Talla's Temple Ch. 15


Talla approached her Sorceress and stood in front of the sitting woman. As the physician had before her, the Sorceress groped at her breasts. Unsatisfied, she unlaced Talla's top and examined her more carefully -- kneading, cupping and lifting.

"Redress," the Sorceress said with a slight pout on her lips. She turned to her Second.

"An Extraordinary?" Atreya asked.

"Except that it's only been six days since her last upgrade," the Sorceress said.

"She clearly has the capacity, Mistress," Iyana put in, "if she could take a quadruple."

"She barely took that quadruple, physician," Atreya said darkly. "I was there."

Iyana nodded in acquiescence.

The Sorceress appeared pensive for a moment and then suddenly snapped her fingers. "A scroll, at once."

One of the Virgins was spurred in to action by this sudden demand. She fetched a sheet from a stack on a shelf near the wall and brought it to the Sorceress.

"Mistress," she said with a curtsy.

"Understand, Talla," the Sorceress said as she scribbled, "that medical upgrades such as this one don't count in the general scheme of things. You are still an accidentally accelerated Initiate. You still have to complete your quotas."

"Yes, Mistress."

"You will still dress as an Initiate and be treated as one. You must still complete your lessons."

"Yes, Mistress."

The scroll was wrapped around a wooden cylinder. Green wax, apparently kept hot and ready in case of need, was poured over the scroll and sealed.

"Take this next door to Strength," she told Talla. "You will need her permission for the Extraordinary. There shouldn't be any problem."

"Thank you, Mistress," Talla said with a curtsy. She turned to the physician and curtsied again. "Mistress."

Then she turned on her heel and left.

Well, that was something.

"Best of luck, Talla," Iyana said as she returned to the curtained off area where her next patient waited.


She felt on the verge of an anxiety attack. She would get an extra upgrade. She'd be back on that altar, someday quite soon, making another guy come on her chest.

She suppressed a shiver. Surely this one would go better. It wouldn't be so painful. She tried not to think about it. If her career was to progress, she'd have to do dozens of such upgrades with men ejaculating on to all the parts of her body. There was no use being afraid. What would be done would be done.

She would just have to get over -

Something interrupted her thought train. A Virgin in a knee length skirt had just darted in to Principia Abundance, no doubt on an errand, and grabbed a handful of the wooden cylinders used for sending scrolls.

They were sitting there on a shelf just inside the room.

Anyone could take them.

Really? It was that easy?


Zhair'lo entered the shed behind Atani, mostly wondering if he could just get his message and get back to work.

Marie walked back around the corner of the building. He heard something snap from that direction as he came in to the cool shade of the shed to find a very solemn and downcast girl standing in the middle of the space.

Marie followed him in, her hands clasped behind her back.

"Kneel down and take care of him," she told Atani.

"Here?" she asked, shocked.

"Or I can report you and let them handle it, after they figure in for sending someone way out here. Your choice. Me or them."

Somewhere between the words 'report you' and 'handle it', Atani's eyes widened in fear.

"Here," she agreed, and fell to her knees.

Marie walked around behind her.

"Everything will be fine," she assured Zhair'lo.

Atani was unlacing his shorts.

"Why are you -?" Zhair'lo began to ask.

"It'll be fine," Marie assured him, possibly misunderstanding his apprehension.

Seriously? This was how they did things?

If he was putting things together correctly, Atani was responsible for making sure that she didn't expose herself in public. Having done so, in front of him, she -- what? -- owed it to him? - to relieve any anxiety he had. Was that it? Marie seemed insistent. His protest had been ignored completely. It was as if Marie thought he was too immature and irresponsible to be able to handle seeing a woman's genitals.

No matter. In another moment, Atani's mouth and tongue were upon him. He'd been with the girls in the showers. He knew what it was to feel a tongue working his shaft. She was tasting his sweat, he was sure of that, but the level of urgency her senior was inflicting upon her clearly overrode any concern for hygiene.

"Quickly," Marie said.

She glanced out the door to ensure they wouldn't be interrupted while Atani vigorously bobbed her head up and down on his shaft.

"It's too big for your mouth," Marie chastised her. "Use your hands, too."

She was giving orders now? Was she going to coach the younger girl the whole way through? Zhair'lo was in too much shock to be any further surprised.

"And for the gods' sake, look him in the eyes."

Atani obeyed, stroking and sucking while loyally keeping eye contact.

Gods, it felt good. Just some random girl showing up in the middle of the afternoon, sucking on his cock for reasons he frankly couldn't fathom. As long as she didn't stop, he didn't care about the logic of the thing.

Marie slipped around behind Atani and unlaced her skirt.

Something like a whimper came from Atani's lips. Her eyes widened just a little further as the skirt slipped away.

She had, Zhair'lo noticed, a fine pair of legs and a really well toned ass. He could admire that from his position. It made sense, if she were running all day long and delivering messages. The question was, was the muscle tone from the running, or were the runners chosen for their muscle tone? If Endowment worked the breasts and Sweetness the genitals, did Form gets the legs and ass?

"I don't want you biting him by accident," Marie said. "Hands and knees."

With a grimace, Atani slid her mouth off his wet and rather substantial erection to take the position directed.

Marie produced the thorned branch she'd apparently been carrying behind her back.

"Three is what they would give you if there were no men present," Marie chastised her. "Since you're taking care of the man who was present, three will do. Hopefully this hurts enough."

Without further warning, she brought her makeshift switch down on the lithe and sinewy cheeks that Zhair'lo had been admiring. A sharp snap filled the stifling air of the shed as muscle shook in place. It was loud enough to make Zhair'lo twitch.

A second crack, hard on the heels of the first, came down on the young girl's ass.

Zhair'lo winced again, but this time he was watching Atani's face. The right side of her face twitched -- as if in annoyance but not actual pain. That was odd. It was a bloody thorned branch. Shouldn't that hurt?

The third crack came down. Atani barely reacted at all.

Was it possible that, given her strength -- and upgrades? - she was tough enough back there not to care?

"Finish him off, then," Marie told her.

The bizarrely incongruous punishment had done little to dampen his spirits. He was glad to be back in Atani's mouth, feeling her tongue -- and Marie's gaze.

"What sort of man are you?" Marie asked.

"Huh?" he asked, out of breath.

"What do you like?" she clarified helpfully. "Ass man? Or you want to come in her face? You like tits more?"

She must have seen something in his eyes when he heard 'tits', because she smiled and crouched beside Atani.

"Sorry she doesn't have big ones," Marie said as she shrugged her sashes off her shoulder to bare her chest. "I'll show you mine if that helps, but they aren't any bigger."

Then she turned to Atani.

"When he starts coming, point him here," she instructed as she pulled the fabric of Atani's top down and away from her chest.

It was true. They both had very small breasts. Since he'd been through upgrades in Endowment, he'd rubbed up against some of the biggest there were. Atani was so slim as to be basically flat chested. Her nipples were small and a very pale pink. Marie was much the same.

In an odd way, it was a pretty big turn on. It reminded Zhair'lo very much of the night he had met Talla and how wonderful that had been. There was just an extra topless girl here.

He felt the muscles in his groin tense at that thought. He didn't know if Atani felt it, or if she'd ever done this before, but she didn't pull off even when he gave out a sharp breath of warning. The head of his shaft swelled in her mouth just before he fired off a stream of semen.

She gagged in panic and yanked him out, rising up off her heels to point his spasmodic manhood at her right breast. Zhair'lo watched, captivated, as his second shot fired in to the top of her breast and traced a line down to her nipple.

Three and four were close on its heels. He was a bit weak; dehydrated perhaps. But the three shots he did take at her breast left a small but satisfying white puddle that coated her nipple completely.

"Good," Marie observed when he was reduced to a slow drip. "Did you swallow?"

Atani, tight lipped, shook her head without saying anything. She hadn't stopped milking the last of his semen on to her flesh.

"Spit it out on the other one, then."

Somewhat unwillingly, and with a slight gag, she pushed a wad of semen and saliva out of her mouth and spat it down on her left breast. It was a pretty good shot, but it missed her nipple. Marie corrected this, using her index finger to smear the mixture in to place.

"Good and empty?" she asked Zhair'lo with a smile.

Creepy woman, he concluded. Whipping her comrade one second, putting on a kind face for him the next.

"Uh ... oh yeah," he replied, still trying to catch his breath -- and his mind. What had just happened?

"Good," Marie concluded. She put Atani's top back in place -- over top of her semen covered breasts.

"Lace him up and get dressed. We've got work to do."

Atani nodded and quickly fixed Zhair'lo's pants.

"Sorry about that," she said, quite meek.

She was apologizing? How was he supposed to reply to that?

"It's okay," he said, hoping that didn't sound stupid.

She turned her back to him to replace her skirt, which meant he got one last look at her ass before she covered up. Not a scratch, bruise or even a reddened streak. Not a single sign of any damage. And Marie hadn't been joking around. She'd hit Atani with malice in an attempt to punish the younger girl. Atani had merely seemed annoyed, as if the embarrassment was the worst part of it.

Then, as if nothing had happened, Atani collected her sack of message scrolls and handed one to him.

"You've done an upgrade before?"

He nodded, speechless.

"Good. Make sure you're prompt."

He nodded again and watched as the two of them ran out the doorway on their next errand.

He heard them talking as they departed.

"I'm going to be hot and sticky all afternoon," Atani groused.

"Maybe that'll teach you," Marie remarked. "The switch hardly did anything to your ass."

There was a pause before Atani spoke again.

"Why does it taste so lemony?" she asked.

The rest of their conversation was lost to distance.

Zhair'lo shook his head. His life had taken an odd turn since he'd put that blue ribbon in his hair. It had started with coming in Talla's face and just gone bent from there. There was the pain and fear of the upgrade. Then Talla's visit. Since then it had just been a blur of semen covered mountains and moist tunnels.

And today.

Today some girl was running errands with a load of his semen gluing her breasts to her top.

Adulthood, he decided, was outright fucking weird.


Talla had been waiting in line behind several others wanting the attention of the Sorceress of Strength. There was a bevy of Officers and others gathered around her, bringing matters both of administration and engineering to her attention. Talla was trying to listen in, hoping to be enlightened about what went on. It seemed that the women of Strength were ever concerned with checking over everything done by the other women of Endowment.

Finally, she made it to the front of the line.

There was Kara, standing just beside the place where the Sorceress was sitting. Talla looked daggers at her.

You did my Orientation, she thought.

You didn't tell me about ren hana. You didn't tell me about the dangers of triples and quadruples. You didn't tell me the rule that women shouldn't make each other have orgasms.

I have not once felt Oriented.

You failed.

Strength looked up.

"Yes, Initiate?"

Intimidating as nine hells, this woman. She could see where Kara had gotten it from -- and where Shanata took her cues, even if Shanata was of Abundance.

She'd chosen an abnormally dark shade of green for her tight fitting clothing. Her sash and top fit snugly around her large, high breasts. Her skirt clung to her thighs. Her black hair, though obviously possessed of a natural waviness, was pulled back in to a severe ponytail.

No nonsense. No frills. A straightforward working outfit for a straightforward woman.

Talla curtsied.

"A letter, Mistress," she replied as she placed the scroll on the desk, "from the Sorceress of Abundance."

Strength took it from her and cracked the seal open. After unrolling it, she gave it a quick once over. She frowned and then looked up -- not at Talla's eyes, but at her chest. With a gesture, she beckoned Talla to come around the back of her desk.

Once there, Talla found herself once again being fondled -- though much more roughly than the doctor or Abundance had been in their examinations.

One squeeze of each breast. One compression of each pectoral.

"Foolishness to wait so long," she said. "They should have scheduled you immediately."

"Mistress," Talla said, not quite in acknowledgment.

"It's too late to schedule you tonight," the Sorceress explained. "There's an Initiation and we'd have trouble finding you a Conduit regardless."

I could find one for you, she thought. Then, darkly: if he's not busy with someone else.

Strength turned to an Officer at her side.

"Schedule her for tomorrow night," she instructed. "Mark it as an Extraordinary."

"Yes, Mistress," that one said with a smart nod.

"On your way then, girl," she waved at Talla and immediately turned her attention to the next problem in line.

Talla curtsied and departed.

When she left Principia Strength, however, she was richer by one wooden scroll cylinder, casually lifted from a rack containing dozens of such cylinders.

No one seemed to have noticed.

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