(Thank you to an unnamed Litster for allowing me to explore this fantasy of hers.)


Amy was getting ready to go out. Her Master would be showing up any minute to pick her up. This was abnormal for them since Master had never taken Amy out before. This was partly due to social awkwardness on his part, but it also dealt with his job as a teacher at the local high school. He was distrustful of the suburb he lived in and having a beautiful woman such as Amy on his arm anywhere, especially while she wore a wedding band on her hand, could have lead to rumor and scandal costing him his pension.

Still, Amy was not going to be denied the chance to go out. Her husband of twenty three years didn't care anymore about her sexual needs and Master came at the right time online to help her with her cravings. She had cum so many times from his words on the screen and from his voice on the telephone that seeing him was the logical next step. They had already spent a few weekends in the next town's motel making some of her fantasies come true. She was a shapely slut whose hips were perfectly fit to his hands and whose mouth couldn't get enough of his cock. It was after such an episode of oral pleasure that Angela brought up the bar idea.

Amy put on a blue sleeveless top, without the bra that she would wear to hide her chest. Amy always hated the fact that her chest dropped a little, but was encouraged by her Master's attention to them so much. The thought of the nipple clamps on them the last time nearly made her want to lie on the bed and pound her pussy with her dildo til climax. She then recalled his instructions for her and held off. She then slipped on her white denim skirt and the lacey blue thong her Master bought for her for this night. A pair of modest white heels without hose or stockings finished the ensemble. Amy could already feel herself getting turned on thinking about what Master had in store for her.

A chime from her cell phone showed his signal as she grabbed her clutch and walked out the door without even a word to her husband. He was probably in the TV room watching old episodes of Matlock anyway, she thought. As she walked to his car, she had to contain her excitement. Her Master was younger than her. Even though she had him by ten years, he seemed so much more confident when they started their relationship. He looked at her with the crooked smile on his face brought on by Bell's palsy some years prior. The goatee he wore covered the frozen part of his smile as his glasses reflected the street light.

"Ready to go, my pet?" he asked. His voice did the deep timbre again that always seemed to ruin her pristine panties. That moment was no exception.

"Yes, Master," she responded. He leaned in for a kiss forgetting for the moment that they were in front of her house before he removed his lips from her quickly.

"Damn...I forgot about the roommate." Since they started speaking, he always referred to Amy's husband as the roommate. She laughed a bit prior to restraining herself.

"Where are we going, Master?"

"There was this tavern I saw on the way to bringing you home last time. I wanted to check it out and wanted you there. Perhaps after, we can spend some more time on your training." The last statement was accentuated by the wicked gleam in his eye that ruined her panties more. She had a feeling the panties were not the only thing done for that night.

As they arrived at the tavern, Master spoke up. "Slut, please remove your panties."

She paused for a moment, and then slid them off her legs before she handed them to him. He then put them in the center console prior to exiting the vehicle. Amy felt sultrier. Now her shaven pussy was exposed to the outside air and he knew it. As they walked to the door, she started feeling more exposed, paranoid that the denim skirt was not going to keep her hidden. As they entered, she looked for an escape of some sort prior to being grabbed.

Her mouth had a gloved hand over it so she couldn't scream and a strong arm wrapped around her mid section. She felt herself being picked up and she tried to kick. It was no use because the abductor had her securely held. As they went to a darkened room, she was able to open her eyes and she saw Master with his hands raised and another assailant behind him. She was scared. She saw the look of fear on his face as well. She then heard the guy holding her.

"Okay, bitch, my partner has a gun at your boyfriend...make that your husband's back. You let out one scream and he'll shoot. You understand?"

She was powerless to stop him as she nodded her head. Slowly, he removed his hand from her mouth. "My purse is in the car. I have nothing. Please let him go."

She felt his hand around his throat grasping slightly. "Shut up. That's not what I want."

She then felt a hand reach down and her exposed pussy being rubbed by his gloved hand. "I want this," he said as the other assailant sat Master down in a chair.

Master seemed to have his hands tied behind his back as the other assailant with a ski mask over his head started undoing his black jeans and pulling out his black cock. Amy gasped as she saw his nine inches hardening before the other assailant lowered her to the ground. She fell to her knees almost immediately before the assailant that was holding her pushed her head forward. The other assailant's precum smeared on her cheek before she slowly opened her mouth. "Not like that, bitch," he said as he grabbed her roughly by the hair and shoved a few inches inside her mouth.

She gasped again before she tried to relax her throat and allowed the cock to slide in as much as she was able. He started fucking her mouth as the other man reached around and grabbed the v of her top before ripping it open and exposing her breasts. She was really scared now as she felt leather gloves pinching her erect nipples. Almost on reflex, she started moaning in pleasure. "Your bitch loves this, you fat prick," one of the men said to Master.

Master looked on powerless as the other assailant pulled her to hands and knees and moved her skirt upwards. He then watched in surprise as a second black cock started sliding along his slut's pussy. He saw her eyes widen in shock as he slammed his cock inside her. He was watching his slut, a married woman although married to another man, being taken by these two big men and he was powerless to stop them.

Amy was having a difficult time holding in her pleasure. Although the men were rough, she was enjoying being used like a worthless slut. She started opening her throat more, wanting to deep throat the guy's cock while the other one was pounding her pussy. It was taking every ounce of willpower not to scream what was in her head. She was enjoying this rough treatment. She wanted to scream for them to use her, for them to fuck her like the whore she was. She couldn't even look at Master because she was feeling like she didn't want to displease him with her reaction.

The one in her mouth pulled out as the one in her pussy did the same. She wanted to yell and beg for more, but she was flipped over onto a crate covered in a blanket as the assailants switched places. She was licking her pussy juices off the other guy's cock as the first one slide his tongue inside her pussy. She felt the gloved fingers on her nipples again and took more cock down her throat. She then felt climax arriving. Her body shook from the attention as she covered the one assailant with her juices.

Master saw and bent his head. She was enjoying this treatment, he thought to himself. In one sense, he was ashamed. Yet he felt his arousal start, almost freakishly. He tried to keep himself composed as he started to wiggle his hands inside the ropes holding his wrists.

Meanwhile, she was sucking cock as much as she could. She loved his cock pounding her throat. As the other guy raised her legs and started rubbing the head of his cock along her pussy lips, she started moaning again. She loved this. It was then she felt the cock starting to rub against her ass. She wanted to yell for him to shove it in, but pushed the cock out of her mouth instead and started to beg. "Please, not in my ass. Please. Don't..."

Her pleas were interrupted by the other guy shoving his cock back in her mouth and the first guy sliding three inches inside her ass. She screamed in pleasure on his cock. As she was enjoying the fucking, the first guy pulled his cock out and she immediately started licking his balls as he stroked onto her tits. She could feel the spurts of his seed landing on her breasts as she moaned onto his balls. "Fuck me," she whispered secretly hoping Master didn't hear.

She heard the other assailant start to moan as her ass squeezed his cock. She knew he was going to cum. Feeling dirty, she moaned, "Oh please cum in my ass. Fill my ass with your cum."

He got the hint and pulled out, stroking his cock over her stomach and spraying it all over her stomach and tits. Then both men thrust their cocks in her face where she used her tongue to clean them off, the view hidden from Master. As they pulled back, Master stood from the chair, his cock exposed as he walked over and slammed into her pussy. She was confused as he started fucking her while the other two men started stroking their cocks again.

"This was your fantasy, slut," Master said as he pounded her pussy. "Now thank my two friends by making them cum again while I use your pussy."

"Yes, Master," she breathlessly whispered as she took one of them into her mouth. She knew better than to disobey her Master.

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