tagLoving WivesTammy's Public Display Adventure Ch. 01

Tammy's Public Display Adventure Ch. 01


Note to readers: This is a sequel to "Tammy's Middle Aged Adventure," and some parts are based on actual events, other parts are embellishments -- I'll leave it to you to guess which is which. ;-) Enjoy!


"Got any plans for lunch?" my husband Jack asked softly, drawing my concentration away from the client proposal I was working on. His hands sensuously rubbed my shoulders, suggesting that even if I didn't have "plans," he did.

"Mmmmm, that feels nice. Not going to the gym to exercise today?" I asked coyly, and somewhat surprised -- he had just returned from a week-long business trip to Europe, and he was usually quite adamant about getting back into his exercise routine after a trip.

His hands slipped off my shoulders, and cupped my breasts. "Not today -- you've got a little surprise I picked up in England," he whispered, "and both Derek and I want to see you open it." My heart started pounding -- when my black lover and my husband were conspiring, it always meant some intense sex for me. I stood and kissed my husband deeply, my mind racing at the thought of what the 'surprise' might be.

"Well," I replied seductively, "it sounds like you've made my plans for me." My husband smiled, as his hands slowly slid down my back to rest on my ass. I wondered if perhaps for lunch they were planning a "Tammy sandwich" -- my husband on his back, fucking my pussy, while Derek sodomized me. It had been one of our favorite games ever since Derek first took my ass on a weekend trip to Minneapolis months ago.

"OK, we're meeting Derek at a restaurant downtown," Jack said mysteriously, and thus obviating the possibility of a "Tammy sandwich."

"You need to wear a skirt with stockings, a thong and a sexy bra. Now get changed, we don't want to keep him waiting!" he said, giving my ass a slap. The slap aroused me in the way only a spanking can, as I quickly retrieved the requested items from my closet and my lingerie drawer. Ten minutes later, we were in Jack's car driving downtown, with a mysterious, small box placed in the back seat. The sensation of my silky stockings and the thong -- combined with anticipation of the 'surprise' and having lunch with the lover my husband had encouraged me to take -- made my pussy throb.

We entered the restaurant, Jack carrying the small box, and after taking a moment to let our eyes adjust to the lower light, saw Derek sitting in a booth. He stood as we approached the table, and greeted me with a more-than-friendly hug, and a lingering kiss on the cheek. Inside, I felt like every muscle in my body was preparing for an orgasm.

"Glad you could find the time to join us for lunch, Tammy," Derek said with a broad smile and a wink. Jack sat next to me, and placed his hand on my upper thigh, casually stroking my leg through my skirt.

"It sounded like an offer I couldn't refuse," I said. "And if it's something you and Jack have cooked up, I'm sure I'll enjoy it," I continued, giving Derek a wink in response.

A waitress appeared, and we quickly ordered drinks and our meal. I squeezed my legs together to try to control my arousal, and Jack removed his hand from my thigh, and retrieved the small box, handing it to me.

"Shall we get started, Tammy?" he said.

I took the box in my hand -- whatever it was, it wasn't particularly heavy. I opened it, and looked inside. There was a number of small envelopes, and something that looked like a pager, a remote door lock for a car, and an ear bud, the latter connected to the pager by a long wire. I looked up at Derek, and then at my husband, my puzzlement obvious.

"Derek and I have decided that you need to explore your exhibitionist tendencies a bit more," Jack said with grin. "This is called an Oyster, it was invented in the UK -- it's a remote controlled vibrator -- you slip this small part inside your panties, against your clit." He reached inside the box, and picked up what looked like the remote door lock. Pressing a button, I saw the small, flesh-colored device -- the one attached by a long wire to the 'pager' -- start to vibrate. Oddly, I thought, the vibrating didn't make any noise.

I gulped, my arousal now combining with anxiety at what Jack and Derek had planned for me.

"But there's more, Tammy," Derek said in a low, sexy voice, leaning across the table. "Jack and I have dreamed up some scenarios where you're going to wear the Oyster, and have an orgasm in public. Today will be the first one -- right here in the restaurant. The others..." he continued, retrieving the envelopes from the box "...are written inside these envelopes."

Jack picked up the conversation. "From now until you've gotten through all of the envelopes, the only way we're going to let you have an orgasm is by opening one of the envelopes, and obeying the instructions inside. After you've done that, we'll reward you with an evening of hot sex -- sometimes me, sometimes Derek, sometimes both of us at the same time." I shuddered -- I had enjoyed my little exhibitionist games at the health club or elsewhere, but the games Jack and Derek were planning seemed to go far, far beyond that level.

And deep down, I knew that that was just where I wanted to go.

Jack put his arm around me and kissed me gently on the cheek. "The ladies room is right down that hall," he whispered, as he picked up the thing that looked like a pager. "Clip this to your skirt, and I think you know where this part goes," he added as he picked up the thing that looked like an earbud. He slid out of the booth, allowing me to slide out. I walked nervously to the ladies room, the "pager" and "earbud" in my tightly clenched palm.

I stepped into the restroom, and made a beeline for an available stall, closing and latching the door behind me. I paused a moment, trying to catch my breath, as I looked down at the device in my hand. In the months since the relationship with Derek had begun, both Derek and my husband had enjoyed expanding my exhibitionist tendencies -- having me go without panties to client meetings, or at couples dinners that we regularly attended. Derek too enjoyed discreetly arousing me in public -- or having me parade around in his home wearing nothing but stockings and heels as a prelude to sex.

But this....

This wasn't just going to be foreplay anymore -- they were going to make me have orgasms in public! I wondered briefly just what sorts of "scenarios" they had included in those envelopes. And what kind of range would the remote control have? Knowing that I would have answers to all of those questions eventually, I unzipped my skirt with shaking hands, pulled down my thong, and secured the small vibrator to the inside. After pulling the thong back up, I adjusted it so the vibrator rested on my clit, refastened my skirt, and attached the "pager" to the top of my skirt.

Taking a deep breath, I walked back into the crowded restaurant -- the unsuspecting "audience" for my first public orgasm.

Derek and Jack both smiled as I returned to the table. I took a sip from my glass of wine, and Jack's hand returned to my thigh -- this time, slipped under my skirt. I looked across the table, to see Derek slowly turning the remote control over and over in his hand.

"What do you think, Tammy, about ready to see how this feels?" he asked rhetorically. I braced myself, and as he pushed a button, I felt the vibrator jump to life right against my clit. I startled at the sensation, and Jack's hand stroked my thigh.

"I'd say it's having the desired effect," Jack said with a laugh. Derek pressed the button again, and the vibrating stopped. I tried to catch my breath, just as the waitress arrived with our meals.

Seeing my flushed cheeks and noticing my heavy breathing, she asked if I needed a glass of water or something. Jack and Derek both grinned, and I mumbled that I was just out of breath and that a glass of water would be great. She returned a moment later with the water, just as I was starting to breathe normally again.

"Like it, Tammy?" Derek asked, as his finger hovered over the button that would once again send the vibrator into action.

"I...it was...um," I stuttered. "I...I am really turned on right now," I whispered. Jack's hand squeezed my thigh.

"Well Derek," my thoughtful husband said, "perhaps we should give her another sample?"

Derek adjusted a small dial on the remote control, and again the vibrator buzzed silently against my clit, this time at a seemingly higher speed. I leaned back against the bench, closing my eyes at the sensation, and trying to prepare myself for what I hoped could be a "stealth orgasm."

Then just as suddenly as it started, it stopped. I opened my eyes, to see Derek smiling widely, obviously enjoying his ability to tease and control me.

"Your food's going to get cold, Tammy," he said as he picked up a fork and carved into his steak. Again, I tried to catch my breath, and began eating.

The meal was interrupted perhaps a half dozen times by Derek turning on the vibrator, at a variety of speeds. Sometimes it would only be on for a few seconds, another time it was long enough to almost bring me to orgasm. I was getting increasingly frustrated -- and aroused at how turned on I was, right here in a crowded restaurant at lunch time.

After the waitress cleared the dishes, Jack pulled another small box out of his pocket.

"There's also one more element to this little adventure, my loving wife," he said, placing the box in front of me. "I suspect that in a few minutes, Derek will let you have the orgasm he's been teasing you with for so long. Which means that you will have earned the reward of sex tonight."

He opened the box, and took out what appeared to be a beautiful gold chain.

"Tonight, you will need to put this around your left ankle, and it will remain there until you've completed all of the envelopes, as a subtle little reminder of your need to display yourself." I took the chain from him, and saw that it had a small, discreet charm of what appeared to be a pair of handcuffs.

I nodded, and clutched the chain in my hands. "Derek, I think it's time you let this beautiful woman come," my husband said quietly.

Derek smiled, and reached to the bench next to him. A moment later, the vibrator started again, this time faster than ever before. I looked at Derek, then at Jack, as I felt every muscle in my body tighten. I bit my lip and closed my eyes as I felt my orgasm begin. I opened my eyes, panting heavily, as the pleasure continued to course through my body, my thighs clenching on my husband's hand as I finally, finally felt the waves subside.

The vibrator suddenly stopped, and Jack kissed my cheek. "That was very well done, my dear," he whispered. "I think only a couple of people noticed."

The idea that someone -- perfect strangers! -- had watched me come excited me intensely, and after taking another drink from my water glass, I picked up the gold anklet.

"So have you two decided who it is I get to have sex with tonight?" I asked flirtatiously, as I caressed my husband's hand on my thigh. "Actually," Derek said, "we haven't -- we thought we'd let you decide."

I smiled. "Well, since the two of you are putting me on such a strict 'diet,' I would think it's only fair that you let me indulge when I can. How about I stop over at Derek's house around 9, and then when he and I are finished, I'll come back home and we can have some fun?" I asked, winking at my husband.

"What do you think, Derek? Sounds like a fair approach to me," Jack said with a smile.

Derek grinned. "Nine o'clock it is, Tammy. And we'll put on your anklet before we get started."

After paying the bill, Derek returned to the bank, and Jack and I returned home. A few hours later, I was standing on Derek's porch, eager to claim the first of my "rewards."

Five days later...

I was surprised at how arousing it had been wearing the anklet, this adornment that few people would notice, and wouldn't think anything of it even if they did. And yet for me, with each step, it was this tingling reminder of the unopened envelopes, and the anticipation of repeating my restaurant experience, only next time....where?

Of course, I felt the urge to masturbate grow with each passing day, but successfully managed to obey the rules that Derek and my husband had established for our little games. Deep down inside, I knew that my hunger for an orgasm would make it all the more intense when it did happen.

Five days after the first experience in the restaurant, my eagerness for my next orgasm overcame my hesitation in continuing our little exhibitionist adventure. I crawled into bed next to my husband, and whispered that I was ready for the first envelope. He smiled, and retrieved the stack of envelopes from his dresser, handing it to me. I reached into the middle of the stack, and picked one quickly, not wanting to agonize over a decision that was ultimately random anyway.

I handed the envelope to my husband, who opened it, and smiled. He kissed me gently on the lips, then stroked my cheek with his hand. "Looks like you're going to have a very interesting workout at the club tomorrow," he said with a wink...

To be continued....

As always, I love feedback and ideas -- especially if anyone has any ideas of what they'd like to be included in future envelopes!

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