tagMatureTaking Our Neighbour

Taking Our Neighbour

byEnglish Bob©

There seem to be so many fetishes around these days; latex, rubber, bondage and the like, that good old wife-swapping now appears not to be so popular anymore. Well, let me tell you; it is where I live!

Our whole neighbourhood is at it. Young or old, black or white there are at least twenty of us all within a few miles of each other that think nothing of popping round to a friends' house for dinner and waking up in the morning with a different partner!

And it's not just the married couples that get in on the action either. My lovely wife, Mandy and I are very fortunate. We happen to live next door to Julia Mason. Julia is the single mum of an eighteen-year-old son, Max. Her husband apparently left her when Max was very young and she's reared the lad virtually single-handed. She's made a pretty good job of it too. But Max is quite a shy lad – unlike his mother! Both Mandy and Julia are bi-sexual and many's the time that my wife, my neighbour and I have shared a quiet little threesome together.

But this story is not about Julia. It's about Max – Max and my wife.

It was a Saturday – the best day of the week as far as I'm concerned – and Julia had invited Mandy and I over to her house for a late afternoon drink. It was a hot day in July. Julia had set out her garden furniture on the terrace and so the three of us sat down to enjoy cool cocktails. All of us where in swimsuits in order to soak up the last of the afternoon sun but, Mandy being Mandy, and as usual being as outrageous as possible, had worn the tiniest bikini I had ever seen. The thin material – what there was of it – clung to her like a second skin and left very little to the imagination.

Like a good, dutiful son, Max was milling around making sure that our glasses where always kept topped up. He was barefoot but still wearing a t-shirt and jeans and was clearly too hot.

"Why don't you put your swim shorts on and join us in the sun, Max?" His mother asked lazily. "It's too hot to be dressed like that."

"Everything's in the wash Jules. I think all I got is what I'm standing up in!"

Max always called his mother by name. Somehow it made him seem a little older and her a little younger.

"Well sit down in your boxer's then!" Julia continued, laughing. "I'm sure Mandy and Clive won't mind."

My wife and I both agreed that Max should relax a little. He had certainly earned a drink. But Max was still a little reluctantly shy and it took Julia another few minutes of persuasion before he eventually slipped off his t-shirt and jeans and flopped into a lounger in his underwear.

"There. That's better isn't it?" Julia said kindly. Here, have a glass of beer."

As we all sat and drank, the conversations started. The two girls chatted about their week – they both work for the same company – and I made idle conversation with Max. I tried to interest him with questions about girlfriends, cars and sports but his answers came as little more than teenaged monotone grunts. I was about to lose patience and give up completely when I realised the reason for his distraction – he could hardly keep his eyes off my wife!

To be fair, I couldn't really blame him. Mandy's nipples were clearly visible through the almost translucent material of her bikini top and the briefs – an extremely apt description for them – were little more than a string that barely covered her shaved mound. I smiled inwardly. It always gives me a thrill when other men notice my wife – especially younger, inexperienced men.

"Excuse me for a moment." Max suddenly said politely, "I have to use the bathroom."

"Use the outside one." Julia cut in. "The decorators still haven't finished upstairs and I don't want you treading dust all the way through the house."

Max nodded and, a little awkwardly and trying to hide an obvious bulge in his shorts, sauntered off towards the outside changing suite and bathroom. I watched him go, waiting until I was sure he was out of earshot before turning to my wife.

"I hope you're happy with yourself." I joked. "Did you see how uncomfortable you made the poor lad?"

"Of course I saw! It would have been difficult to miss that bulge." She turned to Julia before continuing. "I'm sorry, Jules. If I'd have know Max was going to be here I'd have worn something a little more…er....suitable!"

"Oh don't apologise. I'm just glad he's taking an interest in sex at last. I've never seen him with a girlfriend – or boyfriend for that matter! And I know he's not short on equipment; I saw him get out of the shower the other day!"

I could tell that images of a naked Max were already filtering through my wife's mind. She was squirming a little in her seat. God, she can be such a slut!

"Now that I would like to see!" She said, maybe a little too quickly. "Oh, sorry again, Julia. I don't know what's the matter with me today!"

"The heat must be making you horny!" I chipped in.

"Maybe Max too." Julia replied. Mandy and I had been joking around but Julia's face showed no sign of jest. "Why don't you seduce him? You know he fancies the ass off you and I know it would be good for him!"

All of a sudden I could see Mandy's eyes sparkle. She has a wild, uninhibited sex drive and she never has to be asked twice for sex.

"What a great idea, Jules." I could see that she was really excited by the prospect. "Quick, hand me that robe."

In a second, my wife had peeled off her swimsuit and wrapped Julia's dark towelling robe around her. I only caught a quick glimpse of her naked body but it was enough to give me an instant erection. God knew what effect it would have on Max!

Watching Mandy stride off towards the bathroom, I looked at Julia and smiled. "By the look of that bulge he had in his shorts, I don't think this will last too long!" I said with a smile.

"Let's go see shall we?" Julia's eyes gleamed with excitement as she led me away by the hand.

As we both peered into the bathroom from the small outside window, we could see that Mandy had just entered the newly built suite.

"Oh, sorry, Max. I'd forgotten you were in here."

"That's okay Mrs. Reynolds. I'm finished now."

There was a long silence while Mandy fixed young Max with an intense stare.

"Are you finished, Max?" She asked slowly, eventually breaking the quiet. "You've been in here a very long time, Were you masturbating while thinking about my body?"


Max was clearly taken aback by my wife's directness.

"I always get straight to the point, Max." She said as she moved closer to him. "I could see you looking at me. I know you want me. Were you going to jerk off while thinking about me?"


"I'm very flattered, Max, but wouldn't you prefer to see the real thing?"

Mandy was very close to young Max now. Her hands snaked up around his neck and she kissed him full on the lips.

Max's reply was cut off as their lips mashed together and their tongues danced in and out of each other's mouths. Mandy's hands held the youngsters face while his, almost apologetically, rested on her behind.

Slowly and wordlessly, Mandy stood back and broke the breathless kiss. Her eyes stared straight into Max's as her fingers gently tugged at the towelling belt that held the robe together. Max was transfixed and I swear his eyes nearly popped out of his head as the garment parted and revealed a full frontal of Mandy's naked body.

"Touch me." She whispered, taking his hand in hers and placing it on one heaving breast.

Julia and I watched as Max's fingers closed around a hard nipple. Suddenly we heard him gasp. His mouth hung open and a large dark patch of moisture appeared on the front of his shorts. The poor lad had cum already.

"Don't worry, baby." Mandy cooed as she pulled his head to her breasts and comforted him. "Plenty more time. Plenty of time. Would you like to help me cum too?"

Max nodded. He could have been in deep despair but Mandy was in charge. She was telling him how to act. How to think. She wasn't going to give him any time to feel sorry for himself.

The robe gaped open on my wife's body and – not for the first time, of course – Julia and I both saw her moist nakedness in all it's glory. She pulled Max towards her again; backing up to a high counter and pulling herself up so that she was sitting spread legged with her back to the wall. She pulled Max's head to her breast again and we both watched as a stiff, swollen nipple disappeared into the boy's mouth. He sucked on it greedily and Mandy gasped.

"Lower, baby."

My wife's words were whispered, calm, controlled as she gently placed her hands on Max's head and eased him down towards her spread legs.

She gasped again as his tongue came into contact with her open, hairless vagina and sighed deeply. Her fingers played with her nipples. Her eyes were tight shut as she pushed herself backward and forward slightly; rocking her body as the young man ate her.

Watching her friend have her pussy eaten so eagerly was clearly having an effect on Julia. She was standing directly behind me, looking over my shoulder and I could hear her breathing in my ear become more and more ragged.

"God, that looks good!" She whispered.

I knew that I could help Julia at this point and, reaching back, I slid my hand down the front of her bikini panties. She was already very wet and my finger slid easily over her swollen clit and deep into her pussy.

While I finger-fucked our neighbour, back in the bathroom Mandy had spread her legs as wide as she could and hung them over Max's shoulders. I could see her bare toes curling and heard her breath coming in panting, rasping gasps. I pushed two fingers deep into Julia's wet cunt and rotated my thumb over her clit. I felt her pussy contact around my fingers and a warm gush of fluid ooze from her slit just at the same time that my wife cried out in her own, frantic climax.

Still breathing hard, Mandy slithered down from her perch and kneeled in front of her young lover. Her hands gripped the waistband of his stained shorts and, looking up at him she smiled.

"What have you got in here for me, honey?" she whispered sexily.

Max remained silent. His eyes were tight shut and I think he was holding his breath as Mandy eased his underwear down.

Julia and I now seemed to be playing "copy-cat" and she took up a similar position kneeling in front of me. I could feel the front of my swimming shorts being pulled down and then the warm evening air playing delightfully on my erect cock and tight balls.

"Tell me what they are doing?" Julia whispered to me. "I can't see from here!"

This seemed to be an interesting game and I began to relate what I was seeing in hushed tones.

"Max has just stepped out of his shorts. She's licking up and down his shaft. God, he's hard again already!"

"Like this?"

I felt a bolt of electricity run through my body as Julia licked the entire length of my shaft and sucked my cock head deep into her mouth.

I marvelled at how quickly Max had regained his erection. Ah, I thought, the benefits of youth!

My mind was quickly drawn back to my promise of information.

"Mmmmm…..that's nice Jules." I gasped quietly. "Now she's holding his balls. Bobbing her head up and down on his cock. He's really deep."

Julia seemed to accept the data I was providing, process it and then perform an exact copy on me. My cock seemed to swell to double its usual size as she tilted her head back and swallowed me deep into her throat.

It was getting more and more difficult to concentrate on what was going on in the bathroom, but I did my best. Mandy's golden, yellow hair fell in curls and she kept sweeping it to one side as she deep throated the young man standing above her. Her fingernails traced delicate patterns under his balls and one digit sneaked between his legs to tickle his anus. I quickly repeated this information to Julia in quiet gasps and then held my breath as felt her own finger slid delightfully over my own anus.

"Oh shit, baby!" I cried, trying to keep as quiet as possible. "You're going to make me cum!"

"Do it Clive, do it. Cum in my mouth!"

And then, as if to encourage me further, I felt Julia's index finger slide deep into my rectum as she swallowed my cock whole. I had no choice. There was no way I could have stopped even if I had wanted to. With a gritted-teeth howl I felt my balls contract and flooded my neighbour's warm mouth with sperm.

"I love the taste of your cum, but I really want to watch as well!" Julia said with a sticky smile as she rose from between my legs and joined me to once again peer through the bathroom window.

Mandy had just slipped her mouth away from Max's twitching cock. The look of dismay on his face said more than words.

"Don't worry, baby," Mandy cooed. "Don't you want to fuck me now?"

Max brightened almost instantly and made a clumsy grab for my wife's heaving tits.

"Wait, lover," she whispered. "It's better this way."

Pulling herself back and up onto the cool tiles of the raised counter, Mandy leaned back and spread her legs. Her fingers opened the folds of her wet labia with one hand while she crooked a finger on the other, beckoning her lover towards her.

Max followed the implied instruction perfectly. His youthful weapon looked fierce as it twitched and throbbed, swinging menacingly between his muscular legs as he approached my wife. He moved between Mandy's wide spread legs slowly and her hand grasped his tool and guided it in. There was a combined gasp as they coupled for the first time.

Julia and I could see the actual penetration as it took place. Mandy's sex lips seemed to unfold like the petals of a flower as she accepted his turgid offering and it was only a few short seconds before he was completely enveloped and his young balls were nestled gently against her buttocks.

"Slowly now." Mandy suggested quietly.

Again, Max obeyed like a dutiful puppy-dog. We watched his hips begin to move back and forward. Mandy lay back; one leg outstretched with her foot against the wall while her hand slipped between her legs and began to stroke her clit.

"A little faster now." She implored.

Max's hips became more animated. There was clear effort showing on his face as he began rutting downwards pushing his tool deep into my wife's willing and open vagina.

"Faster!" This time more of an instruction.

Mandy's words were gasped now. Her finger was rapid and firm over her clit as she strove for another orgasm.


Mandy's second climax was equally as strong as her first. Julia and I gaped as we saw her legs trembling and her back arch deeply. Max was inside her as deep as it was possible to get and there was just the hint of a smile, mixed with intense concentration, on his face as he struggled to give Mandy as much pleasure as he could.

"Now you!" Mandy panted loudly as she hooked her feet up onto her lovers' shoulders. "I want to feel you shoot inside me!"

Max was gasping and grunting as he slammed his cock over and over again into Mandy's juicy pussy. His hips were a blur as he pounded himself into her body and the veins on his neck stood out and bulged with the effort.

"I think he's going to cum!" Julia whispered in my ear. I could feel her hand moving behind me and knew that she was masturbating. I shrugged and started to massage my own cock back to full attention. I had a feeling I was going to need an erection later.

Max climaxed as soon as my erection returned. His mouth hung open silently and his eyes screwed tight shut. He lunged deeply and stayed there for a moment, deep inside Mandy's vagina and quivering; swelling; trembling.

And then Mandy sighed deeply and we knew that he had released his cum. Her hips moved slowly, gracefully rotating. Meeting his. I knew that she would be clenching her internal muscles and milking the young man of everything that he had.

That was young Max's first experience with my wife. There were many more as he became more and more outgoing and involved himself with our little wife-swapping group.

Now, if you think that there was any form of incest that went on, you'd be wrong. Max simply became a much more sexual and uninhibited person. He never showed any signs of ever wanting to touch Julia. He saw he naked of course, and on a few occasions actually saw her being fucked silly. But he was only ever interested in other women. He's still got a big soft spot for Mandy and the two of them get together quite regularly when my wife is off work or I'm away. He's still a little shy about being watched while he fucks and, to my knowledge at least, nobody has ever told him that Julia and I watched him that very first time. It's really a shame too, because, watching my wife with our young thrusting neighbour was one of the most exciting things I've ever seen!

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