tagErotic PoetryTaking Advantage Of My Sister!

Taking Advantage Of My Sister!

byUncle Pervey©

My sister Tootsie was the highschool queen,
With her big blue eyes and her Ruby lips.
Her large breasts had silver dollar nipples,
And Tootsie's walk would shake her scrumptious hips!

Tootsie would exercise in leotards,
And I'd come in to watch her do her thing.
She'd do her stretches bending from her waist,
And as I watched my heart would thump and sing!

I never grew tired of watching her sweat,
Because as she got sweaty I could see.
Her shapely breasts and nipples sticking out,
And her pussy outlined fully for me!

One day in a magazine I saw it,
Some really special exercise clothing.
It advertised the suit would disappear,
When it grew wet it started exposing!

Tootsie always exercised in a daze,
And she stayed in a world unto herself.
I ordered her one of these special suits,
And when it came I put it on her shelf!

Then one Friday afternoon after school,
She came out wearing the new suit I'd bought.
When she started sweating I saw it all,
And each time she bent over my breath caught!

I'd always thought my sister was pretty,
And I could swear now this thought was a fact.
Her tits and ass and pussy were gorgeous,
And I knew by my lust I'd have to act!

Tootsie was like always lost in her world,
With her mind in a fog while she worked out.
By this time she was completely exposed,
And what I saw was what it was about!

She never seemed to see me in her room,
Because her thoughts always took her away.
I closed and locked her bedroom door and stripped,
I knew when she grew tired I'd start to play!

She finished stretching and began knee bends,
And I grabbed my jumping cock with my hand.
When she squatted down for the umpteenth time,
I knew it was about all I could stand!

I moved behind her while she was squatting,
And grabbed the top of her suit and pulled down.
I had her suit pulled down to her ankles,
Before she even had time for a frown!

I gave her a push and she fell forward,
I straddled her shoulders and faced her feet.
I grabbed her plump cheeks and pulled them open,
And shoved my face inside her crack to eat!

Tootsie started squirming when I tongued her,
And her warm wet back made my cock tingle.
My hands underneath her squeezed her tummy,
As I sucked and tongue-fucked her tight "cringle!"

I slid my tongue down into her pussy,
And licked and slurped my way down to her clit.
I licked it good and started sucking hard,
And heard my sister mumble "Shit, oh shit!"

My sister was unconsciously humping,
With her mind focussed on her orgasm.
I licked my way back up to her asshole,
And shoved it inside to feel her spasms!

When I felt her relax I spun around,
And shoved my hard hot cock inside her hole.
Her pussy's hole was slick and felt like fire,
And the pleasure of its heat lit my soul!

When my cock started spraying out my cum,
I pulled her back against me all the way.
I felt my cock's jumping jerking twitches,
As I filled her pussy's hole with my spray!

When I was done my cock stayed hard and slick,
And my sister was relaxed even more.
I pulled out and moved up to her asshole,
And pulled her back as I shoved in to bore!

I knew her pussy was pure perfection,
But when her tight asshole swallowed my cock,
I knew where I was at was pure Heaven,
And as it squeezed me tight I rocked and rocked!

The heat of her asshole ignited me,
My cock was sliding inside red hot fire.
The way her asshole squeezed me while I fucked,
Was milking too soon from me my desire!

I kept her pulled tight to me while I came,
And felt the joy of my cock spurting cum.
Her asshole deep inside felt like Heaven,
And I knew I was going to fuck her numb!

I started sliding my cock in and out,
And as I slid there I felt it ignite.
I reamed her tight hot asshole out again,
Then sucked her tits and fucked her holes all night!!

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