Taking My Daughter's Cherry


When she sucked the swollen red head into her mouth this time I took her hand and showed her how to stroke it in rhythm to her sucking. There is no drug on the planet that could duplicate this feeling of pure joy and in that moment I knew without a doubt that whatever tortures of hell I would have to suffer throughout eternity this was worth it all.

I wanted to feel her, touch her skin with my fingers, so I slide my hand across the bed and onto her ass. I felt its young firmness as I grasped it lightly. I felt the edge of her panties and pushed my fingers under it. I shifted my concentration from the sensations in my prick to the ones in my questing fingers. I ran them along the crack of her ass and found her little ass hole. It puckered tighter as I ran the flat pad of my middle finger over it, but I would save that for another time. And my probing moved farther down. She shifted giving me better access and permission to continue. There would be no stopping now. I had moved beyond control, there was only the driving thirst that would be quenched one way or another. I pushed my fingers lower still and found the opening of her slit. Her panties were soaked with her excitement, I rubbed her through them, making them wetter. I pushed my finger up into her a little forcing the saturated cloth with it. She moaned and squirmed, spreading her legs wider, granting me access to that cherished opening.

I toyed with the edge of her panties slipping just the tip of my finger under their edge, feeling the heat and dampness of her virgin hole. I eased one finger into the opening just a little way and she stopped dead. My cock still held in her mouth, her heavy breath blowing across my balls. I didn't move, not a hair, and waited for her. Would she run from the room? Would she hate me for doing this? Had she changed her mind? Finally she wiggled her butt against my hand pushing my finger in a little deeper. I released the breath I didn't realize I was holding in a hard gush and pressed my finger farther into her hot little hole. She went back to bobbing up and down on my cock, running her tongue along the ridge of its head, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my loins. I worked my finger in and out, slowly finger fucking her, savoring the feel of her juices as they started to drip down my finger into the palm of my hand. I withdrew my finger from her and raised it to my lips, inhaling her scent as I sucked her flavor from my finger. I held it in my mouth like a good wine, memorizing her fragrance and taste.

She released my cock from the hot wetness of her mouth and sat up. I watched as she unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders. I turned on my side and rested on one arm. As I traced the lace edge of her bra I watched her eyes darken and turn stormy. With trembling fingers I pulled the straps down from her shoulder and pushed my fingers inside the lacy cup brushing her hard nipple sending little thrills straight to her already wet pussy. She reached behind her and unhooked it. I cupped her firm young breast in my hand pushing her bra the rest of the way off her shoulders. I pulled it off and tossed it on the floor next to her rumpled blouse. Gently I pushed her back on the bed all the while waiting for her to resist, hoping she wouldn't. She rested on her elbows bringing her nipples to just the level of my mouth. I felt my mouth water in anticipation of sucking on one of my daughters nipples, teasing the tips with my tongue. I had wished for this moment for so long and it was here at last. Looking at them so close, seeing their color and texture I was drawn forward. Using my hand I caressed her breast squeezing it and pulling the nipple toward my lips. I licked the end and it instantly puckered and grew harder in the coolness left by my saliva. I sucked it into my mouth and felt her shudder as the sensation was immediately translated to her pussy, making it warm with anticipation. She had closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Her lips were parted and she was making soft sounds in her throat. I bit gently on the nipple and then sucked hard drawing as much of it into my mouth as would fit. I wanted to taste it all, like a starving man I gobbled it up. She was moaning in pleasure. I griped her nipple between my teeth and increased the pressure until I heard her sharp intake of breath and then holding it there I rubbed my tongue back and forth over the tip. She arched her back in an effort to give me more. I moved to the other breast and repeated my chewing and sucking while I squeezed and pinched the nipple I had just suckled with my free hand. I reveled in the feel of my saliva on my daughter's breast. The smell of the wetness between her legs filled my mind with the desire to taste her virgin pussy.

I pushed her the rest of the way down on the bed, lifted her hips, unzipped and removed her skirt. The sight of her panties wet at the center of the flowered cotton made my cock begin to throb again, sending waves of heat through me. My heart beat quickened and I reached down her leg sliding my fingers slowly over the smooth skin and took off first one shoe, letting it drip with a thud to the floor and then the other. Slowly ever so deliciously slow I slid my hand up first one leg and then the other feeling the firm soft skin quiver in anticipation under my strong fingers. I listened for her command to stop and prayed to all the darkest gods it didn't come. I watched the wetness on the crotch of her panties grow. I tried to spread her legs, but she resisted at first and I pushed harder as I fondled her breasts and teased her nipples with one hand.

"Oh Daddy." She whispered softly. I looked up expecting her tell me to stop, but her eyes were closed and her hand was pinching and playing with her other nipple.

"Are you sure you want this? We can stop now it you want to?" I said brushing my fingers lightly at the wet spot on her panties and sensing the electric shocks it sent through her body. I wondered if I could stop if she said to or if I would just hold her down and take her against her will. A hundred images of her screaming for me to stop as I pried her legs open and rammed my hard cock into her virgin pussy shattering her hymen, blood dribbling out around the edges as I pumped my cum deep into her, flashed unbidden across my mind and I prayed she couldn't see my madness.

"Yes Daddy, I want you to." She said and relaxed her legs allow them to fall open. "You are making me feel sooo wonderful."

With a sigh of relief I lowered my mouth to her stomach and licked a wet trail to the edge of her panties. I Slipped my tongue just under the waist band and licked back and forth across her stomach as my thumb found her hard little clit and rubbed it in small circles. My fingers pressed at the entrance of her virgin hole through the soggy cotton. Continuous moans were now coming from her and she rocked her hips against my fingers wanting more, wanting them in her. Sliding her panties off I looked at the wet eager pussy of my little girl. My cock had never been so hard and in need so I pressed it against her leg and rubbed it there trying to control the urge to thrust it into her hot little cunt. I could see her wetness glistening on the lips at the opening and I leaned forward and took a deep breath of virgin pussy, my baby girls pussy. Oh how I had longed for this, repressed the need for this, shunned the desire to do just this; to taste what I had made.

She shuddered at the feel of my hot breath on her mound and pushed her hips up to my watering mouth. Opening my mouth I pressed it over her moist labia as my tongue stroked her clit, sending shivers of pleasure through her. Her hands tangled in my hair holding my head closer to her crotch. I sucked in the juices, relishing the taste of my virgin daughter, rolling my tongue over her throbbing hard clit, sliding it down her slit, then plunging my tongue into the opening. She gasped and thrust forward wanting it deeper. I could feel the hymen at the tip of my tongue and a long moan of pleasure pushed its way from my throat into her pussy, the vibration of the sound sent thrills to her very center. Sliding my tongue back to her clit I licked and sucked it feeling her grow wetter and more excited and I increased the pressure and speed of my flicking tongue. Engulfing her whole pussy in my wet ravenous mouth I thrust my tongue as deep as it would go, her thighs quivered and I felt the tightness form in her stomach. Using my tongue to fuck her sweet virgin pussy I slowly brought her toward orgasm. The feel of her unbroken hymen at the tip of my tongue with each thrust fueled my own lust driving my passion to limits I had never experienced. As I felt the muscles of her cunt begin the trembling of orgasm I replaced my tongue with my thumb and I grasped her clit between my teeth and flicked the tip faster and faster as the first spasm of orgasm slammed into her. Her whole body convulsed jerking her clit from my mouth. Grabbing her ass with my free hand I raised her clit up to my mouth once more and held it firmly in place and with my tongue and thumb forced her to have wave after wave of intense pleasure that stabed through her pussy. The nectar of her climax flooded my mouth and I lapped and sucked at it, drinking it up until the last waves subsided and she began to relax.

The thrill of bringing my baby girl to climax as I watched and tasted and smelled it pushed my resolve to its limit. I couldn't wait any longer, the rhythmic rubbing of my cock against her leg was no longer enough, I needed to feel the wet heat of her pussy surround my cock. Trailing kisses up her stomach and stopping to such hard on the softness of her belly I slid my hands under her shoulders. My mouth once again feasted on her hard young nipples as I distracted her while I placed the pulsing head of my prick against the wet lips of her innocent hole. I rubbed its hard hot head up and down her slit, lubricating it with the juices of her climax. Slowly I sliped just the head in and the feel of her tight opening stretching over me sent searing flashes of extreme pleasure burning through me. I quivered with the effort of restraint, I wanted so much to plunge forward, but she started squirming, trying to get away. The size of it started to hurt her, but I had a firm grip on her shoulders. I lowered my head and began biting and sucking on a nipple causing a confusion of sensations to flood her body, discomfort from the head of my large cock lodged firmly in her cunt and thrills of electricity from the stimulation to her nipples. I rocked slowly, just a fraction of an inch, in and out, in and out, until I felt her begin to relax. I was loosing my desperate slippery grip on my control, all I wanted to do was ram forward, bury my cock deep into the hot wetness and pound into it until I could finally feel my cum empty into her. Her mewling noises brought reality back into sight, this was my little girl, the baby I fathered, the sweet tender child I used to push on a swing, my flesh and blood. I wanted her to learn the pleasure of sex, the joy of making love, not to fear it and equate it with pain.

So I cooled the heated acid the pounded through my veins and continued suckling on her nipples as I reached between us and rubbed her clit while I gently rocked back and forth, slowly pushing my cock farther into her tight pure little hole. It was exquisite torture. I focused on the feel of my dick sliding millimeter by millimeter into her. I was shivering with need, with an all consuming fire that was slowly burning away my resolve to take it slowly, so each moment, each sensation could be remembered later. This was the baby I made, the daughter I held in my arms, who's scrapped knees I gently cleaned and kissed better. The young girl who's tiny tits I watched grow to these ripe full breasts I was sucking and nibbling. The feel of her nipple against my tongue was heaven as I clamped my teeth on the engorged nipple and flicked its tip. Concentrating on her breast and ignoring the raging sensation on the head of my prick I slowed the building of my own fires of lust. I waited for the moment when I would sense she was ready for the next step.

Finally I felt her begin to respond to the slow rocking thrusts, her pussy began to pulse with little contractions, sucking at the head of my cock, her breath was coming is gasps as her first orgasm began to mount. I increased the pressure on her clit pinching it between my thumb and finger, stroking it like a miniature dick. She was thrusting against my cock and I became still letting her work it deeper into her virgin hole until it rested against the hymen. I could feel the barrier press on the tip of my prick repeatedly as she climaxed on the end of my hard pulsating cock. A thrill like none I had ever experienced filled me as I watched my baby girl cum on my cock for the first time. The searing heat of her orgasm sent my blood racing through me, my heart was pounding. I was breathing in hard jagged gasps as I memorized the look on her face, the smell of our sex, the sound of her cries of pleasure as she screamed out "Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy." Over and over. As her orgasm washed over her, as she reached its peak I couldn't hold back any longer and rammed my cock forward breaking through the barrier feeling her virgin pussy stretch to receive a cock for the first time, my cock, her Daddy's hungry throbbing cock.

She screamed, a shrill piercing sound of shock and pain and she struggled to get away, but I held her fast in place, impaled on my quivering manhood. All thought was gone except for the feel of her hot newly pierced pussy pulsing around my prick and her ass wiggling against my balls as she tried to escape from my grasp. Grabbing a hold of her hair I pulled her head back and silenced her screams with my mouth. Swallowing the sound and trusting my tongue deep into her mouth as I had just thrust my prick deep into her cunt.

A small measure of thought returned at the taste of a tear that trickled down her cheek and along the edge of our kiss. I released her mouth. "Shhhhh just be still." I whispered against her ear, and sucked softly on the lobe. "It will only be this way for a couple of minutes." Rocking my shaft in and out of her torn pussy ever so slightly I waited for her body to adjust to the invasion of mine. I shifted to rest on my elbows allowing both hands access to her sensitive breasts. Rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger I kneaded them firmly, replacing the sensation of tearing and fullness in her pussy with one of quiet pleasure. The feel of her rapid breath on my face stimulated me, driving me toward completion. I watched the expressions on her face change, seeing the discomfort lesson I began slowly to withdraw my cock from her pussy. The velvety squeeze of her muscles contracting as I pulled out was almost more than I could bare. I left just the tip inside her.

I raised up on my arms, extending them to full length locking my elbows in place and I gazed at her, seeing that she was watching me. As our eyes lock onto each other a quiver passed through my heart, a sensation that thrilled my very being and I watched the flames of lust leap and burn as I slowly pushed back inside her. I was hypnotized by the look in her eyes, I drank in the texture of her fresh pussy, the smell of her excitement tinged with a hint of virgin blood. I licked my lips and tasted the lingering essence of her earlier orgasm. I knew she felt every millimeter of my cock enter her, I watched it on her face as she felt the walls of her unused hole expand, stretch to let me in, feeling the hard softness of my rod as her Daddy began to fuck her. Thrusting in and out, I reveled in the slick feel of her pussy sliding over my hard meat, the cunt lips sucking the tender skin of my prick as I quickened my movements. With her first moan of pleasure my control snapped and I began the hard pistoning I had held off for so long. My daughter's own pleasure was once again rising and she was thrusting up to meet me, driving us closer to climax. Her orgasm swelled and finally burst again to the sensations of my hard cock pounding against her cervix, jarring her body with each thrust. As my own peak rushed in I screamed her name and grabbed her hips digging my fingers deep into the flesh and with one final plunge I rammed my cock hard and deep as I felt my seed gush from the head of my buried prick filling the hole of my little girl with Daddy's cum. I pulled out until only the still throbbing tip was left inside her and then I rammed forward once, twice, three more times until the final shivering sensation of my orgasm began to subside. I stayed in that position, my head thrown back, diminishing cries of passion fading from my lips, heaving jagged breaths slowly calming, until I felt her arms circle me and hug me close.

The strength in my arms gave 'way and I rolled over onto my back with her still pressed close to my chest, my quivering cock still buried in her newly opened little hole. I savored the feel of our moisture as it dribbled down over my balls. I pushed my hips tighter to hers and with my hands on the small of her back pressed her snugly down on my now softening cock. I relished the feel of her pussy as it cooled to normal temperature and relaxed allowing me to slip out and rest between our bodies as we slowly drifted into a nap. I knew in that moment she was irrevocably woven into the fiber of my life and that I could never let her go.

That was ten years ago. We moved to a new town, she went on to college and graduated. No one here knows we are father and daughter. They just think I'm a lucky old lecher that has a sweet young wife.

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