.

I take great pleasure knowing how hard I made you cum; tasting your juices turns me on something fierce, making my pussy wet and wanting your touch. I am suddenly very aware of the tremors running along the inside walls of my pussy, so desperate to be filled completely while being thoroughly fucked, that I start to whimper with both pleasure and intense need as you once again start sliding the dildo in and out, giving me the full effect as you plunge it deep.

Deeper and harder you move it, somehow sensing the raw, sexual being you have created tonight, taking a sort of smug satisfaction in being able to drive me to whatever level you want, knowing exactly how to play every inch of my flesh to your tune, putting me at your mercy. I can't help but cry out as you pound my pussy, and I bury my face against your pelvis, as I start arching up to match your thrusts, you tell me to reach back and grab my ass, and to spread my pussy open for you; you want to see it when I cum for you. I do as you say, digging my fingernails into my ass cheeks as I pull them apart.

"Ok," you say, "show me", while at the same time you suddenly plunge one of your fingers all the way into my ass. I cry out your name as the orgasm that had been building suddenly explodes with almost unbearable intensity, wave after wave crashes through my body, you not slowing your pace until the waves ebb to tremors, leaving me trembling in the aftermath. You gradually slow your movement, bringing me down gently before pulling the toy out of me for the last time. I can feel my juices flooding out of my pussy, running down my lips, soaking the vinyl under me. I still feel a raw, carnal need for the primal pleasure only you can give me.

My hand moves to cover my cunt, rubbing back and forth between my thighs, unable to ignore the seemingly thousands of nerve endings under my skin screaming for more. You move around behind me; I see you sit down on the edge of the bed out of the corner of my eye. You grab my hips and shift me so that I am backed up to you, removing my dripping hand, placing it back onto my ass cheek, reminding me verbally that that is what you had told me to do. Bent over like that, spreading myself open for you, waiting for you to touch me, almost ready to beg for your touch. Anticipating your fingers in my steaming hot cunt, I almost can't bear the pleasure of your tongue pushing up inside me, drinking my juices as you bury your face in my pussy. You attack my pussy hungrily, sucking my lips and clit into your mouth, grazing the sensitive skin with your teeth, running your tongue up and down, teasing my tight little ass hole, making it as wet as my pussy.

You ask me if I want you to fuck me; my response barely coherent as I try to tell you how badly I want you. You stand up, and place that cock along my pussy. You slide it up and down, covering it with my juices, making it glisten, then slapping it against the opening of my pussy a few times just to tease/torture me a little more. You place the head against my hole, then slowly slide it all the way in, moving back and forth just a few times before pulling out. I almost groan in frustration, wondering if this is just going to be more torment. As if in answer to my question, you reply by gently probing my ass with this cock, instantly exciting me even more (if possible) because I know how incredibly good this cock feels filling up my tight ass hole.

I use my fingertips to help guide you in as you slowly feed the entire length of this cock to my hot, hungry hole. Our moans of pleasure are almost simultaneous as you bury the final half-inch or so, as you pause for a moment, kissing me, looking into my eyes as if to make sure I was ok. I can feel my pussy start to drip again as you start plunging this dick over and over into my ass. I grab one of your hands and press it against my pussy, wanting to show you how much I love you in my ass, and responding to my pussy's need for your touch. You suddenly grab the toy and shove it all the way up into my dripping cunt, just holding it there as you continue to fuck my ass.

Out of nowhere, yet another screaming orgasm, all my muscles clenching and unclenching with the force of it rock my body. I can tell you felt it to as you suddenly cry out that you are going to cum, the excitement of my earth shattering orgasm released set off a chain reaction for you. You lean forward, holding on to me as the hot intensity of our orgasms start to fade to a warm, fulfilled glow, our appetites finally sated the only way they can be... by each other.

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