tagLoving WivesTara's Torture

Tara's Torture


The man in the orange jumpsuit moved under the window. In the afternoon light, the woman inside the kitchen was focused on her task. She was at the kitchen sink taking care of dishes. She did not know that yards away the man crept around the side of the house to the back door. He tried the knob, and it turned. Soon he was inside. Quietly, he made his way through the house. He could hear noises ahead. A few quiet steps down the hallway brought him to the kitchen's threshold. Beyond it he could see a woman with her back to him. He licked his lips. It was time.

"Don't scream." His voice commanded.

Tara could feel a strong hand over her mouth, a firm body pressing her against the cabinet, and something firm pressed against her side. She felt the hot breath of the man commanding her on her cheek.

"Nod if you understand." The voice commanded again.

She did.

"Good." He affirmed.

She could feel the firm object withdrawn. She could tell he was reaching for something. His hand was replaced by one of her long dish towels. It parted her lips and was tied firmly. Another dish towel was rolled and tied over her eyes. He guided her wrists together behind her back. She felt him untie the belt of her apron.

"I love a woman in an apron." He whispered as he bound her wrists. He let go of her arms and backed away, but kept one firm grip on her upper arm. She could feel his warm palm on her bare skin. She could also feel his gaze on her, too. After years of marriage and several children her body had a few more curves than when she first got married. She had attractive womanly curves which could be seen through her light shorts and t-shirt under her apron. She was dressed for being at home. Her shoulder length dark brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Her soft highlights streaked through the length of her locks.

Tara could hear him opening and closing kitchen drawers.

"Here we go." She could hear him pull something from the drawer.

He turned her around towards the kitchen island. It was a bit lower than the sink. He bent her over at the waist. Tara felt the cold stone top against her thin shirt and apron. He lifted her up so that her feet left the floor. With her arms bound she was unable to move. She was at his mercy.

"You are the warden's wife, right?" He asked. She could feel him binding her legs around her ankles. When he finished the knot, he tickled the inside arch of her feet. "I know you cannot answer. I know that you are." He stood back up.

"He has had me locked away for almost five years. You know what it is like to not even smell a woman for five years?" He pressed his hardness against her ass and leaned forward towards her.

"You are going to find out." His voice was on the way to being a sinister whisper.

Tara could feel him tugging at the bottom of her shorts. Cold metal touched her leg and moved up with a snip sound. He was cutting her shorts off with her scissors.

"What an exquisite ass you have." He said as what was left of her shorts fell to the floor. He slapped one cheek. Tara did not expect that. She grunted through her gag. He slapped her other ass cheek. A few more slaps had her skin stinging. Tara could not move. Her body was on top of the kitchen island and her feet were dangling. All she could do was take it.

The slapping stopped. His hands parted her legs and she felt the warm wetness of his tongue search for her pussy. His tongue flicked and caresses her. He was aggressive and her body responded. She could feel herself getting wet. His pent up sexual frustration was aimed at her. He was almost too rough. He lapped at her wet clit like an oversexed puppy. She could feel herself building. Then he stopped.

"It is fuck time now." He announced.

Tara could feel his hardness slide between her thighs and into her. She was powerless to resist. He was behind her and kept sliding in until he was deep inside her.

"Oh fuck yeah. You like this?" He started pumping her.

His hands groped her ass then settled on grasping her hip line slightly pulling her to him as he thrust into her. Tara could hear the slapping of his pelvis as it hit her ass.

"Do you like this my little slut?" He reached forward and grabbed her pony tail with a tug. He kept going hard as only a desperate, horny man can do. Her wetness was starting to drip down her legs. Tara moaned, it sounded more like a whimper. She could not help it. Her body was responding to the stimulation. He let go of her hair and held the binding that joined her wrists.

"Ride 'em cowboy!" He let out a laugh. "I love riding you little filly." His slapped an ass cheek. "Does that fat old warden fuck you like this?"

He buried his cock in deep; almost uncomfortably deep, as he pressed her body against the big kitchen island. His tempo quickened again leading him to start grunting and groaning.

"Oh yeah!" He moaned. "I'm gonna cum."

With that she felt his cock unload deep inside her. He pumped a few more times, panting hard. She could feel a full load of his seed inside her. He pulled out and backed away. Tara felt cold as the air hit her. Her thighs and ass were moist with sweat and both of their bodily fluids. She could feel his cum dripping from her down her leg.

She could hear the refrigerator open.

"Niiiccee!!" Her captor said. A top popped and a fizzle sound followed.

"You are such a tight little fuck. I think we need to take this somewhere else."

He took a few more sips and left the half full can on the counter. He got behind her again, pulled her back so her feel contacted the floor. Tara felt strong arms guiding her to turn around. With bound ankles and arms she had to slowly hop. The blindfold did not help, but she could tell she was now facing him. With a quick move he bent her at the waist towards him and put her over his shoulder. His arm pressed her knees to him. It was a good fireman's carry.

"You don't weigh nothin'. I bet the warden does not pick you up."

Tara could tell she was going down the hallway towards the last room: the master bedroom.

"That is what I am talking about. That is nice, big bed and I am going to bang you on it. Even if I get caught, all the guys will know I fucked the warden's wife on his bed."

He dropped Tara down on the bed.

She expected him to be on top of her, but he was not.

It was quiet. She moved a bit to get her downside arm in a less uncomfortable position. Nothing. He must have left the room. She pulled her legs to her chest. As she did she could feel some of his cum leak out. She could also feel it on her forearm as she passed her bound wrists underneath her body. Now her arms were in front of her. She tried to untie her ankles.

"What the fuck are you doing?" His voice sounded mad. "You want to get away?"

Tara felt his strong hands roll her to her stomach then a sharp slap to her ass from something.

"I found this nice leather belt in the closet." He slapped it again on her ass.

"I found some belts and a few other things. And you are not going anywhere." His voice sounded a bit giddy.

She felt a tug on her wrist bindings. He was using a belt to bind her to wrists to a bedpost. She felt him pull her legs straight out behind her and bind her ankles to another bedpost. She was diagonal across the bed, ass up.

She felt him straddle her. His limp cock rested on her thigh. She felt the cold metal on her back as he used the scissors again. He was cutting off her shirt and bra. After a series of cuts he pulled the remainder of her clothing off.

"I found a few little toys you and the warden must use." He said.

Tara felt something familiar. It was the cat of nail tails. He was trailing it along her bare ass and lower back. She knew it to be brown leather straps fastened to a thick hickory handle. She knew what was coming. Leaving her eyes covered, he replaced her kitchen towel gag with a gag ball.

"I also found another little toy." His tone was a bit lower and he moved off of her. His hands forcefully parted her thighs. Her swollen lips still glistened. His seed was seeping out. He unceremoniously inserted what she felt to be her vibrator in her pussy. She gasped as he pushed it in. It was off and cold. She felt his fingers move to its base. He turned the knob about half way. Tara squirmed at the shock of the sudden stimulation.

He closed her thighs and tied them with what felt like a scarf. No chance her vibe would slide out now. She kept shifting her upper and lower body as far as her bindings would allow. She moaned under her gag, shifting her shoulder, desperately trying to remedy the over-stimulation.

Suddenly, he had her by the hair. He was lifting her head up off the bed.

"Now...you are going to get it." His head was close to her ear. He dropped her head back down.




After the third blow Tara felt her ass cheeks sting.



A slow burn started.

She could not keep still. Her loins were tingling.




His strikes were making her ass red.

"How do you like that, bitch?" His voice was loud and vengeful.

Tara clenched her eyelids under her blindfold. She let loose a long muffled scream as her body rolled into a series of multiple orgasms. Her legs and ass shifted side to side as she rolled her head back. Waves of pleasure rolled over her.



He added a few more blows.

"I think your ass is almost ready." He bragged.

She felt him straddle her legs. His knees were touching her legs just under her ass. His hands spread her ass cheeks. Tara tried moving her ass from his grip. Her skin stung from his blows.

"Oh no you don't."

He got a better grip. She felt something cold on her. He was dripping lube onto her.

"More fuck time." He announced. He forced a hand between her confined thighs and twisted the vibrator to full speed. Tara tried to buck him off. Her lower body tingled with the new sudden shock.

She felt him shift. His cockhead was pressing on her. He was fully erect and apparently lubed up. Tara felt him firmly push into her. His progress was slow. He was sliding all in; his body was on top of hers. His full weight rested on her ass via his pelvis.

"Oh...damn...you are so tight." His voice was almost a whisper.

He started pumping in slow, short strokes. Tara could feel he was very hard. Her skin tingled against his every time he pushed deep into her.

"Ahhhhh...fuck..." He groaned, grasping her ponytail, pulling her head up. He lightly bit down on her neck, then flicked her ear with his tongue.

Another wave of multiples overcame her. She tingled all over. Tara shut her eyes under the blindfold and tried to bite down on the gag ball.

"Ahhhhhhhh....yeeeeeaaaahhhh....take it bitch!" He pushed down, burying his cock deep down and unloaded. Tara felt his organ pulse within her. He collapsed on top of her, dropping his sweaty body on top of hers.

He shifted for a second so he could reach down on twist off her vibrator.

Tara's body was spent. She had been restrained, taken prisoner, and ravished. She laid her head down on her arms and closed her eyes.

A few minutes passed in silence. It was broken by a familiar ring. Her cell phone sitting on her dresser was ringing. Quickly she felt him get off of her. Her ass tingled as his cock exited and her skin felt the cool air. She heard him answer.

"Hello? Hey. Yeah. No, I'll go there. See you in a few. Thanks. Oh yeah, it was fun."

Tara heard the phone hang up with a beep.

He came over to the bed and gently removed the gag ball.

"Your mom said the kids are approaching meltdown mode. I'll go get them so you can relax."

"Thanks." She sleepily replied.

"I so love it when we role play baby." He said kissing her forehead.

She smiled. "You cannot beat the 'Escaped Convict and the Warden's Wife' afternoon."

"And to think we told your parents we went to a play." He chuckled.

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