tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken from Behind

Taken from Behind



I was alone in the empty social hall, setting up the buffet for that night when it happened. It was barely ten in the morning and I was at the massive wooden butcher block island whipping sweetened egg whites for my famous Keylime Pies. The copper bowl of egg whites, the whipped cream and the bitter lime pudding were ready to be folded together and put in the pie shells to be frozen.

The radio was playing and I was dancing a bit, wiggling my butt to the sexy rhythm of Santana. Strong arms wrapped around me and for an instant I thought it was my assistant Brad. He was gay but he loved cuddling and playing games. "Brad!"

"Think again, Bitch." The voice was a gruff whisper. "Look straight ahead!" When I looked I saw my frightened eyes reflected in the wide blade of my own butcher's knife. I shuddered as he tipped the blade back and forth because I knew the ten inch blade was razor sharp. His other hand cupped my breast and squeezed it hard. "The doors are locked and your ass is ours for the next few hours."

"Please don't."

"It's gonna happen." Another voice replied with a bark of laughter. If you do as we say we'll use condoms and maybe even make it nice for you. But it IS gonna happen." My glasses were snatched off my nose and suddenly I couldn't see a foot beyond my face.

The knife was slammed point first into the wooden counter and my tee shirt was pulled over my head. "Why Ms. Carrington, you're lovely without your glasses." The whisperer chuckled.

They knew my name - somehow that made it even worse.

"Holy Crap. If she can see through these, she's damn near blind" A third voice - younger sounding than the others - chimed in. "Let's see those tits."

"Keep lookin' at the knife." I was bent at the waist and my bra was torn off. My white breasts were mauled from behind while another man opened the barrette in my hair and let my long honey blond hair cover my face. My wrists were tied with my bra then pulled over the butcher block and tied to something on the other side. My feet were barely touching the floor as my slacks and panties were pulled off. "Look at that fine white ass."

A blurry shape grew closer too my face until I saw a long, half erect penis, it's bulbous red tip, dripping pre-cum. My head was almost over the edge of the block and the man fisted my thick hair and lifted my face. The cock butted my lips and the hands threatened to tear out my hair. When I gasped, the fat head pushed inside my mouth and into my throat. At the same time, my pussy was forced open by rough fingers. A glob of something cold was thrust into my tight, dry hole - they'd found the whipped cream. A hot tongue followed and when it ran over my clitoris, I jumped and felt hot juice flow as my body betrayed me.

"She likes it rough." My ass was slapped hard several times before I felt the head of a second large cock at my pussy. My sexual experience was limited to my ex-husband who favored missionary sex and who was not - to put if kindly - a well endowed man.

Now, as I fought to breathe around the huge seeming cock in my throat, another, even larger one forced it's way inside of my pussy. I let out a pathetic squeal as he spread the walls of my pussy wider than they'd ever been stretched. A thick finger probed my ass and began to pump in and out, making my eyes water.

"I get her ass, right?" The third man - the kid - reached under me and pinched the nipples of my smashed breasts.

I tried to shake my head as his words sunk in. My ass was completely virgin. The man behind me spanked me harder while the man at my head pulled my hair tighter until I screamed around the fat cock. The sensation must have been too much because he came and shot thick hot streams of bitter stringy cum down my throat. I moaned and collapsed, with most of my weight on my torso. My c-cup breasts were squashed and my nipples were sore from the rough treatment. When the man finally pulled out of my mouth I sobbed. "Please. I never did anything anal. You said you wouldn't hurt me."

"But you like it so much." The leader slammed into my pussy so hard the heavy wooden island jumped.. "I'll grease you up real nice."

The refrigerator opened I heard paper rattle. Most of a quarter pound stick of hard, pale yellow butter was laid in front of me. The man who'd raped my mouth - his fat cock was wagging wet and limp inches from my face - shaved off the corners of the square a little. He handed the stick to the man behind me. I could feel the young ones hot breath on my back as he leaned closer to watch.

The tireless man fucking me drew back a little as I felt the tip of the butter stick pressed against my tight bud. I screamed as the butter melted a little and he was able to shove it in a fraction of an inch. Even with the corners rounded off, it was still too big to ever fit into my tiny hole.

"You gotta shove it in fast before her hot ass melts it." The younger man pulled my ass cheeks apart roughly. "Man, a real 'butter bang'. Shove it harder." When I screamed this time I had a tee towel stuffed into my mouth. The relentless pressure continued for an eternity, until the whole stick disappeared into me."Wow, did you see that. That ass just swallowed it up and closed up like a rubber band.

Now the gruff man began to pound my pussy - somehow he seemed even bigger now - even harder. He hit bottom with every stroke pushing deep into me. I could feel him swell as his fingers dug into the white flesh of my rounded hips. Heat raced up my body as my legs jerked and spread wider. His work roughened finger touched my clitoris and I bit into the coarse cotton in my mouth as I had the first orgasm of my life that didn't involve BSDM porn and my 'magic wand'.

My rational mind was screaming at me while I whimpered and clawed at the air. These men were monsters. Even now I could feel hot grease leak from my ass and trickle down my legs. It was as if they had awakened some dark, secret-self that I hadn't known existed and I gloried in their cruelty.

"The little bitch came. The young man waited until the man fucking my pussy pulled out, then shoved several fingers into me. Leaning forward, he pulled the towel from my mouth and rubbed my own juice over my full, swollen lips. "Proof you like this shit, huh? Well... open up."

The man who had been fucking - odd how that the word I never used now came easily to mind - walked around to my face. He had tucked himself into his pants and showed me his condom before he knotted it carefully under my nose. From the square foot or so of him that I could see, he was white, muscular and wearing greasy jeans as if he worked on cars or machinery. He leaned over and held my cheeks apart as the young man poked at my ass. I tightened my spincter as hard as I could and for a moment I refused him entry.

"Relax and let him in." The broken, gravelly voice of the big man - the grease monkey - the leader - vibrated against my spine. "He's half my size but if you'd rather I broke you in..."

I relaxed. On a river of melted creamery butter the young man rafted in. He didn't feel small as he inched into the virgin channel. I felt him hit what must have been the remainder of the stick and drive it ahead of him, deep inside me. When my belly cramped, I whimpered and tried to push him out.

"Oh man!" He yelped as he started to pump in and out. "It's like she's gonna rip off my dick it's so tight."

I was acutely aware of the man in my ass... but also of the man leaning over my face. I could smell him as his groin pressed close to my cheek, musk and cheap cologne. Insanely, I turned my face toward him and the growing fullness behind the zipper. He ran his nails over the ass cheeks he'd spanked so hard. The pain from this...and from the boy's jerky thrusting into my rectum made me cry out. "Please... it's too much..."

I saw a brief flash of my shirt being tossed before it covered my eyes, blinding me completely. "I say when it's too much." I heard a zipper then a huge sheathed cock pushed past my lips. "Bite me and I'll use my belt on your ass until you bleed."

The young man fucking my ass was becoming erratic and jerky in his thrusting. I let the cock in my mouth ravage it at will. When the boy finished he fell forward until he was laying sprawled over my back.

"I think she killed the kid." Fat Cock laughed and pulled him off of me as he wheezed and protested. "Care if I fuck her pussy?"

"Get up here." The leader pulled away and tore off my blindfold, Soon I saw the ruddy head and felt the familiar thrust as the fat cock pushed past my lips. I found out why soon enough when I felt something huge prod at my ass. I tried to make a sound... to protest... to beg...

With a steady brutal pressure the leader pushed into me. It felt like I was being impaled on a baseball bat. He resumed his slapping - alternating it with manipulating my clitoris - until he was seated deep inside my belly. I should have been ashamed. I should be wishing I could die. Instead I felt the traitorous tremors that I knew signaled orgasm.

The leader rested for a moment before he started thrusting. When he did my howls of pain and his view of my ass being ravaged must have been too much for Fat Cock because I was suddenly trying to swallow cum before it choked me. Then I was free. Free to lay there and have my ass filled. With every thrust my nipples - hard as bullets - were rubbed on the smooth wood.

My hands came free... maybe they released them... and I was lifted. Most of my weight was supported by the leader's hands and his cock in my ass. He rubbed his palms over the hard, pale pink cones that tipped my breasts and they drew up tighter with his touch. My feet went out from under me and he caught me, one big hand dipping between my legs, holding me upright. His fingers curved into my wet pussy, and it was the last straw. My body convulsed as I tried to touch him. My legs tried to twine around him and I clawed his hair with my bound hands. With one last, grinding thrust he buried himself deep and came. I screamed one final time and blacked out.

When I awoke, I was sitting in the dark, mildew reeking janitor's closet. The short length of rubber hose was curled on my chest, still dripping icy water.

They had tossed me into the low, concrete basin and hosed me down with cold water. Pushing my dripping hair out of my face I struggled to sit up. I could smell the medicinal odor of the strong hand soap on my body and I realized I'd been throughly, brutally scrubbed. To remove evidence. Of Rape.


I knew I should call 911.

But I didn't feel raped. I felt... ravished.

Stupid. The voice of reason yammered at me. You were raped. They washed you. Hosed you off like an animal.

Made me come so hard I fainted.

I found my clothes neatly folded, with my glasses on top of them, on the butchers block. In the ladies room, I washed again, examined my bruised but surprisingly intact private parts in the mirror and dressed. I wouldn't be sitting comfortably for a few days but I felt amazingly calm.

How can I be calm?

I checked the food in the ovens, cleaned up the butcher block, whipped more cream and made the pies.

When Brad arrived I told him I had cramps and left him in charge of the banquet.

At home, in my warm clean bed, I slept the rest of the day away.

What had happened was wrong. But if it had never happened I wouldn't know what I was. Now I was forced to recognize the darkness in me. The need to be dominated. The wanton, earthy creature that gloried in pain and submission - at least where sex was concerned.

Maybe someday, when I felt safe, I could explore the wicked side of me that had been exposed.



It had been a difficult six months. But now it would be worth it. His cousin Brad had introduced them four weeks ago and he had used all his money and charm to make her fall in love with him. He had made no sexual advances save for kissing. He waited for her to be the aggressor.


He'd wanted her from the moment he saw - from a distance - the firm tall body with the full ripe breasts and long legs. The heavy mane of honey hair and blue eyes - even her ever-present glasses made her seem untouched and innocent. But her best friend - and his cousin - Brad had confessed over a few drinks that Sarah had a problem with sex. She was frigid and could only get aroused watching women in submissive situations - that she'd never reached orgasm during sex with a man.

Using private detectives and his own extensive computer skills, Chris had studied her from a distance before setting his plan into action. He rented the same movies and read the stories she posted on the net. She had written a story about being bent over a table and fucked by strangers. The butter thing came from a porn movie she'd rented a half-dozen times.

The actors he'd hired to help him were medically checked. They were flown back to the other end of the country, sure that they'd helped a husband satisfy his beautiful wife's fantasy.

He'd been ready to call it off a dozen times. Right up until he licked her delicate pink clit and she squirted whipped cream and cum over his tongue. He'd disguised his voice with a hoarse whisper and never let her get a good look at any part of him. He'd even used a mixture of cheap cologne and motor oil to cover his natural scent.


On their date last night, when he'd confesses his somewhat extreme sexual predilections, she'd smiled. She told him that she would love having him as her Master. Then she'd knelt between his legs, heedless of her slinky satin gown and the diver in the front seat, as she rested her head on his thigh. Chris closed the smoked glass divider and slipped his engagement ring onto her finger. He'd designed it for her - the cinnamon diamond was enmeshed in a tangle of delicate golden chains - it would be a private joke between them.

Then he opened his zipper and released his erection. Scooting forward he lifted her and pushed up her dress. With one powerful hand he tore off her panties and informed her that they were the last pair she would ever wear. Then he eased her down onto his cock, smiling smugly as she stretched, wet and silky and tight, around his cock. She rode him as the car vibrated and bounced over the rutted city streets.

Chris's big hands cupped her creamy ass, roughly handling the creamy flesh he planned on paddling hard before the night was through. He drove one finger hard into the ass, so vulnerable in his hands and smiled as she jumped and moaned. The world would see her as his lady wife... but in the privacy of his 'special room' she would be his slave. His whore. His mate forever.

Someday he might confess to his beloved - long after she was well and truly his - what he did. Then he would let her tie him over a table and take whatever vengeance she could imagine.

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