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Taking Chances


Jerome swirled the champagne in his glass in a relaxed twirl of his hands as he watched the woman across the room toss back her gorgeous hair while laughing at something her companion said. He could tell it wasn't anything truly amusing; he had always been able to read her that way.

Besides, her companion didn't look like the sort who could make her laugh. The way he kept running his hands over his suspenders was evidence enough, Jerome thought with more than a little distaste. But who cared about him?

It was her, Jerome was mesmerized with. Her dark skin practically gleamed in the superior lighting of the large ball room. His own skin was naturally fair because of his Eurasian heritage.

Ah, but he still remembered how obsessed he had been about the contrast of their skins even when he had stroked her arm casually while talking to her. He could never pull his eyes away from the path his hands took over her smooth skin.

And her eyes, god.....those swirling depths could pull him in and never let him go. Would she still be the same? That expanse of smooth, soft skin, those eyes, that husky laugh that used to drive him insane whenever he heard it...

Jerome sipped his champagne, his masculine lips closing over the rim of his glass, and he hoped.

* * *

Amara laughed politely at yet another of Brian's jokes. They weren't that funny really, but was she to do? Brian was the boss's son, she had to be polite. But did he have to keep running his hands over his suspenders for god's sake? She still couldn't believe he even WORE suspenders. It wasn't like he was much older than herself, really. Hoping for a distraction from Brian's incessant chatter, Amara glanced around the room.

That's when Amara saw him, leaning casually against the fire mantel. It looked as if he was looking straight at her but he was too far to tell for sure.

Just then someone moved into her line of vision, blocking her view of him. she barely restrained herself from craning her neck to steal another look, even from this distance he had looked dangerous and exciting in his dark suit.

Inconspicuously she tried to turn her head and steal another look, but to no avail. Sighing inwardly, she resigned herself to a night of laughing at Brian's jokes. Every. Single. One. She'd better be getting a pay rise soon.

* * *

All through dinner she kept trying to steal another peek at the man she had seen earlier, but he was nowhere to be found. It was strange but she felt as if she had seen him somewhere before. No matter, he must have already left the party.

After dinner, she escaped to the balcony on the second floor, away from Brian and all the other guests. She just needed some time to herself, she thought as she sipped her champagne with a quiet contented sigh.

'Hello Amara", a deep voice came from behind her. Amara turned, startled to see the man inn the black suit standing right behind her. Her gaze traveled over his designer suit which did nothing to hide the obvious masculine power in the breadth of his shoulders and mouth-wateringly muscular build. Then, she looked at his face and felt a jolt as familiar blue eyes stared intently back at her.

"Oh my god. Jerome?!?"

Amara stared at him gaping, yes, it was Jerome from her old junior college. Those same blue eyes and grinning mouth, but everything else had changed. Age had sharpened his features making him look leaner and more handsome than ever. His tousled brown locks only accentuated his masculinity, making him look very dangerous. His body looked hard and unyielding and ultimately delicious.

Jerome moved forward and enveloped her in a warm hug, pulling her flush against his. hard body. Strong hands stroked the bare skin of her back in a tingling caress before he pulled away. 'It's been a long time Amara' .

'Yeah, too long. How have you been Jer?"

'I've been doing okay, I went into architecture...that's what I'm doing here actually, the owner of the island wanted me to see if the terrains okay to build an ice rink'

Amara looked out, the wind was light and tropical, stirring the evergreen lightly as it passed over the small island that they were on. 'An ice rink, umm....well that's interesting I suppose.'

Jerome chuckled, 'Hey, I'm being paid to see if it's possible. I didn't say I thought any of this was sane.' Amara smiled.

'So what are you doing here?' He asked, leaning casually over the balcony railing.

'Well, my company sent me here on a sort of a learning getaway. So far the only thing I've learned is to stay as far away from Brian as possible.

'Brian..... And that would be the guy with the suspenders right? Man, what a geek.'

'Jer, Brian's not a geek. He's just very serious about following in his dad's footsteps.'

'Oh, god you're not going out with him are you?'

'No, we're just friends. And besides he's married to his job"

'And if he wasn't?'

'He wouldn't be my type.'

'Right... Hey, let's get out of here all right? We'll go for a walk.'

He held out his hand. Amara immediately took it, and then looked at their hands a moment. His long tapered fingers glowed bronze against her dark smooth skin as their fingers entwined. She shivered, the image was almost prophetic, she would think to herself later.

She glanced up, staring into his brilliant blue eyes and felt something stir deep in her. It moved like a tidal wave, setting fire to here heart and soul. 'Yeah, okay'

Jerome grinned and led her down the winding stairs to the stretch of beach below. They walked down the beach listening silently to the surf.

'You want to sit down somewhere and just talk?'

'Yeah, I'd love to...but the sand will ruin my dress.'

No worries, I've got the perfect place in mind.' He smiled mysteriously and held out his hand once again, with absolute trust Amara placed her hand in his. This was Jer, her best friend in Jc...she could never come to any harm with him, she thought as hand in hand they made their way down the beach to the unexplored undergrowth just beyond

'Where are we going jer?'

'To this small cove I found when I was exploring the island earlier. I don't think anyone knows about it yet, so it'll just be you and me.' Jerome turned to wiggle his eyebrows suggestively at her. Amused, amara merely smirked and rolled her eyes skyward.

Jerome turned to make sure amara was doing okay. She was carefully picking her way through the undergrowth. The moonlight shining on them thankfully made their way easier and allowed Jerome to admire Amara at close range.

Her hair which had earlier been tied into an elegant knot now had been let loose, flowing in dark waves and tumbling across her face and smooth shoulders. He was glad that she was staring at the ground, so that she couldn't see the twin embers of desire burning in his eyes.

The last time he had seen her, he had been an adolescent, but now, he was a man with a man's needs. And she, he thought as his gaze raked down the cloth draped body he longed to undress; oh she was most definitely a woman.

Suddenly, they rounded the corner and Amara gasped, the beauty in front of her took her breath away. The small cove was surrounded by high rocks and glittering water which reflected the full moon shining down upon them. Jerome smiled at the look of wonder on amara's face.

'You look beautiful in the moonlight amara, I don't want to blink, I'm afraid you'll disappear and I'll be left with only the remnants of a dream.' He whispered as he stroked her cheek with his finger.

Amara held her breath as he cupped her cheek and leaned towards her, the breath of his words falling warmly on her lips. 'Do you know have any idea how long I've wanted you Amara?' he pressed his hard body against hers, 'yearned for you? Do you remember the first day of Jc and you were standing near the school gate looking both lost and excited,' he reached for her right hand and placed it against his heart . 'I actually felt my heart skip a beat and I knew I had to find a way to meet you, be with you....touch you.'

'Jerome', she gasped his name through her parted lips, overwhelmed, 'I don't know what to say...'

'Shh...For now, there's just this...' he pressed his lips to hers in one swift movement, melding their lips together in a soft, sweet kiss. His arms went around her waist and pressed her body flush against his. She trembled visibly as she felt the protruding hardness of him pressing against her soft belly and parted her lips in shock.

Immediately, he surged in, his tongue expertly stroking hers, exploring and tasting the hidden treasures of her mouth. Instinctively, she responded, her tongue tentatively exploring the hard contours of his lips.

There was an almost audible crack as his control snapped. 'oh god,' he whispered feverishly and tore his lips from hers, only to trail down her delicately arched neck and scrape his teeth lightly over her collarbone.

An involuntary shudder tore through her lithe form, and a muffled sob emerged from her parted, glistening lips. His quick fingers sought out the hooks at the back of her dress and undid them one by one, excitedly exploring the soft skin that was exposed bit by bit.

'Jer,' she grasped his hands, holding them still a second before he made a move to pull down her dress and expose her completely to his eyes. Her eyes, clouded with desire cleared a little as reality crashed in.' I don't know if I can, Jerome. It's so soon, and it's been so long since I saw you. I really...'

'Amara, hush. You know me, you've always known me. We're still the same people we were back then,' his voice was a husky rasp against her ear. He carefully rubbed his hardness against the vee of her thighs and tingles of heat and pleasure shot through her, making her melt against his hard frame.

Gently, so as not to scare her, he hooked his fingers into the sides of her dress and tugged at it, drawing down slowly...exposing her to his eager eyes.

She was beautiful, naked in the moonlight, all sleek curves and soft skin. His eyes roved over her body, learning every inch of her. His eyes turned to a dark, cobalt blue as they filled with heat and barely suppressed desire.

Amara felt all her inhibitions fall away beneath his dark gaze. She stood proud and tall, her dark hair tumbling down her bare back and her eyes alight with more than enough passion and desire to match his.

Boldly, she stepped forward and stroked her hands down his chest, and she realized she wanted him as naked as she was, wanted to see him, to touch him....to taste him. Suddenly impatient, she tugged at his jacket, pulling it down and throwing it aside to join her own haphazard clothes.

Her fingers trembled with a shocking mixture of arousal and excitement as she began unbuttoning his dress shirt. And he was right there with her, as impatient as her to get skin to skin.

Quickly, he unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and boxers off in one swift motion and brushed Amara's hand away as she struggled with the buttons of his shirt. He had it undone in a flash and stood before as naked as the day he was born.

Amara looked at him in wonder; he looked like a Greek god. His muscles rippled and were held taut by the fine tension that she could sense in him. His body looked hard and unyielding and if possible her body heated even more.

Her gaze traveled down and her eyes widened as she saw his swollen, pulsing member. God, he was so... well, big. Twin bolts of excitement and fear shot through her.

'Jer...' her eyes must have betrayed her thoughts because Jerome immediately moved forward to grasp her arms.

'It'll be okay Amara, I promise' he whispered before pulling her into his arms. The contact was electrifying, and it drove them both insane.

He tangled his fingers in her hair and held her head still, then lowered his mouth to hers.

Wet heat, was the thought that ran through his mind.

He groaned into her mouth and thrust his tongue in, plundering her sweet, delectable mouth. The kiss grew wilder and deeper as Amara responded with equal fervor and passion.

Jerome backed her up until their bodies leaned against the nearest rock formation. Holding her immobile and helpless against the large rock, he pressed against her and allowed his hands to rush over her in a heated frenzy, learning all the curves and dips of her body. Already finding it hard to breathe, she stopped breathing altogether as his questing fingers found the centre of her body.

Gently, he stroked her, taking her soft cries into his mouth. 'God, you're so hot, so wet.' Her fingers dug into his arms as he slowly pushed one finger into her, then another. She tightened involuntarily around him and shuddered, almost mindless with pleasure.

Then she felt him push a third finger into her, and she couldn't move, couldn't protest. 'Jerome, please....' The words sounded weak even to her own ears. She felt so full, so tight but she didn't even want to say no because she needed this, she needed him.

'Oh god, you're so tight', he pulled his fingers out, 'I've got to get inside you' he groaned, wrapping her legs around his waist.

As mindless as him, she arched towards him, silently begging him to come into her. Calling on his failing reserves, Jerome guided himself slowly into her, not wanting to hurt her.

'Please, Jer don't wait...I can't...' she trailed off and arched her body, gliding around him, hot and slick.

'Damn it', his control snapped and he thrust deep into her, breaking the barrier she had never dared to break before. Immediately, he froze. 'Amara...damn, why didn't you tell me?' he gasped trying to rein his desire to loose himself in her heat. Amara, oblivious to his inner turmoil gasped at the feeling of fullness that assailed her.

She couldn't speak for a moment; the pleasure jarring through her nerve endings was too intense. Jerome's body trembled from the effort of holding back, she was so hot and wet and tight.

'Don't hold back, jer, please, I need you...hard, and fast.' His hands shot out to grasp her hips and pin them against the large rock as he slammed into her, giving it to her as hard and fast as she wanted it.

They both twisted and turned, consumed with unendurable pleasure, caught in the elemental dance of making love. Physical needs and emotions entwined until one couldn't be told from the other. Amara sobbed, begging him, for what? She didn't even know, and then she finally went over the ragged edge.

Pleasure exploded into her, white, blinding heat went through her in never-ending waves. She bit her lip, almost hard enough to draw blood, struggling to keep herself from screaming.

Jerome solved the problem by crushing his mouth to hers, taking her helpless cries into his mouth and groaning into hers as he came, hard. Pushing himself into her contractions, he felt his eyes roll to the back of his head as he exploded. It seemed like forever before the shuddering stopped and he brought them both down to the ground. They lay, spent, and replete as they struggled to get their breathing under control.

And even as their bodies calmed, neither of them spoke. There was too much to say and yet, nothing at all. Jerome stroked her hair, absently running his hands down her smooth back. Finally unable to stand the silence any longer, amara lifted her head to look at him. 'Jer?' she whispered his name uncertainly, her voice trembling slightly as she met his eyes.

'Don't Amara, don't say this didn't mean anything. Because it did, I was looking into your eyes when you went over,' he paused deciding to put all the cards on the table, no more lies, no more evasiveness. 'Amara, I love you. I've always loved you, ever since the first time I saw you...looking so lost and innocent by the school gate.' He smiled, a little sadly, 'I thought you were beautiful then, but now, now I realize you were beyond anything I had ever imagined.'

Amara's breath caught in her throat and her eyes turned luminous as a single tear tracked down her cheek.' Jerome, I don't know what...how to say...'

He placed a finger on her lips, 'hush Amara, I know how you feel about me. Your eyes are like glass windows, they reflect everything you're feeling...and I was watching you in my arms. Tell me, Amara.'

'You want the words...'

'Hell yeah, I want the words.'

Amara smiled sweetly...' I love you Jerome, I go crazy when I'm around you and the truth is I'll kill you if you even look at another woman.'

Jerome laughed huskily, 'there's no chance of that, the only woman I see is you...the only woman I feel is you.' He moved against her, and amara gasped as he hardened and grew inside her, stretching her, filling her.

Slowly, she moved on top of him, and Jerome closed his eyes at the sweet feel of her making love to him.' I love you Amara,' he rasped against her throat.

'I love you too Jerome' she whispered.

They clasped their hands as they made love. Then together, they soared over the edge, locked in each other's arms and locked in love.

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