Talla's Temple Ch. 23


She nodded and continued rapidly: "You've been Served before, though, right?"

"Yeah, a few times."

She seemed relieved and finally met his eyes without hesitation.

"So you know what to do."

It was not quite a question.

"More or less," he said, closing the door.

Her eyebrows rose in concern.

"More or less?"

"It seems to me," he shrugged, "that there are lots of ways to do it. I can't have found 'em all just yet."

She was tense. Zhair'lo could tell without looking too hard that she wasn't going to be the kind to jump at him all of a sudden. He bit a corner of his lip thoughtfully as he went over to the window and opened the wooden shutters.

The distant glow on the horizon was the Temple. Talla's Temple. She might be in there somewhere, or out Serving somebody else. It felt as if she were very far away. Nothing to do about that now. He turned to face Yua.

The virgin in her white, ankle-length skirt was still looking quietly at the floor. Zhair'lo wasn't sure where to go from here, so he held out his hand to her. The speed with which she seized it told him that this had been the right thing to do.

Slowly and without any particular insistence, he reeled her in until her breasts nudged up against the bottom of his rib cage. She was quite short – the shortest of any girl he'd held in his arms.

"You sure you're all right?" he asked.

She nodded confirmation, putting her chin on his collarbone so she could look up at him through her eyelashes. He almost went cross-eyed.

"It's a little awkward," she whispered.

"First time?"

She shook her head.

"It's been over two months of trying," she explained.

"This was your third try," he nodded, peering at her and trying to understand.

She blinked at him as she grasped for words.

"The dorm they put us in -"she stammered and stopped.

"With the other Sealed Virgins ..." he continued for her.

She nodded.

"We had, well, each other, you see?"

"Yes," he smiled. "I've heard."

Was this what she was concerned about? The girls who found pleasure with each other when they were denied boys? What was the trouble with that?

"Someone told you?" Yua asked as her eyes went wide and she pushed away from him ever so slightly.

"After I broke through Nadine's Seal," he said. "She came here the next night and mentioned it."

"Nadine," Yua said softly, almost – if Zhair'lo read it right – reverently.

"Yeah," Zhair'lo nodded. "Made me promise I'd keep going back until I'd gotten all of you out of that, uh, room or dorm or whatever it is."

Yua's gaze softened, finding something in the sky to look at for a moment.

"I miss Nadine," she said in a whisper softer than cotton.

"You and Nadine used to, um?"

"Um," Yua confirmed with a nostalgic sigh.

There was an image that sent a surge of blood to his loins: Nadine and Yua locked in a passionate and desperate embrace. At first he imagined Yua's naked breasts rubbing against Nadine's rather gorgeous nipples, but he realized the error there. The chest enhancement Yua currently supported, exaggerated as it was by her tiny frame, wouldn't have been in play when the two of them were still Sealed. It would have been two very slim, nearly flat chested eighteen year old girls in that bed of his imagination.

"Aren't there other girls in the room?" Zhair'lo asked

"Yes, four to a room."

"Don't the others notice?"

Yua shrugged. "They're doing the same thing."

"But what's that have to do with tonight?"

"Well," Yua replied with a sideways glance. "You kind of get used to it."

Zhair'lo mouth opened with an 'ah' of realization.

"You're finding it hard to - switch over – to men?"

"It's a little weird," she explained and her voice became rushed, almost babbling. "I looked forward to it for so long, y'know, the real thing – and I do want it to be you. You got me out of there – but now that I'm here, all that's in my head is a bunch of things the teachers told us about sex and all the times I was, y'know, with Nadine and some of the other girls."

Zhair'lo nodded patiently.

"So you're not sure how to start?"

She looked up at him again.

"Yeah, something like that."

Her eyes narrowed as she appeared to be searching her memories.

"But I do know where to start," she said quite suddenly.

With that declaration and a determined look on her face, she slide down to her knees and began unfastening his pants.

It was probably best, Zhair'lo decided then and there, to let her take the lead. At the very least, she got his shorts off with considerable speed and skill and after that there seemed little point in getting in the way.

As it was, his penis was still hanging down a bit, only partially aroused. Still leaning against the wall, he watched as Yua carefully extended her tongue and licked a faint and gentle line along the top of it from his tip to the base. He found himself delirious waiting for her to do it again and, after the second lick was complete, he realized that he'd been holding his breath in anticipation.


She took him in hand then, lifting his partial erection so it pointed at the bridge of her nose, and gave a wide tongued lick to the underside. Waving her entire head back and forth, she graced the sensitive bit of skin on the underside with a thorough and repeated bath with her tongue.

Pulling off, she looked up at him and spoke.

"They taught us all this," she told him. "Just theory, though."

"Good theory," he murmured desperately.

She smiled, obviously having grown more comfortable, and took the head of his penis in her mouth so she could swirl her tongue around and around and ...

He came free of her mouth suddenly and she stood up, her face blushing red. With a pull of a single tie, her long, white skirt came free of her waist and slid down in to a pile at her ankles.

It still gave him a start, seeing a girl do that and finding her naked under her skirt. Nothing, not even a single pubic hair, to shield her genitals from his eyes. She drew him over the bed and pushed him down. He waited, laying on his side facing her.

Standing by his bed, her breasts still covered but otherwise nude, Yua looked at him thoughtfully – first at his erection and then at his eyes.

"There are lots of way, you said?" she asked.

He nodded.

Making a decision, she laid herself down reversed to him with her head by his crotch. Lying on her side, she propped one of her legs up so he could see her hairless genitals clearly.

A moment later and she was licking at his penis again with quick, darting assaults on various sensitive locations from the underside of his testicles to the end of his shaft. She would pause occasionally to look up and meet his eyes.

The third pause was longer and she gazed at him oddly. Her eyes twitched towards her bare mound. Zhair'lo shot her a querulous look.

"It's what we do for each other," she hinted.

His confused look elicited a light sigh. She then nodded at her crotch again and wiggled her tongue at him.


Well, why not? If girls could do it for him, and for each other, why couldn't he do it for her? Where to begin? What did he know?

He'd brought Natta to orgasm with his fingers after all, so he had a decent idea of what went on down there. His hands took possession of her tiny waist and pulled her mound to his lips. A murmur of appreciation came from Yua as he planted a tiny kiss on the cleft in her lips. Finding her leaking with moisture, even at that gentle pressure, he pressed harder until he found that little nub of flesh that had pleased Natta so much.

Yua moaned, sucking a great length of penis in to her mouth in enthusiastic gratitude.

Zhair'lo parted her lips with his hand and took the hard little nub in to his mouth, applying as much suction as he dared. She tasted of a strange and tangy fruit juice.

"Oh," Yua moaned, having cleared her mouth. "My clit ..."


She shook herself for a moment.

"Clitoris," she said. "That little thing – Oh!"

For he'd done it again, sucking on her clit and wiggling his tongue back and forth across it. Her legs tensed and it seemed that it took her the greatest of effort not to clamp them shut as the overwhelming pleasure of his actions washed over her. He moved his tongue faster and faster still until she suddenly pulled away from him, gasping for breath.

It took a moment, but she found some air for her lungs and eventually sat up beside him. With some embarrassment, she met his eyes for a brief moment before looking down.

"There's a – favour – I want to ask you," she said quietly.


Biting her lips to draw on her courage, she pushed him on his back and straddled his chest while facing him. She reached behind her neck and undid the ties on her top.

"Your double upgrade," she told him shyly as she exposed her chest to him.

With a deep breath, she inched up his body ever so slowly until her well soaked mound was just over his face.

"Please?" she asked with meekness in her voice.

She seemed too small to actually hurt him, and he'd never done any of this before, so ...

"Sure," he replied and smiled.

He reached around her side to cup her breasts in his hands as she lowered her pussy to his lips. There was nothing to do now but go straight to her clit, forcing her easily spread lips apart with his mouth and seizing on the hardened nub.

Yua moaned again and shifted all of her wait on to her pubic bone, forcing his chin up inside her vagina. She grounded herself against him as he worked her clit as hard and fast as he could.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she shrieked.

Girls only seem tiny and light, Zhair'lo realized, when they aren't putting their entire body mass on your chin. He hoped she came quickly, which seemed quite likely.

"Just – like – Oh!"

And just like that, he felt her coming, the tensing and releasing of the muscles of her vagina as they squeezed at his now quite wet chin.

It wasn't a very long orgasm, as such things went. She ran her hands through her sweaty hair to brush it off her face and took a moment to sit back on his chest. At least it gave his jaw some relief.

"Thank you," she breathed. "Now what about you?"


Patah was doing some good work on her breasts. She wished that she had a Point upgrade. Watching and feeling him sucking on her nipples was great, but she had a pretty solid notion that it would be better with a little Augmentation.

There had been enough of that anyway. It was time to get serious. Could she get penetration in this position and still leave a breast for him to suckle on? She could try.

A little neck craning on his part, a little weight shifting on hers.


The tip of his erection was at her entrance. She was moist and ready – oh, most definitely ready.

She pushed herself down, waiting for the mesh to take hold, to feel his emotions, to ...


Dizzyness. This wasn't right. What was -?


"What about me?" Zhair'lo asked.

"I'm ready now," she said, eyes on fire.

She slid her hips down his body until his penis bumped up against her ass. Knees spread wide, she angled her hips until his tip was pushing her saliva soaked lips.

Yua pushed down, shedding her fear and her virginity in one swift stroke.



Disoriented as she was, Talla recognized this feeling.

"A mesh is no place for three," the physician had said.

There were too many people in this mesh, and her eyes had stopped working so she couldn't even see what was going on. Had someone else been in the bedroom? She didn't think so. If the mesh was no place for three, it definitely wasn't a place for however many were attached to her now.

She was suffocating and her head was aching. There was nothing but pain and ephemeral hands grasping at body parts and other things. She couldn't put a name or a place on any of it.


What was the problem?

There were too many people in this mesh.

So what?

Get some of them out.

She concentrated her attention on those extra bonds, the ones that were the most frail, the weakest and most easily broken. Whatever those were, they had to go. She could never break the strong one; the one with Patah. That mesh simply would not yield.

So she hacked away at everything else, tossing off those imaginary hands, those prying fingers.

With a ping that was almost audible, she felt them snap away, and with that sanity returned.

Patah looked up at her, mildly confused. He quickly shook it off and refastened his mouth to the nearest available of her breasts.


What had that been? Zhair'lo had never felt anything so nauseating in a mesh before. It almost felt like Hunting during an upgrade, but much worse. He had felt so tangled up and lost for a few seconds and then, with an uncomfortable snap, found everything back to normal with an eager Yua gently sliding her vagina up and down the length of his shaft.

Very well, then.

Yua, at least, didn't seem to care. She'd just taken her first man, slid him up inside her as easily as a perfectly fit glove. She was tight but she didn't seem the least bit uncomfortable with his erection. She was even letting the swollen head of his shaft repeatedly exit and enter her vagina, pushing at the tight ring of muscle at her entrance, repeatedly stretching it.

"So much bigger than fingers," she murmured in appreciation.

It made Zhair'lo wonder, ever so briefly, if she meant her own fingers or Nadine's. He couldn't think for long, though. The motion of his swollen head breaking repeatedly through the ever tightening and moist hole he had unsealed was bringing him to the brink. That was probably why she was doing it. The mesh let her feel his pleasure and that appeared to more than cancel out any pain she was feeling.

Zhair'lo reached for her breasts, squeezing them as tightly as he could in an attempt to hold himself back.

When his orgasm reached the point of inevitability, she slid her hips down, taking the entire length of his penis inside her, the tip pushing up against some deeper, inviolable wall. It was there, against that wall that prevented further progress, that his erection was about to expend itself.

Yua screamed as he sank his fingers in to her doubly Augmented breasts and exploded inside her belly, filling her with his fluid.


Maksa had been hoping that if she let her man for the evening do her from behind, it would make things easier on the abused skin around her genitals. It was almost considered unbecoming for a woman of Sweetness to do it like this, but she needed the sex quite badly and she wanted to avoid the pain.

So here she stood, legs planted firmly on the floor, bent over at the waist, with some brilliant hulk of a man pounding ruthlessly away at her, thumping his pelvis repeatedly at her cheeks.

She could hardly blame him for the pain given that, first of all, she kept begging him to do it harder and, second of all, the cause of her discomfort was all the masturbating she'd been doing.

Maybe, just maybe, if she could draw three orgasms out of him – real, meshed orgasms, not the self-induced kind – then she would be able to rid herself of her excessive arousal.



Talla hadn't really been a serious participant in the post-coital social gatherings in Endowment Hall. If you didn't count the night Inga had made her go - the night she'd lost her virginity – she'd really never gone at all.

Tonight was different.

She'd lost contact with Zhair'lo when she'd snapped the extraneous bonds from that confused mesh.

It was for the best, wasn't it? Just disconnect. Let him slip away. The thing they'd had was not the way things were suppose to be. They weren't entitled to that kind of relationship. It was destructive and anti-social. So give it up. Give him up.

She sighed.

"Rough night?" the girl minding the bar asked.

"I guess so," Talla shrugged, letting her manner ward off further discussion.

The girl was no one that Talla knew, after all, and there were few people with whom she could discuss this matter anyway. She took a look around the room. Having run Patah out of energy so early in the evening, there were few people to socialize with in any event.

"What do people drink that isn't as bad as that, uh, gold stuff in the little glasses?" she asked the bartender.

"Brandy a bit too strong for you?" came the response. "I'll make you a drink with fruit juice, keep it light?"

"Alright," Talla nodded.

She didn't want to feel sick like the last time, but maybe a little bit of alcohol could help. The bartender was prompt, slicing and squeezing an orange and then mixing it with a small quantity of alcohol in a tall glass.

"There ya go," she said, handing it over to Talla.

"This a fun job?" Talla asked.

"Better than laundry."

Talla nodded agreeably. The girl who had served her was wearing the knee length skirt of a Virgin. There was a whole host of jobs Talla simply got to skip past because she'd been bumped straight to Initiate. Bartending was probably the nicest of those jobs. You just hung out with all the women coming back from Service, poured a few drinks, stayed up late and slept in in the morning. Nothing at all like taking care of children. She didn't really want to stay too late, knowing how poorly she'd do her duties in the morning.

She also didn't want to sleep. Zhair'lo was out there and she couldn't feel him properly. He wasn't dead or anything like that – she was certain that she'd be able to tell if something truly fatal occurred – but he felt very, very far away.

After waving a thank you at the bartender, she tried to find a quiet spot in the back of Endowment Hall. The place was mostly empty and she hoped that other women would know that she didn't feel like socializing. If she just snuggled up in a couch by a fire somewhere, maybe she could – if she was lucky – just maybe – get a better sense of her favourite man.

Here. This was a good place. Just in front of the doorways that led to baffled hallways protecting the Tranquil Courtyard. She could just sit here with her drink, close her eyes, and think of Zhair'lo.

Was he thinking of her? Could it be like that again, when their minds were together and they could share thoughts?

It was tenuous, like tugging on a single thread of a spider's web and hoping to pull the whole thing along with you. If she tried too hard, she knew that she would break it. The volume in the Hall was increasing as more women came in. It made for a rather pleasant, hypnotizing chatter that allowed Talla to relax.

Closing her eyes and leaning back in her chair, she started to tug very gently on the one thread she had – the one very weak connection linking her mind to Zhair'lo's. Patiently, knowing that she had all night, she drew it out, pulling it closer to her, looking for a second thread to grasp.


Talla's eyes snapped opened to see a dark-haired woman decked out in a sparkly orange dress leaning over her with concern.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes," she replied quickly. "Just – um – resting."

"Some nights are more tiring than others," she smiled at Talla knowingly. "Best to get off to bed if that's the case."

"Yes, Mistress," Talla answered with a nod, popping out of her chair. "Maybe a little fresh air."

The woman, probably an Acolyte, turned gently on her heel and strode off. Not wanting to look suspicious, Talla slipped away through the baffles into the Tranquil Courtyard. Here, certainly, was a place where she could lie quiet and undisturbed. The distant sounds of the Hall were a faint murmur.

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